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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Orange Glow In Syrano (LD) 2. Snowy Fields (LD)

      by , 10-29-2023 at 03:11 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Orange Glow In Syrano (LD)
      I'm aware as I'm looking at the coffee table in Syrano, sitting up partially on the couch. I cautiously begin to move and quickly discover I'm able to move my dream body freely. I stand up fully and move slowly toward the other end of the room. I feel a bit of excitement stir up as I know I'm about to enter a full WILD, yet quickly bring my awareness back to the present. I grab a game controller to engage tactile sense and begin clicking a series of buttons as I walk. I continue toward the kitchen area and place the game controller on the edge of the counter where I usually record dreams. I look toward the corner and notice a microwave in the back right as well as to the right. I consider looking at the time, hesitate as I feel that it will distract me, yet finally look to see a time of 3 something. I decide to grab some chocolate before the adventure. I go into the usual cabinet and quickly discover a bar at the top right. It doesn't feel complete. I quickly imagine there will be more to the left and quickly find a black Ghiradelli bar and another small one. I take the first, then place the second in gray bag on the counter with the small one beside it. I head toward the sliding glass door with blinds, ready to explore the area beyond. I take a bite of the bar and it's great! It tastes like chocolate in waking life. I phase through the blinds and glass and end up in a beautiful area with orange glow spilling out of the homes lining either side of a small canal which extends narrowly through the middle of the town. There are people in front of each structure, each of which has a massive glass wall in the front of the home. The shape of each home slighly resembles the shape of the components of the Sydney Opera House. I consider exploring, but feel that I want to go back to grab the rest of the bars. I wonder if the dream will destabilize, but want to test it. I phase back in, head to the counter, and find the gray bag right where I left it. I put the bar in my back left pocket, then phase back through the sliding glass door. I suddenly end up in an area with gray wall in which a walkway leads to an area beyond with a massive public pool to the right. There are several kids in the pool and a steel ladder leading down. I see a co-worker to my right and say hi. I continue walking down the path next to the massive pool and wonder if the dream will change to something similar to the previous scene; I'm not really interested in the current one. As I walk farther, I notice small, narrow restaurants to my left, similar to what you'd find in an airport. There restaurants are fairly full, with many families at the tables. Each has a slightly different theme. I reach the second then third restaurant and look intently at a couple of the DCs, marveling at the details in one of the faces. I continue farther and notice a sign on the far wall resembling a fish and it appears to the the emblem for an elementary school. There are kids eating at tables to the left in the final area of this floor and I imagine that it's essentially the cafe area of an elementary school. I see a massive ladder leading to the floor below to my right and begin to descend. I quickly find myself in an expansive room with massive glass window, roughly three stories tall, providing a view to the outside. It's a forested area with massive, lush trees and a small dirt walkway next to the building. I turn to my right and see light tile floor extending to the end of the massive room and an elderly lady working slightly to the right at a desk - seemingly a receptionist of some sort. I turn to the right even more and see another seating area. It appears to be some type of cafe, like one you would see on a school campus. There are several groups of older students scattered throughout the long tables leading far down into the room to my right. I feel that I'm beginning to wake up. My vision goes into a brilliant white. I want to hold onto the dream so I imagine rubbing a seam on the front of a shirt that I'm wearing and continue to wait in awareness of the white light. I stay in this state for quite a while and eventually return to waking.

      2. Snowy Fields (LD)
      I'm driving down a road which is running between two massive fields of what appears to be a snow covered hay field. I look at the dashboard and see my hands, and say "I'm dreaming" as I do so. I was just lying down on the couch...I'm dreaming! The car continues to travel down the road as if it's on cruise control. I decide to climb into the passenger seat and grab some chocolate from the glove compartment to start of the adventure! I climb into the seat, search the compartment, and quickly find a plastic bag with a bar inside. I feel that I should begin driving the car a bit more with the wheel and begin to climb to the center. I turn to the right and see that we're passing a Japanese style structure, and I feel that it's a monastery. I begin to wonder if it's a section of Uburu Migu. I see that the road is beginning to end and there's a small building directly in front of the road and a playground slightly to the right of the building. I lean over, hit the bakes with my hand, turn the car to the right, and shift the car into park next to the building. I begin to explore to the left of the building. I turn and notice a multi-level parking garage built of steel beams. There are several levels of cars parked inside. I begin to shout "Clarity! Clarity! Stabilize! Stabilize!" at the dream and it responds slightly. I head toward the back of the monastery and head toward the back door to look inside. I open the door and see a massive dream character in a black robe facing a wall. I figure he's some sort of monk. I turn back around as the character seems a bit intense. There's a friendly character in front of me and Han appears next to me as well. The tall thin man who appears to be a monk walks with us to the building across from the monastery with a smile and takes his hoes off. I take mine off as well, which appear to be tan loafers which are in good condition. I mention to Han that I like them. I then make a comment about his shoes and begin to use telekinesis to fling them back to the monastery with a grin. I only see black flickers moving to the monastery. I wonder why it didn't work, try again, yet don't have success. I begin to approach the doorway of the building in front of me with Han and get ready to descend a staircase. I begin to wake up.

