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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Sliding Into Syrano II (LD) 2. Zen Garden in Orchid (LD) 3. Nocturnia (LD)

      by , 09-30-2023 at 02:11 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Sliding Into Syrano II
      I'm aware as I lay in bed, realizing I'm dreaming and that I may be able to enter the scene. I relax and begin encouraging my dream body to slide as Daniel Love's advice from a talk comes to my mind. I continue to slide and begin to mentally encourage my dream body to stand up and begin walking into the scene. I'm in the bedroom in the Syrano main house and it's a very accurate recreation of my room in waking life. I approach the nearby table and study the contents, one item of which is a small travel mug like in waking life. I rub the table a bit to stabilize. I leave the room and enter the main room, which once again is recreated very accurately. I look ahead and want the dream to be more vivid, so I shout "Claritiy Now!" The dream becomes slightly more vivid, but as I walk forward I get the sensation that I'm waking up.

      *False Awakening
      2. Zen Garden in Orchid (LD)
      I'm laying in bed, thinking that I just woke up. I begin to look around critically. This doesn't make sense...this isn't my room... I'm lucid. I get out of bed in the dark room. and walk of the small platform. I sink into what appears to be dense black goo. I sink further but eventually will myself to float up and ascend above. I see some lamp on a small ledge in the distance. I use telekinesis to move one of the small lamps and it floats to the wall to the right. Another lamp remains behind it - an afterimage of sorts. I turn around and float toward the wall which has a window. I think back to some of Sivason's advice on summoning. I imagine a few items I'd like to find. I then imagine the scene I'd like to find, encouraging the scene to have an orange hue. Suddenly a burst of orange light emanates from the window. I phase through the window and enter a beautiful scene in twilight which appears to be a zen garden. Large white rocks are sitting in the center of a small courtyard with dirt underneath. A one story white building, somewhat resembling a zen monastery wraps around the zen garden (1). I look for cocoa for a moment, but don't find any. I look to my right and see a massive structure which appears to be living quarters of sorts - I recognize the area from a past dream. I wonder if the area on the first floor ahead is the room of storms. I float forward, imagining there will be a shop in that area as well and want to explore in the first floor area ahead, but decide to curve to the right to explore the area to the right which feels like a cross between a cave and a parking structure. I enter the area and begin to reflect on the quality of my awareness, increasing my focus. I curve right and begin exploring the cave area further, looking for a dream character to ask about the area. I continue to curve around in a circle which progress inward toward the center. Once I make my way fully around, I see that there's a bit of an opening into a room and I get the sense that there are several dream characters managing something in the area beyond. As I enter, I feel that I'm waking up.

      *False Awakening
      3. Nocturnia (LD)
      I'm laying in bed and think about recording my previous lucids. I see a co-worker and she asks me do do something. This...doesn't make sense... Nose plug - I'm lucid. I turn to face the corner of the room and think about casting a fireball. I hold my hands to the side and get a sense that there's energy being generated between my hands, that fire is churning. I extend my hand anticipating the fireball. I see my hand extend and wisps of faint wisps of smoke against the far wall. I approach the window and once again will that a scene with an orange glow lay beyond. As I go to phase through widow, I encounter a mesh screen of sorts that bends and prevents me me from phasing thorough it. I eventually phase thorough an see a beautiful, otherworldly city beginning to form from a slightly blurred visual. It becomes very clear and I begin descend into the scene, cast under the night sky. There are several massive structures appearing as cathedrals of sorts, each with a an emblem containing a crescent moon and several small stars in the center. I get the mental impression the place is named Nocturnia and I want the area to become persistent. I feel a sense of awe and wonder. I head toward the largest structure which is straight ahead. I consider which floor to enter into and decide on the first floor. Once I enter I have the option to go left, yet continue into the main area straight ahead - a circular room with a massive vaulted ceiling and a round sitting area in the center in which a counsel seems to be gathered. I make my way inside to introduce myself and take in the faces, many of which appears to be middle aged. They are men and there's one boy among them. I introduce myself, yet they don't seem interested. I seem one of the men to my left has a sweater with a circular logo in the center with several colorful legos within - I find it strange. They seem to be a bit annoyed. I float outward, then feel that I'm bound by invisible shackles on ankles. I unable to move any farther and get pulled back slightly. I can't escape the area. I use strength to pry the left one off, then stand up and imagine cutting through the right one with an invisible blade. It doesn't work on the first attempt, but on the second I'm freed. I float to the side room and two DCs follow me. One DC is holding two guns and holds a gun to my head, then another approaches carrying another gun which I grab. I begin laughing at the DC holding the gun to me and look at him calmly.
      "I'm in my dream body... you can't do anything" I say while I continue to laugh. I wake up.

      (1) I believe this area is Orchid, but need to explore it a bit more.

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    2. 1. Dark Woods Entry (LD) 2. Dual Wielding Trees (LD)

      by , 09-28-2023 at 09:55 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Dark Woods Entry (LD)
      My awareness rises rapidly and I’m lucid, floating next to the pool of the main house in Meadow. I feel a sense of freedom and say I’m dreaming” as I begin gliding in an arc around the pool, not in a hurry to do anything in particular. I feel appreciation for getting lucid and say “thank you” in Bisaya, respectfully, to the dream, with a bit of humor. As I approach the far end of the pool and rise up a bit higher, I start thinking about where I want to explore next. I weight out a few options: the main house, the Dark Woods, or the fields I haven’t been to. I decide on the Dark Woods and float over the fence. I decide to stabilize and begin rubbing the sleeve of my jacket. I feel the sensations of cotton as I rub it. The area isn’t very dark currently, and the trees don’t have any leaves. I fly farther and notice a fairly normal two story house structure. I notice that it looks slightly different than the entrance to the wizard’s home. I also notice a community behind this area. I fly a bit closer, then wake up.

