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    Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World

    Hi everyone!!!
    Welcome to my Dream Journal which was started on 7/7/11. Here I will post any dreams that I have and pictures to go with them! I have been having a lot of lucid dreams lately so stay tuned!

    Don't be surprised if owls tend to pop into my dreams alot.

    Want to read my goals and achievements? Go here:
    Goals and Achievements

    1. 7/29/11 TOTY Killing Jaws

      by , 07-30-2011 at 07:43 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      WILD at 4 AM... successful!

      I was in the ocean, which reminded me of the TOTY To kill jaws.

      I wanted to waterbend again so I willed the water to start circling around me and then shoot me up. Right when I shot up into the air I made the water freeze, so I could have a platform to stand on.

      I willed jaws to come and bang into the platform. The ice cracked. I looked down and saw a HUGE set of teeth with blood dripping on it.

      I made ice shards come out of my hand and shot them directly into Jaw's mouth. More blood. I decided to use earthbending and make the ocean floor rise up below Jaws and trap him in an earth cage.

      The color of the earth looked a little off. It was a greenish-brown. Jaws struggled to get free of the cage, when I had the most amazing idea ever.

      I noticed the moon up in the sky and made it come racing down to Earth slamming into Jaws. I saw jaw's head go flying in one direction, while his body went flying in another. I got slammed back and started flying through the air, I was surprised I hadn't lost lucidity.

      Everything went black, and I opened my eyes. I was still in the dream! Everything was yellow, and I was standing on an island. I could see bananas everywhere.

      I grabbed one and tasted it. It was soft and...sour. Not like a real banana. Kind of tasted like ice cream. I walked along the beach looking for any DC, but I woke up.

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    2. 7/27/11 A short lucid Ft. Adele

      by , 07-29-2011 at 08:11 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      MILD starting off to when I get lucid.

      I was in a forest, and knew I was dreaming. Suddenly I heard a huge slam sound right behind me. I turned to look.

      Adele was staring at me with a lighter. She lit a tree on fire.

      "There's a fire starting in my heart...reaching a fever pitch and it's bringin me out the dark. Finally I can see you crystal clear...etc"

      I just stared at her watching her sing. I heard stomping and turned around. There were about 100 chairs and every person looked like a zombie. This was getting a bit weird, and I decided I would fly up out of the forest, but I woke up.

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    3. 7/25/11

      by , 07-27-2011 at 02:11 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I woke up around 3:04 AM and attempted a WILD. It succeeded

      I was on a canoe with 4 other people. They looked like Indians and were silent.

      I needed to stabilize the dream so I touched everything in the canoe, including the Indians hair. They looked at me like I was crazy, and almost made me loose lucidity. I smelled the air, which was salty.

      I looked around and we were rowing on crystal clear water. I didn't think it was the ocean because there were no waves whatsoever. I bent over the side to look at the water. I couldn't see any fish or any other living thing.

      I got a cup out of a bag I saw sitting in the canoe and dipped it in the water. The water didn't taste salty at all, but sweet. It reminded me of orange juice.

      I set the cup back down. "Where are we?" I asked one of the Indians. I was surprised that my voice sounded angry.

      "The yultary...po in the tweet. Luindee jumper." He told me.

      I asked the Indians 3 more questions, but they all responded the same, and I couldn't understand.

      Oh well...I looked over the edge of the boat and jumped in. I could feel the icy cold of the water. I swam down about 400 feet, and it was still very light.

      Suddenly, I saw BIRDS swimming 400 feet deep in the water! They looked at me curiously. I swam over to them and looked at one bird.

      It was really small (about the size of a cup.) and was covered with white feathers. I petted it and it was really soft. When I felt its head it was really rough.

      I swam deeper and they followed me down. I grabbed onto one, and it shot me up with great force. After a second we were flying out of the water.

      I let go and feel down, back to the water. I was expecting to hit the water, but I hit something hard. I looked down and I was on concrete. I got up and looked around me.

