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    Juliana Vs JadeGreen One

    by , 12-06-2023 at 05:34 PM (256 Views)
    I woke up at 5:00 AM to WBTB and took AlphaGPC and Galantamine. My recall of the dream isn't perfect because I had a couple hours of dreams after this dream was over.

    Juliana Vs JadeGreen One (MILD) 12.06.2023

    I am in a dream that is based on The Last of Us. The dream starts out with the beginning of the outbreak and gets to the point where there are survivors living in small walled-off communities. I remmeber part of the dream I was fighting a zombie with a can of beans, trying vainly to crush his skull in. Later on, it is a nice sunny day and I am outside the wall. There are no zombies around and I become lucid spontaneously from my MILD and supplements. I fly up in the air before thinking about my goals. It feels good to fly again because it has been a while. Then I remember I was supposed to spectate Jay and Hade sparring. I fly back down and find them in the road. I tell them to get ready and say, "Jay, take out your wand." She does and I say, "3, 2, 1, Fight!"

    Hade fires up his jets (although the fire is invisible for some reason.) and Jay starts the somatic components to cast a spell. Hade closes the short distance and sumersaults in the air so he can kick Jay's wand out of her hand. Hre wand goes flying and he follows up with a kick to her center of mass.

    I remmeber Manei should be here so I turn around and Manei is there. I give her a hug and turn around to see the fight is over and Hade won. I talked with Jay a bit after this but I can't remember what we said or what happens next.
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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      Great now your dream is carrying over the invisible rockets issue.

      Considering I was supposed to do my meditation practice last night and I instead decided to stay up until 1am doing math for an imaginary solar system and I had no dream recall and woke up with no mental focus. So at least I was able to score a W in your dreams.
    2. MadMonkey's Avatar
      I didn't realize the invisible rockets were already a thing! I definitely perplexed me. You were still holding out your hands and feet as if propelled by rockets though.