      2. Dual Wielding Trees (LD)
      I look back from the screen, reflecting on how the candle images appear dreamlike. I notice dream-glow as I look across the table at my co-worker. My awareness raises rapidly and I become lucid saying “I’m in a lucid dream”. I turn back toward the screen and phase into it. I enter the dream scene, yet it feels a bit creepy – almost like a haunted mansion type setting. I move backward, phasing out of the screen, and return toward the table area. I quickly leave the area, flying forward in the dark of the night. There’s a wall to my left that appears to be made of dark brick. To my right there’s a row of tall trees. I begin to think about practicing some dream control and go for dragon transformation. My form changes a bit, but it doesn’t feel accurate, so I switch to crow form. As I shrink, drop to the floor and near full transformation, I quickly switch to cat form and begin running forward. I reverting to humanoid form, thinking about invisibility, yet realize there’s no way to test it. I turn right and head into an area with trees, thinking about basic summoning some cocoa. I look on the ground behind a dirt mound, then a short brick wall structure as I make my way forward, yet don’t find cocoa behind either. I look toward the far end of the field and notice a dark structure, yet decide not to head toward it; it looks a bit creepy. I decide to use some super strength, and rip to trees out of the ground and start swinging them like swords. I then approach back toward the trail I came from, dropping the trees and begin smashing through the row of trees with my fist. I get back on the trail, yet I feel as though the dream is fading. I slip into a FA in which I’m voice recording the lucid.

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    3. Half In (LD)

      by , 09-27-2023 at 09:43 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I’m laying down in a dream and trying to WILD. I relax and find myself in a room and realize a dream is forming. My awareness begins to raise and I walk over to a wall, sticking half of my body inside – I’m lucid. I exit the wall and begin thinking about what I want to do. The dream is still a bit dim, so I want to focus on making in more clear. I begin shouting, “Clarity!”. I make my way down the hallway, phase through a wall and enter another area. It’s still a bit dim. I walk around a bit more, then I shout for clarity once again. The dream fades.
    4. 1. Café (LD) 2. Harbor in Syrano (LD) 3. Genie Lamps (LD)

      by , 09-25-2023 at 07:25 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Café (LD)
      I’m outdoors in a quiet city area. This place feels…dreamlike. I suddenly become lucid. I begin shouting:
      “This is a dream” to reinforce it within my mind. I walk forward a bit and notice that people are sitting outside at small square metallic tables outside what appears to be a café. I begin considering practicing some dream control. I begin to head up to one younger man at a table. I snap my finger and go invisible. I then wave my hand directly under his field of view as he’s looking down. He look right through my hand and remains oblivious that I’m there. I then float up and transform into dragon form. I feel and hear my wings beating against the air, however the transformation doesn’t feel very strong. I land, shrink down, and go into cat form. I feel my body go into quadrupedal from, and begin to climb up toward the top of a table. I look at a dream character’s laptop screen and notice a cat on the top left, finding it amusing. I shout “This is a dream” a couple more times, having fun with the process. I continue toward the back of the café area and the area opens up to a larger area. I quickly decide to start searching for genie lamp behind some small walls as the dream begins to feel a bit unstable. I transition into a non-lucid.

      2. Harbor in Syrano (LD)
      I continue to walk forward in the center of the Syrano main house, and something feels strange. I get the strange sense that I’m actually asleep. I notice dream glow and become lucid. I say “I’m lucid in this place”. I float toward the lanai area and head outside. The room appears to be made of a light colored concrete and appears to be elevated. I begin to think about dream control. I go into crow form, shrinking down massively, feeling my head shrink and compress toward the center, my wings extend and my body pitches forward as my legs retract into crow legs. I walk across the table in crow form, feeling my weight shifting with the crow’s gait. I take fly and begin to glide, feeling an awesome sense of chill freedom. I then think of competition and decide to mess around with other dream control. I head toward the concrete wall toward the edge of the room. There’s a view of a massive body of water many stories below to the right of the wall. I phase right through the wall an emerge on the other side, many meters above the body of water below, gliding. I shout, “Clairty!” seeking to maintain the dream. I consider what to do next, yet the dream fades.

