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    by , 06-17-2020 at 03:33 PM (57 Views)
    Dream1: This dream was around my house.

    At one point I remember having rolled a ton of small and skinny joints that I wanted to give to someone.

    At one point I remember seeing a new minecraft modpack that made me really want to do a LP youtube series.

    At one point I remember Carlo being there and I was tagging him as a vulnerable player or something in this game menu.

    Dream 2: I was setting up a date with this girl I havent met before and was also thinking about what Kim would think

    Dream 3: I wanted to play baseball with some friends and then some young kids showed up. I asked if they wanted to play against us and they said after their game.

    Dream 4: I was on a cruise ship and saw connor murphy fooling the staff and getting away with shenanigans. He stole a uniform. Then he was preaching the good word to some kids from a catwalk and it was getting a little weird with the way he was asking kids to raise their hands and stuff but it was wholesome in the end. I became him during that. Then I remember 2 enemies on the ship fighting either to get me or against eachother. I remember one died then I tried to kill the other. My gun ran out of bullets and I ran all pver the ship looking for more but just found empty mags.

    Dream 5: I was at a social gathering in an alleyway looking place. I found these mechanical pencils which shot spraypaint so I started spraypainting "THC" on the walls as best I could. I remember there was often lines on the wall showing where the spraypaint would go as if I was in VR.

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