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    by , 09-03-2018 at 06:04 AM (310 Views)
    Let's start at the beginning. I took new nightly medication and fell asleep reasonably quick. Upon waking (around 2:00am), I took an 8mg galantamine extract pill -- which, years prior, barely assisted in dream recall. As I drifted off to sleep, I managed to WILD.

    The sensation of sleep paralysis was hardly as bad as it had been before. I’ve found myself stuck in it far too long when I try to WILD. This time was different. To get metaphysical, those physical sensations I felt lying on my bed dissolved away to a blackness as my perception turned inward. I could feel my subconscious take over my breathing, and instead of feeling an uncomfortable stiffness in my limbs, I felt waves of relaxation wash through my body.

    From this blackness, I wanted to create the universe. So I did. I was cheeky about it too, narrating it Attenborough’s voice as I watched galaxies form, then planets. I commented about how Earth was my favorite life-bearing planet (and the only life-bearing planet I knew of). For some reason, I felt really clever saying that. I then found myself next to a black hole. Around me roared clouds of stellar gasses, red hot. I felt fear as I watched (what my mind’s eye perceived as) this black hole.

    Next thing I know, I am walking down a dimly lit hallway made of ancient stone. It was very dungeon-esque, interspersed with iron bars that seperated the hallway parallel to my own. A man was pounding on the bars. He turned and looked at me, yet his face was distorted -- much like flesh-toned static. The man uttered to me in a deep and equally distorted voice. And like that, a rush of water broke away the stones as it sucked everything down into a whirlpool behind him.

    I must have flown off, because next thing I remember was tasking people with saving warring nations and attempting to de-escalating their war. After awhile though, I settled in a desert. I was at the top of a mountain with another guy -- he was my father apparently. His voice kept changing and so did mine. We both commented on it, but continued talking. He was building a windmill to power something at the bottom. Each time an addition was made, the man grew older. I had constructed a generator powered by a mini-black hole by the time he was done.

    There’s a huge blank spot between this and the next dream. I was piloting a spaceship as a robot, delivering Chinese food to some guy. As I approached the asteroid, I realized he was being pursued by bounty hunters. I avoided their bullets as I docked. The guy immediately pulled me out and tossed me inside and set my ship to self-destruct to fool them. He closed some blast doors and we heard the explosion. When he asked for his food, I told him I didn’t grab it out of the ship. He wasn’t happy.

    There was another dream about a teacher losing her job because of underperforming students and another of a mega-building called “Decadence”. It was a self-sustaining building that provided everything free of charge (food, drinks, room), but there were only three ways in: Invitation for the famous, by being exceptionally skilled and working there -- or interestingly -- by sneaking in. Anyone who managed to get past their tight security could live there.

    I woke up from this at 5:00am feeling as though got a full night’s rest, despite my mind being so active in the dreams.

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    1. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Wow. You've got quite a lot done in just a single night. You must be very good at this!
      Updated 09-04-2018 at 02:45 AM by FireFlyMan
    2. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      I woke up from this at 5:00am feeling as though got a full night’s rest, despite my mind being so active in the dreams.
      We dream every night. The question is whether we remember it or not - we also have micro-awakenings many times in the night for brief moments, but we do not remember them. A person that did not actually dream at all would likely be lacking REM sleep, which would be of more concern than remembering one's dreams in detail.
    3. Minkaron's Avatar
      Wow. You've got quite a lot done in just a single night. You must be very good at this!
      Ah, goodness, no! I'm fairly good at recalling dreams; I absolutely suck when it comes to attaining lucidity!

      I suppose I should have mentioned that for the weeks prior, the new medication my doctor prescribed kept me pretty wired -- even when I feel asleep, I'd still wake up groggy and exhausted. So waking up refreshed was a pleasant surprise, haha!
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