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    the cat

    by , 01-10-2014 at 07:10 PM (406 Views)
    entering a building and in the entrance a lady says "hello again" (never seen her before).
    I'm going up the stairs with my mother, and in front of us another lady is going up too. We're going to our apartment and the lady in front of us sees a cat wrapped heavily in gift wrapping paper, the cat couldn't move his front paws and was walking in his back ones. The lady got scared and left him there.
    I went to the cat and was shocked to see the poor animal defenseless and my mother said to leave him alone but I couldn't , she screamed at me and left me there.i untangled the cat from all those wrappings, and the door next to me opened, the "owner" appeared.

    A lady around her fifty's appeared and said that the cat was hers, she grabbed it and took it back inside her home. 5 seconds later the cat came rushing outside, ran away from there like crazy and went through the stairs. The lady then said it was all my fault and took out a knife, she came right at me.

    I dodged her and managed to punch the knife away from her. I took her down and we started a fight on the floor. She got her hand and from her nails she took out another sharp object, it came out of her nails and stabbed me. She hit my leg and then I kickd it away from her, I connected a direct punch in her face and took her down.

    I stood up and she started laughing,
    -you can't kill me, I won't die...
    Her face reconstructed itself and she was back to normal, no scars. I was shocked and then she laughed
    -you fool, you'll never change, to bad I married you and now you are just another crazy person.
    I looked at her in her eyes and and was furious, I was so mad I bit her nose off her face.
    She looked at me and laughed, you can't hurt me , you are lost in your head.

    I looked confused, I didn't know what was going on, I ran away from there, as I exited the building I looked at myself in a mirror, I was a bald old man, I had aged out of nowhere. I ran out the front door and the same lady that greeted me before said "see you again tomorrow"

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    1. tinyrulezd00d's Avatar
      I must say the woman you said you have never seen, you have seen her sometime in your life period. You cannot dream of strangers, anybody in your dreams are people that you've seen. Even if you just seen them walking down the street, it's someone you've seen some point & time I your life.