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    Journeys through Spacetime

    TOTM Basic i January 2018

    by , 01-26-2018 at 06:30 AM (583 Views)
    Rather late but...

    Relevant Part:

    I gazed out the window aimlessly in an endeavour to ignore the massive crowd enveloping me...
    Suddenly it clicked. I became lucid. I attempted to fly through the window, but failed, instead bumping my head.
    I strived once more after reaffirming my lucid state. I had 10 fingers on one hand!
    This time I succeeded and after a brief float through the air, I landed myself on a vibrant green lawn.
    After an unsuccessful attempt at remembering TOTY, an elderly man suddenly appeared beside me.
    I remember the TOTM and ask "Whose dream is this?"
    He thought for a while, and then responded "Yours, mine and his in truth"

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