      I was in a small Japanese town in the middle of a valley. I was dripping with water and people were staring at me. One of them had a glove on the looked like Freddy Kruger.

      Instantly, this reminded me of the TOTY. I ran past the crowd, and into a house I just knew was Freddy's. I kicked down the door and saw him standing their. I shot ice out of my hands, and he was frozen.

      I found a knife and cut a hole in the ice where his glove was. I could see him squirming around and I yanked the glove off. I shot fire at the ice and it melted.

      Instantly, he started running at me and had a terrible look on his face. I jumped onto the roof, and the whole world flipped upside down. He charged at me, and I stabbed him with the glove. He disappeared and turned into dust. I picked up the dust and put it into a jar I saw. I brought it outside and handed it to a crowd of cheering people.

      Then I heard a noise behind me. I turned to look and freddy was RIGHT there. I was really shocked and then he stabbed me. I gasped and, the worst possible thing happened.....
      I woke up.
    4. 7/20/11 The City of People LUCID

      by , 07-25-2011 at 11:20 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)

      I did a reality check and realized I was dreaming.......

      I saw a city in the distance. It had a tanish tone to it, and as I got closer I realized EVERYTHING was made of people. The buildings, the signs, and even the trees. They were all completely still, like a statue.

      I walked into a building, and the floor felt squishy. It was really weird. Someone came up to me and asked if I wanted to see my vault.

      I said yes and followed her through a door. There were brightly colored feathers everywhere, and she told me to touch one. When I did I woke up.
    5. 7/19/11 DV Academy...Sea of Consciousness learning how to Striff LUCID

      by , 07-24-2011 at 07:43 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I woke up sometime around 2 AM and did a WILD. It was successful, here is my dream:

      I opened my dream eyes and looked around. I was in a grocery store and everything looked blurry. I rubbed my hands together and stabilized the dream. I tried a piece of fruit, that looked liked a green orange. It tasted sweet and really sour.

      I wanted to get to the Dream Academy so I found a random door and when I opened it I expected ocean water to start flooding the store. I swam through the door and looked around for the academy.

      I saw something shiny and realized it was the diamond door. I opened it and saw Joslyn standing there, waiting for me.

      "Welcome back" she said in her musical voice.

      "Thank you...where should I go?"

      "I recommend you take the Striffing class. Just go in the castle take the first 2 lefts. Tap on the wall 3 times and get in the elevator."

      I had no idea what striffing was but I followed her instructions. I tapped on the wall 3 times and an elevator appeared. I hopped in and looked at the buttons. They were numbered 1-9213. I pressed 2 and the elevator shot up instantly.

      It opened with a bing! and I stepped into a HUGE orange classroom. It didn't have any desks or whiteboards and it looked like it was made with wood. There was a group of students gathered around a tall, skinny man with a long goatee.

      He came over to me and touched my arm. Suddenly I could see how to striff. It was melting into the ground or a wall and sliding inside of the wall until your reach your destination.

      I jumped into the floor melting as I hit it. Everything was a grayish color and I could feel my goo-ish self shooting forward. I popped back into shape and I was standing in another room, but this room had plants all over it.

      I remember seeing red roses, mini trees, and other colorful plants. The room was so bright and cheerful. I walked around it looking for someone to talk to. I smelled a flower and
      then I heard the toilet flush in the hotel room next to mine. I woke up.
    6. 7/17/11 Task of the Year The Wizard of Oz LUCID

      by , 07-24-2011 at 01:19 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Hi everyone, I won't be adding any of my non lucids from the trip, just the lucid ones.

      I was walking in an aquarium looking at all the different fish. I saw a shark swimming towards the glass I was looking in and it started slamming the glass. It started to crack and I ran down a hallway in the aquarium away from the cracking glass.

      I saw someone pinching their nose in the hallway and I thought that was really weird. I remembered reading a thread about seeing people doing RCs in real life. I stopped running and did a nose pinch RC myself, believing I could breath through my nose. I could breath!

