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    More paranoid than lucid

    by , 03-12-2013 at 12:52 AM (535 Views)
    After going to bed late and waking up quite late during the weekend, I decided to restart my biological clock, taking melatonin supplement (3mg also has a small amount of B6). It turned out to be quite a vivid night and morning after, some brief LD including.

    Dream1: So, I in my dream me and some other DC were running away as fast as we could from this other person, DC, that morphed into a guy from my uni. We were running inside a building but then we reached a dead end, there was no door to go through, so we just had to go back. There the DC chaser was standing blocking something that looked like a sliding door from my wardrobe years ago. After finding a card on which some numbers appeared, I assumed these numbers were pointing to some kind of exit. I entered into a room which initially was a toilet (subconscious giving me signs again), with numbers above the different sections. A guy came in and I let him have his privacy. It turned out that the number was hanging above one of the toilet seats. How am I supposed to run away passing through it? (Though I’ve done so one or two times). At this time, the room transforms completely, and there is a bed where the toilets used to be. I feel that the chaser is coming as I try to close the door to the room. The other guy that was doing his job in the toilet starts to act creepy and roars, which really has a terrifying effect on me. Then, I remember that I should have more confidence when I am chased, so I try to overcome my fear and send a ripple of “go-away” intention. Though it was a very weak ripple, it seems to have worked, because both nasty characters suddenly disappear. I try to barricade myself in the room by putting some chairs against the door. I continue to have the feeling that he is coming. Then I manage to awaken from this unpleasant dream.

    Dream2: I was walking down a western-looking city, which in my mind was Cologne. As I was pondering how much the place has changed, I ran into an old friend from school. We happily greeted each other, and then I continued on my way. I was going down the street, looking at some street stalls, where they were selling really beautiful and strange looking scarves. I wanted to buy one, and it was quite cheap, some cost 7, some cost 8, written as large numbers in front of them. I continued walking, the street seemed to be elevated, and it became darker towards the end, I guess I continued walking till I had entered a building at the end of the street. I was inside a home, when I realized I was dreaming. I just looked around what seemed to be magnificent furniture in Asian style. I tried holding the view of items around me, but when I moved to the next room, some dream entity was trying to interact with me, with a touch of aggression, distracting me and I soon sank into unconscious dreaming.

    Dream3: I was sitting on a table with a number of women (40-50 yrs of age maybe), discussing the part that I was being chased, and how I tried to get rid of the my chasers , and why it partially worked. I was amazed how we were all sitting there, in my mind those were not mere DCs but rather inorganic being projections and I told them I marvelled that. The woman in front of me said that she was not actually inorganic but a type of tree. I knew I saw her as a person because I filtered everything through the human form. I asked her “So you come here when you are sleeping”. I can’t remember if got a reply from her. Then the paranoia of the night came back and we had to leave because I had the feeling that somebody might be coming. Thankfully, nobody was. The scene moved into another dream where we, don’t know who that we is anymore, went to this Chinese museum. We paid but I wasn’t really sure if we will have the time to see all that was there. In the museum everything was accessible, there were a lot of Buddha figures, small ones, golden, or covered in some shiny paint, also some ancient objects, which the women of the time used to put their make up in, as if they were shells, really beautiful things.

    Mood after initial wake: fear
    Mood after final wake: uplifted, happy

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