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    Posting IRL Photo on Forum, Annoying Sound, Ponies and a Blonde and Dream Fragment after...

    by , 01-27-2012 at 03:21 PM (1212 Views)

    I had these dreams very early in the morning (~4:50-5AM all the way before I woke up from the alarm clock at 7AM). I actually slept the day before at around 6PM, and woke up at 12AM, so that messed up my sleeping since I only wanted to take an hour nap at 6PM.

    Anyway, the last dream is the one that pissed me off the most, because there were things that were extremely abnormal, and it was pretty realistic, at least at the Night time setting it had

    Dream 1: Posting Photos of me IRL and receiving comments from others.

    Apparently I posted a few IRL pictures of me at some party onto a forum, probably in Dreamviews (that's weird, I never been to parties here in college), and one person told me that he got several comments (turned out to be a lot instead )from people he knew from other forums about those pictures.

    I can't remember what they said though, there were too many posts in fact for me to read them all. But I remember one photo was one of those self taken ones, where you can obviously see one arm was extended from above to get a shot of me. The quality of the photo looked pretty good too, I could see the glare on my eyes and small facial hair (but very small).

    I think I was trying to explain what happened at the party in the other photos, then I'm suddenly in the experience that one of the photos captured. I'm inside this random room, and the DC that I can recall the most from was this blonde in front of me who spoke a language I could not understand.

    (This picture below oddly resembles her, she had a slightly square chin like the one below, but she was a bit older than this one).

    I was probably 3 inches from this woman, and her eyes are looking up towards mine (she's slightly shorter than me by a few inches).

    I ignore her because the stare looked like what anyone would do when they see someone new inside the room I guess, then I go somewhere else in this room full of DCs. I tried going one way, but it was blocked by another.

    Then I find a place to sit, but there are too many DCs to even sit on. One DC in front looked like my mother, but she was sitting near the edgiest edge of the fairly wide couch others were sitting on.

    That's all I remember for that one.

    Dream 2: Science Lecture Night Class, Annoying Sound, Slutty Housewife

    I was inside a lecture class at Texas A&M. It seemed to be a night class (I don't have any classes at night that start from 7-9pm) and it looked like it was a Chemistry Course as well. While the instructor, who was a male that was fairly huge in weight was talking about things I don't remember, there's this annoying sound coming from the wall.

    It wasn't too loud, and everyone else in the room probably didn't hear it, but then it got louder and louder. From where I was sitting in this lecture class, I could see a small rectangular hole going vertical on the wall the sound was coming from. I peek through the hole and see one or two DCs that I know of in real life.

    Let's call one "Tim" since he resembled the guy from the Tennis Team I was in at Cypress Lakes High School when I was Sophomore and Junior there.

    The lecturer, whose features that become more apparent to me, was wearing a huge dark shirt to probably conceal the bad parts of his stomach (again he was fairly huge). He had brown or black hair that was pretty well groomed and looked very smooth.

    He said in response to the annoying sound that he will take attendance really quick, and will give one of the loudest yell he could give at the room or hallway the sound was coming from. I'm guessing he was trying to suppress his rage until he was done taking attendance and getting out of the room.

    I think a dream fragment came from this dream, so I'll add it here: Basically the dream repeats with a different lecturer, and I tell him that the sound from the wall is just something they had to do and it's best to tolerate it. He agreed and was trying to read, but the sound made it too hard for me to understand what he was saying, and then the fragment fades....(now back to the main dream).

    Then the dude from the room where the sound is coming from is screaming that someone jacked his car. Apparently he was doing something for them, and he forgot about his car keys, and he assumed that they stole it from him.

    He started panicking on how his mother would freaking kill him if she found out about this.

    Then all of a sudden, I'm being displayed a chat system (like an IRC) with a picture of an anime lady on the right in red hair I believe (or brown hair that was very close from being red).

    (Kind of like the picture below, except she was on the right side, and she wasn't EVA either

    blogs/linkzelda/attachments/2791-posting-irl-photo-forum-annoying-sound-ponies-blonde-dream-fragment-after-snake_eater_-codec_screen-.jpg blogs/linkzelda/attachments/2793-posting-irl-photo-forum-annoying-sound-ponies-blonde-dream-fragment-after-women-talking-phone-shutter.jpg

    Someone was typing to her hypothetical questions on what she would do if her son got the car given to him stolen. (which is apparently Tim's mother I'm assuming since this part started a few seconds after his panicking).