      I was dreaming! I stabilized the dream. I tried to think of what I wanted to do. I wanted to go to the shared dreaming experiment but I just couldn't think of the name of the pyramid. Whenever I tried to go there it shot me back into the aquarium.

      I decided to complete one of the tasks in the Task of the Year (Which I memorized) I wanted to steal Dorthy's red slippers. I broke the aqurium glass and swam up expecting to appear on the yellow brick road. I got out of the water and climbed onto the road.

      I saw Dorthy and tin man in the distance skipping down the road and I ran towards them. I took over tin man's brain and made him shove the slippers off Dorthy. I made him hand them to me. I tapped them 3 times and said "There's no place like home"

      Suddenly colors started spinning around me and I was swimming in a lake of.....pencils? I grabbed a pencil and examined it closer. The words on the pencil were gibberish but they were in the design of a wave.

      It started to rain and the yellow color of the pencils started to wash off. The rain felt very cold and wet and woke me up.

      When I woke up I swear to god I could still feel the rain and I thought I was in a false awakening. I did an RC but then the rain feeling went away.

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    7. Tiger Swimming a non lucid 7/16/11

      by , 07-16-2011 at 07:55 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Didn't have any lucids last night, sadly but I did have some pretty interesting non lucids. Here's one of them:

      I was watching a tiger slowly walking in a wet forest. The tiger started running extremely fast when it jumped off a cliff, into a lake.

      The lake water was a vibrant blue and the tiger was a pro at swimming. It was like a dolphin. It could dive down and come shooting back up.

      I watched it go underwater and into this underwater cave. The cave was full of crystals and diamonds and the tiger seemed like it could breath underwater. It kept going deeper into the cave when it literally melted into the wall. It left a hieroglyph imprinted into the wall.

      I might go try to find the same cave when I become lucid again. I'll add it to my goals.
    8. A Medieval Lucid 7/15/11

      by , 07-15-2011 at 05:27 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I attempted a WILD at 3 last night, but I fell asleep Luckily, I still had a lucid!
      I was walking down a crowded dirt street towards a HUGE castle.

      I have been practicing All Day Awareness lately and decided to just stop and go through all my senses. I could hear people walking everywhere around. My body felt normal. Then I looked around and realized I was in a very unusual setting.

      I did a reality check and realized I was dreaming! It looked like I was in a medieval town, right on the outskirts of a HUGE castle. I saw someone nearby riding a horse. I ran towards it, jumped up and kicked the rider off. I hoped on the horse, and started to fly gallop.

      I headed straight towards the top of the castle and wanted to see the king. I went right through the window with colored glass shattering all around me. The king was sitting at his chair looking astonished.
      "How dare you enter my castle!"
      I willed him to calm down, and suddenly he looked confused and smiled at me.

      "I would like a high quality dragon, that I could fly whenever I wish." I told him.

      "And what will you give me?" he said

      "How about this?" I pulled out my cell phone in my pocket and handed it to him. "You can call anyone in the world in an instant."

      "This...is....magical. I will get your dragon right away."

      He handed me a small dragon statue in a glass bottle. The dragon was green, and he told me it could breath out ice.

      "Just break the bottle whenever you want the dragon to come alive." he told me.

      I grabbed my horse and flew to a mountain outside of the village. On the top of the mountain I broke the bottle. The dragon came to life and expanded to a great size. I climbed up his tail to his back. His scales felt rough, like bark. The dragon soared off the mountain into the sky. I told him to take me wherever he wanted.

      He dove straight down and an ocean was approaching fast. Right when we touched the water I slammed open my eyes in real life, and woke up .
    9. Chapstick Girl? Non Lucid 7/14/11

      by , 07-14-2011 at 07:01 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I was sitting in a random park when a random girl in a superhero costume started running towards me.
      She screamed out, "MMMM chapstick! So soft...vibrant. Colorful. MMM...."
      "I have a passion for chapstick!" she told me in a seductive voice.

