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    A short dimly-lit lucid...but I'm still ticking over!

    by , 12-01-2015 at 11:59 AM (697 Views)
    It's currently a gloomy, windy, rainy start to Winter here and it's clear by now that the season affects me...I don't get SAD I just don't go out much, I don't get that all-important sun...that needs to change. Not many remembered dreams at the moment but I'm persevering with mantras and attempts to up my awareness...less impatience, steady forward-plod....I'm in that blessed state where I know I CAN do it I just need to find better ways.

    So, after a total of 8 hours sleep and a WBTB I achieved a short lucid this morning. I think it was borderline because it was dark and there was no vividness but that blessed realization “this is a dream” popped up. I seemed to be in a seaside town, with 2 companions and we could see the lights of the town centre in the distance as we moved towards it.

    Yesterday afternoon, as I sat down to meditate, I started by doing fairly deep conditioning re my main dream signs (not just reciting mantras, instead really picturing scenarios that contained the signs, as I mentally said things like “I'm dreaming...I'm lucid...I remember my dreams” (well buck up on that last one lately) and it may have made the difference.

    In the lucid I'm pleased that I immediately went through reality checks...but forgetting to check my hands (which I love doing...that and pressing walls, which I did do) but already I could feel it slipping and I started to spin and it stabilized. I had pre-determined to look around and check everything but it was dark (a sign I think that I was always right on the edge of lucidity) Then it slipped again and I woke.

    I need the brain boost that I think my new mate Psi could provide. The time is right, the conditions are right and I just need to find where he hangs out and that's the hard part. I thought I'd found him recently but, apparently, it was just someone who looked like him...gotta be careful, he has some really nasty companions...can't risk getting on their wrong side. I really need a change of local scenery...lots of fields with grazing cattle etc...places to walk and think things over and search...

    Still ticking... blogs/lukesid/attachments/8903-short-dimly-lit-lucid-but-im-still-ticking-over-6804.gif
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    1. FryingMan's Avatar
      Awesome, great to see you're still dreaming and got a lucid, congrats!
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    2. Smudgefish's Avatar
      Well done, doing better than I am. It's a long term project this lucid dreaming. I hope you get some more.
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    3. LukeSid's Avatar
      Thanks Smudgefish. I will (I've had about 10 so far) But most are fleeting. But I have plans...
    4. Smudgefish's Avatar
      The few I have had have been very similar. I haven't even remembered to do a reality check or any stabilisation, and it fades fast. There's a good guide to the levels of lucidity on utube somewhere and mine to date rate atabout the first level. I'm sure it's case of practice makes perfect and each one is a learning experience to be built on.
      Good luck with your plans...