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    1. 02/01/12 - Dream and 2011 Year Count

      by , 01-02-2012 at 08:37 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Had a random dream last night, only remember bits and pieces of it now though.

      22.30: Sleep

      05.30: Dream
      *I'm in a school, I see my brother and we greet. After a while we meet again. "Man you're everywhere!" he says to me. "Come on follow me." We head out the school and enter a car. Martin starts explaining how he tricked our uncle, he bought some weed from him. We end up in a parking lot and I get to drive this huge black pickup truck. I hit the gas and the car's fron wheels starts to go up. I have to be careful not to crash.

      05.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 7 hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! This is how many dreams and lucids I had 2011. This is only for me to be able to count easily in the future.

      Dreams: 594
      Lucids: 91

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
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    2. Lucid Count

      by , 06-29-2011 at 05:08 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)
      This is my lucid count since I started practicing lucid dreaming. It's not meant for bragging, but only so that I can see my own progress. Now if you guys want it to be anything at all, then see it as encouragement. This is proof that persistance and dedication pays off.

      I took a whole month off last july and a few slacker months during that summer. It's not until late that it has picked up alot, and mostly it's because I'm starting to learn how to DEILD.


      January: 1 Day, 1 LD
      February: 3 Days, 3 LD's
      March: 3 Days, 3 LD's
      April: 1 Day, 1 LD
      May: 6 Days, 6 LD's
      June: 3 Days, 3 LD's
      July: 3 Days, 4 LD's
      August : 2 Days, 4 LD's
      September: 5 Days, 5 LD's - Joined DV
      October: 4 Days, 4 LD's
      November: 3 Days, 4 LD's
      December: 5 Days, 6 LD's

      Total 2010: 44 lucid dreams.


      January: 7 Days, 8 LD's
      February: 6 Days, 6 LD's
      March: 7 Days, 7 LD's
      April: 7 Days, 11 LD's
      May: 8 Days, 10 LD's
      June: 9 Days, 13 LD's
      July: 8 Days 9 LD's
      August: 6 Days 7 LD's

      Total 2011 so far: 71 lucid dreams. (30/08/2011)

      These are all lucids I have on record. Most of them achieved by MILD but also DILD and DEILD. Only a few were WILD's.

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    3. Last day of the year

      by , 12-31-2010 at 04:43 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I intended to become lucid the last day of the year, but sadly I didn't. I still had alot of dreams which will have to do.

      03.00: Bedtime

      6.31: Fragments
      *I'm having sex with Monica. It feels great, but neither one of us gets to climax before the dream fades.

      *Akono is talking on the DV chat. He lists me and a few other DG's and tells us something about "building it up"

      *My family's got a tiger as a pet apparently. It's as big as their current dog which is a rotweiler. "Something will go wrong one day" I say and watch the tiger jump around and play like a normal cat.

      10.45: Plane crash
      I'm standing close to the centre of my hometown with a few people, including my brother Martin. We're not doing anything in particular when suddenly we can hear a plane. It sounds as if it's about to crash nearby, the sound is deafening. A second later we can hear the crash and me and Martin starts running up the street. Going downhill now we arrive at an intersection. A huge jet engine flies past us. "Hide!" I yell at him as I hide behind a few bushes. The military starts running past us and I can hear people yelling all over the place. The wind picks up and it's gotten dark all of a sudden. Martin tells me to follow him as he heads for some bushes.

      We start crawling in this very claustrophobic tunnel. All around me is thorny bushes, underneath is fresh dirt. We crawl in the tunnel for a long time, always switching the tiny, weak flashlight and a camera of some kind. Martin tells me to stop screwing around and focus. I spot a single piece of grass in the bushes, glowing light blue. I eat it up and it gives me strength. After some time we are finally out of the tunnel. We're on a backyard driveway. Getting into a van we try to escape. The road is very narrow because a truck is parked right there. I can hear the bushes getting torn up on my side. Martin drives the car out of the lot and away. I look in the mirror and I notice we've ripped off a large branch off of a currant bush and dropped it infront of the house. I start worrying we'll get caught.

      10.45: Fragment
      *I'm with my uncle in a boat. There's another one following us as we just go around aimlessly. I throw a net in and an orange ball.

