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    Day 2 Sensei's Competition

    by , 07-30-2014 at 09:11 AM (401 Views)
    Dream 1: Being a rogue soldier me and my team, roaming the desert, the stealing a jeep and going to a safe house, then drinking moonshine (lol).

    Dream 2: I'm a skinny robot that a creature controlled, but fell accedentaly into the elevator shaft and got destroyed, but freed from the monster(looked like predator, or Super 8). Monster dies and I get help.

    Dream 3: exast same as dream 2 but face of monster is different( dream replays happen a lot to me)

    Dream 4: I take pieces of paper telling me missions to do, I think assassinations (been playing Assassin's creed a lot lately), and I must do them.

    Dream 5: My physics teacher sends me to the equipment room to get some stuff(I think a projector), but when I get to the room, I get distracted, more like forget, just shifted down, and suddenly remember, and roam the school finding the school day has finished! (Maybe I fell asleep in the dream lol)

    Guess how much I slept during this night, 12 hours! Lol, and I didn't do a WBTB!
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Interesting that you get dream replays! I get them sometimes too, with slight changes... it's funny that we don't notice them repeating at the time!
      12 hours sleep, well done! You must have needed it!
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    2. LouaiB's Avatar
      Yeah these replays happen ALOT! Every time almost the exact same way, but I never notice.
      Yeah I'm a sleeper. If humans ever start hybernating during the winter, it would be my grandchildren who start it
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