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    Weird phenomenon, maybe SP? anyone know?

    by , 02-06-2020 at 05:30 PM (48 Views)
    Went to bed at 2AM.
    Alarm went off at 7AM, nothing
    Alarm went off at 8:30AM, nothing
    woke up at 9:45AM from friend calling me. Forgot my dream but laid down for a while and then remembered.
    This began inside the Snowdon Metro station, the station I most often frequent. There was very little gravity, as if we were on the moon! It was a lot of fun jumping around from wall to wall, I was able to jump with extra speed! I jumped the orange line boarding side, had a bit of fun in the middle and then jumped super fast from one side of the blue line debarking side to the other side of it. Not afraid of any trains coming at all. After jumping around there for a bit, we went outside the station and started walking downhill. I wanted to run and jump downhill, giving me a ton of airtime, but before I could, the dream destabilized. I couldn't move, couldn't open my eyes except for the sliver that they were still open by. I was able to see down right in front of me, as if I was asleep standing up, thats how my eyelids were. I saw the snow on the sidewalk, what seemed like a blue mat and the bottom of a bus stop on my right side. I tried to stabilize at this point by looking intensely at the snow or trying to move to go touch things but none of it worked. After a bit, I realized the blue mat was the big blue flag on my wall! The bus station was my window, and the snow was the light blue of my wall. This was trippy as heck I couldn't move or open my eyes any further, so maybe this was like SP? I thought you could open your eyes in SP. Anyone know what this was? I eventually fell back into a dream where I was in the metro with my brother and his gf. We were on this skinny platform placed between two metro trains, the only way off was into one the the trains. This is a place I had been before in dreams. I dont think we still had the low gravity because I dont remember using it. Trains came qhizzing by and I think we boarded one, but my memory is fuzzy and that is where my recall ends or maybe I was woken up.
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