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    Dreams from last night!

    by , 02-05-2020 at 04:09 PM (53 Views)
    Went to bed at 1AMish.
    Woke up at 6AM, nothing
    Woke up at 7:30AM, nothing
    woke up at 9AM, with recall, wrote down 1 tag. Chilled for a bit in bed and remembered 2 more dreams, and wrote down tags
    I was in an exam room, taking a test which seemed really confusing to me. The incompetence I was feeling was really riling me up. I was really stuck in my head just thinking "Fuck what if I fail this, what if I cant finish it on time, I usually finish them so quick! Am I going to have to add another semester? I really dont want to do that" while I flipped the pages looking for something I could answer. As I was flipping, it was all information and no questions! At one point my sister finished, walked past me on the way out and gave me an answer. A teacher came by and she said something out loud to make it seem like we werent cheating. Shortly after the kid next to me slipped me a paper that contained a bunch of questions about the test, and I rejected it and slid it back forcefully. After a bit more scrambling through the pages they told us to stop, and that 2 hours had passed. We were going to take a break and have 1 hr left after the break. The kid on my right was teasing me about how poorly I was doing, and how I had basically not filled anything out. He kept doing that for a while. A teacher came up to me half caringly concerned and half scolding me, so I confessed to him. I told him I was so stuck in my head that I wasnt event thinking about what was on the paper. I knew if I could jsut concentrate my efforts on the paper I could do it. So during the break I sat down, closed my eyes and kind visualized myself completing the test. I experienced these 'meditative' sensations that gave me confidence in my ability to pass the test within the final hour and at that point the dream ended.

    Dream 2:
    I was at home with my cousin and some other family. My cousin shaun was telling us how he felt about being lonely and isolated from the family. We tried to talk to him about why things were this way, he lives further away than he used to, we're all distracted these days by technology(Something he acknowledged that he did himself too). He is shorter than me in real life but in this dream he turned into a man who only slightly resembles him and was like a foot taller than me.

    Dream 3:
    I was skiing with my brother and someone else. It was a ton of fun zooming downhill, jumping off of and over bumps, and zooming between a ton of kids who didnt even have skis on. They were roaming the ski trails just having fun and running around. Very dangerous. At one point, one kid threw a snowball at me while I was zooming by very fast. I stopped and went back up the hill towards the kids. I caught up to them and told them I just wanted to talk to them. We all ended up in a cabin with some of their parents. We all sat down outside the cabin and had a friendly conversation about why it was VERY dangerous for them to throw a snowball at me as I was speeding by, if they hit my goggles they could have permanently blinded me! I told them to think before they act, but in a friendly yet stern way, as in I wanted the best for them, not in a harsh ruling way. They all seemed to understand and some mountain staff came with some lemon tart pastries, they were great After that my brother and I did our final run. We turned into an 'easy path' when we got off the chairlift which also had a warning sign on it because the conditions were very poor. the other person we were skiing with wasnt down so they went on another path. We went down, took sharp turns, had to do slides along fallen trees and did some gnarly stuff. Near the end we were supposed to go through a dark tunnel. My brother went first and then this really small kid went through sideways on their snowboard. They were going soooooo slow and I was too impatient, when they were 1/3rd through I went in slowly behind them and gave them some speed by pushing from behind. We made it through the tunnel together.

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