      3. Genie Lamps (LD)
      I find myself laying in bed. I wish I had another lucid…what if I just relax back into a dream…maybe imagine myself drifting off the bed…I find my dream body moving and I stand up. I’m lucid as a scene of a room beyond begins to form as I gaze through the doorway. I begin to walk through the doorway and the scene solidifies. I continue to walk through a house with white walls and a a tight hallway leading to various rooms. I explore for a bit, then consider where to head, and make my way right into a yard area. As I head out, I see that the yard, with dense grass, extends far to the right. I shout “Clairty!” and float to the back of the yard area. I approach the back section which has many sections which appear to be mini gardening areas with small fences and an area that extends to the left. I remember my goals of finding a genie lamp, rubbing it, and interacting with the genie. I don’t find the lamp around the first fence, however I search a bit more and notice one dark brown one with an interesting shape. I then notice another light gold one with an elegant shape…then another! I wonder which one I should choose. I make my way around, pick up a lamp and rub it…nothing happens. I release the lamp then head farther down, thinking about my goal of finding a dragon companion. I notice to my left in my periphery what appears to be a small green dragon shape, yet head toward the large golden dragon statue in the back of the yard area. I ask it:
      “ Can you grant me a dragon companion?” I then ask, “Help me to become lucid more often”.
      I leave the area and make my way back to the fence. I reflect on how long the dream feels and how this is what it must feel like for Hufik most night. I scale the fence, then think of flight. I imagine being propelled by jetpacks for fun and rush backward over the yard once again. I then decide to control flight by imagining wings beating. I float back toward the fence and fly downward into the next area which appears to have large buildings. I enter a large structure to the right and go into dragon form. The structure is massive, yet empty and has dense concrete walls. I feel and hear my wings beating as I ascend higher and higher. The ceiling on raises more and more with each beat of my wings. Soon I’m in the interior of a hollow concrete structure roughly sixty stories tall. I decide to ignore phasing through the ceiling and simply phase through the wall.
      --The scene goes black, yet I simply wait, knowing a scene will form. I hold my awareness in the void for about a minute…--
      I then find myself in a small apartment style room and Bran is standing in front of me.
      “I’m gonna get some cocoa then go explore some lucids man!”
      I approach the counter where I saw a hot water heater, yet go for the black thermos instead. I notice green tea powder next to it.
      “Is this any good?”
      He says it is, but I decide not to have it and just grab the cocoa, drinking a bit. I head toward the window.
      “Is Uburu Migu in that direction?” I ask pointing diagonally.
      Bran: “Yes”
      “What’s this place called?”
      Bran: “Arowai”
      “That’s a strange name…”
      I head through the window and fly far down to the left. I enter a large area which appears like somewhat of a mall area that you’d find in a massive airport. There are many people gathered in the central area, massive vaulted ceiling overhead. I head into a room in the right and see many dream characters sitting down, gathered together. I study how real all of their faces look, amazed by it, then leave the area. The dream feels a bit unstable, so I begin rubbing the ground vigorously. The dream stabilized. I fly forward a bit more then head to the right and into another building. As I enter, I decide to practice more dream control. Telekinesis! I see a small ball – somewhat of a children’s toy – with many colorful dots on it. I extend my hand and begin to move it around. It feels like I’m a jedi I think with amusement. I do this for a bit, then use TK to begin move a metallic lever. I head to the right and see Bran going into a fridge. There are a wide variety of drinks in the fridge, all lined up in different colored bottles. I use TK to squirt some liquid from one bottle into the air in an arc, directly into my mouth. It tases great! I then do another…then another! I turn to Bran
      “Check out this jedi stuff!” I say laughing
      I wake up.

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    5. Into Darkness (LD)

      by , 09-23-2023 at 02:47 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I read my 'dream journal' and it says: 'I had a chain of 10 lucids.' No I didn't...that doesn't make sense Nose plug...I'm' lucid. Suddenly I find myself in darkness. I see the faint outline of a door to my right. I open it by turning the knob and move through. I figure a dream scene will materialize soon, but I set to stabilizing the dream. I continue to shout: "Clarity!" and begin rubbing the walls next to me. I continue to rub vigorously for some time and sense a very dim bit of light coming from a curved window to my left. It seems as though I'm on a walkway on a second floor. Maybe this is Meadow... I begin rubbing the carpeting beneath me, moving my dream body a great deal, waiting for a scene to form. I feel myself waking up.

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    6. Meditation By The City Rails (LD)

      by , 09-22-2023 at 11:23 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Meditation By The City Rails (LD)
      I’m floating in a city area above what to be train tracks. I notice dream glow, and something starts to feel familiar. This place looks…dreamlike…I feel like I’ve been here before….I’m dreaming! I feel a burst of excitement and shout:
      “I’m lucid! Whooooo!
      as I continue to float about ten feet above the rails, rotating in the air as I take in the sites. The scene is very colorful and appears to be on the outskirts of a city (1). There are a few small buildings and what appears to be construction equipment around. The path heads down to the left where slightly larger buildings are situated. I float down this area and a clip from an earlier non-lucid pops into my head (2). I start to imagine some chill music, similar to lofi. I turn around and head back where I came and quickly find myself in a large outdoor courtyard area of sorts after I make a quick right. I look ahead at the large building in the distance and appreciate how solid the dream feels, and how crisp the visuals are. I tell the dream that it’s going to last for an hour. I consider what I want to do an meditation comes to mind. I sit in the corner of the courtyard, do a gyaan mudra and quickly float up about twenty feet holding concentration. I then switch to cosmic mudra. After a moment, I break the meditation as I want to make sure the dream stays solid. I focus my awareness taking in the scene in the distance once again, which remains quite vivid. I shout for clarity as I come out of meditation, and the scene becomes a bit clearer as my eyes fully open. I turn my attention from the building to the courtyard area to my right. There is set of three long elevated platforms sitting about thirty feet in the air running down the length of the right side of the courtyard. The surfaces appear to be made of dark wood. I float to the first, then run across all the surfaces, focusing on the sensation on my dream feet. I turn from the platforms and fly to the main building, heading inside. I soon find a large rectangular wooden sign which seems to be depicting a name for the town as well as what appears to be a rough illustration of city limits in the background. I begin to read it, and it seems like it’s saying something like: Diaphos. It then changes to something similar to Tetharis. I continue to try to determine an accurate name. I quickly wake up.
    7. 1. Midnight Cars (LD) 2. Dancing Shiva Statue (LD) 3. Shrine Top in Meadow (LD)

      by , 09-21-2023 at 10:04 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Midnight Cars (LD)
      I roll over in bed and it feels…dreamlike. This could always be a dream. Nose plug. I’m lucid darkness and stand up in what seems to be a bedroom. I move my dream body around although I can’t quite see around the room. I shout “Clarity now!”. I begin to see some bits of light and walk in that direction, soon noticing a square window starting to appear with dim bluish light pouring though. I phase through and float outside. The scene outside is very vivid and I see a few mint sports cars parked in a wide driveway situated between three large houses which seem to be four stories tall, and in excellent condition with a dark sheen to the outside. The scene reminds me of a previous lucid scene. I consider taking one of the sports cars for a drive, but decide against it. I decide to start levitating upward in meditation position, and remain there for a moment taking in a view of the surroundings. I begin to think of dream goals, then decide to explore a bit. I fly up into the tall structure in front of me and phase though a window. I find myself in an upscale office area of sorts. I think of the chocolate shop dream goal and begin to search in various rooms within the office area, expecting a chocolate shop, yet the rooms each have sparse décor. I continue exploring for a bit, entering many different rooms within the structure, yet the dream fades.

