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    1. 02/10/11 - Very creepy DEILD

      by , 10-02-2011 at 10:49 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Had one of the most memorable lucid dreams ever this morning. It wasn't filled with amazing stuff, very long or anything at all really. But how fast it turned from happy to scary was so cool! I almost laughed out loud when I woke up after breathing out and wiping some sweat away. No tasks done though.

      23.10: Sleep

      05.10: WBTB 30 minutes

      07.10: Where's that damn sauna? MILD
      I'm standing in a hallway with a bunch of other people. I'm back in school it seems and we've just had gymnastics. The teacher tells us something about this being the last day of the girls and boys sharing showers. I enter the showers and go to my locker. It starts raining inside, like the sprinklers in the room have been turned on. I grab the locker handle and pull, a bit too hard. The entire door comes off, a girl looks at me. "Ops" I say.

      I spot a girl or two taking a shower and I can feel myself getting aroused. 'Fuck, not here!' I calm myself down and take a shower myself. It's completely silent in the showers, all you can hear is the showers themselves. I go to my locker again and grab a towel. I spot someone from my old class. We're in the boy's showers and I remember this place being noisy as hell. "Have these showers ever been this quiet?" I ask out loud. Everyone starts laughing out loud. The tension seems to be relieved.

      I head into a room full of toilets and rinse my face in a sink. I can feel heat coming from up above and look up. 'That's definitely a sauna' I think as I hold my hand against a glass wall. It's pretty hot. My friend G shows up. "Hey man" I say. "Hey" he replies. "What are you up to?" I ask. "Not much, just getting thirty thousand from Kate Winslet, gotta go!" I'm left there dumbfounded. 'What?!'

      I head after him, tying my towel that keeps falling down. We exit the showers, apparently we're not in school anymore, but on some amazing vacation resort. It's dark out and there are palm trees and green grass everywhere. I head to the right after G and he enters the first glass door on the right. The entire wall is made of glass. I enter after him and he gets into a big pool with some hot women in it. G's family is there and they seem to be having a good time. 'That fucker! Thirty thousand for doing Kate Winslet.'

      I leave pretty frustrated and jealous as hell. 'Oh well, I'll just head for the sauna instead.' I have no idea where it is though. I start walking down the stoney path and try to find it by using the wooden signs. They don't make any sense. I just run around the resort for a while with no success. Going up a flight of stairs, a foreign woman in her late fourties stops me. "I want to take your picture" she tells me, obviously she has the hots for me.

      'Why not?' I do the devil sign for fun quickly but put my hand down again. "No, do that sign" she tells me and I do it again. She snaps a few photos of me and I run off again. I walk out on the grass, it feels like it's plastic. I try to get up a slope but it's too slippery and I just slide down.

      Suddenly I become lucid. I walk a bit and think about what I should do. But the dream starts to fade before I have any chance.

      Before this dream, you need to know that Monica was giving her mom a ride, and she wouldn't be home for around two hours.

      07.10: Monica? DEILD
      I'm waking up from my previous dream when I decide to give DEILD a go. I quickly enter SP as I can feel my arms twitching like I'm having a seizure. My hands squirm around and I'm sure if someone saw me in bed, they'd see me flailing around. I try to relax as much as possible. I can hear heavy gusts of wind blow in my ear. 'Perfect, getting closer.'

      I hear the door open and close. 'Oh crap no! Monica's home already, I hope she does what I told her and don't disturb me.' I lie still and try different ways of making this SP into a dream already. I try visualizing but it doesn't work. Apparently Monica's going to cook something and she rattles with the silverware. It sounds like they're just next to my ear. I lie still and just wait.

      "Hey babe!" she says and sits down on my stomach. I moan and hope it'll pass through to my real body. By this time I figure I can still hear what's going on in real life. "What was that?" she asks me and starts to crunch down on some salad. I can see a tiny bit of her through a slit in my eye. Once again I figure I'm still in SP but can sense the real world. "Let me sleep" I mumble.

      'Phew, didn't wake up.' "What? You don't want me to do this?" she asks me and starts rocking the bed. I can feel my body starting to slide down towards the floor. "Weee!" she says and I land on the floor with a "thump." I still haven't woken up and I figure it's time to break loose.

      I force open my eyes and I'm in the dream! In my room, exactly where I thought I was. I get up and grab a pair of pants from the sofa and a shirt from the table and put them on. 'Time for some exploring.' I head towards the door but when I reach it, I hesitate. I remember reading that some people have reported seeing their own bodies sleeping in bed, I've never seen that. I head back into the living room. Monica stands up with her salad. I look behind her on the floor and can see my body lying halfway under the bed. It's covered in papers and some salad. 'Awesome!'

      "Hey, where are you going?" Monica asks me. "I'm going out exploring" I tell her, my voice is strained and a bit louder than a whisper. "But you have to look at these papers first" she says and tells me to sit down. "Wait, can you still hear me?" I ask her. "Uhm, yeah?" 'Hmm, she can probably still hear my real body mumbling the words I speak in the dream' "That's weird" I say and sit down. I take a look at the papers, it's full of hieroglyphs.

      "Okay so this is not a dream?" I ask. "Nope, not a dream" she says. "Here, I'll prove it to you." I say and grab a paper. "Write me ten symbols and I'll guess which one you point at." She thinks I'm stupid and asks me how I could do that. "When I wake up silly, I'll tell you which one you pointed at." At this point a little dream logic enters the dream. By reading about Out of Body Experiences, you can pick a card from a deck and then name that card when you wake up, and it'll be the same card.

      "But you're already awake!" she tells me, clearly annoyed. "Oh yeah? Then explain to me who that is?" I ask and point at my body lying on the floor. I can see that the question really disturbed her, like a computer that can't come up with an answer. I can practicly see the "Error" signs in her eyes. She turns her head halfway with a sly smile.

      A wind from nowhere makes all the papers she's holding fly around in the room and obscures my vision of her for a second. She holds up one remaining paper over her face when it all settles down. The last paper goes away and I realise the person I have been talking to, isn't Monica. It's a dark haired man with white skin, he looks sinister as hell.

      I freak out. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" I yell and grab his throat as hard as I can. We both fall down to the floor.
      I wake up with a little "yelp."

      10.00: Fragment
      *I'm standing outside of a barn and there are ghosts inside of it. I use a mirror to look behind me. Different faces show up and I ask them what their names are. They can't speak but they mime them. One has the same name as my mother.

      10.00: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 11 hours

      Supplements: 1 x B-Complex, 1 cup of Mugwort Tea and 1 x Lucid Dreamer at WBTB

      That's it! Amazing DEILD. Only have one cup of mugwort left, but I'm not sure it does much.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    2. 14/08/11 - Longest LD ever, and recall fails me!

      by , 08-14-2011 at 01:57 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I'm not sure if I should be pissed, or happy. Just woke up from the longest lucid dream I have ever had, but sadly I only recall two thirds of it... Had another LD after falling asleep aswell, and the dreams were very entertaining for me last night. Lots of recall, and four of my set tasks completed!

      01.00: Sleep

      06.00: Kicking some ass
      I wake up in bed and someone's standing next to it. I freak out for a second before I recognise him, it's Fredrik from my old class. "Hey man!" he says and takes a big swig of beer. He's clearly very drunk. "What the fuck are you doing here?" I ask him. I can hear them partying up above, and figure he came from there. He sits down in a chair next to my bed and spills some beer. He lights a cigarette.

      "Get out!" I tell him. He refuses to get up and burns my sheets. I grab the chair he's sitting in and throws it into a corner next to my sofa. "What the hell man?" he asks and kicks at me, hitting my balls. "Ouch! Get out!" I tell him and flex. He kicks me some more. "This is your last warning!" he kicks me again. I slam my elbow right in his face. Dropping him to the floor. I pummel the shit out of him with kicks, knees and elbows. After a while I grab him and throw him out of the apartment.

      A minute later, the doorbell rings. I take a look in the peephole and I can see three guys standing outside of my door. I recognise atleast two of them as my brother's friend and one of his friend's older brother. I open the door and they want to come in. I invite them in and realise I have to talk my way out of this mess. "We want you to explain what happened" one of them tells me. My mom is in my apartment with a few kids now, and they're making alot of noise. We walk into a room and I'm trying to remember exactly why I kicked their friend's (or brother's) ass. The kids are still making alot of noise, and I can't remember properly.

      06.00: Flying and falling MILD
      I'm lucid, and have been for more than ten minutes already. I'm with two other people, one whom I think is my grandma and the other one is my friend Eric. As I have been using one super power already, telekinesis, I figure it's time to use another. "Let's fly!" I tell them and start to float. I grab Eric with telekinesis and make him fly aswell. My grandma seems to know what to do, but we're not ascending quickly. "Wow this is a stable lucid dream, I've been lucid for what, ten minutes now?" I ask my grandma. "About that yeah" she says. I remember my current task, to free fall.

      I look down at the ground below, we're atleast 40 feet up. I let me and Eric go, and we start falling. "Wooohooo!" I say as we fall towards the ground. Just a few inches from the ground though, we're stopped by some invisible force. "God damnit" I say. Pretty cool though to have superpower survival instincts. I jump a bit and take off again. This time, I bring out a big rubber band, and fling it at my grandma while still holding it. It attaches itself to her, and I drag myself upwards. We fly upwards into darkness for a while.

      The dream skips. I head through a door into a corridor. My three friends Eric, Felix and G are just behind me. It's like we've just come to a house up in the sky from flying. I spot the silhouette of two naked girls in a window. We all hoot a bit. I look around, we're in a living room. My friends take a seat in the couches and chairs and turns on the TV. I sit down in a corner. "Can someone turn on the light? This dream is so dark, and I'm afraid of losing it" I say. Felix flips a switch, making the room brighter.

      I sit down in a couch and watch some TV. Eric starts talking some really random trash. I get up. "I don't feel like wasting my lucid, I'm out" I say and walk up to a window behind him which is open just a little bit. I throw myself out the small crack and free fall once again, but this time a pine tree is in the way. Several branches smack me in the face before I land on the ground head first.

      I get up and check if I'm injured. My arms and my neck actually hurts. "Cool!" I say and turn around towards the house again. Two kids comes out from the back door. I wonder what I should do now, with so many tasks done. I remember the girls in the window. I give each kid a big smack in the head and they fall down, then head inside and close the door. I'm in a laundry room, and there are prison bars infront of me. I can see stairs behind them. I grab the bars and yell. "Johanna!" The dream begins to fade.
      I have no idea who that is.

      06.00: Fragment
      *I'm with my family on a big ranch. We're walking down a muddy path along two electric fences. I spot several big cows on the other side. Two farmers appear and they tell us this place is even bigger than we think.

      09.00: Fragments
      *I'm fishing with my brother. I catch a pike and reel it in. I soon catch another one. I try not to get entangled in all the weeds growing everywhere.

      *I'm with my friends Jonas, Felix and G. We're fishing at the same place I was catching pike in a previous dream. I watch as Felix reels the lure in, and a big pike is following it. Just as it breaks the surface, the pike goes for the lure. The fish flies through the air, over the road we're standing on and into the sea on the other side. We all cheer and laugh our asses off. I spot a fish with an eye on its fin, it looks like a silvery salmon other than that. Jonas grabs a knife and tries to stab it, breaking a couple of sticks someone has put up when he fails.

      09.00: The invading kids
      I'm at a cabin by the woods. It's dark out, and my family is there with me. I spot something moving in the dark woods. We all run on the porch to the end and head behind a table that's on its side. "My face got all warm" my brother tells me. "I know I saw a car." All of a sudden, we hear an explosion and a blinding flare shoots out from the woods and hits our house. Its white light lights up the night. My dad appears, and I know we have to defend the house. I spot a rifle with a scope on it standing against the wall. My sister grabs a desert eagle and my dad some black army gun. "I want the rifle" I tell him and grab it.

      I head down the stairs and as soon as I'm down, a girl comes rushing in through the glass door.

      "Freeze! Hands in the air!" she yells at me, pointing a big rifle in my face. I aim at her but I can't just shoot a little girl. I let my rifle go and hold my hands up "Okay, I don't want to get hurt, I give up, ple..." I smack her weapon down on the ground and drop her with a legsweep. My mom shows up, she was in the room next to me. "Take care of her" I tell her and I take my foot off the gun and let my mom stand on it instead.

      I can hear a shot go off and turn around. Her older brother, but not much, is shooting at me from outside. He's got a rotweiler barking by his side. I head behind a counter. "Where's the ammo?" I ask my mom. "I don't know" she tells me. The boy fires another shot and I respond with my own shot and reload with the spring. A solid feeling. I spot a box of golden ammo lying on a shelf, but it's in the middle of the corridor. I wait until the boy fires another shot before running towards it and stand behind a small pillar. Another shot is fired and I grab the box of ammo and head upstairs again. I tell my family about the kids.

