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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Hell Clearly Doesn't Want Me

    by , 07-17-2014 at 06:02 PM (849 Views)
    The Other Realm (DILD)


    After a nonsensical soccer fiasco in the back yard of my childhood home, I spontaneously become lucid. My task of visiting Hell is not far from my mind.

    I walk over to one of the coaches, a tall man who looks like an older version of The Rock. "Can you help me with something?" I ask politely. I find it much more enjoyable to get DCs to do all my work when possible rather than exerting direct control.

    "Sure," he replies. "What do you need.?"

    "I'm looking for a girl with purple hair who goes by 'Dreamer.' Can you take me to her?"

    This DC is of the non-helpful sort, apparently. "I have no idea who that is," he tells me. Out of nowhere, he holds up a pie as if he's about to throw it at me.

    "Please don't throw that in my face!" I cry out, blocking the pie with my hand. As a result, I end up with a fist-full of the filling.

    Forgetting the coach, I decide to just find Dreamer the same way I did last time. As I walk across the street, I lick the pie from my hand. It is delicious; a kind of cream cheese pie with chocolate chips. "Hey, eating junk food was one of the tasks of the month!" I exclaim. I'm quite amused that I completed this task before I even consciously remembered it.

    Before reaching my neighbor's house, I notice duffle bags and suitcases sitting out on the front porch. Dreamer must be really eager to come with me on an extended trip to Hell, I think to myself jokingly. When I get closer, however, I'm confused to find that the porch and the front door are all that's left of the house. Everything else lies in rubble at my feet. I knock on the door half-heartedly anyway. Nothing happens.

    An old man appears. "Dreamer has already crossed to the Other World," he tells me rather cryptically. He points in the direction of my house.

    I follow the old man back across the street, where he shows me a charred area of burned grass.

    "So... I just touch this and it'll take me to Hell?" I guess. The old man nods.

    I touch the ashes and get flashes of a gray Silent Hill type area. Then I'm pulled from the dream into sleep paralysis.

    I'm now lying trapped in SP. I'd turn this into a DEILD, but I'm distracted. There is a woman's voice reciting her life story in poem form, accompanied by music. Everything she says is clear and makes perfect sense. I'm trying to lock at least a few lines of her words into memory so I can write it later, but I end up forgetting all of it.

    Minecraft (DILD)


    While driving--- and doing a terrible job of it--- I spontaneously become lucid once again. I ditch the car, opting to walk.

    I remember something I'd read recently about extending dream time by engaging all five senses. I want to try this out, but I make the mistake of starting with vision. The first thing I notice is that the world looks a little blocky. Because my attention is fixed on the blockiness, that particular quality increases dramatically until the whole world looks like a game of Minecraft. This annoys me immensely.

    I decide to start over. I close my eys, focusing on the feeling of my feet hitting the ground as I walk. Closing my eyes proves to be a terrible idea. Predictably, this forces me yet again into sleep paralysis.

    Now lying trapped in my bed, I believe I hear my aunt outside my door yelling for me to wake up. Is she really there or am I hallucinating? I manage to shake my foot enough to exit SP---
    now awake, my aunt is no longer talking.

    I keep still and am pulled right back into SP. My aunt starts talking again. She's rambling on about things that seemed to have happened in the past with her daughter, speaking as if I AM her daughter. I am again amazed by my mind's ability to come up with all of this dialogue.
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Sorry I left without you... We will get there soon!
      Nice work with the LDs anyway!