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    2. 1. Stone Mushroom Island (LD) 2. Coffe Mug Telekinesis (LD)

      by , 10-28-2023 at 03:18 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Stone Mushroom Island (LD)
      I turn around within the center of the first floor of the main house in Syrano. My awareness begins to raise and I become lucid. I begin thinking about what I want to do and decide to grab some chocolate and then go exploring. I head to the front of the house, considering exploring in this area. I see the scene illuminated slightly with an yellow orange glow in the night. Thereís a black SUV in the front. I decide to head back in though as I donít feel like exploring the development area. I head over to the kitchen area and expect to find some chocolate bars in the upper right portion of the wooden cabinets to the left. I reach up to the right of the top shelf and find bar right away. I begin eating it as I head toward the window which has blinds on it, and it tastes very good! It has clear chocolate flavor, a bit muted but really good. I phase through the blinds and window wondering what is going to be in the area beyond. I enter into the area beyond and begin taking in the view of the beautiful night time scene, illuminated slightly by the buildings beyond. There's a large lake which extends quite far into the distance, although itís not too wide. At the far edges, two story homes sit with steep roofs, windows illuminated in yellow. I begin to fly out over the lake, and feel an amazing sense of freedom as I do. I quickly find a small rock island to my left and land on it. It appears to have small growth of mushrooms sticking out of it which cover the surface of the small island. I begin to reflect on my lucidity and find it amazing that so many experienced dreamers stay in this state for long periods of time. I reflect on how itís completely worth the effort. I continue to look around the dream scene, taking in the dark rock beneath me and the dark colored water of the lake. I begin to fly a bit farther down, yet have a false awakening.

      2. Coffee Mug Telekinesis (LD)
      Iím on the first floor of the main house in Syrano, interacting with some objects on the counter. I begin to have the impression that Iím interacting with dream objects, and that I need to continue to interact to stabilize the dream. My awareness raises and I become. Lucid. I leave the objects in front of me on the counter alone and turn to the left, heading toward the wooden cabinets. I decide to look for chocolate as in the previous lucid dream and quickly find a bar on the top shelf. I carry it with me toward the center area with the coffee table and couch. Bran is standing there with a coffee mug. I begin to play around with the black mug by using telekinesis on it. I move it up and down with ease, enjoying it and see the light brown liquid slosh around. I turn to Brandon.
      ďLike my lucid skills?!Ē I say with a comical, excited voice.
      I begin to lose lucidity.

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    3. Strolling Around Meadow (LD)