      2. Dancing Shiva Statue (LD)
      I’m talking to an older lady on the second story of a building. She’s explaining that she’s teaching lucid dreaming. I ask her when she had her first, and she said tonight. That makes no sense.
      I’m lucid and quickly fly through the wall to the left. I take in the scene under the bright sun as I curve to the left. I see a building to my right extending into what appears to be the clouds; I’m unable to see the ground. On the roof of the structure is a large, dark brown Hindu statue of the dancing Shiva. I find the statue extremely interesting and I feel a strong sense of wonder. I fly past the roof top and curve farther to the right. I see a roof top area beyond a very tall glass wall. I phase through and see many dark skinned people, possibly of Indian descent, lounging on beach chairs. I fly past the first few, which are all different ages, then study the face of the last which is quite vivid – she’s an older lady. I leave this area and phase into the building via the wall in front of me. The area is quite dark and I make my way to the back of what appears to be a kitchen area. I begin to hear co-workers chatting about a project that needs to be done. I snap to go invisible and head to the back. I see a few co-workers behind me, but they don’t seem to notice that I’m there. They continue talking about setting up the kitchen for a gathering that’s approaching
      I then hear my boss:
      “We can have E do it.” Crap
      I instinctively raise my arm and free time. All the DCs freeze in place. I begin grabbing a bunch of glasses and plates and throwing them toward the table, each landing neatly. This is nonsense…why am I wasting time doing this? I can do whatever I want. I leave and fly through the door at the end of the room. And begin to explore another office building type area. I make my way from room to room I make my way farther down, then phase through a wall in the back in the dim light. I find myself in a large warehouse type area with gray walls which is several stories tall. I begin to float downward. I imagine myself going into dragon from and feel myself extending and my wings beating against the air. I then catch my reflection and notice myself in humanoid form. I shouldn’t have looked at the reflection. I explore the room for a bit, yet he dream soon fades

      3. Shrine Top in Meadow (LD)
      I’m in the basement in meadow, in the pantry area. Something just…don’t make sense…why am I here…this looks off. Nose plug…breathe…hmmm. Nose plug…breathe….no way, is this really a dream…am I pinching right? I alter my pinching…breathe. . It really is a dream! I head toward the stairs and face the wall. Everything is still very dark. I begin to press my arm into the wall and feel a bit of resistance before my arm sinks in followed by a portion of my body. I leave the wall and head upstairs, very slowly, taking in the experience. I hear voices at the kitchen table. I snap to go invisible as I don’t feel like interacting with DCs. Mom looks in my direction, yet right through me, and I head in the direction and make a left without the group seeing me. I realize I don’t have pants. Man…I know it doesn’t matter…but I feel like I should get pants before flying around…this feels awkward. I can feel the cool air against my legs. I make my way into the side room and turn to view what’s on the countertop. I see some of cookies that mom makes on the counter, amidst a lot of clutter. Everything looks so real...I wouldn’t eat this in waking life, but I’ll try it. I take a sugar cookie and bite. It taste good and the taste is accurate! I see a chocolate chip finger cookie next to it and begin to head out the door, continuing to chew. I hear my parent in the background talking about my dad’s uncle. I go through the open door, chocolate chip cookie in hand, and close the door quietly to not stir the DCs. The edge of a large garbage back gets caught in the door and makes some noise. My dad calls to have me take out the trash…nope.
      I fly upward continuing to chew on the sugar cookie. My mouth feels really full. This is what it always starts to feel like when I eat in dreams. I wonder what’s going on with my mouth in my real body. Maybe I can imagine spitting it out. I start to feel less contents in my mouth. I fly farther upward and take in the view of the roof of the neighboring structure, which I’ve never seen. There appears to be a pool on the roof, with a strong shimmer to the water. The roof appears to be beyond a thin wall of glass. This dream feel stable, and like it’ll continue for a while. May be I can explore that area of meadow as I look into the far distance. I fly a bit farther then wake up (1).

      It’s interesting that I woke up at my exact usual time, although I set my alarm clock ahead a few minutes.
    8. 1. Conjuring the Tsunami (LD) 2. Partial Phase (LD)

      by , 09-19-2023 at 10:20 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Conjuring the Tsunami (LD)
      I continue to fly away from the large group, and head into an area of a forest, in a brightly lit autumn scene. I feel like I was close to getting in that last dream. Maybe I…this is a dream! I’m lucid as I continue to fly through the bright, beautiful autumn colors displayed by the massive trees on either side of the forest path I’m heading down. The dirt pathway is quite detailed and I feel a sense of freedom as I curve my way left into a clearing. I begin to consider dream control I see a large tree approach with a thick branch extending far to the left, high in the air. I fly right through it. I head toward w walkway between two large brick buildings and see two kids walking below, taking a moment to glance back at me. I fly past them and slightly down an asphalt pathway toward a beach area. There are quite a few people on the stretch of sand and I see small waves churning in the distance. I land on the beach and element manipulation comes to mind. Water…the last of the four elements I need to work with. I extend my arms and start a churning, conjuring motion. I focus my attention on making the waves increase in size. The next wave becomes far larger than the ones before. The next, larger yet again, followed by the next. I then set my mind to creating a tsunami. A massive wave, probably 40 stories tall begins to gradually form, white foam beginning to form at the top. All the water begins to get sucked from the lower section of sand as the top of the wave begins to crash down to the shore. I should have moved. The waves come crashing down hard and I feel my dream body smash into the sand. My vision goes black and I feel that I’m spinning. The lack of vision may cause the dream to fade…I end up in a non-lucid.

