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    Trick or Treat? (Task of the Month)

    by , 10-08-2011 at 07:26 PM (787 Views)
    Trick or Treat? (DILD)


    I am out of town with my mom at my sister's and brother in law's house and I slept in my nieces bed so It probably helped me get lucid to be in a different place.

    I was in a non lucid and I forgot it now. Later on I was at my house and I realized it was a dream. I decided to do the Task of the Month. I needed to go trick or treat at someones house. I couldn't do that without a costume and sense my tf2 spy costume isn't made yet I decided to do something a little easier. I ran down the hall and stabilized as I went. I turned the corner into my room. It was dark and I flipped the switch but like always the lights didn't go on. That didn't bother me though. I grabbed the foam monkey mask that I got at the zoo In third grade. I thought it would be pretty fitting seeing as I am MadMonkey. I put it on and bent part of the mask wasn't a problem in the dream and it fit fine.

    I went outside and flew down the street looking for a good house to trick or treat at. It was mid afternoon and I was extremely hungry. I was craving rice for some reason. I saw a house that looked good enough so I flew down and rang the door bell. A woman answered the door so I said, "Trick or treat?". I saw that the family was eating dinner. She handed me a blue lollipop. It looked tasty but then I noticed they had a bowl of rice on their table. It looked sooooo good! I asked if I could trade my lollipop for a little bit of their rice and the woman yelled no as if I had done something offensive. She snatched the candy out of my hand and slammed the door in my face. I said, "I guess that you choose trick instead of treat."

    I walked down the street wondering what to do now. I didn't really think to try the advanced task now. I instead tried running as fast as I could. I found i could run even faster on all fours like a dog. I started to wake up and loose lucidity.

    A new dream started in which I was in a massive airsoft war with hundreds of players on each side. I ran out guns blazing and started taking out tuns of the enemy. A few of them tried to get past me so I threw a grenade that took them out. I threw another grenade into the masses of the enemies. That took out another chunk. They started to retaliate and eventually I got shot down. I got teleported back to our base as if respawning in a video game. There was a machine that could turn your gun into a bigger better more upgraded gun. You could turn a wimpy little pistol into a massive machine gun. I started wake up and I remembered that I had been lucid. I let myself wake up so I could wright down my dream.
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    1. LuMikkel's Avatar
      Good job on the task
      I don't understand though - your spy costume isn't made?
    2. Wilford111's Avatar
      Whoa, that's pretty sweet.