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    by , 08-05-2012 at 01:16 PM (416 Views)
    I dreamed last night that I was Sookie Stackhouse, and that I went to use my powers to do something, but when I entered my car, I was kidnapped and attacked by a man. We talked and I had no idea why I was kidnapped or where I was going. He then told me that he liked me and wanted a girlfriend, even though he had a boyfriend. CRAZY. Later on I escaped.

    I dreamed that I visited a clinic or some sort of building where they give kids injections that allow them to become invisible or rendered. After the visit we visited a graveyard, tom hanks's grave was there, I was looking at it, and then I saw him, his ghost, and screamed but I couldn't. Then we checked out a few more graves and left.

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