      2. Partial Phase (LD)
      I’m in a dark room and see H in the corner. Something doesn’t feel right….Nose plug. I’m able to breathe very slightly. My nose feels a bit strange. I adjust my fingers – nose plug. Wait this is probably… a dream! I look at my hands. It looks like I have five fingers but they’re very thick and the dream glow is there! I’m lucid! I begin to phase through the wall behind me, but as I’m partially inside I see H and decide to head over to her. I give her a hug. The dream begins to fade and I slip into a non-lucid.
    9. Telekinesis and Scorpion Form (LD)

      by , 09-18-2023 at 10:46 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I turn over and see a wooden table and wonder if I need to get up for work. I notice dream glow and become lucid. I can probably just stand up and enter the dream… I stand up and I’m in a bedroom which resembles one in Syrano. The dream is a bit dim, so I shout “Clarity Now!” and begin rubbing the carpet. I think of a way to exit and consider the wall, yet decide on the curtains since I can see outside first by pulling them back. I pull the curtains back and notice the thick glass behind them as well as the daylight and yard beyond. I phase through the thick glass and find myself in the backyard of the main house in Meadow. I head down the concrete walkway a bit a think of some dream control. I notice my left eye is shut a bit and figure it’s my sleeping body. I shout for clarity, drop down and rub the floor, stand back up, and the vision issue is resolved. I then try element manipulation. As I look up, I see a massive crescent moon in the sky slightly to my left. I begin to think of conjuring tornados but decide to try fireballs a different way. I begin conjuring at my side and go to hurl one, yet just see wisps of smoke approach the fence. I turn to my right and see a vivid stop sign descending from above (1). I see a large gnarled tree to my right and I begin climbing. I actually feel my lats straining hard as I pull my dream body up. I take in the sights around, then float back down to the steps behind the main house. A group of young kids is sitting on the concrete steps leading into the house, eating from a large big bucket of chicken wings. They offer me some, and I have a bite. They’re extra gooey and taste really good! There’s a lot of thick sauce on them. I head away from this area and back toward the fence, beginning to think about transformation. I look at my shadow and see my dream body elongating vertically into what appears to be an insectoid shape. I don’t quite like the idea and begin to think of other ideas as I head through the gate and feel my body extending from front to back into a massive shape. I look in my shadow and notice the shape of a massive scorpion. I curve left toward the driveway and imagine a giant stinger coming down in front of me and crushing into the driveway surface – only faint wisps appear. I continue to head down the driveway, reverting to my humanoid dream body. Once on the driveway, I think of levitation meditation. I cross my legs and float up in meditation. I reflect on how my control in the dreamworld is increasing and I’m happy about it. I land, walk a bit farther down and see a yellow car coming down the street from the left. I immediately think: mass telekinesis! I focus my attention and remind myself that everything is simply…my mind. This is all my mind. I imagine the car moving and guide it with my mind to swerve and lift off the ground a bit and it hits into the house. Yes! I float down toward the car and into the Village section of Meadow. The houses are gray and have a very ‘boxy’ shape to them. There’s a bit of light glowing from the windows of many of the homes. I see a few DCs pass by and a couple enter the house. I tell one that I’m going to head in with them. I make my way into the house which is slightly gray, heading toward the back. I climb some stairs and snap my fingers to go invisible, avoiding a DC’s gaze. She seems to hear something a moment later and begins looking for me. I phase partially into the wall to avoid her, then realize I’m wasting my time hear. I phase out and leave the house. The dream begins to fade a bit, so I begin to rub the street vigorously. I say:
      “I’m dreaming…I’m dreaming… I’m dreaming”
      I reappear in a second story room and head toward the next room. I think of element manipulation for a moment, but ignore it for the time being. I phase through a window and toward an alleyway situated in an elevated area against a building. I seem quite a few pipes and head farther down this area, and brick walls comprising the outsides of all the nearby buildings I use telekinesis on a small metalic object, then try to use super speed to speed to head farther down into the industrial area to the right. It doesn’t quite work, as I try to alter my visual perception. I rise upward and begin to fly far to the left and get a memory of Hufik’s dream journal. The dream begins to fade a bit, but I hold awareness and begin to fly back a bit. I reappear in a factory type setting which somewhat resembles the equipment from the previous room. I walk a bit farther and notice a massive square piece of machinery made of solid metal. It’s colored yellow and blue. I set my mind to use mass TK and move it over and into the gap ahead. Music from the autumn competition video begins to play! I continue to fly to the left, but soon wake up.

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    10. 1. Lizard In Meadow (LD) 2 . The Bonfire of Syrano (LD)

