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    Running in Eva's Underwear, Spiraling Stairs, Boss Battle, Katara Changing Water Colors (SDE Day 17)

    by , 08-31-2012 at 06:40 PM (1393 Views)
    Running in Eva's Underwear (Non-lucid)


    I'm watching Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (no, he's not actually naked..), and he's wearing a weird outfit. To me, he looks like he's wearing outfits that Eva would wear. He has two of his eyes still intact, compared to how he lost one in the game during the Interrogation (Volgin's horrible away of actually doing one).

    I know that I'm mentally controlling him now because when I wanted to see what he wore, he turned around and stopped, and I used a camera to get better details on what he's wearing. He's wearing green military jacket like Eva would wear, or it could be the suit he wore after he gets the title of Big Boss. He has swamp-ish green pants as well, or maybe just a faded brown pants color. His chest was exposed, and then I looked down to see he's wearing some kind of weird looking fabric.

    It's black, and it's reflecting some white light, so it could either be some latex, a black trash bag, or Eva's black underwear. I'm going to go with the third option.

    Here's a horribly drawn sketch of how it looked like to me, I just didn't want to forget it
    Click image for larger version. 

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    He's walking around in an area reminiscent to the first level of the video game, except, there are a few fancy black gates contained on a small base of brown bricks, which means he's probably going to infiltrate some kind of building. It was like being in the jungle, a Russian jungle.....if that's where the imaginary level was set up in the actual game.

    I continue to control Big Boss, and I see someone passed out, and apparently, it's THE BOSS that looks like she's passed out. Someone tells me that it's me apparently, and I can control the breathing of her, or someone who resembles her. I actually breath in and out for a few times, and then the moment I take a deep breath and stop, "Zzzzzz" signs come out of The Boss' mouth.

    Lol, the amount of Mindfucks in this dream is OVER 9,000!!!!!!!

    After walking around, I forget what happens next.

    Running on Spiraling Stairs (Non-lucid)


    I remember walking up some stairs going in a spiral formation in a building where there's a lot of guards. I'm assuming everyone probably knows I'm there, but they just don't know my exact location as yet. I believe I'm helping someone in the process, since I recall giving out words of advice on certain enemies, more specifically the Guards from Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory who have Thermal Vision Goggles.

    I an't remember who it was that I was helping out with, but I do remember them wearing a bright vanilla outfit, like a complete suit, light blue/white dress shirt underneath, and vanilla long pants. One the sides of the stairs, seems to be red fabric material, probably even carpet material, the walls themselves looked weird. The spiraling wall was a solid light brown brick wall, or something similar to it.

    As I'm going up the stairs with whoever it is that's following me, in a few seconds, I already see a guard with Thermal Vision Goggles. It takes him 1-2 seconds to notice me, but I quickly ran back down and started to jump around everywhere out of fear. As I'm going down and down the long and spiraling stairs, I eventually reach the bottom to meet some elderly Asian man, with mostly black hair intact in the middle of some soldiers in green military outfits.

    The environment is a lot brighter than upstairs.

    They were all lined up parallel to him, and I think they're armed. I look at how they're just conveniently placed for my panicking, and even though I should've been shocked, there was just no point in standing there and possibly getting myself shot. Fuck this, I jump over the soldiers before they even have a chance to come after me. HA SCREW YOU ALL.

    I open the dark gray metal double doors quickly, and I get a small loading screen for the next part of the environment. Finally I'm outside, and HOLY.............there's quite a few Thermal Vision Guards that noticed that I came out. There was some kind of command that I was trying to do, but because there's so many damn soldiers coming after my ass, it's hard to do the two-button combo move.

    It involved pressing the "Z" button, which means it's probably a GameCube controller, and then some button on the directional pad, which was on the right instead of the left. OH, it was the GameCube command to pull up your weapons menu in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and somehow that whole aspect came into this dream.

    I'm pretty sure I had the option for a machine gun, but again, try being going into a building and the outside where there's more soldiers than you can handle, and the only way to even have a shred of hope is to just run run run runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

    I quickly turn back to prepare to open the large gray double doors again, even though I would probably be back in the same situation with the Asian man and that soldiers around him again.

    After the loading screen is done, I can't remember anything else, though I could tell I was close to seeing if the soldiers would still be inside there.

    Boss Battle (Non-lucid)


    I was at some city, and a huge entity crushes a part of a wide road and makes it elevate, and I go on top of it, and there's weird flesh material that looks like a huge tongue on the bottom of the torn road.

    I saw that there were electrical surges on forming around the tongue, and the tongue itself was white and transparent slime around it. I can't tell who the enemy is, but they're holding a really freaking big sword, and he wastes no time lifting the sword up, and as he's doing that, I see a trail of the pink-violet color of it, like a light saber, except it's in a form of a sword.

    Then he slams the sword down, and I easily dodge it since it takes like 5-6 seconds for him to bring it down in the first place.

    Forgot what I did next.

    Changing Water Colors


    I remember looking at random people in your typical supermarket. There were two people trying to attack each other, but Gaara from Shippuden stops them with his sand.

    Then the dream shifts and I think I'm Katara from ATLA, and I have a cut off block of ice, and the moment I put my hands in them, or when she does, the top changes colors. She then starts making small but very sharp circular slices of ice and shoots them randomly.


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