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    Recall is increasing!!!!!

    by , 02-03-2020 at 05:52 PM (60 Views)
    Went to bed at 1AM.
    Woke up at 7AM, no recall, forgot to attempt FILD
    Woke up at 8:30AM, 3 tags written down. forgot to attempt FILD
    woke up at 10AM, with recall, fell back asleep. Had more dreams and wrote down 2 tags when I got up at 11
    I was at someone elses house. It was the house of a girl who I was interested in sexually. It was a big house with lots of cool things, but details are fuzzy. I need to write my DJ right after waking for better details. At one point, the woman I was interested in brought me up to her room with someone else, and she had a wire(hidden microphone)(That was a tag but I dont remember that part). Then she tried to seduce me, she had most of her clothes off and seeing her from behind reminded me of this one thumbnail pic I see on the internet. I thought that it was too risky because her whole family was home, just downstairs. Later, we took pictures with all of our two families together. Even some extended family of mine as there, david switched places with someone for the pic and maria was climbing on the big wooden fence to get a good spot for a photo. After the pics, the woman(she was no longer kim, it was someone who looked more like my cousin) wanted me to help her imagine a dam built onto a cliff right near her place. She manifested the dam there and it was made of very simple geometry like it was from a really low budget video game or something. A few of us went to the dam and later when we were leaving I did a flip out of the window at the top while everyone else went out the bottom entrance. I went back to do it again later but it seemed to hard and scary this time. When we all went back and it was time to leave the woman transformed into my cousin and I age her a hug goodbye.

    I was at a club that reminded me of Stereo. I was the first in, saw the DJ and then went to get a table for my friends. They arrived quickly and people wanted to buy some drinks but I didnt. I felt as though the servers were not very happy that I wasnt drinking but I felt that they would not have kicked me out because my friends were drinking.

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