      09.00: Sexfest MILD
      I'm watching some big ass orgie go on in a bed. There's a famous porn star there, and she's going at it in ridiculous speed. Like someone's fast forwarding a movie. All of a sudden, there's only my friend Eric and a girl ontop of him, myself and another girl left.
      Spoiler for 18+:

      09.00: Escort to MTG shop
      I'm with another guy, escorting him through a very grim looking city. A guard dressed in a formal suit appears. He salutes and marches on. "Some routine" I tell the other guy. I've got a black rifle in my hands. We head through a small alley and arrive at a square. Several people are there, most of them looks like bums, dressed in black and hoodies. The entire place feels like "Knockturn Alley" in Harry Potter. I head into a store which I know sells Magic the Gathering cards.

      I can't find the deck I wanted to buy though and I head further into the store. A girl on a chair puts out her feet so that I almost trip. She giggles. "Do you have trouble seeing or what?" I ask her. She looks at me, and her right eye goes all red, and I can see laser coming out of it. She's trying to blind me. "Knock that shit out or I'll smack you" I tell her and grab her arm. "Don't fucking look at me" I say and let her go. I grab the decks I can find and ask the guy behind the cashier for the price.

      "When will we play?" The guy I was escorting asks me. "Why not now? Anyone in here who wants to play a game?" I say out loud. A Chinese guy tells me he wants to play, and shows me a very rare card. It has all kinds of strange rules I don't recognise, and everything about the card is different. We listen for a while as he explains the rules, nothing makes any sense.

      09.00: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 8 hours

      Supplements: None

      Tasks completed

      Recall atleast 6 dreams or fragments in a single night
      Use any kind of superpower
      Ask a DC for something
      Free fall from a height that would normally kill you
      That's it! What a crazy ass night of dreaming for only 8 hours of sleep. I hit myself when I couldn't recall more of that lucid, it would have been the most epic lucid up to date. I know I had a very nice time, and the length of it was incredible. I'm only used to a couple of minutes of lucidity.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    3. 23/07/11 - Finally a fight!

      by , 07-23-2011 at 01:08 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I finally completed my set up dream goal. It's been a few months really, which is crazy, since I first thought of the idea of having a physical fight. Been side tracked by my DVA class (which is why you got to pay the price!), but I can finally put the task aside and move on to my next one: Have a fight with superpowers. Also had a few weird dreams, I was crying in all of them, guess they were nightmares.

      02.30: Sleep

      09.30: All my life, I've always wanted to be a crying gangster

      I'm in prison. This prison has alot less security though and looks just like my old school with a few fences around it, and guards everywhere. An old friend walks into the building next to us and I look at the guy standing next to me. I nod at him. It's done, we're going to kill our old friend.

      The entire dream scenario rewinds back in time. Like I'm watching a movie. I'm sitting at a table, my friend on the other side of the table, and the old one to my right. "Sign it" he says and hands me a green check. "Please! This is going to ruin me" I say and know that if I sign that check, I'm going to lose all my money. I know I have no choice really, but it's worth giving it a shot. "Just sign the check" he tells me. "Can I atleast keep one million?" I ask him, watching the ten million figure. I start crying.

      "It's either give all your money away or die" he tells me. "You'll get some back later when I've invested, but that's in a long time." I really don't want to murder my old friend, but it looks more and more like that's the only option I have. I have a sanitary mask on for some reason all of a sudden when the old friend leaves. I start talking to my friend, asking him alot of questions. I remember being in jail before, and as I'm going in again, I will be put in solitary confinement. "We have to do it" I say and my friend nods.

      09.30: Fragment
      *I spot a few old classmates. "Hey man" I say to Fredrik and follow him and the entourage up a few stairs. I want to grab a few beers with them for some reason. I greet the rest and I spot a guy I used to know. We exchange numbers.

      11.30: Taekwondo show
      I enter my old taekwondo dojo. I greet all the people there and they seem to happy to see me again. I stand in the back and watch for a while. Instead of the regular thing you do when your master arrives, they salute like they do in the army. Then start doing all these weird stances, punches and kicks. I watch for a while, puzzled. A coworker has brought his friend who is huge, and they make out. I figure they're riding the "bromance" wave or whatever.

      After a while most people get seated, I sit down next to the master. Two blackbelts get up and start doing some dance. Master tells me they're going to USA to do something in November. I watch for a while until all of a sudden, a bunch of people in make up comes rushing in through the doors. They all look like skeletons and scare all the kids. We all laugh. I'm handed a paper from a girl and I read it.

      It tells me that I need to exit the building and dress up as a skeleton, I'm going to be the first one who will infect the rest. "Make sure you drool alot" it says and I laugh a bit inside. I sneak out and realise I have no paint. I go back in and is handed two tubes. I walk out again and look at the tubes of paint. One of them is a facial lotion Monica uses. I sigh and go back in and get a black one instead.

      I smear it all over my face and into my mouth, it tastes vile. The dream skips and all of a sudden I'm being chased by robots. I have a weird futuristic gun in my hand. I shoot a robot and head up stairs. I'm in my mom's house. I try to close the door but my sister keeps me from shutting it. I see no way out but killing myself. I put the gun to my head and pull the trigger, nothing. "Let me help you" my sister says, clearly not knowing what she's doing. She tries to shoot me twice but the gun won't work.

      I take the gun and remove the clip. The shots are all there, but they didn't go off. "This is the kind of shit that makes you turn your life around" I say. I explain to my sister everything that has happened. "I don't want to live this shitty life, being schizophrenic" I tell her and cry a bit. Everything I had experienced had clearly not even happened.

      11.30: Students! Hit me, if you can! MILD
      I'm in a car on a parkinglot at a local grocery store. Some kid is there with me. Felix is outside, having a fit with some foreign guys. I can hear them yelling, and somehow I know what's going to happen. I close my window and open my door when I hear a scream and a car speeding off. I run up to Felix who says something and sits down on the sidewalk. He's been stabbed in the stomach.

      I run to the grocery store, trying to find a cellphone to call from. There's a truck parked outside and two guys riding grocery carts come up to me. "Do you have a cellphone? My friend has been stabbed" I tell them. This is a slum part of the town and I figure they've stolen tons of shit from the store. "You know the cops won't come here unless they're a full unit" one guy tells me. "They're down at the 3010." "Please don't fuck with me now" I say desperately and shed a tear. The guy points over the building. "Ten of them are at the McDonalds, 3010."

      I run around the building, spotting a McDonalds right away. "Thirty ten!" the guy yells at me as I'm about to enter. I can see a sign on the outside, it says 3030. I spot several other restaurants through the windows though and I figure I can walk through. A guy cleaning the floor sprays me with a water hose. I exit through the other entrance on the other side. It seems as if I've ended up on a train station. There are train tracks a couple of meters ahead and I walk towards them. I jump over them onto the fence in the middle and then land on the track on the other side.

      I realise I'm dreaming and just like that all my fear is gone. I walk on the tracks for a while, whistling. It's sunny out and pretty hot aswell. The dream is very stable and everything is very realistic. I remember my task. "Students!" I yell, my voice echoing. I listen but can only hear some people further away, clearly not my students. I get off the tracks and head right, towards some rocks. I spot three people up ahead. I get up on the rocks, the train track they're walking on is under me ten feet below. "What do you want?" one of the guys ask me, I recognise him, it's a guy from work.

      "Students!" I yell again, ignoring the question. I walk down onto the track and hear something behind me. A guy is walking towards me on the train tracks further away. He's got loose, green and brown clothes. Looks a bit like a druid. That is definitely Hasmash! I smile. "Hey man!" I say and wave him over. "Matte?" I hear someone asking behind the wall of rocks I was standing on a few moments ago. "Yeah?" I yell back. A few seconds later another guy appears, I recognise him as Nito.

      Two more people comes walking from nowhere and I shake their hands. Lemondrops and Tblanco. "Wow you guys, isn't this so cool?" I ask them. I'm amazed how the brain can just create all this as I go, how everyone should look. I look at Nito, he's got black hair. I mess up his hair with my hands. "What happened to your hair man?!" I say and laugh, it's supposed to be pink. He mumbles something about his dream image and shakes hands with Hashmash.

      I realise Hashmash has changed, he's no longer skinny and wearing green, but big, with a short, black beard and a blue t-shirt. Infact everyone is just as tall as me or taller. Tblanco looks just like my old friend Ehrson and Lemondrops looks like a guy from work, Stefan. We all stand in a ring and talk for a minute or two. I figure it's time to stabilize the dream and pick up a small rock from the ground. It's warm and solid. "You look like a guy from work" I say and throw it on Lemondrops. It hits his head and he gives me an angry surprised glare.

      "Come on, hit me!" Tblanco says and pulls up his shirt, flexing his abs. I hit him a few times, feels like hitting dough and I don't get any real resistance. Man this is going to be harder than I first thought. I start imagining my punches being harder and harder. The last few I make uppercuts into his stomach and I lift him off the ground a bit. "Are you guys ready?" I ask them and stand infront of them all.

      They all laugh and Hashmash attacks me, I elbow him in the face and bring him to his knees with a kick to his leg. I grab his hair and knee him in the face. Someone grabs me from behind and I reach behind me, grabbing Nito by the waist with both my arms and slam him into the ground, hard. I quickly get up and bitch slap Lemondrops in the face and in the same motion I use the back of my hand to punch Tblanco.

      No one has landed a single hit on me yet. Lemondrops is the only one standing, and we're circling each other. I realise the dream is starting to fade. I manage to hold it. I do a spin kick towards him, but my kick never hits home. Infact everything goes black.

      11.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 8 hours

      Supplements: 200 mg B6

      Tasks completed

      Find other classfriends

      That's it! Man that was so satisfying. Too bad I didn't get more competition than I did, but then again I didn't expect to. It was alot harder to fight with your fists than I thought, it felt a bit like it does in most normal dreams. Next up, is summoning my students again and kicking their butts using superpowers!

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    4. 12/07/11 - Long nightmare

      by , 07-12-2011 at 10:33 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Had a couple of actually pretty awesome dreams last night, but I'm so pissed that I didn't write down or couldn't recall more of a lucid I know I had early on in the night. Might have been so early in the night that the REM period ended. Anyways I was also up and had a bit of an adventure.

      01.30: Sleep

      02.15: Nightly Adventure
      *I wake up and jump out of bed. I grab a pillow and hold it up against the headrest of my computer chair. Phew! I blocked the path of the shots before they were fired. I stand there and hold the pillow firmly against the headrest so it won't shoot Monica who's sleeping.

      07.30: Fragments
      *I'm lucid. I'm with a few other people and I show them my telekinetic powers. I grab a steel beam of some sorts and throw it over my head. My dad smiles at me. I grab the beam again and a small, black ball. I throw them around simultaneously in different directions. Multitasking!

      *I'm talking to a doctor, and for some reason I'm speaking english. I try to tell him that I need someone to look me up. I tell him about my nightly adventures, how I have hallucinations almost every night and I haven't found out why yet. I say that I'm a Dream Guide and very educated when it comes to dreams and such, but I haven't met or read about anyone who also has them.

      07.30: WBTB 10 minutes

      9.30: Chased by monsters
      I'm inside of a big skyscraper. A huge monster is attacking the building, and I open a wooden door and close it. It won't shut properly so I have to try three times before it shuts. I can feel the world change. I open the door and look out. I have teleported to a nearby place on the ground. I can see the enormous monster destroying the building from outside. The building itself is huge, as tall as a skyscraper but just as long. The monster looks something like this.

      On a walkie-talkie I can hear my coworker yell as I watch the monster jerk and jump into the huge hole it has made. With insane speed it crashes through the building, spraying debris in all directions. The last thing I hear from my coworker is a scream. The monster pops out on the other side of the building and I decide to get its attention. I whistle as loud as I can. The monster twiches its head and looks me straight in the eye. I know how fast this thing is so I close the door quickly.

      Three times to teleport. I open it slightly after the first time and can see the monster outside of the door already. Oh shit I won't make it! I close it and can feel the monster trying to prevent me. I open and close it a third time and teleport away. I lean against the wall and open the door again. I know the monster will have morphed into something less harmful. A small girl appears and looks into the small room I'm in. I grab her arm and drag her into the room and teleport away. I end up on a muddy field, on a sign it says: "Woodstock". I push the girl out the door and teleport away again.

      The dream skips. I'm now watching different coworkers, how their days started. I want to find out who's responsible for the monster incident. One guy seems to be harmless, but another one has a strange feel to him. They're Asian for some reason. I go into 1st person mode and I'm in some kind of slum area, near where the teleport ended up the first time. I can see the big building nearby. I immediately run down into the basement, there's something dangerous coming for me. Down at the sewers, a man is lying half-buried in the sand.