      I tried to run away. I got away from her, and went back to my house when she appeared in my kitchen.
      "See these knives chopping this delicious chapstick? You'll need to try it."
      She handed me a bag full of chapstick. I started calling the police when my phone turned into chapstick.
      "You know how you rub sticks together, and it starts a fire? Check this out."
      She started rubbing the chapstick together and a fire started. My house was burning down and I woke up.

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    10. Chichen Itza + Shapeshifting 7/14/11

      by , 07-14-2011 at 06:37 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I went to bed at 12 and attempted a WILD at 3:10. Puffin and I are part of the International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Project and have been trying to meet up at Chichen Itza. Unfortunately, we have not been in an LD at the same time yet.

      I was looking up at the sky and saw birds circling over me. I stood up and looked around. I was in the middle of a desert and it was daytime.

      I wanted to teleport to Chichen Itza to see if Puffin would be there. I had been thinking of cool ways to teleport lately and decided to try this one.

      I imagined the sun sucking me out of Earth extremely fast, towards it. I was shooting up into the air going so fast everything was a blur. I saw Saturn, Mars, and then I could see myself shooting into the sun. I imagined the sun was a huge teleporting device, and would take me wherever I thought.

      I imagined Chichen Itza in my mind and collided with the sun. I felt tingly and like I had just cliff jumped into the ocean. I saw my self rapidly falling towards Chichen Itza and slammed into the stairs. The stairs bent back and shot me back towards space. I quickly imagined a barrier in the sky which shot me back towards Chichen Itza. I stopped myself right before I hit the ground.

      That technique was a little more rough then I thought . I stood up and looked around for Puffin, or anyone else. I didn't see her, and I waited for about 5 minutes, then I started walking around Chichen Itza.

      I focused on everyone I knew in the project, and saw an owl staring down at me. I imagine myself switching places with the owl, and I was looking down at my body. I was the owl. I jumped off the branch and started flying around. I watched the owl trapped in my body stammer around, and try to fly. I decided to fly up as high as I could go and slam into the top of Chichen Itza.

      I dove rapidly and collided with the top. Instead of hitting it, it kept bending and all of a sudden I was flying on top of a mountain. my senses were heightened, and I could hear people walking. I was about to go find out who they were when I woke up.

    11. Chichen-Itza Lucid 7/12/11

      by , 07-12-2011 at 09:46 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I did KingYoshi's WILD Technique last night after my first lucid dream and it worked!

      I was sitting by the base of Chichen Itza and started to look for people who were in the International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Project. I saw a person at the top staring down at me. I went up to them. I couldn't really remember people's description since there were so many, so I had no idea if this was just a dream character or perhaps another person in the International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Project!

      It was a girl who was wearing a blue hoodie with a quicksilver logo on it, had brown hair, and blue eyes. She was holding a baby, but it didn't look like hers. She looked maybe 16-20. I haven't had a chance to check the description of everyone in the project to see if there is someone that actually looks like her.
      I told her she was dreaming and she stared at me with a blank expression.

      "Dree...what?" she said.

      "Dreaming." I said.

      She smiled and dropped the baby. She jumped of Chichen Itza and landed on a bed. The bed disappeared. Right when she touched it.
      That was weird. It was probably just one of my messed up dream characters. I was about to grab the baby but it disappeared too. I looked around a bit for more people but nobody was there.
      Suddenly the dream started to fade and I woke up.

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    12. Samurai Fight! Lucid 7/12/2011

      by , 07-12-2011 at 08:53 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      Hydronic, Noctemconartist, and I had all planned to have a lucid the same night about the same thing and report our different version of it. THe plan was to fight samurai warriors at a Japanese palace. Unfortunately, Hydronic and Noctempconartist didn't have a lucid last night so I was the only was with a version of the story to report. Here it is:

      I was talking to one of my friends and decided to do a random reality check. I imagine gravity lifting me up and all of a sudden I shot up! This was a dream!