      by , 10-26-2023 at 11:33 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I look at the menacing figure in front of me holding a knife, and sense that he's hostile. He grins at me with a mischievous countenance. I begin to use telekinesis to move the knife out of his hands. Oh...this is a dream I become lucid. I rush up, grab the knife, and stab him. None of this matters; this is just a dream. I'll go somewhere else. I simply turn around and head down the dim hallway behind me. I begin to look at my hand, marveling at what it feels like to be in the lucid state. I suddenly appear on the second story of a building with a banister to my right, overlooking the first floor of a house. I soon recognize that it's the main house in Meadow. I decide to simply explore a bit. I glide over the banister, down to the first floor, and through the front door. I feel like taking the dream very slowly, and not controlling much. I simply walk slowly down the front walkway and onto the driveway, takin in the sights. There's a bit of sunlight shining down, and I begin to think about my dream goal of communicating with my dream guide. I begin to ask the dream for my dream guide. Nothing appears. I head over to the pile of rocks to the left of the driveway and decide to pick up a rock to engage the tactile sense throughout dream exploration to see if it'll help stabilize. The rocks area all a blackish gray color. I continue head over, grab a stone, and begin to rub it as I make my way into the street. I begin to reflect on my waking body being asleep, but move my mind off of this thought as I don't want it to lead to me waking up. I decide to head to the neighboring house across the street as I haven't explored this area extensively. As I reach the driveway, I look to my left and notice that there are many trees extending down and to the left. The driveway extends down quite far to an area which appears to be a massive pool which appears almost like a public pool with a ladder leading down and many people inside. The garage to my right has quite a few people gathered inside, but I decide not to explore that area. I consider heading into the back of the house, thinking back to previous lucid, but don't want to get distracted looking for chocolate in the pantry. I notice a group of children in front of me being led by a fairly young leader. I stroll up to the group, interested to get a glimpse of the leader. I approach, yet as I begin to look at the leader, I begin to lose lucidity and slip into a false awakening in which I'm voice recording the lucid dream.

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    4. Breathing Into The Dream (LD) Highway Car (LD) S & SS (LD) PES (LD) PC (LD)

      by , 10-22-2023 at 01:04 AM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Breathing Into The Dream (LD)
      Iím aware as a scene begins to form. Iím aware of my breathing as I see a white console beginning to take shape in the center of my field of vision. I notice a very faint bit of excitement beginning to form and set my mind to tempering it immediately. I begin to focus intently on my breathing, counting each breath. The scene forms fully and I begin to cautiously test if I can enter the scene. I slowly move my dream body a few steps and Iím in the scene. It appears to be an apartment of sorts with a fairly large pale red couch to my right. I continue to count my breaths for a short bit to stabilize. I see a square black TV on the console with some images on it and I check ot see if any video games are displayed, but donít notice any. I head a bit farther into the back of the room an get the idea to search for a cocoa to practice some basic summoning and to stabilize. I imagine some on the floor in a mug to my right. I quickly find it next to the couch, pick up the mug, and sip a bit. The flavor is a bit muted. I then decide to find a large chocolate bar in the fridge that tastes better.. I head toward what appears to be a kitchen area farther back. I quickly find a stainless steel fridge, open it and find a bunch of salmon filets as well as some ribs. I grab a big slab of salmon and itís really good. I begin to feel pretty hungry. I look up a bit higher, but quickly wake up.

      Highway Car (LD)
      Iím driving down a highway in the dim morning light and begin to think of lucidity. I become lucid. Iím navigating over what appears to be an overpass next to some large office buildings with a greenish hue. I float out of the car and begin to fly upward. I wake up

      Stump And Super Speed (LD)
      Iím in the backyard of the main house in Meadow. I think about wanting to get lucid. I become lucid and put my hands up in front of me as I do so. I fly upward a bit and turn to my left. I see a fairly large tree in the back left of the yard and consider practicing super speed. I continually imagine my dream body zooming to the tree while simultaneously imagine the tree moving closer to me. I repeat this several times. On many of the attempts, Iím nearly instantly at a new location, with my visual field cast downward. As I look downward, I notice a tree stump shaved very low to the ground with a very large diameter - probably two feet or so. This repeats a few times and each time I instantly revert to my starting area next to the house. I wake up.

      Practicing Earth Slam (LD)
      Iím in the backyard behind the main house in Meadow. I think of wanting to get lucid in the area, look at a plant, and become lucid. I float a bit farther, considering going into the dark woods. I then decide to practice Earth Slam a bit to work on element manipulation. Near the pool, I slam the ground with my right foot a couple of times, expecting shockwaves. Not much happens. I float a bit farther into the yard and slam the ground with my two hands clasped in front of me. Not much happens once again. I glance up toward the gate on the far end of the yard.
      I head toward the dark woods, imagining what will be beyond as the light begins to pour slightly through the trees. I stop near the fence and the shed. I get the idea that I should stop stabilize for a bit. I begin to look at my hand, slowing down a bit. I then wake up.

