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    Messed up experiment

    by , 05-10-2013 at 01:58 PM (550 Views)
    Pre bed: Brain multi vit

    Result: vividness plus sleepiness, emotional dreams

    WBTB: fail, no tea, no menthol

    Recall method: none

    Fragment1: two guys that are dreamers meet. It seems that all three of us have great self-control and understanding.
    mood: positive

    Dream2: I am in my old neighborhood, now go into some strange house where I am good friends with the DC owner. There is like a gathering of people, my mom's friends, some classmates that I don't like etc. For some reason, I begin teasing them and they react very aggressively. Everybody is looking at me, shouting at the same time, there is heavy tension and hatred? The DC guy is the only friendly person in the room, and I worry that he will be forced to join the group of aggressive DCs.
    mood: aggression in the air

    Later on I go to his room, there are two beds in the room, he is sharing the room with his sister but I notice only one desk. There is another room, where he was born, so they are keeping it for the next generation. My father is also there.
    mood: inquisitive

    In another part of the house, later on. The DC is now somebody I know, and I make him happy. I am concerned about doing the whole thing, but it is too late.
    mood: sexual

    Fragment3: One of our guests who initially insisted the bedsheets are dirty and disgusting now tells me that we only need to sprinkle them with water and put them back. I disagree and tell her that she contradicts herself. This leads to a scandal and there is more tension in the air.

    Comments: OK, I have completely ruined it today. I told myself yesterday, I make a plan in the evening, then have the discipline to follow my plan, no matter what my mood is during WBTB. Why oh why did I turn off the alarm clock and went to bed, when the plan was to have some tea before that? A little bit of wakefulness was exactly what I needed! I really have to get more serious about the WBTB, only once in a week is a true fiasco!

    And another reminder: every time there is sexual attraction to another guy, at least do RC, chances are this is a dream!

    Oh, anyways....feed your brain multivitamins make for a neurotic personality it seems.
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    Tags: scandal, sexual
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    1. Zoth's Avatar
      I like how you always point out the emotional background of each dream, it's a really smart idea

      Regarding your WBTB, have you tried putting the alarm away from your bed? That way you'd have to get up in order to turn it off, significantly reducing the chances of going back to sleep ^^
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    2. NyxCC's Avatar
      Thanks! I really wanted to emphasize the rainbow of emotions I got, especially today.

      Actually, my alarm is away from the bed, for the reason you pointed out. I got up, visited the restroom, had a look at myself in the mirror, wondered for a bit if I should proceed as planned, and then answered myself with "I feel so sleepy...." so went back to bed without waking myself enough. I think this is another of my self-sabotage acts. Last month I was fighting with myself to go to bed on time, the more I focused on that, the harder it became. This month it seems I am subconsciously failing the WBTBs. I will have to discipline myself and I just got an idea how...BB's summer challenge!
      Updated 05-10-2013 at 10:20 PM by NyxCC