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    Salvaging My Psyche From Destruction

    by , 11-19-2014 at 12:06 PM (674 Views)
    Salvaging My Psyche From Destruction (DILD)


    I feel as if I’m in a helpless situation, and I’m in an environment that has an “The Evil Within”-esue kind of feeling to it. Basically, I’m inside a realm where I see a huge brain right in front of me, and I presume it’s my mind’s rendering of my brain.

    There’s some idiosyncrasies of this portray of my brain, and I can feel the pulsations surging through my body, and the environment, and this causes a vibration that spreads everywhere. A voice tells me something along the lines of how things are going to end very soon, and not in a positive outcome either.

    I see words like “Death,” and other wordings that are blurred out, because I instinctively take the stand to ignore them, and do something about this. My body starts glowing, and I can see the inside of it; mostly just what could be a representation of the circulatory system, and nervous system. I can see that parts of the brain are quickly separating from the core, and the sense of urgency to pull them all back together augments.

    I cannot comprehend what I will exactly do, and I end up making overly exaggerated motions that seem to be done for the sake of mentally pulling the parts of the brain escaping from my perception of this virtual experiential reality.

    And this is all done while this part of a song, “Ordinary World” by RED, is playing (2:48):

    It could be the part later on in the song that repeats the same thing, beats me.

    But wow, parsing symbolic meaning from that would be more along the lines of existentialism, I guess.

    But I’m not really feeling mental stress in my life. So maybe there’s something else I can’t cognitively grasp, unfortunately.

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