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    by , 06-15-2020 at 02:21 PM (53 Views)
    Dream 1(Climbing w/ Matt, hot dogs, carlo sick, climbing home):Started out by going to the climbing gym with MAtthieu, Carlo, Adrian and Ebony. It was the reopening of climbing gyms. We got in and all got ready in the locker room. We put our stuff in 1 locker. At one point I was alone with 2 other random people in a small locker room and I was hungry before climbing so I was eating 2 hot dogs that I picked up out of a toilet. I expected the 2 people to judge me but they didn't seem to outwardly. Just before going in Carlo said he wasn't feeling well and Adrian and Ebony brought him to the hospital. Me and Matt went inside and it was a beginner class without the climbing, kind of like a theory class. This worried me a bit and then found out the climbing wall was in another room. Matt and I went there and started climbing. He was decent right away even though it was his first time. I tried a v0-v1 and it was super hard, I had to toe hook and grab the top of the ledge. Then there was another V1 that I had to get beta from another climber for. He helped the first few moves and I got on. I realize halfway I didnt even know where the rest of the route was so I got down to fully analyze before trying again. Later I was coming home and was able to climb the lip on the ledge of the house in the front. I shimmied over to the door and surprisingly mama wasn't too mad about that. I vaguely remember hanging in the backyard after and maybe climbing the back of the house too.

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