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    1. school #806

      by , 07-08-2019 at 03:42 AM
      Here we go again,

      I'm in my ninth grade class, the teacher is the spanish teacher Lina. I'm sitting in the middle of the class and she starts grading some assignments. While she´s grading them she makes eye contact with me and says that "why didn't you turn yours in?"
      I didn't answer, inside me I didn't give a fuck.
      Then she stopped grading the rest of the assignments and just started talking loudly to me in front of every one.
      Her: "You could of been the best student of the year, why did you stop trying alex?"
      "What a shame, with your current grades you are going to fail the year"
      "Your grades are barely a 1.3"
      ---All the class starts looking at me
      Me: "I don't care anymore, I have a scholarship to a masters degree, I don't need to win this course"
      " I don't need t try hard no more"
      She then put a new assignment, in groups.

      I decided to sit at the back of the classroom where the bullies are, I talked to the kid that punched me before, "sebastian" I asked him if I could be there, he said yeah, no problem.

      I was sitting in the group of the kids that never did anything in class, I was in the group of the bullies, troublemakers, the bad boys.
      I was in a position where never in my head would I have thought of.
      And then I looked at the group of my "friends", they were happily doing the assignment, no one asked for me, I was with the others doing nothing.