      12.00: Weird...
      I'm watching a movie with a few whales swimming around. They are visiting different places and jump over rocks and stuff. I recognise one place all of a sudden and I tell Monica it's our place. On land I can see several small mining shafts, and the rock around them has been cut and shaped into rectangles. Like pyramids or something. Suddenly I'm there. I walk around and inspect them all. I spot a few blocks of gold and I wonder why they don't build a goldmine there. "It wouldn't be profitable" I hear. I spot the remainings of an old cut down tree. Embedded in it is alot of gold. I touch the decaying tree stump. Two people appear on benches nearby.

      They're writing some kind of test and I go up to them and look at it. It's the math B test. It looks very hard. I start walking down a corridor that appeared just like that. One of the girls starts walking with me, I recognise her as an old classmate I had when I was a kid. "Was the test hard?" I ask her, then immediatedly "Oh that's right, it depends on how you are as a person". We enter a classroom and I spot a coffee machine. The filter is fucked up so I correct it and grab a cup of coffee. I get a mouthful of ground coffee beans and I almost puke.

      I gag on the coffee and spit it out in the paper bin. It takes me a while to clear my entire mouth. Suddenly I spot a guy sitting on a table, he looks frightened. I start reading on some kind of bucket. I don't remember what I read but the text was disturbing. "They will come for us" he tells me. A doctor enters the room. I fall down and try to crawl away from him on my back. He jumps up and puts his first foot on my knee, then his other on the other one. He does the same when I move back the first knee. "Okay, okay! I give up" I say. I realise I have no chance against a Kung-Fu master anyways. He wants to give me a shot and I pull up my sleeve.

      Holding my other hand around my bicep, I pump blood into the arm. He positions the needle just below my hand on the vein. With a quick motion he pierces my skin. I think all is well, it barely hurt at all. He pulls the needle out again and tells me he has to redo it. This time he jabs it in the vein at an angle, and this time it hurt alot. I can tell the needle went too far and he pulls it out again. Again I am stabbed in the vein and I can see the sadistic look in his eyes. I am too scared to complain. With a pulling motion he rips the vein completely open. There is no blood. A last stab right down in my arm and I wake up.

      12.00: Cutting in line
      I'm in a queue with alot of other people. It takes forever for it to move, but after a while I am inside a room. Some guy with short hair starts pushing his way through the crowd, cutting in line. I let him go past and I can do nothing but shake my head. Three more people do the same, his friends obviously and I get pissed off. When we finally enter the room I turn to my friend Felix. "Isn't it ironic how someone as intelligent as me gets pushed around by a monkey?" he laughs at it all. We're all positioned at different rows with computers. I end up in the row furthest away from the door.

      12.00: Mean relatives
      I'm with my relatives in a room. All the grown ups are having a discussion about intelligence and maturity. They start slandering me and telling me I am a kid in a man's body. I get pissed off and is about to leave when I accidentaly break their staircase. I grab the piece that flew off and try to fix it. One of them starts talking to me and I have a long discussion with her about how I have matured since school. "You guys have this imagine of me, from like seven years back" I say.

      14.00: Acrobats
      I'm with my brother Martin once again and we're climbing on a large tree trunk scaffold thingy out in the water. At every intersection we do acrobatics. There are two more guys behind us, doing the exact same thing. After a while I hear a splash. I look behind me and the guy who fell in the water is already up climbing again. "Hurry up before the cops show up!" I yell at them. We get off the thing and jump in the water. I get up on the dock and can see something huge move around under the water. "Hey! There's something under you" I say and everyone gets up on the dock.

      The creature moving around never reaches the surface though, and I decide to chase it. I grab a tree branch and jump down in the water. Holding the branch under me, I start jumping up and down. The momentum makes me splash around and gain speed. I am soon riding around on the surface with the branch under me. Fish starts jumping and I grab one. I get up on the dock again and inspect it. It looks very weird with an oval mouth, and only one crooked tooth in there. "It's a Bellyfish" a guy tells me. He squeezes it and roe starts coming out of its mouth. "See?" I start thinking. "That roe has probably already been fertilized, as it's autumn" They all agree.

      14.00: Dressing room at work
      I'm in the dressing room at work. A guy is standing next to the sink and I walk up to it to rinse my face with water. He grabs my head and starts talking about fingers and shit. He tries to put soap in my eye. I refuse to take his shit and grab his finger. Bending it I watch him squirm. "Okay okay! I give!" he tells me. He won't fuck with me anymore. Alot more people show up, girls and guys. No one is naked though. My boss comments on my weak figure. I flex a bit and show him I still got some muscles. Another guy comes up to me. "I can tell you've been at the gym this morning, working on your back are you?" he asks me smile. Asshole.

