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    Guitar Task Of The Month

    by , 07-07-2011 at 08:42 AM (672 Views)
    Guitar Task Of The Month (DILD)


    After a good long WBTB I attempted WILD and didn't do to bad but still lost consciousness right before I fell asleep.

    I woke up and believed that I had failed my WILD attempt. I wondered if I should try again. For some reason I got up and walked out of my room. I realized that that was illogical so I did a reality check and became lucid. I was in the hallway so I walked into the family room. My mom and sister were watching the TV. I thought about how I should spend the dream. I saw the mirror and was tempted to walk through it in an attempt to teleport to my dream guides tower. I decided it would be better if I tried making an energy portal again so I can master teleportation once and for all. Then I remembered the basic task of the month which is to play a musical instrument. I planned on playing my electric guitar. I thought I should do that first because it was a task that I know I could complete.

    I walked back down the hallway toward my room. I was amazed at how much it felt real even if the visuals weren't especially vivid. I could have sworn I was awake before I did a RC. I went into my room and picked up my guitar. It wasn't plugged in but I didn't really need the amp to complete the task. I played the Song of Time from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. One of the notes sounded wrong even though I played it right so I replayed it and it sounded great. Now that I had completed the task I thought I might have some more fun so I plugged in my amp and turned on distortion. I was curious if I could make the notes sound like what ever I wanted them to no mater were I pressed. I hit random frets and imagined a song as I went but it still sounded random. I grew bored and wanted to try teleportation again so I put the guitar down.

    I didn't feel like going to the family room so I stayed in my room which has much less open space. First thing I needed to do was to accumulate the energy to make the portal out of. I held out my hands in front of me and imagined energy flowing through my body, out of my hands and into the space between my hands. I didn't see and aura like I did last time. I kept trying and I noticed that my hands were gradually getting fuzzy. The whole dream seemed to be going out of focus. I was to interested in watching the dream get all fuzzy and forgot to rub my hands before it was to late.

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