      by , 09-17-2023 at 02:21 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Lizard In Meadow (LD)
      I make my way to a bathroom in the Meadow main house trying to find a way to clean up liquid that's dripping all over. I pick up on a sense of worry and go for a nose plug.No way...maybe I'm not quite pinching...NO! It's a binary answer Eric, you're dreaming! I'm quite calm, but feel a sense of surprise this time...it all felt so...real.... I make my way to the balcony and begin to glide over the rail into the reception area as usual, considering dream goals. I phase through the glass window on the second story and drift down onto the front walkway in the night. The dream is a bit blurry, so I set my mind to stabilizing. I start with verbals:
      "I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming...I'm dreaming..."
      Then tactile. I start rubbing my hands all over the concrete. I start moving my dream body and begin doing a series of three burpees, feeling the sensation of the concrete on my palms. I then start doing some yoga asanas. I focus on lizard pose and feel my limbs stretching thorough the movements. It feels surprisingly like waking life. No wonder athletes talk about using lucid dreams for training.
      I look up and take in the view around the town in meadow. Everting is very...crisp...vivid. It appears to be a winter night with a slight sheen of frost over everting. I wonder if my mental acuity raised since my mind actually thinks I just exercised a bit...
      I see some lights on in houses down the streets and a few DCs standing in front. What were my dream goals again...oh yeah! I wanted to dilate time with an hourglass. I set my mind to advanced summon an hourglass as I bring my right arm in front of me while walking down the concrete walkway. It doesn't materialize. I fly toward the house across the street as the garage door begins to open. I imagine an hour glass around a bush, on the back side, but don't find one. Roughly five young dream characters begin coming out of the garage and heading down the driveway. I snap my fingers and go invisible. They glance in my general direction, yet look right thorough me and continue walking. Once toward the end of the driveway, however, the male in front, who appears to the leader, seems to have caught onto something. He begins to investigate in my general area, ruffling though the bushes. I crawl backwards to the bush behind me, not feeling like engaging the group of DCs. This is ridiculous, it's a dream...if they head into this bush, Im just going to pound them and move on. The leader heads toward the bush I'm in and the dream fades.

      *False awakening in which I'm explaining the whole LD to H.

      2 . The Bonfire of Syrano (LD)
      I make my way into the main area of the Syrano main house and suddenly become lucid.
      "I'm in Syrano and I'm dreaming...I'm dreaming! I'm dreaming!"
      I say it with a bit of a melody, it a sort of giddy mood. It was easy this time!
      The dream isn't as sharp as I want it to be, so I repeat a couple burpees, then a yoga asana as in the previous lucid of the night.
      The dream becomes a bit sharper. I consider what to do next. I could explore the area to the back again and check out the cliffs...and the sky island...no I should explore the front area; I've only done that once.
      I head to the front of the house. I decide to open the door manually rather than phase; I don't want to risk teleporting somewhere else. I open the door which has a thick, blocky metal knob right in the center. I expect to find a 'woodsy' area as in a previous dream but I find somewhat of a courtyard in the center of an apartment complex. There is a family lounging on a couch beyond the sliding glass door on the first floor in front of me - they appear to be having some kind of gathering. I turn to the right, and the main courtyard is quite beautiful. There is some green grass, a bit of lush green foliage, lounge chairs, and small 'nooks' to hang out in. I make my way to this area and see that roughly five to six stories of what appear to be apartment/condo style buildings tower overhead. I turn tot he right expecting to see the rustic meditation area and porch connecting, and I find it as expected. I see the fireplace set against the wall to the left and head in this area. I head into this area, then decide to explore beyond as I see very tall trees in a strip of forest ahead. This is the area that connects to the cliffs of Syrano. I float farther down, within small recess in the terrain. I set my mind to using mass telekinesis on the massive trees, yet they don't move. I then see a massive bonfire roughly one hundred yards ahead. It's burning intensely and is roughly eight meters in diameter. I continue to approach it, interested in checking it out. The dream fades rapidly.

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    11. 1. Swerving Vehicle (LD) 2. Late For Caves (LD) 3. Cave Wall Phasing (LD)

      by , 09-16-2023 at 02:20 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Swerving Vehicle (LD) 2. Late For Caves (LD) 3. Late For Caves Again (LD)
      The SUV rotates farther, past the left most lane and into the grass. I really hope this is a dream so I don't have to worry about itI look at H in the passenger seat with a sense of calm and go for a nose plug. Breathe...[I]thought so. I look at H with a smile and she smiles back. I lean in and give her a kiss. Bright sunshine if flooding into the car and we seem to be in a very colorful area; there's a lot of foliage nearby. The scene is quite vivid and I look down. The bottom of the vehicle is very dark, and as soon as I look down the dream becomes very unstable. I wake up.

      2. Late For Caves (LD)
      I'm standing in a dark area and my awareness begins to raise rapidly. I begin thinkin about lucidity. That would be sweet it this was a dream...oh I am dreaming! I turn to my right and become lucid as I see a massive arched passageway leading to my left. I appear to be in the central hub of a dark cave, and this passageway leads farther into the dark. It's roughly ten meters tall and fifteen meters wide. I head in that direction, but believe I'm waking up.

      *False Awakening

      3. Cave Wall Phasing (LD)
      I'm in a dark cave area and the visuals aren't very pronounced. I'm going to need to do something to work with this dream. I suddenly decide to teleport and head toward a nearby cave wall. I phase right in and the dream goes to void. I feel my dream body distinctly and begin waving my arms a bit instinctively, waiting for a scene to form, although I don't actively try to visualize right away for some reason (1). I start feeling vibrations and believe I'm waking up.

      *Another False Awakening. I literally record all of my lucids into a voice recorder.

      (1) I'm going to start the habit of visualizing right away when I phase. It seems this is the most reliable method for me, for now, to not lose the dream

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    12. 1. Shapeshifting In Meadow (LD)

      by , 09-15-2023 at 11:32 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 14

