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    Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World

    The Festival

    by , 03-11-2012 at 05:13 PM (553 Views)
    I woke up around 2 AM (3 AM with the time change) and did my usual WILD. I layer down and visualized myself sitting on a bench in a crowded city. A few minutes later I could feel myself transition and I was in the dream!

    I sat on the bench a few minutes longer. I took in my dream scene. Everyone around me seemed pretty happy and nobody was in a rush. They all were taking their time just walking through the city. It was daytime around 12:00 PM I'm guessing.

    I got up from the bench and walked around. I started talking to this one guy named Peter and we had good conversation about the play Romeo and Juliet. I continue to walk around and notice a glowing wall. I go to touch it and am instantly transported to a huge grassy field.

    The field has tons of huge tents and stages set up. It is full of people running around. Its a festival. I'm guessing it is around 7PM here. I notice my acting teacher and thr group I'll be performing with tomorrow. (In real life I will be performing a small play tomorrow. The group I saw is the people I will actually be performing with.) I go up to them and they tell me we are about to perform our play! I thought it would be awesome to perform the play in front of a HUGE group of people here in the dream to practice for Monday. I follow them up to the stage (which looks amazing). The audience must have had over two thousand people. It was all set in this awesome outdoor area.

    Just like that, we start performing our play. It was just like we planned to do it in real life. It was really awesome and I am sure it will help me tomorrow. After we finish performing everyone sticks around for an afterparty. One person offers me this chocolate thing and it tastes SO GOOD. It was like the best thing I have ever tasted. I continue to go around just talking to my dream characters. After about three more minutes everything gets blurry and I wake up.

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