      He looks very frail, and there's barely skin left on his bones. Two small boys are with him and they appear to be his grandsons. I look behind me at a green door, knowing something bad will come for us any second. "We have to go!" I tell them. I look behind me again and all of a sudden some watery liquid starts seeping through the cracks of the door. The boys picks up their grandpa and we start running. I get some liquid on my feet, it feels like oil.

      We run through a maze for a while until we arrive at an arena of some sorts. Grandpa has been forgotten and me and the two kids jump over stacks of rubble and crates to go as high as possible. I see a path above the ground on some construction beams. For some reason we're not going to run anymore, but face whatever's coming. We start building traps with concrete steel on the only walkway there is.

      A very big guy in black armor appears.

      He starts walking on the pathway and we all release the concrete steel we've tightened. They smack him on his legs, doing absolutely nothing at all. He starts laughing at our futile attempts to stop him. I'm holding a couple of soft spears which has green feathers on them. I throw them at his face, aiming for his red glowing eyes. He starts laughing even more and reaches for me with a huge hand. All of a sudden he cries out in pain, a spear jutting out from his eye.

      He goes down on one knee, clutching his face. I take the rest of the spears we've got nearby and hand half of them to the boy next to me. "Throw these in his remaining eye when he comes at us" I tell him. One or two must hit, we've got like twenty spears each. With a roar the man reaches for us and we throw as many spears as we can, I start stabbing him when he's close enough but nothing happens. He grabs me and holds me tight.

      I wriggle loose and start clawing and punching him in the face. Again the man laughs at me. Once again he grabs me and holds me tight, I'm screwed this time. The third boy who had been completely forgotten had apparently been preparing some ultimate attack. I watch him as he loads up some crazy gun that emits some futuristic sound. I say his name and the man turns around and gets a full on blast in his face.

      I'm dropped to the ground, but the big arm holding my ankle is still squeezing it hard. It hurts alot and I scream in pain. After a while the hand lets go and I breathe out. I try to move my wrist (for some reason my wrist got hurt) and it feels like I can't move it properly. When I turn it, it sounds mechanic, like I've got a prosthetic. "You can do surgery on your wrists now" one of the boys tell me. Like I'm giving an OK to do it finally after all this time.

      09.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 7½ hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! What an epic and long dream. Too bad I didn't get lucid when I was in it, that evil guy would have been obliterated.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    5. 11/05/11 - Vacation Lucids

      by , 05-11-2011 at 11:01 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Actually it's almost night time. Just got home from sunny Gran Canaria and even though I intended to take a week off dreaming, I couldn't do it... Yes, I am addicted. Still, it's pretty hard to ignore those awesome dreams you've just had and when you have unlimited sleeping time, it's kinda hard to resist getting lucid. Oh well, I had some really fucked up dreams, and five lucids in total. Here's what I dreamt.

      6/5 - Short fight DILD
      *I'm fighting two guys when I realise I'm dreaming. They still come at me though and I half-heartedly hope they won't hit me. Their punches stops before they hit me, sweet!

      8/5 - Finding my sword MILD
      *I'm sitting at a table with three older guys. I have a gun in my hand, and one of them is telling me to shoot him. I check the mag, it's full of bullets. I shove it back in and cock the pistol. I put the gun against the man's neck. "What if this isn't reality" one of the other two asks me. "What if we're dreaming right now?" I say and look at my hand.

      I realise I'm dreaming as I count seven fingers. I have a task set in mind already, to find a sword of some sorts. I leave the gun on the table and walk over to the corner. I see a bucket filled with different umbrellas and I know there will be a sword somewhere in there. I search around for a while until I see something wrapped in plastic.

      I grab the plastic and I recognise the hilt of a samurai sword. I draw the blade from its hilt. It's a rather short, and very curved sword. I feel the edge and it's razor sharp. One of the men starts talking. He wanted to die didn't he? I slice him right in the face several times and step back. Nothing happens! Either the sword is extremely sharp and a shove will make him fall to pieces, or it's defect.

      Looked like this only alot nicer and with a samurai hilt. The sharp edge was on the outside aswell.

      8/5 - Flying MILD
      * I'm standing on a platform far up in a tree. Several orcs or something similar is coming up through the hatch and I slam a wooden rod into the leader, knocking him off the thing. The rest gets kicked down the ladder. Monica is on a platform nearby. I look behind me and spot a green house with its attic doors open. I jump to it and Monica aswell. We close the doors and windows and await the creatures. I can barely see anything, but I can hear them crawling outside all around us.

      "Meat! Give me blood!" my father howls and hammers at the wall from outside. He's one of them. I try to scrape up some meat from the floor with my fingers but I'm just left with some blood. Monica picks up a spine, opens up a window and throws it out. We run to the back of the attic as fast as we can and sneak out through a small door. Down on the ground I can see the creatures just around the corner, I also spot a hole in the hedge infront of us. "Won't they hear us?" Monica asks anxiously. "No, don't worry" I say and run for it.

      We keep our heads down while running as fast as we can. I look behind us from time to time to make sure no one is following us, no one is. Two skyscrapers appear ahead and we walk in between them. A few boulders are in the middle of the yard and we duck behind them. I spot someone in the window and I'm sure it's a spy of my mother. I crouch down even more. Suddenly I hear voices.

      "I bet they went to the hockey hall" my dad says. Please make them go there I pray for a second. The voices disappear.

      I turn lucid. Monica's next to me and we each have a shovel in our hands. I sit down on it, like a witch would a broom, and try to fly. It's not working. I try and try but it's not working. I know I can fly without it, but Monica can't fly on her own. Perhaps I should just leave this stupid DC and fly on my own? I decide to give it a few more tries, and soon I'm flying.

      It feels even cooler than flying without anything at all. We both fly around the hills and up in trees, getting cherry blossoms all over. I lean to the right and I fly to the right, the wind blowing in my hair. We arrive at a few more buildings and I fly up one of them. I realise the dream has lasted for a very long time. I don't even care if I wake up by now, would rather not lose my recall.

      10/5 - Wtf? MILD
      *I'm with my sister Malin in a house. The enemy is in the room next to us and out on the balcony. Malin has some awesome machine gun and she blasts the other room without even looking. She forgets the lock on the gun and it keeps on firing. I have to duck to not get my head blown off. I take the gun from her. I enter the room and spot a guy outside the window, I shoot him in the face with ease. This gun is great! I exit the door leading out to the balcony and it's a wooden dock. Another guy gets his face blasted and I step out onto the dock. I hear a splash and quickly turn around and shoot, my wife. She's hit in the throat. "I forgot you're not supposed to make a noise like that around you" she says, dying infront of me.

      I refuse to let this happen and rewind the entire dream. I shoot the first guy and then exit the door and shoot the second.

      I realise I'm dreaming.
      Spoiler for Wtf? 18+:

      I lose the dream, but I don't wake up. All of a sudden I'm crawling on a road. I can feel and see the hot asphalt under me for a few seconds.

      11/5 - Ohoy! I'm a super... villain? MILD
      *The dream before was about Entropia Universe, a game in which you can collect ore in by mining. This dream is just forming around me and I'm inside of a computer shop. My friend Eric walks in. "Hey Eric! Check it out, I'm not in the dream yet" I say and the second later after taking a step through the alarm beams:

      "But now I am!" I have just done some kind of Dream WILD again. Monica is there with me and she is going to mine some ore. I need to find her an orefinder. It looks just like a laptop, only it's green. I know I won't find one there and I don't intend to waste time walking around trying to find one. I grab a regular laptop. "This will do" I tell her and walk towards the alarm beams again. I see a few people holding computer screens and other laptops. Damn thieves! Apparently we're not out of the store yet, and I walk up to one of the big glass windows. I break it with telekinesis and an enormous CD disc falls down from the roof. I grab it with my right hand using telekinesis.

      "Now it begins" I say and laugh out loud. I leave the store and head left. We're in a shopping mall and standing in the middle of the main walkway going through it. People are running from something on the right, and to the left is different shops with stands outside of them. I reach out violently with both hands and the stands furthest away explode in a cascade of glass and debris. The huge CD shoots away from me and cuts most of the people in its way in half.

      I make a clawing motion with my hands and bring back my arms, the rest of the stands gets completely demolished and the disc comes zooming back. Everyone has been cut in half, not a sound escapes anyone, all I can hear is glass shattering. Monica is right behind me, her powers are meant for something else. We're some kind of super villains I guess. We take a right after a few meters.

      There's not much to destroy here, but I spot an escalator and I reach out with my hand. With a single squeeze I leave the escalator deformed out of repair, and glass everywhere. A dead end, another window to break. I break it and realise this window leads out of the building. I bring the disc to our feet and we get on. I make it fly and Monica starts sending text messages. We fly over the front of the building; a roundabout with a few flags in the middle of it, and lots of people entering the mall. Some look up at us while we fly over their heads.

      A forest appears and I decide to fly low to keep the dream stable. If I don't focus on anything I will lose it. Monica keeps texting and I'm a bit annoyed. I avoid as many trees as possible but soon the dream starts to fade.

      Amount of sleep: 9+ hours every day

      That's it! If you're wondering why most dreams were so dark, I think I know why. My current goal is to take over a kingdom with the powers I have, and I really need an opponent to fight. I have been a God practicly in most my lucids and I want competition! I need someone or something to spar against and test my powers. So, one of the goals I have at the moment is to fight someone, this makes most my dreams about fighting somehow.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    6. 27/04/11 - Teleporting and being evil

      by , 04-27-2011 at 04:38 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! That was a cool night. I had been working alot on my awareness and RC's during the day, and did some mantras just before bed. It resulted in two lucids and the last one was the longest I've ever had. Too bad my recall wasn't that great, also I wasn't thinking clearly all the time. Might have been why the dream was so long.

      23.00: Sleep

      05.10: Teleportation MILD
      I'm walking uphill toward my appartment. I'm with my friend Felix and Monica. We stop outside of a building and I spot a cherry tree. I pick a few. "I wonder if I can use these for payment in those gumball machines" I say and hold up the hard seeds. We enter the building, a great lobby appears but there's no one around. We continue walking further into the what seems like a mall and arrive at the bottom of an escalator and infront of a few rows of clothes.

      I get lucid and look around. There's people running around but I don't pay them any attention. I have my task firmly set in mind, teleportation. (I have been trying to teleport using portals, since that hasn't worked really, I decided to try spinning) I start spinning with my arms out from my body. It's not going as fast as I thought it would, but soon everything's a blur. I start imagining touching jungle leaves. I spin around for a few seconds and everything goes black, but my feeling is still there.

      Suddenly I can feel something, it's like wood. My vision returns to me and I'm touching the walls inside of a small room. The walls are made of bamboo. "Well, I guess this will do" I say to myself. I look out of the window and there's a pool of water outside. A wall is on the other side and going along right next to it is a narrow pathway. People starts showing up, in a long line.

      They start running and if I don't stop them, they will get me! I pick up a gun lying on the floor, some kind of automatic weapon and shoot away. There's no sound, no recoil, nothing. But people start falling down. I do this for a while, alternating weapons, shooting invisible shots. Some weapons are very effective, some not very so. Weapons in dreams never works properly...

      05.10: Being a douche DEILD/MILD
      I'm with my coworker Björn and some other guy in the middle of the street in some dusty town. (I can't remember what we've just done, but I've got a feeling the dream has already been going on for quite a while) Björn is about to wake up to re-join the dream, being lucid. "Do it during a nap, and you'll end up in REM right away. But hurry up, I'll probably wake up in a while" I tell him. He stands still for a while, nothing happens.

      "I killed myself once with a sword to the chest to wake up. Only how can you be really sure you won't die for real? You might not be dreaming" I say. "Ok, getting out of a dream is hard" he says. "Dude, if you know you're in a dream, you're already lucid!" I say. Duh.

      I slap his face to prove my point. "See?" I try to slap him again and again, he deflects my blows grinning like a fool. "Now slap me, it won't hurt". "Are you sure?" he asks uncertainly. "Yeah man, trust me, just slap me" I say. His hand is about to hit my face, but I easily dodge it to the side and jump back. "Hah!" I exclaim and stretch out my hand, intending to lift him up with telekinesis. It doesn't work. "God damnit!". I flip my hand and raise it, Björn's foot starts going upwards aswell.

      "You always do that!" the guy next to me tells me as Björn's hanging upside down, struggling with the invisible cords while laughing. "The problem with Lucid dreams is recall. I mean everything looks so real and feels so real, it's just that I won't be able to remember it as clearly" I tell the other guy and he agrees with me. I look at my hand, I've got seven fingers and I grip the railing infront of me.