      The first thing I thought of was the plan that Hydronic, Noctempconartist, and I had thought of.

      Since I has just done a Flying Tutorial I decided I would fly to the palace. I wanted to try a different version of flying I had just thought of yesterday. I looked outside of the house I was in and stepped into a pond. I imagined the water shaping around me and it shot me up into the sky! I flew straight and started seeing cherry trees everywhere. I imagine the Palace to be just over the hill in the distance and it was!

      I landed by a huge cherry tree by the palace and saw how I imagined hydronic and Noctempconartist. Someone else was standing there too.

      Hydronic had brown hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing a dark green shirt and pants that blended in with the environment. He was fairly tall and skinny.

      Noctempconartist had bright red hair and Highheels on with a knife tip so she could kick people. She was short but fast.

      The other guy, i'll call him Charles, had yellow wristbands everywhere. He wore a yellow shirt, and bright yellow pants.

      I had a bright orange top hat on and a suit. I looked down at my hands and my fingers were unusually long.

      I laughed. "Are you guys ready to fight the Samurais and get that magical amulet that will let us rule the world?"

      Hydronic stared at me blankly, "Toddlers cannot roll in lava you know."

      I looked at him and said "Umm..In dreams they can. Come on lets go!"

      We headed towards the palace and an alarm went of. Hundreds of Samurai Warriors started marching towards us. I drew my electric blue sword.

      I charged forward and jumped up so high, I was higher then the palace. I came slamming down into the ground with so much force I could see tons of the samurai's loosing balance and falling. Everyone else jumped right before I hit so they wouldn't fall. I picked up random samurais and started to throw them into the cherry tree. They disappeared when they hit the tree.

      I looked over and saw Noctempconartist floating in the air and her high heels were in her hands. She threw the high heels at incoming samurai's and when the heel made contact with them, they disappeared. She was teleporting all over the place randomly appearing behind different samurai's stunning them.

      Hydronic had a green light coming from his hands and little spears came out of the light. The spears had an electric volt going through them and shocked whoever it touched until death. He was doing all kinds of crazy flips and tricks.

      Charles had pencils that he was throwing accurately at every samurai that came near him. The pencil were very sharp and has a poisonous tip.

      I noticed a wishing well in the distance. I remembered one of my goals was to waterbend in a dream. I summoned the water and a huge amount came shooting towards me. I balanced it in the air until more and more water joined it. There was so much water floating above us, it could fill the palace. I let go of my hold on the water, and quickly made force fields that wrapped around Hydronic, Noctempconartist, Charles, and I. The water came crashing down and all the samurais were washed away.

      We headed towards the place and saw an amulet sitting upon a glowing white rock. I picked it up and now could control any part of the world I wanted. I passed it around to everyone.

      "Now what?" I said.

      "We find the trees that make us orange" Noctempconartist said in a confused voice.

      "Um...Okay. Lead the way" I told her.
      She disappeared along with everyone else. I walked along the ocean shore for a minute until the I woke up from the dream.

      Thanks for reading! For anyone wondering, this was NOT a shared dream. We just wanted to see the different versions of the adventure we had planned out and I have to say, mine turned out pretty good!

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    13. Building a House! And Failed WILD Attempt. Non Lucid 7/11/11

      by , 07-11-2011 at 01:41 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I had been thinking about the Sims since people had been talking about it on chat, and I dreamt about it haha!