      Planetary Chat (LD)
      The boy continues to talk about planets and I think about getting lucid. I get a flash of lucidity and teleport to the edge of the room. I soon lose lucidity.
    5. 1. Emerald Cloud Vortex (LD) 2. The Two Temples (LD)

      by , 10-14-2023 at 02:36 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Emerald Cloud Vortex (LD)
      I'm aware as I 'm winding down a staircase. There's green carpeting and the rails are wooden with golden pieces to fasten them. I feel that it made be hypnagogia developing into a dream. I begin moving slowly, winding down the staircase.
      I suddenly feel that I'm laying on the couch. I relax my body. I soon feel that I'm able to stand up. I stand up in the first floor of the Syrano main house. The details are quite accurate, yet a bit blurry. I begin rubbing the wall. Time to start exploring...I should grab some chocolate first, why not. head to the fridge and head to the usual slide out drawer. I notice eggs in the same position as waking life. I find a bag, yet when I turn and feel the contents, it seems that there's just gooey spherical shaped items inside. I return the bag and look inside the cabinet to the right, expecting bars. I find several of two different types, and grab two, putting one in my pocket for later and carrying the other. I take a bite and it's pretty good! I head to the sliding glass door to start the exploration. As I phase through, the blinds continue to stay in front of my face, gradually sliding over as I walk further outside. I quickly fly up and end up above the clouds in a short amount of time. The scene is absolutely beautiful. At first I see crimson and sanguine streaks of a deep sunset, yet from above the clouds, pouring from the clouds themselves. I'm amazed by the colors and they remind me of the main page of Night Club. A massive green vortex then begins to form from a cloud in the far distance. I it has a conical shape and continues to swirl intensely, an emerald hue emanating from it.
      "Oh oh God" I'm amazing by how awesome it looks. I continue to fly toward it and swoop down. The scene quickly transition to a snowy scene with a hard ground. Green tentacles extend from the snow surface in two area, sets of about five massive tenacles coming from each. I swoop around counterclockwise in the sky and extend my right hand to shoot a fireball at the first. A fireball hurls from my hand and travels about one hundred meters into the tentacles.
      I continue to fly around, going for a second fireball, yet the next is less vivid. I fly down to the surface, and land a bit farther down in the snow drift. The scene is very dark in this area and there are dense trees around me, yet quite a few meters away still. I'm concerned that the dream will fade due to darkness, so I turn to where the tentacles are, searching for light. I rub the ground and fly a bit farther toward where I came from. I make some more progress, rubbing the ground again. I wake up.

      2. The Two Temples (LD)
      I get out of the car, and the concept of 'dream' comes to mind. My awareness quickly raises. This is a dream
      I get out of the car and look around the scene. It's in the middle of the day and I'm in a parking lot next to shops of some sort that seem to be cafes of some sort. I realize the dream character who parked behind me in the Mustang headed in that direction, but no longer want to follow. I decide to explore in the direction of the cafes. I float over toward the right side of them. I enter a house and explored for quite some time. The walls are made of dark wood and there are many rooms extending in different directions. I float from an upper area over a banister to an area below. I make my way into a side room and realize I'm wearing brown flip flops. I should take these off; they're probably going to alert some DCs. I should find some quiet ninja shoes or just go barefoot. I turn to my right and see an entire kitchen area with the same dark wood decor. A heavy set, tall man with blond hair is baking a couple trays of muffins which are light yellow in color. One has wrap over it. I go to take two but decide to ask.
      "May I have some?"
      Baker: "You can have one"
      His name Thomas
      "What's your name"
      Baker: "Thomas"
      I knew it
      I look at the tray and notice that most of them are heavily caramelized on the top. I take one and take a bite. It's still warm and the taste is extremely vivid! It tastes just like it would in real life. There's a vanilla flavor and the texture is moist and fluffy as well. I leave the area, floating through the door into the adjoining rooms. The rooms beyond are fairly dark I make a sharp left and notice a dark staircase leading downward. I'm about to head down, but feel that the area looks a bit creepy. I turn and head into a room to my left. This room is much longer and has what appears to be a sofa inserted into the wall with a bunk above it. I think of telekinesis, and go to move on of the pillows to the left. It won't budge though. I ignore it for the time being and float into the area to my left. I sudden end up in an outdoor area with a massive staircase leading up to the left. The entire area is made of stone. There's a woman at the top looks at me and begins to ask me to do something. I interrupt her, changing the topic playfully.
      "What's that on your shirt?" I continue pointing, asking her about the picture, not really caring.
      I then fly way, to my right, thorough the middle of the stone columns. I feel a total sense of freedom and a rock song begins playing. The lyrics have to do with "waking up". I see a massive temple structure directly in front of me, raising roughly three stories high and it's massively wide. There are stone terraces that protrude far from the left and right sides. I turn to the right and fly in that direction in broad daylight in the direction of a smaller temple structure that's made of dark stone. There's a group at a round picnic table in the area in front and they smile at me. I'm interested in interacting and wonder if I'll see them in dream again. I don't interact, yet instead turn to my left and head toward one of the terraces of the main temple, wondering if the dream will destabilizes from such a long flight. I reach the edge of the terrace on the second level and begin walking toward the entrance of the structure. I see my reflection as I approach. I begin thinking about my illusory form practice. It's like I'm a traveler between worlds... I begin to reflect on the nature of the the experiences being witnessed by my awareness and the nature of the waking and dreaming state. I begin to wake up.