      My brother's friend Tom appears out of nowhere. I feel like screwing around with him and lift him up with telekinesis. I throw him around gently and hold him upside down for a while. He tries to escape into a house but I catch up with him before he reaches the elevator. I make him fly outside again. Rinse and repeat. Tom is starting to get really mad and I have to keep him from coming at me now. "Can you cut it the fuck out?!" he yells at me. I put him down. "You've been doing this for twenty minutes, isn't it enough already?!"

      I check my memory, damn he's right. I have been doing this for a very long time, and I feel bad. "I'm sorry man, I didn't think that people would care in a Lucid Dream. "Well, now you do!" he tells me angrily. I feel sorry for him and I feel like an ass. I pat him on the back and try to comfort him from the frightening experience. His back has some strange slime on it. "Hey Matte watch out!" he tells me and grabs my arm, pulling me away from the building. I look back and realise it's about to come down. A second later the balconies starts collapsing and there's only rubble left of the building.

      05.10: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 6 hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! Awesome lucids in the middle of the week. That's what I'm talking about. A bit foggy recall, I know the second dream had way more in the beginning, but I know I had a good time back then, that's what matters!

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    7. 08/04/11 - Four lucids in one night

      by , 04-08-2011 at 11:50 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Had a very cool night. I did a proper WBTB and took my remaining Calea with some G+C to see what would happen. It worked great! Broke my old record of three lucids in one night, with one. Also I'm once again not sure how I induced the first dreams. It was more of a MILD as I didn't hit SP from what I can remember and the rest was also some kind of DEILD/MILD.

      23.00: Sleep

      04.50: WBTB 25 minutes

      05.55: Taking it slow MILD
      I'm in an appartment building, walking up the stairs. A woman with a child appears infront of me, she has a wagon with her and she's dragging it backwards up the stairs. Why won't she just take the elevator? I patiently follow her. Up the top a door opens up and she enters it, leaving the kid and the wagon outside, blocking my way. I grab it and push it into the appartment.

      I realise I'm dreaming and decide to head further up the stairs to see what's on the attic. I reach the top and the stairs twist and continue in a large room. They go from one corner at the bottom to the opposite one further up. I follow them and walk slowly, careful not to fall down into the nothingness next to me. I reach the top and push open the door. I'm very excited to see what's on the other side. Nothing. I get in and look around. There's a balcony and some stairs leading down into darkness, other than that it's just a grey room. There's nothing of interest keeping me in the dream, so it starts to fade.

      I try to DEILD, I feel the SP taking over.

      05.55: Snake DEILD/MILD
      I get out of Monica's car in my home town's square which has been filled with sand. "Bye babe!" I say and close the door. I spot something moving behind the sand dunes and I realise it's a huge snake. It slithers away and curls up in a corner.

      I walk over the sand and think about how to get rid of it. I try lifting it up with telekinesis but nothing at all happens. Ofcourse... I try to fly but taking off from the sand is impossible. Great, along with vividness comes bad control. I slowly walk up to it and decide to play around a bit. It lunges for my face as I get near and I jump away. I dodge its huge fangs for a minute or so before I'm bored. Just as it's about to bite me I ignore it and it transforms into a black cat. The cat runs away as fast as it can.

      05.55: Shower sex MILD
      I'm in the dining hall at work and I know I'm dreaming. My coworker Snusknicke is there. "You know when I'm dreaming, my wrists are fine" I say and grab his arms. He tries to wriggle free. "Watch it boy" he warns me in a mocking tone. We're actually good friends, who used to wrestle to show who was the stronger one. This is my chance of showing him who's in charge once again! I grab his throat and lift him up against the wall. Everyone around us laughs, including him. I take the nearest paper bin and shove his head down it and start to dry hump him. Everyone's laughing their ass off. The humping reminds me of something I've wanted to try out, to have lucid sex properly.

      I let him go and head towards the locker room. We have girls working for us and I know someone will be in there. There are several people in shower cabins lined up, but there's no wall between them. I spot a girl at the end and she gets out of the shower. I walk to the end and remove the covers. She's not there, but instead two very hot blondes in their twenties. Even better.

      Spoiler for 18+:

      When everything clears up, the girls are gone and I'm alone in the shower. Some guy in the shower next to me is soaping up and is spitting alot. I leave the spitting man and head for the door. Perhaps I should grab some towels? I'm dripping wet. Why would I want to dry up in a lucid? I exit the door and enter a hallway. There's a mirror on the wall and I walk up to it. I check my reflection, which looks very realistic. Only there's something bugging my eye. It's inflamed and I scratch it a bit. I leave the mirror and head out another door. I intend to go to the Ninja World.

      I'm in the stairwell of the building and I head down the stairs. It seems like I'm on the third floor and everything feels amazingly realistic. The cold, hard stone beneath my naked feet, the echoing sound of my footsteps. I rub my hands to make sure the dream lasts. After a while I arrive at the bottom and exit the building. It's night out and I'm all alone, I recognise the place as my friend's neighbourhood. I need something to make a portal on, and I decide to use KristaNicole's way of doing it. I turn around and walk up to the nearest wall and combine my fingers. I draw a door with them, imagining a white line appearing, anything.

      Nothing happens. I start to sing to stabilize the dream a bit. First I yell as loud as I can but I can hear myself moaning in my bed so I lower my voice a bit, my voice echoes off of the walls. Suddenly I realise there IS something where I put my hands. A hatch of some kind has appeared out of the red wall. I pull a lever and it reveals what looks like an ATM, only with a hole you insert your hand in and a red button to push. There is black and yellow striped tape around it. I realise you put your hand there and push the button. Will I just be hanging unconscious with only my hand supporting me?

      "Where would you like to go?" a woman's voice asks me. "The Ninja World" I tell the machine. "But ofcourse!" the machine answers and the current panels are removed and replaced with new ones. It makes a robot like sound when it moves and clicks to place. I can see a counter starting on 07.00 and is counting down. "Now you have only..." the voice says but I don't let it finish the sentance as I place my hand on the red button, eager to get going. Something holds my fingers firmly in place and injects something. I lose consciousness right away.

      I'm on a bus, going through the jungle. I realise I've turned into a girl. The machinist voice appears in some speakers. "Unfortunately the only Manga we had available was "Soccom"". I can feel my fingers being squeezed in real life.
      I had them under my pillow.

      07.00: Fragments
      *I'm with my brother Martin down at the canal. We're fishing and I spot two huge red fishes in the water. "Hey look!" I say and point. Martin doesn't care. We talk about something.

      *I'm watching a dad convince his dad, that his son is great at playing some instrument. The older dad has headphones on, and they were apparently connected to the grandson's instrument. I can see clearly though that the cord is connected to an mp3. The kid is just sitting there, drooling, crying. The older dad seems to be blind and he's fooled.

      07.00: NASA MILD
      I'm with my mom and my brother Martin. We walk up to a heavily guarded door and an overweight guy in an orange jumpsuit greets us. "Welcome, you can enter now" he tells us in a Russian accent. I remember us being denied access earlier. We're at NASA or some similar place. We head down a long corridor. It looks space-like and there are white, heavy doors on our right. "What about the radiation?" I ask him as I watch other people in protective suits. "Don't worry, not harmful anymore" he tells me. A door opens up for us and he urges us to go inside.

      I know I'm dreaming, but decide to head into the room anyways. The door is closed and I'm left with my mom and bro. She hands me a glass of champagne and I happily accept it, swallowing it all in one gulp. It tastes very sweet. "Mom, check this out" I say and throw the glass behind me. She lets out a yelp. I grab the glass with telekinesis behind my back without looking just before it's about to crash. I give her a big smile. "Woooohooo!" I say and make the glass fly around in the room before she grabs it. My brother walks up to a toilet in the middle of the room, ontop of which lies a white tile.

      Apparently the room was spinning very fast, but as we were inside, we didn't notice anything. Colours starts to appear on the tile and my brother makes a swirling pattern with his fingers. It looks amazing. The colours keep changing and soon we're all playing with the thing. I scratch my nails on it and blue lines appear.

      I start to wake up, but I decide to try to DEILD once more. I end up in a very bad SP, with images of my room flashing before my eyes as my entire body is shaking. It reminds me of an epileptic seizure, but I try to ignore it. Books with different covers appear. "How to make portals" is one, the other one has Itachi from Naruto on it. I pick up a few papers on the floor whith my dreams written down on them. Monica gets up and I figure she's off to work. I try to lie still and make a dream appear, but after a minute I give up. I struggle to exit the SP and when I finally manage to do it, Monica's beside me, sleeping like a baby...

      09.00: Fragment
      *I'm talking to Monica and my dad. She asks me jokingly if I've recently had any sex. I tell her I have, in my dreams. "With anyone you know?". "No, someone random" I tell her. My dad looks hurt for some reason and I can see tears in his eyes. Monica's about to go home to her home town for a week. "Please, don't fight me now, just try to be happy" I tell her, I don't want to fight the day she's leaving.

      09.00: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 10 hours

      Supplements: 200 mg B6 before bed. 1 tablespoon of Calea and 1 x Lucid Dreamer at WBTB.

      That's it! That was one cool night. Such vividness and stability of the dream. The supplements don't help much in inducing the lucids themselves for me, it's all about willpower and ofcourse a bit of placebo. But the quality and length of the dreams is improved alot, which makes it kinda hard when it comes to active control, but even nicer when you get something to work with passive control. I will have to do more proper WBTB's again, but I'm lazy.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    8. 13/03/11 - Stabilized lucid

      by , 03-13-2011 at 01:19 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I felt like I had to make up for lost dreamtime, so getting lucid and doing awesome things was on my schedule. After doing a WBTB I managed to do it. The mantra was: "I'm dreaming"

      01.00: Sleep

      07.00: WBTB 20 minutes

      07.45: Fragment
      *I'm showing my WoW characters to a coworker.

      07.45: Using all senses MILD
      I'm petting my mom's dog Igor at her house. "He's loyal as long as there's food" someone tells me, not sure if I heard it all in my head. I get up and walk out the door, it's freezing cold outside. I head towards the parkinglot and then decide to go back, it's too damn cold. I decide to do a RC. I count seven or more fingers. That can't be right... I recount them and this time I can't even keep track on which finger I am on. But it's too damn cold for it to be a lucid!

      I need to stop thinking there are limits to a dream, I usually incorporate pain and cold in my RC's as I experience them daily, never in a dream. I have no particular task in my mind except stabilizing the dream with my senses. I grab a pinetree and smell the air. It's cold and doesn't smell much. I head back to the house and run my hand against a truck standing in the middle of the road. I find a snickers bar in my pocket and take a bite. It tastes like regular snickers.

      I realise I've forgotten hearing and start singing "Land of down under". My sister Malin shows up and I throw the half-eaten snickers bar at her. It hits her head and I laugh happily. I'm behaving like a crazy man and I start singing on another random tune. I find some bark strips and throw them at her as she's going inside again. They all hit her head and we both laugh. I head towards the parkinglot again and spot some dog pee in the snow. I wonder if it would stabilize the dream if I ate some. Pushing the thought aside I remember a small village being ontop of a hill behind the forest infront of me. I start flying on the spot and go five or so meters up. I fly right into the thicket of pine trees. Everything becomes alot darker once in the forest and I start crawling up the hill, touching moss and pine needles.

      My hoodie gets pulled over my eyes and everything goes
      black. I refuse to let the dream go and franticly try to get the dream back by imagining touching the forest floor. Suddenly I can see again, I'm still in the same place. I let the needles prickle my skin and I yell at myself to stabilize. It works great! I start climbing once again and after a minute or so of climbing, I can see the top. The trees all change into something more fitting a warmer country. Gravity seems to be weaker but I don't care. I'm in no hurry and I jump from rock to rock as I climb higher.

      After what seems like forever I reach the top. I'm standing on a flat mountain overlooking a huge forest. There's a broad dirt road going through the top of the mountain and I spot several houses further down the road. I start walking and check my pockets once again and find a lighter. I fill my hand with gas and light it. A small fireball stings my hand but I ignore the feeling. I remember trying to play around with fire but always failing back in the days. I make a fist-sized flame appear in my hand. I watch it flicker for a second before I reach out with my hand towards the first building in line. The small metal chimney in the middle of the roof (which has an inwards tilt) starts burning. I light another fire in my hand and stretch it out at a wooden house further away. The house starts burning like a torch instantly.

      I am satisfied, but not entirely. How about having some dream sex for once? The road ends up ahead infront of two houses. It's getting darker and I intend to get laid. I walk towards the building on my right and look at it. It's completely dark inside, but I force the dream by imagining someone being at home. A few meters away I see blue light which must be coming from a TV on the top floor.

      I enter the dark house and head up the winding stairs infront of me, silent as a ghost. There seems to be two rooms on the top floor and the left door is slightly open. I push it open and TV light illuminates the room. A girl in her twenties is sleeping in a bed with a blanket over her body, she's very cute. I start removing my clothes silently. The dream feels stable enough still and I can feel my pulse quickening. I don't intend to do anything she doesn't want to, but I know she will be willing anyways, it's just a dream. I try to remove my pants but they get stuck at my ankles. I struggle to get them off for a second.
      BAM! Awake.