      I’m talking to a dream character downstairs in the main house in Meadow and my awareness begins to raise. I notice the dreamlike quality of her face, and I become lucid. We're sitting on a brown couch facing each other and I’m impressed by the level of detail in her face; I can see the fine lines and texture of the skin. I leave the lounge area and walk to the kitchen area, considering where to go. I fly through the window to my right and into the backyard, under the night sky. I rise upward taking in the view of the yard and the fence to my right, the neighboring yard beyond. I begin reflecting on the fact that I should get started with some dream control. I fly a few feet farther, then land on a concrete surface and begin to focus on conjuring tornados, however none begin to pick up. I fly to the neighboring yard and turn to my right. The house looks slightly different; the walls are gray and the windows of the second level are quite expansive. I decide I should phase through the wall and explore the structure. I approach the gray concrete wall and phase right through, Once inside, I see a couple of females who appear to be office workers, milling around toward the end of the room. I make my way between the two, and get inspired to become invisible. I snap my fingers, and the two look straight through me as they turn their heads, not realizing that I’m there. I snap again to stop the invisibility, and the two look at me. We catch glances, and the two begin giggling at me – I smile back at them, finding the situation entertaining. I glide back outside by phasing through the wall to the right at the end of the room and head toward an outdoor area with a concrete walkway. I begin saying:
      “I’m dreaming…I’m dreaming” out loud to stabilize. I see a student near a playground area and head in that direction. I then see several more student dream characters. I decide I want to turn into a dragon, so I begin to fly upward a bit and feel my body change shape. My wings begin to beat against the air, and my body elongates. I land on the slide, focusing on transforming into a mouse. My dream body begins to shrink, and I quickly change to focusing on cat transformation. I decide to check my appearance out and conveniently find a mirror directly behind me, propped against a building. Instead of seeing a cat, however, I see what appears to be ‘dream me’ in a red polo shirt climbing on a slide. I then transform into crow form, raising into the air, yet feel as though I still have fairly long legs. The human reflection persists. I notice even more kids playing in the area, so I decide to leave. I begin to consider more dream control, yet the dream fades.

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    13. 1. Single Arm (LD) 2. House Flight (LD) 3. Sky Island of Syrano

      by , 09-14-2023 at 11:18 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 13

      1. Single Arm (LD)
      I’m staring at a banister half a level above me and my awareness begins to raise. I suddenly realize I’m dreaming. I jump, yet don’t begin to fly. I turn around and notice a massive drop into the darkness. I think of starting some dream control. I fly up, phase into the wall, and the scene goes to void. I begin imagining a town scene. After about a minute in the void, I suddenly appear within alleyway inside of a small town. I take in the sights of the one story buildings around me I make way around a corner and see a couple small group of young dream characters. I then invert my dream body and hold a single, bent arm handstand for a moment. I feel the pressure of the sheer 'weight' coursing through my deltoid. I flip back and begin walking into the alleyway. I decide to transform, and think of a mouse first. I start shrinking down, and once I hit roughly the size of a cat, I imagine becoming a cat instead. I decide to check my reflection in a mirror situated against a wall roughly ten meters from me. The mirror is roughly three feet tall and is essentially on the floor, leaned up against the wall look up and see that I look fairly normal, yet in prone position, in the mirror. I stand up and walk farther into the scene. I see a small kiosk to my right where DCs appear to be selling items, possibly snacks and beverages. I begin saying:
      “This is a dream....this is a dream...this is my dream...this will last an hour” to stabilize. I turn to my left and see a few tables. I approach a couple of DCs, then snap my fingers to go invisible, they turn their heads a couple of times, gazing right through me, oblivious to the fact that I’m there. I consider finding something to drink. I head to a long table slightly to my right and I imagine a hot water heater to make some cocoa, yet don’t find one. I decide to switch to a different drink instead. I decide on Pepsi, but don’t find it in the area in front of me, slightly to the right ton the long table. I look slightly farther to my right and see a round glass chiller which is cooling cans. I decide to switch to try to basic summon Mountain Dew, yet don’t find the exact cans – simply cans of various colors with writing on it that look somewhat like Mountain Dew cans. I wake up.

      2. House Flight (LD)
      I’m getting water in the main house in Syrano. This feels…dreamlike…I suddenly realize I’m dreaming. I walk toward the main entrance and begin to fly upward a bit toward the top of the vaulted ceiling. I wake up.

      *I decide not to record the dream and go for a DEILD. I imagine a fiery lotus in my throat. I'm soon aware of my mind and body…sinking…sinking…sinking....into…a dream...

      3. Sky Island of Syrano (LD)
      I find myself standing in the center of the first floor of the main house in Syrano. I’m looking at the top of a counter which has a phone on it. I can earn some points for using an electronic device…let me check it out. I pick up the cell phone, which looks just like my phone in waking life, and begin touching the screen. The screen responds very slightly by increasing the brightness for a short moment, yet nothing major happens. I put the phone away. I head toward the back of the home and phase through the glass onto the Lanai. I see a couple pockets in the night sky and want to head toward them so as not to lose the dream in the darkness. I begin to fly upward, then transform into a small dragon. I hear the roar of a young dragon as I do so, feel my body morph into dragon shape, and feel and hear my wings beating against the air. I decide to check what my wings looks like, and notice that the tip of my left wing looks somewhat like a human hand. I then morph into crow form, yet feel as though I have legs dangling. I rise higher toward what appears to be a floating island, high in the sky. The sunlight is now piercing through this area. I enter to a white void and after a short moment, find myself in….Meadow! I’m in the back of the main house and it’s nighttime. I look toward the left portion of the yard and see several piles of sticks and a dark mound beyond and to the right. I walk forward and decide to see what a vision test looks like, by shifting my glasses, which I now become aware of. I see that I have small areas in my field of awareness that are clear and some that are blurry. I move on from the test and notice couple of dire wolves with glowing red eyes begin to approach from the left. Their appearance doesn't phase me, although they look quite menacing. I ask them,
      "Do you know if there is a dragon companion nearby?"
      I try to basic summon a dragon companion, but don't see one as I turn to the right. I head farther in this direction and see a few kids playing with a ball as I approach the pool. I begin to feel like I'm going to wake up, so I instinctively relax all of my 'dream body muscles' and slump to the ground totally relaxing. It seems to have a strong stabilizing effect; the dream stabilizes and becomes more vivid. I stand back up and continue my way around the pool. Once in the back area, I hang out near a couple small groups of young kids. I snap my fingers to go invisible, and the group of DCs look right through me, unaware that I'm there. I decide to basic summon a hot water heater to make some cocoa. I don't see one as I look around the pool filter, so I decide to look for a cocoa thermos. I don't see one initially, but keep looking around to the right and finally find a small blue bottle with a nozzle. I pick it up, drink a bit, and it tastes great! It tastes like warm milk with a bit of cocoa. I decide to recline in the alcove in the deep end, simply enjoying myself and the lucidity. I begin to repeat:
      “I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming!”, making a tune out of it with happiness. I look at my hand, reflecting on seeding the location with reality checks, setting up situational memory ques.
      I reflect on situational awareness and reality checks, looking at my hand. I finally get up and head into the pool. The area is completely void of water; it's simply a dark bit which extends toward the back, culminating with a large wall unit. The wall unit has a small, old school TV in one of the alcoves and I get the desire to use telekinesis on it. I attempt to move it, and feel like it budges a bit, but it's not a solid move. I begin to wake up.

