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    Journeys through Spacetime

    Lucid from across the Days

    by , 04-25-2017 at 06:31 AM (551 Views)
    LD 1
    I float around observing a strange scene. There is a river, with a man floating in a coffin with his arms crossed over his chest.

    LD 2
    I become lucid in a car. I fly through the car door and fly around observing the beautiful scenery. I eventually float down to forest.

    LD 3
    I become lucid again. In a computer lab, a man gives a presentation - it is too dull for words, so I become invisible and escape. I remember some friends I miss, so I write on a summoned piece of paper a note. I leave it in a noticeable place.

    LD 4
    I become lucid. I am in green open fields. 5 girls are chained to a pole. I ask them about their predicament. The eldest who appeared about 13 years old responded
    "It was an accident REALLY! I have a sister called Nellie, OK? She was first shaped like a beanstalk. But one day she discovered cheesecake. She was fascinated! Soon she was shaped like a huge orange. She had to roll around the city, but she still NEEDED cheesecake.
    One day, I and my friend opened the door heading off to the sweet shop. But we live on a steep hill. And Nellie was at the top. She rolled down and down. We in panic offered to take her to the lolly shop, but it was too late. Mother stormed in..."

    LD 5 I am driving down a road that doesn't exist! I become lucid, but I continue along the road out of curiosity. I end up at a surreal shopping mall. I float around looking at bizarre contraptions.

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