      10.00: Fishing
      I'm watching a movie where my friend Jonas catches a pike. He's in rather shallow water and there's a crowd of people standing on the shore cheering him on. He gets it out of the water and heads up to the dock. I walk up to him (apparently in the movie myself now) and congratulate him on his first pike. My brother Martin shows up and his friend. They start arguing and I spot a plastic tub with dead fish in. I weigh them each in my hand, all of them spiky. My brother seems to have caught quite alot today I think for myself. It's time for us to go fishing. I head out in the water and Jonas shows up with a strange, pink flower on the hook. "Look what I caught!" he tells me excitedly. "Put it back before anyone sees you! That's just a plant dummy" I tell him and worry about how the crowd would react.

      He gets disappointed but throws it away. We swim further out and soon a few more friends appear. Jonas wants to fish for more plants but I tell him that's a bad idea. I feel like swimming under water and head down a few meters then swim like a fish for as long as I can. When I break the surface again I'm at the mouth of a river. I feel dizzy and have to take huge breaths. The rest of the group catches up with me.

      10.00: LHC-Nuke
      I'm at my computer. My old computer is hooked up to my new one and I'm trying to play some game through the new one on the old one. I get bluescreen and it's really messed up. Suddenly I'm playing a new Battlefield game. I'm in a tank and I'm blasting away. The tank has some new kind of missiles that doesn't explode right away but sticks to the target for a second or two first. I eliminate an entire camp with my tank and soon I'm left with nothing to destroy. I have two missiles left though and I wonder if I could shoot one out into the sky and make it blow up. I rightclick and then hold both buttons. The missile gets controlled for a while before it blows up on the sky.

      Suddenly I'm ingame. A bunch of friends and Monica are there. I shoot the last missile up into the sky and it explodes, a shockwave rips through the sky and change position of all clouds. "Look! Isn't it awesome?" I ask Victor. He doesn't really care. The shockwave doesn't go away right away but keeps on rippling through the sky. Another blast gets my attention. I see a bright light over town and realise this is the day they're launching the new LHC. I can see an enormous rocket being lifted to an upright position. It must be several km away. "What should we do?" I ask everyone. I suggest we split up, I want to play some computer games with G. "I don't even like you, I never have haha!" he tells me. Wtf? I'm hurt and take off on my bike. I go up on a hill and turn around to see if Monica's following me, she's not.

      A few people show up and they're whistling. I can't do that, would make her seem like some kind of dog. Another loud blast sounds, this time much louder. A bright light appears on the sky and it's quite beautiful. I go down the hill again at great speed. A car almost hits me and at an intersection I break with the entire bike. I slide in the snow for a while before stopping. "Babe!" someone yells behind me. Monica appears on her bike and she falls into the snow. She's crying out loud and got snot all over her face. Poor thing I think as I comfort her. I left her all alone when it's night out. I'm such a bastard.

      10.00: Fragments
      *I'm visiting a doctor for my wrists. "Anything that's wrong with you?" she asks me. "Well, not now but I'm always hurting somewhere" I tell her.

      *I'm at work and telling a few coworkers about my lucid dream I just had. They laugh and shake their heads and laugh as usual, but when I come to the sex part they actually listen, before I tell them nothing happened. HAH!

      10.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 9½ hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! Quite a cool night. The lucid was pretty sweet as I was bouncing around like I was on the moon the second part of it all. I guess I did a DEILD and induced the same place successfully. That was probably the longest lucid I've had to date.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    9. 06/03/11 - Memorable night

      by , 03-06-2011 at 11:53 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I just had one of the most memorable nights of my life. I had a terrible nightmare, which affected all other dreams. Luckily it was only a dream. The other dreams were kinda cool and even got lucid.

      22.45: Sleep

      05.30: R.I.P Felix
      I'm out with a few guys in town. We're joking around and drinking alot. I take a piss at the curb with Henrik. He tells me about a forum in which his friend posted something. He shows me the post, it's very sad and sounds like a suicide letter.

      Dream skips to the next day. I wake up. I get on facebook and check out what's going on. My friend Felix seems to be getting alot of posts for some reason and I check out his wall. Almost twenty people has liked his status, which is something about not being amongst us anymore. I realise he's dead. He killed himself last night his twin brother tells everyone. I'm horror struck, I feel like crying but I have to force the few tears to come. I must be in shock. I lock myself in my room in the house we grew up in. My aunt and her husband enters the room and I wonder where they have been. "We've been sick for weeks! As soon as one of us got better, the other one just gave the disease back" she tells me with a smile.

      She's alot thinner now than before I notice. "What kind of disease was it?" I ask. "Oh just stomach flu". I hate that disease with all of my heart and I cover my mouth up. "Get away from me!" I yell and begin to sob again. I run out of the house into the rain. I sit down behind a pool covered in plastic and hold my head for a while. It hurts. After a minute or so I decide to get up and walk back in. I remember my mom telling me something. "For every smile you make, you get points". I force a smile on my face, she only wants what's best for me. My mom greets me in the living room. She starts talking about pyjamas and how we could dress up in those and run around and rescue people like super heroes. I smile again. What's wrong with me? Why can't I just deal with it and move on? It's like I've become retarded.

      Dream skips. I'm out talking a walk to clear my mind. Suddenly my cellphone rings and I pick it up. "Felix cell". No way! He's dead! Or was it some tasteless joke?. I pick up. "Hello?". "Hey man, it's Felix". I am relieved to the point of tears. "I am dead, I'm calling from the other side". What the fuck? "It was all a stupid mistake, a drunken mistake" he tells me. I begin to cry. This time the tears come for real. "You guys will have to be there when they divide my stuff up, heh, my sister has already packed twenty one bags". Apparently they were going to move after what had happened. I cry even more, my whole body shakes and I'm crying out loud.

      05.30: WBTB 15 minutes

      06.30: Fragment
      *I'm at the local pub. A few old classmates are there with me and I ask for a beer. "You can lend one" one of them tells me. "Yeah I know, I already owe you a beer from last time, my memory is pretty good" I tell him and accept the can of beer. I take a sip. "You know, my friend killed himself last night" I tell them. Everyone's quiet. "Felix... dead" I say. People don't know how to react. "Not a very fun fact, but I thought you should know incase you're wondering why I'm acting strange".

      06.30: Bright lucid MILD
      I'm in the back of a full bus. We take a left turn and I realise I'm dreaming. I want to get off the bus to have some fun. I push the button and I imagine the busdriver pulling the bus over at the curb. It stops and I grab a girl's breast before getting out. Perhaps she will follow and we can have some dreamsex?. The doors close and the bus takes off. I look around and it's a warm, very bright summer day. I seem to be in the middle of an intersection between two huge fields. I rub my hands to make the dream more vivid. A car goes past me. What to do? I look at the car which has almost disappeared around the corner.

      I lift my hand up and the car goes up with it. I make a small pushing motion and the car flies off into the distant. Two more cars appear and I lift them up as they reach me. I shoot them out into space using both my hands, going in two different directions. Sweet, sweet power! I feel like doing something crazy. I take off all my clothes and stand there butt naked. I start peeing on the street. I hope with all my heart that my bladder isn't really emptying itself. A whole bunch of cars shows up. I count six of them as they close up, all volvo's. Time to practice multiple control! I manage to lift five of them up, but drop one. I hold the other four ten meters above ground, and I make them spin around eachother.

      I release them at the same time and watch as they all crash in all directions. It's quite amazing how realistic it all looks when you don't interfere I think as one car crashes into a tree and slams into the ground, glass and debris going in all directions. I rub my hands again and turn around toward the third road. Suddenly my face feels funny, like I'm having a stroke. I can't move my mouth and my head feels heavy. Oh shit, gotta stabilize! I rub my hands and focus on the ground. "Stabilize!" I yell and begin to sing some random song. I refuse to let the dream go and soon I can stand up again. Sweet, I stabilized it. What else to do? I feel like flying. I run and jump, and it's like I've got a broken rocketpack on my back. I smack into the ground first and tumble around before I start to rise. I fly into the forest the car crashed into, I can feel pines prickling my face.

      I start to feel my body and I'm moving my fingers. I decide to DEILD and lie completely still. A few seconds later I hear a loud screeching sound and wind blowing in my ears. My arms (which I'm lying on) starts to cramp. My hands and fingers starts to curl up. I ignore it all and try to visualize a mountaintop. I soon lose focus. I can see Dr. House. "Visualize! Don't just think about it!" he yells at a patient. Cuddy starts talking in Spanish. "What does it mean?" House asks. A patient had said what she repeated. "It's about their deathgod, he cursed himself" Great idea for an episode don't you think? I wake up and write down my dreams. I realise this is my second lucid tonight. I can't seem to write properly. I wake up for real. Damn FA's!

      08.00: Football
      I'm watching some people playing American football. Apparently this is what the guy who killed himself did before he died. I spot the guy, a friend of Henrik. Everyone's got foam on their bodies for some reason. A whistle sounds and people are about to switch sides. I stay on the defending team and try to position the ball over the small plastic holder for punting. I can't get it right and struggle with it for a long time. Some random guy walks up to me and hands me a home-made rocket. "Just connect the wire to that thing" he tells me. I put a small electric wire into a socket and the rocket takes off. It goes straight towards a building and explodes just outside of a window. I spot a small ball of shockwave going towards us, it's like something almost invisible.

      09.30: Demoted
      I'm with some evil girlfriend. I mean really evil. I've been sick for the past few weeks, and she hasn't let me get on DV! I am finally allowed to though, and I log in. I have been demoted! I check the chatlogs and see that PercyLucid kicked me from the chat because I had somethign called: "Matebot" or something. Weird. I check the "DG Away" thread, and people had asked alot of questions about where I was. I start to write a DJ entry about where I was and why. Stupid evil girlfriend! I wonder why the hell I allow someone so small control me so much.

      09.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 10 hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! I haven't cried like that in all my adult life. Fascinating what the mind can do huh? Oh well, I'm glad I had it, even though it was very emotional at the time, it was only a dream and an amazing experience. Nightmares always are! I refused to let the nightmare be the only thing I had during the night, and even though I usually don't get lucid more than once every weekend, I felt like I deserved to become lucid after what I've gone through.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    10. Wednesday 16/02/11 - Indream WILD leads to meeting a long dead friend.

      by , 02-16-2011 at 06:03 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I haven't been this excited in many months. I had one of the coolest dreams ever last night, and not only did I meet my upcoming companion for the first time, I managed to WILD. Although I'm not sure what it's called when you do it whilst in a dream. The MILD techniques and B6 from last night really paid off! The mantra before bed was: "I am dreaming"

      21.30: Sleep

      01.15: Here boy! MILD/WILD
      I'm with Monica and my friend G. We're at some kind of convention and there's a stand infront of us. A few Polish people are running some kind of game. "You come play?" they ask us and I take a look at what it's about. There's a children's drawing on the ground, with different numbers on it. All arranged in a weird order, upside down and large and small sizes to confuse you. Apparently the game is to figure out the added numbers. Monica is just about to answer when I spot a light blue "-2" in a darker blue area.

      "Wait! Don't answer!" I yell out. "Oh, looks like he's the one in control in the relationship" someone says and the crow that has gathered around the game laughs. I smile. "The answer is 3" I say and they say that it is indeed correct! "You can choose this electric razor, it's great and very powerful" one of the Polish guys says. He shows me a bunch of razors, all the same but in different colours. "How much is it worth?" I ask. "Around 2000 kr" he replies and drops it on my newly bought computer. I look for a scratch but there is none. "Or you can have this laptop". "Laptop!" G exclaims as soon as he hears the word. "Will be great as a server". He shows us a nice looking laptop and G starts talking about what we can do with it. I get tired all of a sudden, and lie down in a bed to get some sleep. A cat appears out of nowhere and I let him lie ontop of me and starts purring instantly.

      I get the brilliant idea of trying to WILD. The SP effects wash over me in seconds. I can feel my arms writhe and twist in spasms. I ignore the feeling and focus on the images I begin to see. A floor in a kitchen. I'm looking through the cupboard for tupperware and other stuff. I find a deck of cards and I start to shuffle them right away. The dream starts to stabilize and form around me more and more for every shuffle. I get up and look around me. Looks like I'm in our old appartment, from ten years ago. I walk around the place and end up in the kitchen again. I rub my hands and the dream feels stable. I feel like trying to read a text, and see what it means when I wake up. I can't see any labels anywhere, not even on one of the tupperware boxes.

