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    Random Fights, Ellen Degeneres and 11 O' Clock AM (SDE Day 09)

    by , 08-23-2012 at 04:12 PM (1232 Views)
    Random fights (Non-lucid)


    I remember being outside, and it looks like it's a little dark outside, and we're under a some train tracks. It honestly feels like the part of New York I walked through during vacation. There a mix of colors of lights ranging from purple, red, white, etc. I can't remember too much on the dream characters engaging in this really pointless battle against each other. There seems to be just two groups fighting one another, and I'm only watching everyone just moving around, trying not to get hit too much.

    There were moments where several members would try to attack one or two people, making the other group just stand there because they don't know what to do. After a while, the random moving around, waiting for someone to make a move started to get boring, and I only remember patting someone's back after this really pointless moving around and waiting for someone to make a move.
    Ellen DeGeneres and 11 O' Clock AM (Non-lucid)


    I'm in a High School again, and it feels like it's at Cypress Lakes again. I'm coming out of the area where the athletics locker rooms, and the P.E. Gym would be located at. I'm walking with a few people that are on the left and right of me. I noticed that Sarah from that last dream two days ago with the school bus thing is here again. She doesn't notice me as yet, she's just walking with two random people on both her sides as well.

    As I'm walking, I realize that how I walk is a little difficult. I'm wearing these default black shoes, and I get this small dream flashback of some sort where I decided to just wear the shoes without any socks because someone else wore gray shoes with the white rim on the bottom without any socks as well.

    I come back to the reality in this dream again, and presumed that the reason why I'm not walking properly and feeling as if I could slip and fall on the ground at any moment was because like the flashback suggested, I didn't wear any socks. The guy to the right of me resembles Cor (not his full name) that was a highly ranked Varsity Tennis player in the tennis team I was part of.

    I believe he's wearing the Varsity Tennis Outfit like Sarah did in this dream as well, which makes sense, since we just came out of the Athletics department. The floor consisted of small light-brown tiles, and the area was very spacious, probably because there weren't a lot of people in it to begin with.

    There's more than enough lighting from above with the the huge glass rooftop on top that's probably extending at least 1/4 of a mile like the High School in waking life. I didn't pay attention on whether or not it was artificial light or sunlight shining down inside the building.

    Cor started to correct me in nearly everything that I was declaring to myself at the time. It was annoying, but I felt that what he said to me made sense.
    A dream character that makes me feel stupid....well isn't that a nice...

    I'm still walking a little slow since this floor or shoes I'm wearing is making me slippery. I look at Sarah again, and for a split second, I saw a random image of a white sheet of paper with some kind of sketching. It looked like there were squares and lines stacked together, like a blueprint for some building. I come back to the reality in the dream again, and noticed someone, I think Cor, comes up to Sarah to tell her something.

    I had a feeling it's something I was talking to him about somehow while looking at her and blanking out for a few seconds. He was probably 5-6 feet away from me at the time, and he starts whispering to Sarah, which forces me to listen and augment how I'm receiving the audio input between the too. It seems Cor was mentioning a "she," so I guess he didn't include me in the conversation at all.

    Sarah turns around to listen to what he's saying, and she's just staring at the wall to the left of her, which looks weird from the angle I'm seeing her, because it looked like she was just blanking out and letting the information Cor gave her come passively. I couldn't hear anything else other than the word "she."

    I felt as if I missed out on some important information, and by important, I just mean based on the environment I'm in. It's a High School, so the only thing that would make me concerned if this was some kind of stereotypical setting where someone would tell someone else gossip, which in turn would make me wonder if they're mentioning me...

    After a while, I start losing focus on Sarah and Cor, and decided to focus on going to lunch. The dream shifts to where I'm waiting in line, with no white Styrofoam tray in my hand. I'm bracing my wrist against the shiny gray metal extension (forgot what you call it) where you place the tray and can slide it along the path. I look up to see who's going to serve me something to eat, and it's the girl that I remember shaking hands with at a store in waking life.

    In short, this was a girl who said she wanted to have sex with me....and you know what that means....

    Let's manipulate her a little bit and see if I can get a free meal!

    I look at her, and she's telling me something, but I forgot. When I looked down, I saw that there's a meal inside of what looks like what Caesar salads are served it (the black bottom and transparent plastic covering). I looked up at her and made facial expressions rather than talking on whether or not this is the meal she set out for me, and she nods.

