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    by , 02-04-2020 at 06:19 PM (96 Views)
    Went to bed at 12AM.
    Woke up at 6AM, wrote 1 tag
    Woke up at 7:30AM, nothing written down
    woke up at 9AM, with recall, fell back asleep. Had more dreams and wrote down tags when I got up at 9:30
    Dream 1:
    In this dream I was in a group with a couple other people and we were being chased by this group of a few people, who I'm pretty sure were asian. We were being chased around a city like Las Vegas and we went underground into something that looked like a grocery store with no one else in it. They were too far behind us to see us but they somehow always took the same turns as us, even though there were multiple forks in the path. I wasn't scared, it was more like a rush of adrenaline like when you're a kid playing tag on the playground and the person who's IT is right behind you and inching closer. When we went into the empty grocery store we decided to hide to try to lose them. But they stopped and were looking around slowly, but not urgently. It was as if it was all a game and they knew we were there, they were just building anticipation. They did find us and a giddy laughter came out of me when they did.

    Dream 2:
    This was located at the bouldering gym. The walls changed so much and the layout of the whole building expanded and changed. At first it was a traverse challenge, with mostly only holds at the top of the wall all around. While attempting this challenge, some annoying ass kid grabbed onto my leg and wouldnt let go! This pissed me off so much! He was putting both of us in danger and not letting me climb this route that I was so excited to try! I grabbed this kid and brought him around looking for a staff member. I found one and told her what he was doing, to revoke his day pass or some shit because he was still smiling and had no remorse. It seemed like he was going to do it again as soon as I let him go! The staff member ended up being pretty useless, the conversation ended with something along the lines of, "I'm pretty new here, try and find someone who has more experience". This made me mad that she was too incompetent to handle this kid who was breaking the rules at the place she worked! Later on in the dream I kept an eye out for him but didnt see him again. After that situation, my friend Matteo arrived at the gym. We greeted and hung out for a bit because they were changing the walls again at this point. I guess it was a special event day. Now there were basketball hoops at the tops of the walls, which I couldnt figure out how they were going to incorporate into the routes. I wandered around a bit, saw this insanely jacked asian man using some training implement to hold himself off the ground with one hand. He was cartoonishly jacked. I went to go hang out outside with Matteo, Bruce and one of their friends. We talked for a bit and then their other friend left to go play in the water and imitated some kid who just got lost or abducted or something. They scolded him for making fun of such a serious event. Shortly after I spotted climbing routes(Finally normal ones) on the outside of the gym building. I went to go check them out and there were some all over the side road, on the bouldering gym and the neighboring building. I attempted to start a hard looking route but couldnt get good enough footholds. I walked around to the back where there was now a gym style training zone with some climbing training apparatus'. Finally, I think I missed something. Near when the basketball hoops were up, they changed the walls 1 more time. There were roman looking obstacles that I believe you had to bounce a basketball off of to get it in the net. this isn't climbing but it felt okay for some reason.

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    1. corygotostars's Avatar
      wow, it looks like you had quite a journey! Happy dreaming for the next nights as well!
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