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    6. 1. Figure On The Stairs (LD) 2. Getting Cocoa (LD)

      by , 10-12-2023 at 10:40 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Figure On The Stairs (LD)
      Iím aware as my body relaxes and imagery begins to form. I begin to see a staircase coming into vision and begin moving my dream body into the scene slowly. I see a figure at the top of the stairs come into view. It is difficult to determine the gender, but the figure is wearing what appears to be a black trench coat. There is a green hue pervading the scene. I make my way up the staircase slowly, feeling that the scene is a bit creepy, but drop any sense of fear, reflecting on the fact that itís just a dream. I make my way quickly to the figure, imagining it zooming toward me and I skirt to the right. I get the thought to create a comical image and as I turn, the head of the figure turns into a goofy looking worm type character. I turn back around and feel as though Iím returning to my body.
      *Iím aware as Iím laying in bed. Iím not sure if Iím awake or still in REM. I donít want to move so I simply relax my body

      2. Getting Cocoa (LD)
      Iím aware that a dream has begun and Iím in the void. Iím begin encouraging imagery to begin, yet nothing happens. I go to move my dream body, and discover I can move about. I imagine a cabinet handle that I can grab and quickly find a set to my right. I feel that drinking cocoa will stabilize the dream! I reach to an upper cabinet and begin to imagine that a mug will be inside. I reach inside and find a mug with my hand, and grab the handle. I move farther to the right and begin to drink from it. Visuals begin to appear slightly and I grab a carafe of coffee with my other hand. I take a sip and it tastes just like coffee! I continue to walk across the room with both items and decide to smash the glass coffee carafe. I throw it against the ground and hear a dim shattering, and it gives an interesting impression that itís coming from Ďwithin my mindí rather than the dream scene. I head toward the far wall and phase through a window section. I begin to slowly drift into an area below which is essentially a large square room. There are white sofas positioned around the perimeter of the room. I begin to feel the dream fading a bit, so I drop down and begin rubbing the ground. I begin to wake up.

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    7. Casting Shroud (LD)