      I was creating a house in the Sims 3. I wasn't on the computer but I was actually looking down from the sky like I was in the game. I was designing a good looking house and kept getting annoyed when paper boys kept throwing papers at my house! Eventually, the news papers stacked up until they filled up my whole lot!
      Failed WILD

      I got up around 4 AM to do KingYoshi's WILD technique, but my allergies were terrible! I tried to lay still for about 30 minutes but everything was itching and so uncomfortable I gave up and took an allergy pill. I'm going to try again tonight, hopefully with no allergies!
    14. Wheels Everywhere! Non Lucid 7/10/11

      by , 07-10-2011 at 10:00 PM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      I was in a glass cage on the bottom of a hill. Different colored wheels started rolling down the hill, barely missing the glass cage. Behind me was a town full of people who were running my way. They somehow stopped the wheels and got me out of the cage. They started talking to me, but I forgot what they were saying.
      Another dream:
      I was reading a book on a beach when a lifeguard yelled for everyone to get out of the ocean because of the sharks coming our way. I looked up and saw someone bleeding on their leg with blood all in the water. Everyone looked confused and panicked.
    15. Dream World Academy...Yet Another Lucid Dream! 7/9/11

      by , 07-10-2011 at 03:40 AM (Mancon's Wild and Crazy Adventures in the Dream World)
      3 amazingly vivid and long lucid dreams in 2 days?!?! I must say...im doing quite well. For those of you who don't know what the Dream World Academy is please look here .

      I was driving down a small street in a haunted looking down where all of a sudden the ground started shaking. I gasped and stopped the car. I got out and tripped from the shaking. I slowly got up and looked around, panicked. The shaking became more and more violent and suddenly huge boulders started rolling towards me. I tried to run away but they kept following me. I looked in the dark sky and saw the letters: DV. The first thing is reminded of was Dramviews. Wait! Why was I in this town running from...boulders? I was dreaming! It was such a cool way to become lucid! I turned around and kicked the boulders and they exploded. The very first thing I decided to do was try to find the Dream World Academy. I ran away from the town like Flash and just expected to find a castle or something. Instead I found an ocean. It was stormy and the waves were extremely high, but it was inviting me in. One of my goals was to go on an underwater adventure so why not? I jumped in. Everything underwater was clear but had a different look to it. Almost...foggy. I continued to swim looking for anything when I bumped my head into a wall. I was about to say "Ow" when I remembered it was a dream. No worries! I examined the bricks closer and found a door. The door was diamond-like and covered in seaweed. I opened it. Inside the walls was a HUGE castle. The castle had 4 big white glass domes surrounding it and a seaweed garden. The castle itself was a greenish blueish color and looked triangular shaped. It had a tower at each point. I walked up closer to it and noticed people staring at me. Then the doors of the castle opened and a mermaid swam out. "Welcome to the Academy! Here You will be able to take any classes you like including swan diving! I just learned how to swan dive!" she said in a Musical voice. "Hi! Thank you! The Academy is beautiful! What's your name" I said to her. "Joslyn" she replied. "Can you tell me more about the academy? I have to report back to Dreamviews." I told Joslyn. "Ah..yes I heard about your Dreamviews mission from other academies of the world. Well this academy started when a young boy Grew up in an academy far away. He came here and used powerful magic to create these very walls."
      I nodded and walked inside the castle. The walls were made out of white marble and were very clean. There were TONS of hallways everywhere and I walked into a random door on my right. "Welcome!" a small elf-like man said to me. "Here you will learn anything you wish." I was trying to think what I wanted to learn. "Teach me how I can swim faster in my dreams." Suddenly I was in the middle of the ocean with the castle nowhere in site. He looked at me and made a circle gesture with his thumbs. A bubble ring appeared around him and he swam through it. Right when he entered the ring he flew forward very fast. "Just keep bending your thumbs like this!" I tried it and blue bubbles appeared in front of me! It was amazing! I was shooting across the water faster then ever. Suddenly I was back in his classroom. The teacher was nowhere in site. I closed my eyes and wanted Joslyn to appear. When I opened them she was there! "Hi Joslyn. This dream has been amazing so far. This academy is amazing. Do you mind if I come back here and visit again in my dreams?" "Come anytime you want! And invite your friends from Dreamviews!" She pointed up and where I looked up I could feel my eyes opening in real life. I woke up

      This was probably one of my favorite dreams I've had so far! I've been extremely lucky with 3 lucids in 2 days I doubt ill get one tonight .

      Thanks for reading

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