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    1. The Dream Ever

      by , 03-01-2023 at 12:21 AM
      Me and my cousins raided a home we used to live in apparently. It gave us XP. I think it was for a fortnite challenge or something. Anyway, there were ants all over my floor and soon to be cops at my door, and I wasn't getting any XP. I found a broken version of my dice tray. Then we got back on a school bus we'd been riding.
      Something else we used to travel is a bike with seats, though it was kinda slippery to control.
      Another part of this dream consisted of fighting and killing a woman out of self-defense with my cousin, and then fighting her husband. Her husband was Gandhi. Anyway, he stopped fighting us and respected our strength. When he learned we were half Saiyan, he led us to Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
      It turns out Dwayne was also half Saiyan, and his father was in the room, but stoic. He always wore a full suit of futuristic knightly armor and never talked.
      Later in the dream as we were doing the stealing and XP stuff (because that happened after) we were about to leave on the teleporter to go rob something. Apparently Dwayne's dad knew shanks from one piece and they were good friends. To tell shanks it was time to go, Dwayne's dad took off his helmet and spoke. He looked like he was a little undead and for some reason, had an Australian accent.
      As everyone was getting in the teleporter, Dwayne's dad held me back. Apparently, we had to take the school bus.
      To sum up, my cousins and I fought Dwayne The Rock Johnson's parents, then robbed our own house for battle pass XP.