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    Leaving the matrix

    8/4/13 - trying to lucid

    by , 08-04-2013 at 09:17 PM (461 Views)
    I'm running after people while people are running after me, I have trouble running, like I can't run fast enough, so I put my arms in instead of out confused as to why my arms were out in the first place, then I become aware and realize I am only running poorly because I am in a dream, and that I should be able to control my running now that I am conscious, so I try and suddenly I begin to speed up with swifter strides that are more deliberate and I begin to pass people, but then suddenly I am in my body (false awakening bit) and try to get back to sleep to continue lucid dreaming, but then my body get extremely itchy allover, so I give in and scratch, and then I do weird thing in my bed such as curling up so bad that my head is now on the other side of my bed but it seems so comfortable, and I get so frustrated that I can't reenter a dream and everything is distracting me, like suddenly my mom is standing at my window trying to look at me and I scream at her "what!" then she walks away, so I try again but realize I far to awake now, but then I fall into more dreams.

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