      I drop the box and head out the door. I go down a few flight of stairs going in a spiral, I've got a shovel in my hand all of a sudden and when I reach the bottom, I rub my hands together to make sure the dream stabilizes. I get out on the yard, and it's stormy outside. It's raining and the wind is really strong. On my way down the stairs I thought up what I wanted to do; to summon my companion. I put two fingers in my mouth and whistle as hard as I can. "Ozzy! Igor! Come here!" I yell and look to my right. A dog comes running at me, but it's not the right dog. It's brown and too small for a rottweiler. He dashes past me, and when I turn around to see where he went, a black dog is there. "Here boy!" I say and clap my hands on my thighs excitedly. The black dog comes right to me and I hug him. "Are you Ozzy or Igor?" I ask him. He seems to be only a pup, and he's got no tail. (Both has tails) I realise it must be Ozzy and I pet him for a while.

      I remember his favorite game and I tease him and close his mouth with my hands. He starts to growl and tries to bite me playfully. I laugh as it has been years since last time. I lose focus and look up at the sky. It's pitch black with loads of brightly shining stars. I spot Orion and his belt, and also a cluster of stars that looked like a rectangle. Suddenly my friend Eric, Monica and my sister Madeleine shows up. I greet them and remember my other dreamtasks. To "graduate" in telekinesis and flying. Ozzy had run off to a few other dogs nearby. "Ozzy! Come here boy!" I yell and he's at my side in an instant. I look up at the sky and spot the moon. "We will fly to the moon" I say and ignore the questions everyone ask me. "Don't worry, I will help you out" I say and make them all three (Ozzy had run off again) start to levitate with telekinesis.

      Eric apparently learned how to fly on his own and soon I only had to focus on Monica and Madeleine. I start to fly myself, but the focus of lifting two people with telekinesis and flying myself is a bit more than I can manage. Just before the rooftops, six or seven meters up, I can't lift them higher. Glancing at the moon, I can see it has become more than twice as big, and orange. To try to get higher up, I grab electric cables going across the sky. I swing back and forth to gain momentum.

      And I lose lucidity. I keep on swinging, gaining more momentum by each swing. The scenery changes to a bridge going over the local canal. Soon I have to duck to not hit the beams overhead. I pick up alot of speed and all of a sudden I can't duck anymore. I smack headfirst into one of the beams and is thrown hundres of meters away into the water. I crash with enormous force. I get up and start to text message my friends, telling them I'm on my way back.

      05.10: Fragments
      *Eric's computer has to run programs through the game "Monkey Island".

      *I'm on a boat with my friends.

      05.10: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 7½ hours

      Supplements: 2 x Omega-3, 200 mg B6

      That's it! Amazing dream. This is like I said, my first encounter with my upcoming companion. My mom's dead dog, Ozzy. May he rest in peace, but forever guard me in my dreams! Anyone know if the induction technique was a legit WILD? D-WILD?.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    11. Saturday 12/02/11 - Stable lucid

      by , 02-12-2011 at 11:41 AM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Finally a morning I can wake up with a smile on my face. Had halfassed intentions of becoming lucid last night, I really wanted to but my confidence levels were kinda low. An hour before bed I started believing in it more, and after a short WBTB this morning, I got lucid. Had quite a few other interesting dreams, so here goes.

      21.15: Sleep

      06.15: Kickass
      I'm with a few people and one of them, a Spanish-looking dude is really annoying the shit out of me. I can't take it anymore and we start to fight. I walk in on him and give him an elbow to the face, I don't get it right and I headbutt him in panic. He staggers away with blood on his face. "That's a good one" he tells me and we start to fight with our fists. As usual in dreams, my punches are weak and barely do any damage. The more I hit him though, the more effect they seem to have and soon I'm pummeling away. I grab his head and smash it against a desk, and right after that I knee him in the face. He falls down and I sit ontop of him and hit him for a long time. The ambulance arrives and they put him on the stretcher. He's bloody but conscious. I take his hand and tell him it was a good fight. He gives me a bloody smile and says: "Yes, yes it was."

      06.15: WBTB 15 minutes

      07.30: Fragment
      *I'm talking aboud lucid dreaming to a few people.

      07.30: Zombies are coming MILD
      I'm in a tiny room with four other people. "You have to escape" a man tells me and walks out with two girls. They close the door and I'm left in the tiny room with a girl. I look around and spot a window high up on the wall. It's just a ventilation window but I realise it's my only way out. I punch at the window frame and break the glass. After some tearing and punching, it's all gone and I'm left with a body sized hole I can crawl out of. I am halfway through when I remember the harddrive. I pull it from the wall and pocket it. "What about me?!" the girl asks me. "You have to sacrifice yourself for humanity" I tell her and drop out the window. I land rougly and drop the harddrive.

      I pick it up and pocket it again. I suddenly realise that I forgot alot of other stuff. I look back up at the window a few meters up. The girl leans out and is holding a gun. "Want this?" she asks me with a smile. I dread she won't give it to me but she drops it. Next comes an ammo clip, my working helmet and my wallet. "Want your hat aswell?" The orange hat, I can't leave that! She lets it go and I grab all my stuff and start to run. I can hear dogs barking in the woods behind the building I just left. "Damn, the zombies must be really close" I think as I run and try to put on my helmet. I look to the side as I'm running on the road in the middle of a neighbourhood. I fear I will see shadows running behind the houses. I can almost see one, but not clearly.

      Suddenly I become lucid. I forget all about the zombies and just look infront of me. The dream seems to be very stable and clear. I focus on my senses and I can feel each step I take, hear the sound of my boots and I even taste the neutral taste in my mouth. I smack a bit with my tongue for fun. My vision is better than it has been for a long time, and it seems to be around sunrise. The sky is blue and a comforting glow is coming from somewhere. The town seems to be empty though and I decide to fly some. I run and jump two times before I remember that trying to fly while running is hard. I stop and jump two times before I start floating upwards.

      I fly towards a parkinglot and land on the other side of it. I look back and once again, the view is amazing. I'm not sure I have had such a stable lucid before. Everything is just like real life. I look at my hands and rub them together. I want to play around with telekinesis so I try to find something suitable. I spot a taxi backing up slowly and I reach out with my hand. I lift it up slowly and the rear of the car gets pulled up as if by some invisible chain. I start to float upwards myself in synch with the car. I let it hang a few meters up. "Screeeeeech" I turn around and forget all about the car. Behind me, two cars have almost collided. There are tire tracks on the road infront of them for some reason. There's a family of muslim girls in one of them and they look very frightened.

      They quickly recover though and drive off. The second car, filled with old ladies go after them. Suddenly Monica appears out of nowhere. "Hey babe, you know we're dreaming right?" I ask her to see what she would say. "Are we? Really?!" she asks me and smiles. "Yeah! What do you want to do?" I say. I can't come up with anything. "Wanna have sex?" she asks me. "Sure", I pick her up. I position her against the railing of the parkinglot. I take a look at the whole place and it's still very stable and vivid. "Gotta focus and not get too excited" I tell myself and remember some of the sex tutorial. I start to help her undress as I'm holding her in my arms. We laugh. I soon get to her panties and I pull them to the side instead of removing them. With a last look around I go down on her and my focus of the world is lost. The darker parts of her loins claims me and all I'm left is my touch as I close my eyes. She seems to enjoy it for a few seconds. I can feel the dream slip.

      I wake up and get on the computer. DV is down and so I try to open a word document to write the dreams down in. I can't do it for some reason and I try for a long time, it's very frustrating.

      08.15: Fox
      I'm with my dad and we're on a horse. I'm sitting at the back and we're walking on a path with a forest on our right. I start worrying about wolves and suddenly one comes rushing out. Only it's alot smaller and orange. The fox starts barking and yipping. It tries to bite me in the feet and I pull them up. I hit it on the head lightly with a tool and it starts to cry. "Foxes don't cry" I say and it gets aggressive again. I hit it lightly again. We arrive at our old house and dismount. The fox is still with us, but now it's turned completely white. It actually looks like a tiny troll with a huge, snow-white hairdo. I explain to the troll that we usually sleep with earplugs in. I pull mine out and show it to him. He seems to be very excited, just like a kid.

      08.15: Fragment
      *I look at my hand and count my fingers. Seven. "My sight is probably off" I tell myself and recount them. There are fingers everywhere but I assume it's just my eyesight that is fucked up.

      09.30: Kickbike, lottery winner MarTango
      I'm in the neighbourhood I work at. I'm on a kickbike and I must be drunk or something like that. I look away for a second and when I look back again, I crash into a girl with a bike. "Oh shit, sorry!" I tell her and continue down the road towards our establishment. I keep on falling down though, but I do it smoothly and land on my head and roll. A few girls infront of me laugh but I continue on. I head right for a group of girls and they have to let eachother go to let me pass through. I spot atleast twenty people lying on the ground outside of the establishment. "I guess they're sleeping" I tell myself and head up the small hill.

      On the wall I see a lottery ticket with a huge winning on it. I double check and it the symbols change every second, but I know it's legit. "MarTango..." I read. "That lucky fucker!" I enter the door. MarTango is standing there, smiling like never before. "You won didn't you?" I ask him. He starts to laugh. I'm happy for him and take off my shirt. "Party! Wohoo!" I yell and spin it around. I've still got two more shirts on. Eric is there and I take them off aswell. "Which one should I use?" I ask and hold them up. I've got a fourth shirt on, it's beige and green. Kinda cool.

      09.30: Civilization
      I'm playing some kind of real life civilization game. I'm training soldiers and I've got a flower in a tube. Five turns left and I've got a great start. Somehow my soldiers die and my flower aswell. A Polish dude shows up and tells me I should move my settlement to his. "Can I bring my computer?" I ask him. "No haha!" he tells me and moves his hands in a bumpy fashion. "Oh the road is too bumpy for it" I think and feel sad. I just bought it. He tells me he wants XP discs and I ask him what for. My friend G tells me he's got one that he can use for all of them. "How many computers do you have?" he asks the guy. "Seventeen laptops" he replies. "Where did you get all those laptops from?" I ask suspicious. If I leave my computer here, he will definitely be back and steal it.

      09.30: Fragment
      *I'm playing Xbox360 with my brother Morgan. All my relatives are there and they tell me to watch out for the scariest game ever. I pick it up and try to pronounce it. "Incrueliable" I say several times. The cover looks just like "Alan Wake"

      09.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 12 hours

      Supplements: 2 x Omega-3, 250 ml applejuice

      That's it! Awesome. Stable and cool lucid, I like it. Had tons of random fragments but I decided to write those down I remembered most of. Oversleeping is always fun.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    12. Wicked night

      by , 01-16-2011 at 02:06 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Last night was intense, or actually it was this morning, but still. I figured I'll try to become lucid two days in a row, and it worked. I used some galantamine at a WBTB and the dream I had after that was one of the longest dreams I've ever had. First time ever that I actually didn't want to stay in the dream after becoming lucid.

      23.30: Sleep

      05.00: Fragment
      *I'm watching an interracial couple having sex.

      05.00-05.25: WBTB - Mantra: I will lucid dream

      06.40: Adventure indeed MILD
      I'm in a couch with my brother and two of his friends. We're partying or something similar. I get up and walk around the place. We seem to be at some kind of convention, kinda like Dreamhack. I spot a crowd of people and decide to check out what's going on. "He beats them at chess while walking around!" a guy tells me and I can see a chess table and three guys playing. The younger one is walking around the table while he's playing. Apparently that's supposed to be very hard. The crowd cheers and I realise he's beaten them. I can tell his move was very clever. "You walked right into that one!" one of the guys in the crowd tells one of the losers.

      I start walking away from the table and suddenly I'm in a grocery store. I walk along the isles and find Monica standing by the freezers. "We should get something we can just snack on at night" I say and I've got pizza in mind. We check out several different kinds of pizza and similar things. I find a very cheap one. "2 kronor for a pizza is amazingly cheap" I say and show it to Monica. She agrees but the brand is something we've never seen before. A guy shows up and is looking for the same kind of food.

      The dream skips. I'm in the car with Monica on our way out of town. I spot a stable and know there's a supermarket just a kilometer behind it. I don't know how, but I make the car fly. It's very dark out but I imagine the place just as it looks like. I can see several streetlights and as we fly, the landscape gets clearer. We land outside of a small grocery store, just where I knew it would be. I go and get a ticket for the car. It expires in just two minutes. Weird. A girl working at the store comes up. "Don't worry, he never checks anyways" she tells us. "Ah damn, money well spent" I think. The car is making a very annoying sound.

      We check the car for a long time. We open different doors and close them, push all kinds of buttons but the beeping sound won't stop. My brother Martin comes up and shuts it off. We're just about to walk into the store when he grabs my arm. "Buy me two milky ways and some beer". I look at him and I'm getting angry. "When YOUR friends come to MY place, THEY buy ME stuff!" I yell at him. He disagrees and I leave him there. Entering the store I notice it's being renovated. All walls are grey and the floor aswell. I enter a big room and accidentaly kick away a golfball coming towards me. Two employee's are playing mini golf.

