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    TOTM March 2012 Master of the Bow and Arrow

    by , 03-15-2012 at 01:44 AM (1209 Views)
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    Basic Task Complete! Let your shadow detach from your body and chase it.
    Advanced Task Complete! Pick your favorite book and enter into one of the chapters and experience it.

    Trying to update this more. I like writing my dreams so people can see that you can get lucid often if you work for it and it is worth it! I got on amazing lucid adventures almost every night and really like typing them up. Anyway, I got up around 1:30 AM to WILD, became lucid in a coffee shop.

    I was sitting in a small coffee shop holding a steamy cup of coffee. In the coffee, there was a bright blue twist straw poking out of the cup. The cafe had a very nice, warm feel to it. I noticed the employees running around looking busy, even though I was the only customer. There was about six small tables throughout the coffee shop. It had a bunch of art on the walls. I noticed all of the artwork had a 'water theme' to it.

    I remembered to do the Task of the Month. I looked on the ground to see if my shadow was there. It wasn't. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and expected it to be there when I opened them. It was, but a little deformed. I summoned a Harry Potter wand and shot life from the wand into the shadow. I could see the shadow vibrating a bit and then it shot off! I jumped on it and literally rode it out of the shop! I glanced back and noticed a look of HORROR on one of the employees faces. ROFL! The shadow flew up into the air and I almost fell off of it. We were about to go through a cloud but I commanded it to turn solid. The shadow hit the cloud and started to fall. I quickly let go and flew before I fell with it. I followed the shadow down to the ground and it was just laying still. I think my shadow passed out! I touched it and attached it back into my body.

    Now it was time to do the Advanced Task. Enter one of my favorite books...The Hunger Games. I grabbed the air and ripped it open creating a portal. I visualized on the other side I would be sitting in the Hunger Games arena in a forest area. I stopped through and that's where I was! All the trees around me had colorful fall leaves. I looked on the ground and found a bow and arrows. I knew other players would be chasing after me so I quickly hopped into a tree and started climbing. When I got to the top, I could see a little dome around the entire arena. The trees were close together I started to silently hop from one tree to another. I heard someone below me and I scaled down the tree silently. I sat on a branch and saw a blonde-haired girl walking through the forest. She looked like she was gathering food. I could feel the presence of a camera on me. I pulled back the arrow and aimed. I charged magic into it that would make her instantly evaporate once shot.

    I shot. It hit her right after she spotted me. Right between the eyebrows. She evaporated and blue dust flew into the air. Then I heard someone right above me. I quickly looked up and everything became black.

    I wish the dream lasted longer! I was planning to blow up a person's base by shooting an arrow to blow up someone's supplies like Katniss did in the books! That would have been fun. Anyway, it was still a cool dream. Hope you enjoyed reading

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    1. Finlander's Avatar
      When you wrote about the coffee shop, I somehow instantly thought of Inception. The scene where they (in the dream) sit at the cafe in the city. I can imagine the faces of the staff, when you started chasing your shadow. One of best dreams I've read for a while.
      Mancon likes this.
    2. Indeed's Avatar
      Wow! How did you come up with the idea of ripping the air apart to form a portal? That's ingenious!
    3. Huntstreet's Avatar
      Awesome dream!! I love the hunger games!
    4. Taffy's Avatar
      Hah, I love when DCs get all freaked out when things happen. Nice dream, I loved the hunger games books.
    5. ty4TheAdventure's Avatar
      Awesome way to complete the tasks! I'm curious, which induction method do you prefer best?
    6. Mancon's Avatar
      Hey niteLite. I prefer WILDing over any other induction method and that is how I get almost all of my lucids.
    7. Batch's Avatar
      My God!

      I have always been my own hero as far as dreams go ... I always seemed to remember more than anybody else I know, and they have always been more detailed, involved and wild than anything any of my acquaintances ever dreamed! I have now read two of your dreams, and I think I finally have a new dream hero! Very cool stuff!

      (Lot of Harry Potter dreams? I've ended up reading a huge amount of HP fanfic, and have found at least bits and pieces make it in to about 20% of my dreams now. And of course, the occasional completely HP dream.)