    I can't remember what exactly what she said, in fact, I was paying attention to her while using my peripheral vision on the messages coming up on the left. She was one of those purple tank tops, or the tops that made a V-shape on the person's chest to emphasis on the cleavage.


    She was wearing a skirt too, and it seemed she was on a bed sitting at the edge of it.

    She looked like a "Rich Housewife" type of mother. She was smiling and had cellphone on her hand. It was a still picture, but it progressed to other still pictures of her in different positions later on.

    So by now, I realized that when she's talking on the phone, her words are being transferred to the chatting system on the left. The last part of what she said that I remembered was something about not having much of a libido anymore.

    (I'm not too sure if she said "Libido" or "Anima," but it if was "Anima," it would've been weirder because she's a female, not a male. So most likely the word was "Libido," but I still had some doubt about what she said since some of the text was a bit blurry to me.)

    I think she was lying when she said she didn't have much a libido, because through the whole phone call, she's smiling, at least the picture of her on the right is smiling. Then the picture shows her fingering her vagina throughout the whole phone call.

    This woman was wet down there, like she enjoyed being a liar and had some kind of fetish or something for phone talk. She had that devilish smirk on her face as if she did something immoral.

    All I remember for that one.

    Dream 3:

    I'm outside near a place that resembles the area my Apartment is at near my University,and it's night time, or at least very early in the morning where it's still dark (2-4AM setting to it probably). I'm also in my underwear throughout this entire dream (until the dream scene changes)

    As I'm walking towards my apartment (it's on the bottom section of the overall complex), I see this blonde DC when I get to the door to go into my apartment.

    I couldn't get a good analysis on her face other than she probably wore mascara on her eyes and her hair seemed to be bleached, but still retained some blonde color to it.


    I also see these brown ponies, maybe one to four overall, following this DC in this dark setting. There was one horse that came near the small patch of grass near my apartment, probably to eat from it.

    At this point, I'm leaning against the curved sides on the wall looking at this blonde walk from the street. Then I realize the pony had to go back to her, and said to it "Hey!"

    It looked at me quickly, and it looked so adorable when it responded to me by moving its head to my direction.

    But I didn't want the blonde to see me for some odd reason, so I tried to shoo off the pony to go back to the female while trying to hide from the female at the same time.

    It finally did, and the blonde turned around and realized it wasn't with the group, and I think she called it to come and it did.

    Then the dream scene changes where there's this mini-bookstore conveniently placed in front of me, and there are DCs lining up to go into the store at night or early morning where it's still dark out. (This is probably a dream fragment that occurred after the blonde DC one).

    I'm still in my underwear, and I'm holding two packs of stamps that had the color of red. It's those stamps you use to make a mark on a piece of paper or whatever. It even looked like those candle material stamps they used for scrolls too.

    I stamp a random yellow piece of paper I believe, and I think after that, a DC in front of me was collecting these yellow papers that other DCs were giving to him as well. He faces me signaling if I'm done with the paper, but I probably said no and kept holding on to it.

    That's all I remember for that dream and the dream fragment.

    I WAS REALLY PISSED THAT I DIDN'T DO A RC when I met the blonde. .

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    1. sinoblak's Avatar
      The end of the second dream is great, Link.

      To answer your question, I am the chief of the night shift at a non-stop pub. Well, we close by 5 AM for the place must be thoroughly cleaned. The owner takes the two day-shifts. I have worked there before. The reason to take this second job is that I need money and hate living on loans, but the work is not very hard and is well paid.

      And who told you that you must get a gf to have a hot, satisfying sex? Sex and relationships are very different things, Link. The first you may achieve easily, and the second is almost impossible, and when it's possible, it proves to be a drag. Bah, I'm about to start a new relationship and it makes me pretty paranoid.

      Sorry for answering here, DJs are less public than the threads on the forum.
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    2. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Yeah, I have to agree, that second dream is pretty wonderful. I like the concept of what happened in the first dream though, having a picture of something and then being warped to where the picture was actually taken. Maybe I'll try that as a method of transportation in a lucid....