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    10/01/13 - Weird guy

    by , 01-10-2013 at 10:02 AM (538 Views)

    Good morning! No lucid, only a random dream about some random guy.

    22.00: Sleep

    05.25: Uhm... no?
    I'm in my car, Monica's driving and we're on our way home. We've been somewhere out of town and I'm really tired. "You have to drive all the way home babe" I say and lean back to try to fall asleep. She's freaking out because she has no clue how to get home. "Just take a right and you're all good" I say. "It's not that easy!" she exclaims and I have to sit up and guide her. We arrive at a big stone wall with a regular size door in it. It's some sort of gate. I get out and go up to the door and look on the other side, there's a car on the other side and I hold the door up for him. He drives through and thanks me. Monica tries to go through but it's really narrow and she almost scrapes the side of the car.

    "Let me do it" I say and she goes into the passenger seat. The guy I just helped holds the door for me and I slowly drive through. I get out of the car. "Thanks man" I say. "No problem, how about you repay me by buying a little snack?" he asks me. I look at where he's pointing and it's a 7/11. "Uhm... alright" I say and we head into the store. "Buy me some snus would you?" he says. "What kind?" I ask. "Any, just make sure it's a ten pack". "Hey, there's no way I'm buying you that many" I say angrily. This guy's a real jerk and I leave him in the store. I head to the car and drive off with Monica. I explain everything that just happened and we arrive at a street that looks foreign.

    05.25: Wake up

    Amount of sleep: 7 hours

    Supplements: None

    That's it!

    Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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