      by , 10-11-2023 at 10:54 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I look back at the group as my awareness begins to stir. This seems…dreamlike.
      “I’m dreaming”. I take a few steps as my awareness raises more, and I’m lucid. I quickly phase through the blinds and window and pop out the other side, floating outside the second story window in the back of the main house in Meadow. It’s night time and I feel a sense of complete freedom.
      This is why I lucid dream.
      I hear a short clip of a peaceful, yet mysterious melody as I have this thought. I take in the scenery in the dim of night. Where should I explore? I look left and consider exploring a bit further into the unexplored fields area. I decide against it as I worry that it may cause the dream to fade currently. I turn around and begin to raise upward, gaining a view of the roof. I think back to a lucid many years ago in which I had a similar view. I decide not to fly over the house, and decide against heading into the neighbors yard as well. Suddenly, I enter a void state and hold my awareness. I do this for a short moment and suddenly appear back in the second story in my room in Meadow, facing the window. Visuals are still a bit poor, so I continue rubbing the walls as I head into the hallway. I end up in the void once again. I quickly visualize two palm trees, yet shift quickly to visualizing Nocturnia instead. I hold the visualization for a short while and suddenly appear on the second story next to a railing overlooking a lobby. The central area appears to be the lobby of an office building. It slightly resembles the shape of the main house in Meadow. The room is essentially square shaped with a vaulted ceiling as well as a central area that descends via a wide staircase to an area below. The staircase is bordered by a small stone wall on either side. I hear my boss chatting in the room below and to the back. She’s talking to another one of my co-workers. My boss is talking about getting someone in for a date or an interview. I do a slow fall from the balcony.
      I decide this is a perfect time to cast invisibility. I snap my fingers on my right hand to cast it. I then do a shroud mudra to conceal myself from ‘dream character sense’, testing it. Next I cross my arms in a X in front of me, casting invincibility. I begin to descend the staircase. The dream character walks by me, and instead of picking up on the fact that I’m there, simply walks right by me. I continue to hear people chatting about business matters. I begin to turn to the left and notice an area that extend to the left as well as straight forward. There are many glass walls situated throughout the area, bending in wave-like patterns, leading in either direction. I get the sense that the area ahead is where the ‘leader’ of the building resides. There’s a stack of blue books in the area where both passageways meet. I look at the title and notice that it’s “The Davinci Code”. I continue farther into the hallways ahead, next to the wavy wall of glass. As I curve father to the right, the glass walls persist and fork once again to the left as well as the right. I see blue sofas in the area beyond and to the right behind the glass. I decide to do some full transformation. I go for dragon form, but decide against it a shift into bird form, raising into the air. The dream begins to fade and I begin to rub the walls next to me. I then decide to try to stabilize by drinking something. I’ll get some hot cocoa. I imagine hot cooca being on the floor in front of me and quickly feel a mug! I begin to sip and taste a sugary drink, yet closer to a marshmallow flavor than chocolate. I begin to imagine a chocolate bar, yet as I begin to reach, I feel that I’m beginning to wake up.

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    8. Finding The Red Dragon (LD)

      by , 10-07-2023 at 03:26 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I'm in a field and something begins to feel...dreamlike.
      "This is a dream"...my awareness raises and I'm lucid. I see a large beautiful tree in the distance in the field and fly toward it. It's glowing with a slightly purple hue in the night. I raise up and begin imagining my dragon. I look down and see a red figure, a wild creature I recognize as the dragon. It makes a high pitched sound, a cross between a roar and a purr as it looks up at me. I wonder for a second if it may be hostile, and I cross my arms, causing invincibility. My worry about its hostility dissipates quickly. It begins to run across the field and I follow. It looks up again, doing it high pitched roar once more, followed by another period of running. I let it be, and head farther down the field toward a house in the distance. I notice two entry points: one to the right which appears to have many people celebrating inside and another directly in front of me, which has small door propped open. I head to the ajar door in front of me, light spilling out into the night, into what appears to be a vacant section of the home. I enter and decide to go invisible. I stick a finger up rather than snapping, yet it seems to work as a male dream character sitting in a seat simply looks right through me. I find it funny that this technique worked. I wind to the left and farther into the house. I notice two DCs up ahead and enter the room invisible. I enter the back room which is quite small and square, with wooden walls. Only one DC is inside, I turn around heading back from where I came and decide I don't need to be invisible. I raise up in the small adjoining room, toward the vaulted ceiling, lowering my invisibility. I head into another room and the two male DCs begin to notice me. It's a kitchen type area with an island counter in the middle. I see some small Halloween pumpkins on a low shelf on the far side of the room. I decide to start exploring and open cabinets as the DCs tag along. I open up on large cabinet to the right which is essentially a spice cabinet. I'm not interested. I turn around and open up some upper cabinets on the other side of the room. I find some large buns, appearing like trolly buns, in a box and remove two, beginning to eat one. It's really good! I then find some Chips Ahoy cookies as well Rice Crispies and I open the box of the latter. I begin talking to the DCs.
      "What is it like to be a dream character here?" - meaning in the dream.
      Boys: "Nothing special...we just do our own thing."
      I begin to leave the room.
      "What should I do next guys?"
      I wake up.

