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    Day 3 Sensei's Competition

    by , 07-30-2014 at 09:19 AM (434 Views)
    Dream 1: Battle in CoD, but this time no weapons, only martial arts! I didn't face anyone though, I just roamed (maybe an indication that I hate roaming in CoD lol )

    Dream 2: Something about Mario (fragment)

    Dream 3: my divorced parents meet for lunch with me and someone else, and they talk normally, no fighting or anything (IRL no way they would see each other). I was just sitting and listening to the conversation, but weirdly enough I was not eating.

    Recap: 2.5
    WBTB: 2

    Score: 4.5
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      More video game dreams!
      Is that a common dream sign for you?
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    2. LouaiB's Avatar
      Actually yes it is!
      I play lots of video games, playing Skyrim as we speak
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    3. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Such a great game!
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