      "Hey, where is the place you buy food at?" I ask them. They laugh at the accident and points towards a few stairs across the large empty room. We walk across the room and down the stone stairs. We do not arrive at a grocery store, but a swimming hall. My family is there and so is my coworker Björn. They're swimming around a pillar and the water starts at the end of the stairs, there's no place to stand. I notice Björn's got swimming goggles and I put mine on too. They're blurring my vision alot, but I still keep them on when I jump in the water.

      The dream skips. I wake up in the dark. We're still in the swimming hall, but sleeping in different beds all around the room. The water is gone. I try to check my alarm clock, but alot of stuff is in the way. It's standing ontop of a TV in the dark and I make alot of noise as I clear the TV. "05.00". People start waking up. My brother Morgan is up, and so is my dad. Soon the lights turns on and everyone but me is up. My dad is standing by the entrance of the room. "My toe has cramps" his toe wiggles. My sisters and my mom wants to wake me up and starts harrassing me. I want to sleep some more so I can dream. "Get out!" I tell them.

      They start poking me in the mouth with nail files. My vision is split, and even though I've got my eyes closed, I can see myself on a monitor. I start biting the files they poke at me and bite off little pieces. They keep doing this and I can taste the files, they taste like licorice and they feel very unpleasant against my teeth. I finally get up and start writing down my dreams in my DJ on DV.

      I wake up. I get on the computer and onto the chat. I am about to write something like: "Omfg I just had the longest dream ever" but all I manage to type is a very long "-_-" smiley. I realise my DJ entry is there and I read something in spanish. Looks like a poem or something. I am confused and decide to take a walk. I've got a weak memory of just flying and I'm wearing a white shirt. I check my belt for the internet browser buttons. I press one and intend to get on a train site to check for train times. The load is way too long so I open a new window. Which makes me get another white shirt on. Just like internet explorer usually is, it is completely white (?). I walk down the road with my two shirts on, feeling weak and a bit dizzy. I stop at a sandbox for some reason.

      A girl clad in black down the road is coming towards me. She's wearing black leather and has a very "emo'ish" look. I look away for a second. When I look back, the girl is gone and replaced by a white cream cake. It's rolling down the road on wheels it seems, and just as it's next to me, the cake changes colour from white to dark purple. A second later the cake starts disintegrating and blows away in the wind in layers. A man shows up. "Hey, did you just see that?!" I ask him. "See what?" he tells me, and the second later, he also disintegrates and blows away in the wind.

      "Oh, I am still dreaming!?" I ask myself. This is getting too much. I'm standing outside of a very dark forest and I don't like the feeling of the dream anymore, I want to wake up. I start screaming ontop of my lungs, at first I can barely hear myself, but soon my voice is booming, "WAKE UUUUUUUUUUP!" I start floating upwards and I laugh a little at the entire scenario. I don't wake up right away, but I slowly start to.

      I can see my hand infront of me. I am completely paralyzed for a few seconds before I can move again. I get up.

      I wake up for real and do a RC right away.

      06.40-07.20: WBTB - Mantra: I am dreaming

      8.45: Short lucid MILD
      I'm by a lake with a few other people. A man, apparently very powerful, is standing infront of me and my friends. He tells us something and two huge green wings emerges from his back. Only one is fully stretched out though, but that's enough for him to take flight. He flies straight up, laughing. I can feel the wind picking up and I decide to follow him. I let the wind take hold of me and my two smaller wings and I start to fly. I fly around the lake two times in a wide circle just for the fun of it, I never get tired of the feeling.

      I position myself a few meters above the evil man. "Hmm, perhaps fire will work?" I ask myself as I realise his wings are made out of green paper. I imagine them catching fire and to my surprise, fist sized circles of fire form and eats through the paper in seconds. The man starts falling right away but so am I. We both crash into the water and I get a faint memory of being in the water earlier.
      I lose lucidity and suddenly we're having a "smoke break" on the dock with my two sisters.

      8.45: Insects
      I'm sitting at a table with my two sisters. I spot a cross spider spider to my left on the wall. It's curled up in its web and I blow some warm air on it to make it come to live. I know it isn't very aggressive and it fascinates me alot. It starts to crawl out and when I can fully see it, it's alot bigger than I first thought. We all shy away from it and a woman takes it in her hand. "Don't worry" she tells us. Her husband is there and she puts white glue on his head and face. She takes a wig and some fake beard and puts it on there. The glue drips down his face and they tell me their story.

      I feel like looking at the spider again. She tells me it's on the ground somewhere. I spot several spiders that looks just like it, but after a closer look, I can tell the difference. They aren't moving either. A cool bug comes running with one its mouth and I flick it away. My hands starts stinging and I notice a few fireants. I flick them away aswell and look where I'm standing. I'm in a fireants nest, and they're crawling up my boots. I shake them off and stomp my feet to prevent anymore from going up my legs.

      10.30: Party
      I'm at a big house by a lake. There's a party going on around me and they've put up tents. The sun is shining as I walk around the place. I spot a very hot girl in a yellow bikini. I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes off of her, but I force myself when her big latino boyfriend gives me a stare. I walk for a few meters and then turn around. Felix tells me that the girl was checking me out for a long time. "I don't want no trouble" I tell him. I get a text message, it's my dad.

      10.30: Party ended
      The dream doesn't skip, it's a new one. I'm at the same place, but the party has ended. It's dusk out and everything's very quiet. I know the world is about to change real fast, and I have to find some survival gear. My brother Morgan is there and I grab him. Some other boy, who looks like a tiny orange/brown alien shows up and I realise we have to take him with us. I chase him a bit, we all plunge into a pool and I help him up. Earning the trust of the alien boy, I can finally start looking for gear. I enter the house and my two sisters are on a couch. "Where is the gun?!" I ask them. They point at a box by a drawer.

      I open it and take out two guns. They're very heavy. Morgan grabs one and I tell him he can never, ever touch it. There's still ammo left in the clips, but I want some more. I rumage through the box and find a few keys, an army swiss knife, and sharp metal objects. All of a sudden, my vision changes. I can see the lake and I can hear someone on a radio. He's over the lake in the town and he's on his way over. I shoot with a mini-gun and he laughs. "That's gotta be heard halfway across town". An old man across the lake appears in the enormous hole I just blasted in his house. "You leave me alone you teenagers!" he yells at me, waving his shotgun.

      10.30: Fragment
      *I'm at a table and my sister Malin is singing. Her voice is amazing. When she's done I remember her being in a choir. "She's great at both singing, and drawing" I say.

      Amount of sleep: 10 hours

      Supplements before bed: 2 x Omega-3, 1 x Lucid Dreamer at WBTB

      That's it! Awesome. My sisters were in almost all my dreams last night. They just came home from Egypt and I'm seeing them for the first time in a few weeks. Also why I dreamt of survival was because I thought for a while about it last night, what to buy and so on. Pretty amazing, perhaps thinking about it before bed would be even better? Inducing a dream that is. Gotta try that...

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    13. Action packed dreams!

      by , 12-22-2010 at 01:11 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Got a long night's sleep last night. Which included a number of cool dreams, and a lucid! It was my second "life like" lucid, and sadly once again, I had zero control. I guess I'm out of shape from not having one in a long time, but also because of the realness of it all. Also had a dream about another DV member.

      23.15: Bedtime

      06.00: ShockWave the programmer
      I'm at ShockWave's house. We're playing a game he's programmed on his computer. Like all games I play in my dreams, I kinda enter the game. Standing on a road in the woods, I watch as a few army trucks go by. The last one in the line is crashing into everything and almost hits me. I back away as I watch the drunk driver continue down the road. The truck goes down into a ditch, and up again. Flying through the air. I press escape several times and the game crashes. "Oh shit, what did you do?" ShockWave asks. "Uhm, I have no idea you could ruin a game just like that" I say and feel bad.

      The game has been completely reset, and all his extra mods have been removed. "How long will it take to fix it?" I ask. "Oh well, like a day atleast... or a few" he tells me. Suddenly he finds a save file, and everything's OK! I sigh and tell him I gotta pee. I walk out into the living room, and sit down at a chair. There's a potty on the floor there I am supposed to pee in (wtf?). I can see people outside and his parents suddenly enter the room. I greet with them as I pull my pants up. "Where can I find a bathroom?" I ask them.

      They laugh at my shyness and tells me there's a bathroom down the hall. I enter it, and close the door which is a yellow, see-through cloth. The bathroom itself is VERY small. Clothes are lying everywhere, and I try to sit down on the weird potty like toilet. I start peeing, but soon I feel I have to do the number two, but too late! I quickly jump to the real toilet, but the bathroom is already being flooded by water. I have no idea where it comes from, but I try to scoop up as much as I can.

      06.00: Fantasy world
      Two wanted posters flash before my eyes. Three images each, one from each side just like you get when you go to jail. One guy stands out, a Russian who looks just like Mike Rourke in "Iron Man 2" with dreadlocks as a beard. I walk on a large green field with another guy. We're about to meet up with our team, but we don't know where they are. I can hear something above and I look up. A small high-tech kite is flying towards us at a high speed. My companion points his huge grenade launcher at the thing and fires off a shot. The shell becomes a net and drags the kite to the ground. We inspect it. There's a message on there.

      "We're at the trees just up ahead, beware" I read. I look up and can see something green glimmering in the trees not fifty meters away. We cross a road which seems to be doubling back around a grove to the right and walk up to a tree standing near the second road. A blue dressed woman is up in the tree, she looks just like "Mystique" from "X-men", but with a normal face. I can see the green radar panels which had reflected the sun. I greet with two more people in the small grove. I look back at the road from where we came, and spot six enormous, hairy beasts with riders.

      They are following the road at a very fast speed. "Uhm, look" I say and point. "Get down and don't move a muscle!" they yell at me as they hide among rocks and in the trees. "The riders will be coming back our way in just a few seconds" I try to climb the closest tree. Twigs and leaves fall all around me as I struggle to climb. I realise I don't have time, and they will definitely see all the motion so I just stand completely still, leaning against the tree. The riders appear and all pass the tree next to the road with the blue woman in it, except one. The great boar/wolf monster sniffs the air. They back up a few meters and walk up to the tree.

      We all hold our breaths as the woman whistles and an orangutang slides down the tree at the same time as the woman in blue. She masked her sound, clever. The orangutang jumps up on the mount and they're about to leave again. Just as they are at the edge of my point of view, they stop again. "Oh shit, we're dead" someone whispers next to me. A huge, green, snake monster appears from the backpack of the rider and takes the woman in blue in a second. Everyone in the grove starts struggling to get through the thick vegitation.

      I get tangled up, and it's almost no use. The worm is just behind me and suddenly I fall down into a small pond of water behind the thicket. I figure there must be air pockets beneath the tree roots and I head for the bottom of the pool. A voice appears in my mind. It's one of the girls who survived. "We can talk telepathicly, you've practiced this by dreaming alot" she tells me.

      06.00: Fragment
      *I'm in a room, trying to watch the TV. I spot several people I don't know, and they all look very pale and skinny. They talk very fast, and seem to be having twitches from now and then. I realise it's my sister's new junkie friends. I sigh as one of them blocks the TV without even realising it. I walk down in to the kitchen to confront my sister.

      15 minutes WBTB

      7.30: Explosions at work
      I'm at work, walking around doing nothing. I find a weird looking white rock, and I throw it away. The rock explodes in the air and I am stunned. "Awesome!" I exclaim. I start wondering if I might be dreaming. I look up at the blue sky.
      "Two moons?" I wonder. It looks more like they are made out of clouds when I look for a longer time, and I figure the real moon is the brighter dot to the right. I decide it's not a dream and walk away to a few coworkers. Peter is there with another guy, digging some deep ditch which needs to be filled with concrete. I find a green pill on the ground and I step on it. A cool spray of green smoke appears as the pill breaks. Björn tells me I can find more if I look. I find a lump of green silicone. Inside I find more green pills. A guy next to us tells us to be ready, they're about to set off some dynamite.

      I look behind me at the construction site. A wooden wall is in the way, but I can see through it. A container for eating in is standing just behind it. The dynamite goes off and sends the container full of people into the air. It goes up a meter or so, and slams down back again, leaning on the side. "Holy shit! Is everyone alright?!" I ask the girl standing in the opening of the container. "What kind of question is that?!" she yells back at me. "Wow, alright then, nevermind... Just trying to be friendly" I say. "Send for a truck" she tells us.

      08.30: Fragment
      *I'm playing real life Battlefield Bad Company 2. There are explosions everywhere, and I gun down a few guys with my sniper. I spot someone up in a window, pinning me down. I take out my RPG and shoot a rocket right into the window. "Yes!"