      Amount of sleep: 11 hours

      Supplements before bed: 200 ml applejuice, 2 x Omega-3

      That's it! I've recorded all my dreams so far this year, and this is what I came up with in the end:

      Dreams: 639
      Lucids: 44

      Next year I aim for 1000 dreams and 70 lucids. I know I can do it as I took a few months break this year. I will try not to slack off next year though.

      Happy New Year! Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    4. New long term goals list

      by , 11-15-2010 at 06:11 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)
      Within 1 year Within 2 years Within 3 years

      Good morning! This is my new long term goals list. I've thought alot about this, and this is what I would like to achieve in my dreams over the next couple of years.

      1. Having Long Lucids - I need to make my lucids longer! The longest one I've had has only been about 3-4 minutes. To even be able to try the other things out, I need to learn how to make my lucids longer.

      2. DEILD - Everytime I am about to wake up from a lucid dream, I will from now on, just lie still and try to go back into it. I definitely have to learn this, since my lucids aren't very long. And even if they do increase in length later on, I can accomplish so much more if I manage to do a DEILD.

      3. Master Super Powers - This is something I really love, and want to do first to keep my spirit up while trying to get lucid more often. This includes mastering: Flying, Telekinesis, Explosions, Pyrokinesis, Super Strength. You name it.

      4. Teleportation - I really need to learn how to teleport. If I want to explore the world, and not just get stuck in the random dream scenario I happen to become lucid in, this is a must.

      5. Summoning - To summon an ally of some sorts, or just any kind of clothes, weapons or creatures. I aim to be able to have a companion later on, which I can call on and will help me out in my dreams.

      6. Transformation - Transform into different kinds of things. This would be very cool, because I know from normal dreams that transforming does not only change appearance, but perspective and emotions. There's nothing cooler than being a bloodthirsty vampire or werewolf

      7. MILD - Mastering this technique is my goal. I am already trying almost everyday with mantra work, meditation and positive thinking. I'm not sure I will master it within 3 years, but I think it is possible with hard work!

      8. Become Good - I am a person who thinks logically, but I also care alot about those around me. This isn't the case in my dreams, since I know it's not real. I then unleash and do whatever I want. I just love the feeling of power and making people respect or fear me. I don't mind exploring and doing bad things in the beginning, but in time I would want to try to change my "dreamself" into a kind, loving and healing person.

      That's it! I will do the first 3 at the same time while becoming lucid. First off stabilizing the dream and trying to keep a cool head, then master superpowers and do an L-DEILD when I wake up.

      Please comment with any suggestions within any category or questions.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
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    5. To do list

      by , 09-06-2010 at 04:38 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)
      Okay here's a list of all the things I have done in lucid dreams, and what I would like to do in the future!


      Standard stuff:
      1. Fly - Pretty good at it, arms to the side
      2. Made skateboard/snowboard move
      3. Tied shoelaces with my mind
      4. Jumped real far
      5. Telekinesis - Getting better! Controlled a large ship last time
      6. Skated on water at high speed
      7. Summoned food, drink, knife and a door - Fish and cola. The door led to a prison
      8. Mindcontrolled a guy
      9. Teleported (vaguely two times)
      10. Increased light outside

      The nature's four elements: Fire, wind, earth and water, is something I really want to learn how to do. But so far I haven't been able to do much with them.

      FIRE: Made an old lady caught on fire vaguely, made a small lighter-flame and made a red glowing mark.
      WIND: Never tried it, does fly and telekinesis count?
      EARTH: Never tried it.
      WATER: Made some wet sand produce steam. Does waterskiing count?

      TO DO

      1. Make dreamfruit. Just let my fantasy go wild and create the most delicious fruit ever! [ ]
      2. Make a building out of earth [ ]
      3. Shoot fireballs and play with fire [ ]
      4. Have sex [ ]
      5. Teleport to places without losing lucidity [ ]
      6. Accomplish a WILD [ ]
      7. Have four or more LD's in one night. [ ]
      8. Have ten or more dreams in one night. [ ]

      That's about it for now. I am open to suggestions and would love some tips and help from someone with some experience.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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