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    My Shocking Out Of Body Experience

    by , 06-16-2017 at 09:09 AM (1157 Views)
    I wake up at 3 AM as part of my subconscious WBTB.
    I am certainly awake at this point as I move some objects on my desk for verification in the morning along with a standard RC. I soon settle down back to bed. My green phosphines make psychedelic patterns as I consider a WILD. Dreamlike imagery of a valley with huge waterfalls flashes by... Suddenly, I am lifted and thrown to the side of my bed! I look at my bed in shock AND I AM LYING DOWN ON MY BED! I don't see a cord, and I guess this was the resolution of a ridiculous argument about it's existence to another person. I look out the window at the serene night. I wander my eyes across the suburban scene until suddenly, a planet-sized dodecahedron soap (you know like all reflecting rainbow stuff) arches across from the east. I decide to take action so I fly through the window effortlessly. I love this move and I do it in almost every dream possible! Now it is daytime with a little suggestion, and I find a fictional bridge across water.

    I swim fluidly and fly up to the side of the bridge. I notice small holes in the bridge and more soap bubbles bubble out...

    I now fly with a companion to a rundown building. I phase through the door feeling a surge of the blue affect me. I find myself in a hall filled with people. I sense a sense of shock as they are still, silent and staring. There are three doors and a staircase. I choose the stair case and I sight a passage to my left. I float down it and locate a room to my right. The door is open and an elderly woman is wearing a mauve dress. I talk to her and she alerts me that the people downstairs are my ancestors...

    I have taken to a more detailed dream account as I realize that small details slip the mind in the long term and including them provides a better read. I wonder what my really long dreams shall take up!
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    1. Psionik's Avatar
      The "cord" is most probably only imagination. I detected the "cord" only a few times out of more than thousand OBEs and at those times I snapped it because it was a distraction- since I felt the tug of it... a restricting thing which didn't allow to travel further away from my body.
      I wonder, when you travel at night- is there regularly the night also in astral? I observed such thing, from times I started my OBEs... Also, when I travel during the day, there is a daytime in astral too.
      WL means waking life?
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    2. naturespirit's Avatar
      Thanks Psionic,
      I agree that the cord is part of imagination.
      When I do astral projection, I have always found the time similar or near exact, but then often changes to a time more in my 'comfort zone', which is often day, but sometimes night is calming.
      WL: Waking Life