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    by , 06-27-2020 at 02:57 PM (76 Views)
    Dream 1: I was driving a car but from a third person perspective like in GTA. I made a few mistakes but nothing violent and there were no cops around. Then I was back home and wanted to take some driving lessons to go up north. The instructor asked me when was the last time I had driven and I told him a long time so he said he wasnt comfortable doing the drive up north, we could have a short lesson near home. Later I was driving up north after someone told us that cops block off the exit during a certain time. I drove for a while and we stopped right near the exit where there was cops. We talked to them and asked what the barricade was for. They said to stop people. It looked miniature and like it was made of honeycomb full of honey. Then a trailer pulled up next to us and there was a family in it. I went inside the trailer and the daughter got really upset. She took out a knife and stabbed someone while we were in other rooms but I heard it. I didn't have my cell phone so I ran outside to find another home I could take shelter in and call the cops from. I ran outside and hid in a bush so that she wouldnt see me. She came outside and started walking down the street in my direction and then spotted me in the bush. I got up and started running but I was very slow even though I could definitely outrun her. She got closer and closer so I turned around to face her and tried to smack the knife+spatula out of her hand.

    Dream 2: I was at the Kardashians house and Rob was saying how he was sorry his kid broke the part of the table I was playing with

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