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    9. 1. Into The Water (LD) 2. Blowing Fire (LD)

      by , 10-05-2023 at 10:35 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Into The Water (LD)
      My awareness begins to raise and I realize that a dream seems to be forming. I notice a faucet appearing in front of me and become lucid. A mirror soon appears behind it. I phase into the mirror, then step right back out. I begin to explore the neighboring area behind me and see that itís essentially a long room, extending about ten meters to the left and twenty to the right. Thereís a desk with some materials on the left side and a lounge are on the right. The room appears to be on the second or third level of a large building. I ignore this area and float outside through the window into the night. I descend onto a lower level walkway thatís situated on the edge of a body of water. Across the water, several small structures are situated, windows glowing orange in the dim light. I decide to fly across, yet as I start the dream drags me down into the water. I try to play around with the control by telling myself I canít fly, curious as to the effects. The dream continues to keep me in the water. I swim a bit farther, then wake up.

      2. Blowing Fire (LD)
      I begin to re-enter the room with a bottle of rubbing alcohol and I suddenly realize Iím in a dream. I say ďIím in a lucid dreamĒ. I enter the room, hold up a flame and spit the rubbing alcohol into the flame, showing the students in the room. There is a wispy white visual of flame. I head toward nearby cabinets and begin to rub to engage tactile sense. I say ďthis is a dreamĒ. I leave this area and head to my bedroom in Meadow, running. I lose lucidity.
    10. 1. Chocolate Chips (LD) 2. Mass Telekinesis Fun (LD)

      by , 10-03-2023 at 10:50 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Chocolate Chips (LD)
      Iím driving down the street in Meadow and suddenly realize Iím dreaming I jump out the window and begin flying upward a bit. I shout ďClarity now!Ē to increase dream vividness. I then begin humming the song ďSapient DreamĒ by Slushii. I fly a bit farther in instantly teleport to Syrano. Iím in the bedroom of the main house looking at my dreamcatcher. I head into the kitchen area and begin to shout ďclarity now!Ē and feel my surroundings as the dream is a bit hazy. I make my way to the kitchen area and see if I can turn on a light to increase the lighting, it seems to work very slightly, but not as much as Iíd hoped. I consider getting some chocolate to eat and go into the fridge. I donít find any chocolate in the usual pull-out drawer, so I simply look in the main compartment and find a big bag of chocolate chips. I grab a big handful, pour a bunch in my mouth, and begin chewing Ė it tastes great! I feel that my mouth is super full and wonder if Iím picking up on anything from my waking body. I head to the main hallway and the dream feels a bit unstable. I continue to chew to see if thatíll stabilize further. I wake up.

      2. Mass Telekinesis Fun (LD)
      Iím at the counter in Syrano looking at my gym bag. This feelsÖdreamlikeÖI turn around and Iím lucid. I shout ďclarityĒ as I feel that I have something over my eyes and the dream feels dim. I make my way to the lanai, heading through the glass and begin feeling the walls and nearby ledge to stabilize Ė it feels extremely realistic. The dream goes to void for a moment and I decide to visualize some palm trees. I instantly appear in a vivd parking lot with two palm trees in front of me. There are several cars and SUVs parked in the spaces in front of me. There are many large buildings behind them, comprising what appears to be a condo and apartment building complex.I begin considering what I want to do and fly upward transforming into a bird. I fly around the area, carving to the left a bit. I land and decide to practice some telekinesis. At first it doesnít seem like the large building Iím attempting to raise goes up at all, but then I notice it budge. I remind myself itís all my mind. I stick out my hand and move it up greatly. I then stick out my arm at various large buildings, flicking them many meters into the air with ease. I go down the row of buildings of various sizes, tossing them into the air and laughing. I head farther down the street and think of other dream control. I begin imagining conjuring a fireball between my hands at my side and casting a fireball. I try this a couple of times along with fire blast, yet only get faint red visuals at the door of a distant house. I head around a curve to the left and clamp my hands to freeze time. It feels as though it worked on the dream scene, but there are no DCs to verify. I wake up.
    11. Bird Flight (LD)

      by , 10-02-2023 at 10:55 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I'm downstairs Syrano in the dark. I scan the room and see dad in the far left. It just doesnít make sense Ė Iím lucid. I consider what to do and think of practicing some control I float up a few feet, then transform into a bird. I notice myself shrinking and I slowly lower to the ground. I lose lucidity.