    Then I hear her declare,

    "I put a little something special for you."

    Poison? Viagra? What did you put in here that was so "special?" Maybe she wanted me to eat it so I can pass out and she'd have sex with me knowing anything at all! Ha ha ha, don't be like that Link...but I really think she would do that if she could in waking life. Oh, and she's one of those girls who appear like an Amoeba, out of nowhere, and randomly say, "Hi!"

    But I wasn't thinking about what I said in gray just now during the dream, I was happy that I was special to her (LOL), but then the guy on my right starts grabbing some of my food with his fingers. I'm looking at him, making the facial express that just says, "WTF ARE YOU DOING?!?!"

    And he's still taking my food, and all I'm doing is just holding that facial expression until he gets a hint to just stop taking my food and eating it, but he's just going and going and going. I decided to just shift the tray to the left side, and asked the same girl if she can give me something else.

    She's a completely different person now, she basically just gives me the cold shoulder...

    Wooooow, so much for giving me something special....and so much for me manipulating her emotions for me to get something extra

    I can't really do anything at this point, or was too much of a wimp to demand that I get something to eat, so I just continue moving forward until I hit the section that's perpendicular to the line I was at. I saw a few things in the frozen section where you would pick up drinks like Gatorade, Sprite, etc. I saw some Sausage Biscuits that were frozen, and decided I should use the black tong to the left of me to get a few contained in the box.

    I don't know why I'm getting frozen Sausage biscuits, 1 Diet Coke and 2 Sprites...but at least it was better than nothing on my tray plate. I go up to the cash register, and I have to enter in my own lunch pin code from the machine.


    What the hell do I put? Lmao.

    "9658" is the first set of numbers that comes to mind...
    so I'm assuming this is what I put on the pin, but I do know I entered something else before that, and then cleared it to try again. I don't know if this is going to work, but I guess it does because the cash register didn't see anything wrong with it. Then things get a little random, and she points to a clock, and I look at it.

    I even looked away from it, and looked back again, but that didn't help with become aware of anything, despite knowing that I couldn't tell what time it was. I listen to the lady, and she said something like,

    "I'm not supposed to be telling you this, but at 11:00 AM, everyone can leave early."

    "I know." I said. Wait....how did I know that before her?

    After this awkward conversation, I go to a random lunch table, and as I'm trying to find a seat, I see Ellen DeGeneres sitting on the other side of where I planned to sit. I moved the items away so I can put my tray plate on the table, and sat down wondering how Ellen DeGeneres got here.

    She has a white outfit, pants and suit opened, along with a light blue shirt underneath I believe.

    She's just staring at me smiling, probably waiting for me to respond to her in some way. I sit down, still a little shocked from this, and for some weird reason, I handed her the Diet Coke that I bought. I think I gave the two Sprite bottles I ordered to other people, but I had my focus on Ellen.

    I had a feeling Sarah from before was somewhere around me, and I find it odd that I'm concerned about her in general. I pretend to do something silly to see if she would look at me, so I go to a randomly placed mini-fridge that you have to open up the top, not the side, and tried to reached for a bottle.

    I didn't care which one it was, I just wanted to make myself look like an idiot...I think? I didn't even look back at Sarah to see if she paid attention to me.

    Wait...did I just do that? I actually wanted someone to pay attention to me? Looool.

    I gave up in getting the bottle, or whatever is in there, and turn back to Ellen. I think I wanted all my drinks back, but by the time I look at the Diet Coke in her hand, it was already empty.

    I look at her and asked,

    "You finished all of that already?!?!?!?" I can't remember if she's even talking, it's like I'm talking to a wall or something. For some reason, it's like I start losing all logic and start thinking things out of my ass or something.

    I asked these random people around Ellen about something that they took away from me, and while I'm going through a conversation of "No I didn't" "Yes you did" for a minute or two, one person asks me if I ever considered blaming a guy that I'll just abbreviate as John C.

    I don't know where I found any respect for this guy, but I said,

    "No, he's John C., he's cool."

    Then I lift both my arms and start pointing fingers at random people and blamed on them.

    Wait what? Did I just go full retard mode here? I don't even want to type the rest of the dream. Actually, that's all I remember.


    It's 10:18 AM, and I'm afraid of what's going to happen at 11:00 AM
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