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    by , 06-26-2020 at 03:29 PM (102 Views)
    Dream 1(Things might not be sequential here): I was at my cousins wedding in this huge grassy hilly area. We were celebrating and taking pictures when we started moving uphill towards this cave looking thing. My cousin told a bunch of us to leave but I was one that was staying. We then went towards this cave looking system with trees and plants. We drove this car like we were in a video game as fast as possible down this system smasking down trees and wrecking havoc. After a certain point we got out and split up and I lost them. I opened up my minimap and I saw they had gone into a hidden room that I hadnt found yet. I joined them and continued the adventure. Also at some point I vaped weed from a modified dynavap M so someone could send a video to my aunt who wanted on. Later I was in a hardware store with someone else and we were making videos with the garbage cans inside. Someone told me we had to stop so we left. We got in a car and Ryan Reynolds was driving. We drove into the cave system again but Ryan was much more cautious than other players and he drove super slow.
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