      09.30: Vivid lucid MILD
      Everything is just like the ending of "Watchmen". I am talking to a guy who has the same opinion as "Rorschach". I give him a very long speech about how fake peace is better than no peace at all. "If you expose Dr Manhattan, you will kill billions" I say. He ignores me and runs off. I become lucid. I take a look around me and I'm outside of the establishment at work. Everything is in place, even the iron gates behind me. I know he will come back soon, so I wait. I can hear voices coming from behind the building next to the gate. No one appears and I figure I'll have to go check it out. I remeber I have to stabilize the dream.

      I look at my hand, 6 fingers. It's all very vivid and stable and the scenery around me doesn't change. The sky has is dark blue. I feel like trying out a stabilization technique I haven't used before. "Increase clarity!" I shout as loud as I can. The colours look a bit weird, but nothing more than that. I am satisfied and start walking. It's very slow and hard work. It takes me atleast twenty seconds to walk up to the metal gate. Once there everything goes more smoothly. I slap my face and it stings alot. I walk down the road and try to find the person who will ruin the world.

      I spot a coworker, Roger. I walk up to him. "Hey! Have you seen that guy?" I ask. He smiles at me, and tells me he's down the street. I look and I think I can spot something yellow at the end of it. I slap my face again. I suddenly remember my old dreamgoal, to blow something up. I look at a tall building at the horizon and point at it. "Boom!" I say and imagine it blowing up, I can almost see the explosion and debris. Nothing happens. I figure it's too far away. "Back up, I'm gonna try to run super fast" I tell Roger. He takes a few steps back.

      I dash away down the street, going as fast as I can. Which ofcourse is about as fast as I can run in real life. I try to increase the speed but I can't. It's all too real. I decide to try to fly instead and with a small jump I stretch out my arms. I fall down on the ground. I do a push up to get up. "Oh well, I'll try the correct way to fly" I tell myself. I do a few jumps to see how real everything is. The gravity is slightly off. Looking down, I stretch out my arms and jump straight up, expecting to go up. Nothing. I do this three times with no results. I wake up.

      09.30: The second Europe member
      I'm one of the members of the band "Europe" and I'm standing in an appartment next to a friend who's at the computer. Suddenly I hear a large "BAM!" from below. I look out the window, and I can see the member of the band whom I hate. He's hacking away at the door with an axe. "Oh shit... Not again" I moan and try to get out of the window. I get tangled up in the blinds and soon the crazy guy enters the room. He starts hitting my friend for some reason, and I can't take it no more. I grab the man and chuck him out the window. He hits the ground head first with a disturbing crack. "Shit, he probably broke his neck" I think, but I realise it must be a stuntman.

      I can see him clearly now, and it's my friend Felix. I jump down next to him as he stands up. "I am so fucking sick of you and your bullshit!" I scream in his ear. I grab his head with both my hands, and slowly bite down on his nose. I can feel my teeth cutting into his flesh and I push him away when they snap shut. I spit the little piece of nose tip out in my hand. A car suddenly pulls up and he gets in. It's a convertible and the driver is his manager. I try to talk to him as he tries to go away. Another car pulls up and stops infront of the manager's car. It's full of girls and they are all demanding money which he owe them.

      He tries to talk to all of us in a business-like manner. A third car appears. It looks like a trash version of the batmobile. The driver is wearing old school goggles and he heads for the hospital next to us. An old lady has to throw herself to the side to not get overrun. I realise he's trying to rob the hospital. "Again?" I think. Suddenly a movie starts playing, showing old and young people helping out when a robber is trying to rob the place. "If everyone helps out, we can do it!" is the motto.

      09.30: Fragment
      *I show my abs. People laugh. "Do you call that abs?" A guy at work asks me. I try to explain I haven't been working out in a long time.

      09.45: Fragment
      *I'm at some cabin. It's in the middle of the night and it's summer. My mom is standing next to the water. "Just because you've just had sex with my dad, doesn't make it all better" I say. I start hanging a few underwear on a box in the reeds.

      Amount of sleep: 10½ hours

      Supplements before bed: Nothing

      That's it! Damn that took way too long. My wrists hurt... Anyways, I'm glad I had a long lucid again. Still sucky I didn't have any control over it. I will have to work on that.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    14. Meeting DV member and end of the world

      by , 12-12-2010 at 01:34 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Had the intentions of getting lucid last night, but it only resulted in me talking about lucid dreaming with another DV member. I did have a cool nightmare about the end of the world. Other than that, I didn't dream much...

      12.00: Bedtime

      09.00: DV member at a party
      I'm in a car, driving through a very nice looking neighbourhood. The lawns are green, trimmed and everything looks new. I spot a barbeque with alot of people at one house. Alot of cars are parked at the sidewalk. We go for a minute or so more, and arrive at a house. Inside there's some kind of neighbour gathering of some kind. Two guys are making a welcome drink in a large bowl. One of them is my uncle. "We do it like this, 60/60. It's going to be perfect!" he tells the other guy while pouring in a whole bottle of whiskey.

      I'm in the kitchen, holding a drink myself. A guy in his mid 20's is talking to a woman about lucid dreaming. "My grandma was one of the first who registered, she's 70 years old" he says. The woman doesn't seem to care. "I have been a member for 7 years now" She walks away and I realise that the guy is actually
      Robot_Butler "Hey, I recognise you" I say and we start talking about lucid dreaming. He tells me about a thread he's made, and I know exactly what he's talking about. "Yeah I read that just the other day" I say.

      09.00: End of the world

      A massive nuclear blast appears on the horizon. I'm with Monica and two other people in the middle of the desert. "You're never going to make it" one of them says. "Goodbye" I tell them and jump up on my motorcycle. Monica gets on and we take off. I accidentaly do a wheelie but I quickly regain control. Going as fast as I can, I can hear the rumble of the explosion behind us, and I know the heatwave of it will strike within seconds. I spot a rocky area up ahead and I know it will give us cover from the intense heat. We make it in time, going down a small hollow behind some rocks just as the heatwave hits. I know that's not all, there's a shockwave coming next.

      Leaving the bike, we run along the rocky area. The ground starts to vibrate, and soon it's trembling. "Do you know why it's doing that?" I ask Monica. "No..." "Well, it's because one layer of ground pushes on the next, which pushes on the next and so on" I say as we start to climb a small hill of rocks next to a white seven stories building. The ground is shaking violently now and we jump down from the hill into a courtyard. There are a few buildings just like the white one around us. "We should be safe here" I say and the shockwave hits us. The ground behaves just like water would when a wave goes through it. I ride the wave. "Wohoo".

      The buildings all around us starts exploding, and glass shatters everywhere. When everything clears up, I can see that none of the houses has fallen. A large hole where the entrance should be, no windows left and most of them are crooked. We walk along the road away from the buildings. We're soon walking through a dark forest. Monica stops infront of a large pine tree with a rope ladder coming down from it. We climb up the tree, and I get this panicky feeling of being last in a dark room. Something's definitely going to grab my foot any second.

      Once up, everything's very dark. We're once again back in our little tree house, trying to survive in this world filled with zombies. The tree house is a small rectangular room, only 4 x 2 meters, with a small room to the right for sleeping. A table is right infront of me with all kinds of junk on it, and there's a kitchen counter behind that. I bumb into something and Monica makes a shush. We stand completely still, listening for any sound below. She hands me a pair of black large silverware. I put them away and grab my shovel instead. It's very light.

      "Get away from the hatch, if they come up, they'll see you" Monica tells me. I slowly back away, keeping my eyes on the hatch. After half a minute or so, we relax once again. I wish I was back at the house we were in before, where you could sleep without feeling anxious or afraid. I know those times are over. I hate this fucking tree house. "Hand me the gun" I tell Monica. She opens a drawer, pulling out an old revolver and carefully hands it to me. "Be careful! It's loaded" she tells me. I open it up, and is relieved to see all six bullets are still there. I am careful not to let it go off.

      I realise we have to get more weapons. Only six bullets and a shovel isn't going to get us anywhere. I look out the small window. The forest isn't very thick, and ends at a lake just fifty meters away. I can see two red houses by the shore. There's a town over the water, next to a harbor. I remember there being a mall there, with glass windows. A plan quickly comes in mind. I would drive by and break a window by shooting at it. Monica would sneak in while I would honk and attract all the undead. Monica asks me if she could open a can of Sprite. "Yeah go ahead" I say. She carefully opens it with a low hiss. "Does this taste old?" she asks me. I taste it. "No it doesn't"

      11.00: Fragment
      *A zebra lies down at a tree, and starts giving birth. I can see a huge pink thing come out from behind. It's covered in crushed up tomatoes.

      Amount of sleep: 10½ hours

      Supplements before bed: 2 x Omega-3

      That's it! Very cool and scary dream. Had trouble falling back asleep after that one, and the last dream I had was so weird I couldn't even recall it. Well well.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    15. Weekend away - 29/11

      by , 11-30-2010 at 06:32 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Didn't get much sleep last night, and therefore I had zero recall. I do have two cool dreams from this weekend. Tonight is sleeping night, and I will be taking B6 before bed. I am going to take Calea this weekend, and not G+C as I said yesterday. I will smoke a joint of it, then drink the tea for full effect.

      Life of a Gangster
      I'm in a rectangular room with a few other people. We're all just chilling and ofcourse, dealing drugs. I seem to be someone else, as my skin is black instead of white. A remote is infront of me, and there's cocaine on it. I am just about to let someone try it, when the police kicks in the door. It's just one guy, telling everyone to freeze. Everyone panics and heads for the door, knocking the policeman over.

      I quickly throw the remote on the floor, making the cocaine go away, and head for the door. The policeman is now on his feet and he's telling me to stop. I knock him over and run out. Everyone is going the same direction, and I get this brilliant idea to go the other way. To do the least unexpected! I run to the right and end up at a fence. I have to run back like ten meters before I can dash away at full speed. The policeman still hasn't come out and I look behind me as I run to see if he would appear. I round a corner without seeing any blue, and I slow down.

      I walk around the neighbourhood for a long time, having a hard time staying upright. Darkness arrives and I walk down some stairs. Looking behind me I see a silhouette of a man, but I know it's not the cop. Another gangster perhaps. I hear something on the parkinglot I've just come to and I look around. A small boy comes out from between two cars, and points a gun at me. I reach out with my hand and tells him to relax. He recognises me and puts the gun down. I can see a body on the ground between the two cars.

      Apparently I'm some kind of respected gangster, and we handshake in a gangster kind of way. "Respect kid!" I tell him and he smiles at me and head for the stairs. I take a closer look at the body. He's dead as a stone, and I spot a glock and some sunglasses. I pocket the glock and try to pick up the glasses, but they break. Suddenly I can hear the police nearby. I run towards a road and try to hide my own gun from oncoming traffic as I try to cross it. I have some very soft and baggy pants on, and it's almost impossible to put it behind my back in my pants.

      I cross the road and end up on a smaller road leading into the woods. I stop after a while and look back at the road, twenty meters back. A car pulls up and I decide I need one. Two young guys are in the car, and they pull down the window to ask me the way or something. I take out my gun and put two bullets in the head on the guy in the passenger seat. He doesn't die, even though there is a hole right in his forehead. They get mad and speed off. I continue down the road and I notice an intersection.

      "For fuck sake! Will this dream ever end?" I ask myself and walk out in the middle of the road. "Oh well, I'll just make it end" I say and pull out my two guns. The glock one is empty, but the other one still has a few rounds in it. I start shooting at cars and hell breaks loose. Cars screech all around me as I shoot through their windshields. With a big jump I jump up on a bus and stand on the roof. I throw myself backwards, hoping the dream will end...

      I am in a room with my cousins and I'm doing an experiment on Astral Projection. Apparently I'm doing it right now, and I'm making them hold up playing cards behind my head. I guess correctly all the time, but it takes a few seconds for me to recognise the card they're holding up. It's like I'm seeing them through a mirror. I can see a mirror on the wall infront of me. "Wait, we need a wall without a mirror" I say and look around. There are small mirrors everywhere.

      Cool lottery
      I've won a very weird lottery. A couple of wheels like in jack vegas are spinning infront of me, and the first one stops. It's a picture of a house and I can tell the category is "House-related items" The second wheel stops and there's a rooftile on it. The third wheel stops and a large triangular window appears. I get to see how it would look like on a house. It's just like The Sims. I can tell the window is very expensive and I think about selling it right away. A screen pops up, telling me to text message a certain code to a number. I try to remember the phone number but it disappears before I get a chance. I get anxious and asks if anyone had a chance to memorize the number.

      Amount of sleep: Around 9 hours

      Supplements before bed: Nothing

      That's it! One of the longest dreams I've recalled that first one, pretty cool aswell! B6 tonight. Sweet. We'll see what my mind has in mind, höhö.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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