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    Chimp & Bears

    by , 11-09-2013 at 01:36 AM (784 Views)
    Right. I am way behind with journalling. In the meantime, got mostly short lds and finally a long one today (will post separately).

    Date: 1 Nov

    Combo: SJW, B6, p.oil cap, latte

    It's been around two months since the last time I took this combo. This time, I found the dreams before the wbtb very emotionally charged and not with pleasant emotions. It was mentally exhausting.

    I do a quick wbtb and go back to bed repeating the mantras. An hour passes by where I thought I was awake but actually I was in some sort of deep sleep. Can't recall thinking or dreaming anything. I take a couple mins to concentrate on having an ld and fall asleep.

    LD: From the darkness, the scene begins to form around me and I start walking briskly to allow myself to get in properly. I am on the street in some neighborhood. As I examine the surroundings, I see a chimp in the yard across the street. Cool! I remember that I was supposed to turn into a gorilla for the NY task, so having a point of reference for the transition is very welcome. My thoughts and emotions make the chimp stand on its feet and beat its chest or something like that.

    The dream is kind of unstable and as I look around, I see the chimp suddenly vanish in front of my eyes. It quickly fades away to become transparent, where only the contours can be seen, then these disappear as well. I want the chimp to reappear and look in another direction. Behind the fence of a close by yard, there are now a number of bear cubs and as I am staring at them they quickly increase in numbers. The whole yard is now filled with bear cubs, maybe 15-20 of them. I look towards what I feel is the city center, hoping to see a tall building, but there are only 5- story blocks here. There's this gut feeling that I shouldn't have started changing the dream so early on as this is causing too much instability, but it's already too late.
    I wake up.

    I do another quick and rather sloppy attempt to have an ld, but it seems that I fall into unmemorable sleep again.

    4 Nov

    From scratch short ld in the living room. High instability, decided to do yoga - handstand but lost the feel of my hands and dream collapsed.

    5 Nov

    Stable, vivid, somewhat unpleasant atmosphere. Recognized frequency of objects (toilets) as DS. Decided to leave the place by phasing through a mirror. Imagined Egypt behind and phased but ended in the void. Shortly felt warmth and some sand around but then continued floating forwards in the dark void. Minor dream paralysis (in the void) while trying to rub hands.
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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Nice, congratulations on the LDs! Amazingly quick thinking trying to refocus the chimp as a point of reference for your transformation. As usual, you are very, very quick on your feet. I was having trouble even remembering my Tasks in the last LD, so I'm impressed by this. Particularly since you crossed that longish period of deeper sleep before hitting the LD.

      Bear cubs were cute too. Bears figured prominently in my latest lucid, too, which is interesting. (Mine were the stuffed variety!)

      By the way, I love the yoga handstand idea! Can you do a yoga handstand IWL?
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    2. NyxCC's Avatar
      Thanks CL!

      Yes, it was quite lucky that I made the chimp Toty connection since the ld was a bit later and I was thinking about the wall of China during wbtb. However, I am now slightly modifying my strategy as we move towards New Year. I have been thinking that I would review all the tasks or all of those that I could remember ideally during wbtb and then look for any elements that might fit any of the tasks. Also plan B is to start randomly thinking about any elements to see if I can summon them if there are none in the surroundings. It's worth a try.

      Really cool partial overlap of titles, and as you probably have read already, loved your cute bear dream!

      About the handstand, I can only do it using the wall as a prop. I have been craving to try out yoga in the dream since all acrobatics are so easy to execute. The only problem is I get a bit unstable when feeling the weightlessness, but man I want to try walking on my hands sometime!
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      Updated 11-11-2013 at 03:50 AM by NyxCC
    3. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Your strategy sounds solid, particularly since you have a very strong prospective memory. Mine has been a little bit glitchy lately (forgot the reef task!) but you consistently manage to bring a lot of waking life memories/thoughts/plans along with you to the dream world. Plus, having all of that bouncing around in your head seems perfect for plan B! Something useful is bound to show up!

      I noticed the title thing, too, and got excited about it! It's funny that it hit for you on november 1st but that you didn't post it until later. If you had posted it right away I would have assumed that the reason it showed up for me was simple dream journal cross-pollination. Pretty cool!!

      Awesome, highly recommended on the dream stunts! I've found dream acrobatics to be a lot of fun in general. Plus doing all of that work upside down should be a good mental exercise in staying calm and stable through unusual perspective changes.
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    4. NyxCC's Avatar
      Thanks for the compliment! You have been doing quite well too - even when you didn't remember the reef, you recalled the Pyramid and that's still pretty good! I'm sure you are going to surprise us with another super cool dream of ToTY soon!

      Sweet dreams!
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    5. Highlander's Avatar
      It sounds quite a feat (feet) standing on your hands during an LD. It should be nominated as a future task maybe.

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    6. NyxCC's Avatar
      Thanks! That's a great idea!
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