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    14. The City Train (LD)

      by , 09-14-2023 at 01:07 AM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 12

      I moving rapidly on what appears tot be an open platform on a train. My awareness raises rapidly and I become lucid. I take in the sights as I rush through a city. Buildings with tan colored bricks are on either side and the train platform starts turning slightly to the left. I begin to consider jump off. I see a young woman with a blue shirt to my right jogging as we continue the turn and head into a suburban area. There are many small one story houses with varying colors and I feel this would be a perfect place to explore. I jump off and begin flying toward some houses, and choose one with brown paint. I fly rapidly and appear in front of it in a split second. The visuals then shift, and it feel as though the houses move rapidly, farther away, then slightly closer. I wake up.

      Possibly this area was on the outskirts of The Metropolis

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    15. 1. Dragon Wings (LD) 2. Midnight Fields (LD)

      by , 09-11-2023 at 11:22 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Autumn Competition 2023 - Night 10

      1. Dragon Wings (LD)
      I’m looking into what appears to be a downstairs room in the main house of Meadow. I wish I got lucid tonight…why didn’t I get lucid in that last dream. I start to notice the dreamlike quality of the dream. Maybe I can just slide my dream body into the scene… I begin to enter the scene and it my mind snaps into lucidity. I turn and fly through the wall to my left, into the backyard area. It’s a fairly bright scene, and I’m standing out in the daylight. I should focus on some dream goals. I search my memory for what I planned to do. What was the last part of my three step task… did I need to teleport? I phase through the brick wall to my left. I then remember that I need to do a full transformation! I thought I would end up in the void, yet instead I end up in a wide alleyway of sorts, between three story brick buildings, with an area that open up ahead to the right. I walk forward, then shrink down rapidly, morphing into a quadrupedal corporeal form. I begin to imagine myself becoming a mouse, yet quickly shift to imagining a cat transformation. I suddenly remember that I wanted to transform into a small dragon. I fly into the air and my dream body takes the shape of a small dragon. I feel my wings beating against the air. I become curious as to what I look like as I’m flying, so I look at a window on the brick building to my left. I see a small dragon that looks like a toy, with a person walking below it. Neither the dragon nor the person are looking in my direction, however. That’s strange. Then transform into crow form, yet feel as though I have long arms hanging from the from the now airborne form. I land and continue walking to my right. There are many people milling around the busy outdoor area which appears to be a strip mall. I shout: “This is a dream…this is a dream” to ground my awareness. I turn to my right and see escalators up ahead. I head toward them and begin to search my memory for dream goals again, yet the dream fades

      2. Midnight Fields (LD)
      I’m looking into a mirror with an elderly, wizard like figure looking back. He’s not wearing a shirt, and has a fairly long gray beard. Wait…this is a..dream! I turn to my right, look at my hands and say, “This is a dream”. I quickly fly upward into into the neighboring room, ready to start getting some points. I reflect on how I completed the three step, so I can focus on anything at this point. I look around the rectangular room with white walls and begin to think of ways to score points. I decide to head farther into the room, and think of phasing. I simply phase into the wall to teleport. I visualize Uburu Migu and repeat the words, intending to travel there. I suddenly appear in another room, which feels as though it’s the first level floor of the house, and I realize I may have just been in the basement. I see a lamp on a table in front of me which looks antiquated, along with much of the other furniture. I begin exploring the house. I explore several rooms before heading out into the night. The scene is quite dark, with several tall trees looming overhead. I consider dream control for a minute and think of super strength. I see fairly tall pine tree, roughly twelve feet, and head over to it. I rip it out of the ground, transfer it to my right hand, and throw it like a javelin far into the distance, over the roof of the long two story structure to my left. I look around and notice how dim the scene is. I don’t want to risk the scene fading, so I search for light. I see several lights coming from a house to my right. I head toward the lights and head inside. I begin to explore and notice several people toward the back area which appears to be a sitting area next to a bar area connected to a kitchen. I decide to get something to drink. I imagine there will be a hot water machine on the counter and quickly find a fairly large black contraption. I hit a button and a small green light turns on, signaling that it’s ready. I imagine some mugs in the cabinets above, reach up, and grab one. I then imagine some cocoa mix. I start rummaging quickly through the cabinets and find several canisters of white powder. I hurriedly dump some into the mug, add some water and drink. It tastes slightly sweet, yet doesn’t have much flavor. I walk up to a couple of the nearby groups I then decide to go for invisibility. One man is looking right at me, yet I snap, and he looks through me then to the side, oblivious. I walk up to a couple of guys sitting at a round table across from the bar and repeat this process. I snap to come out of invisibility, then begin to ask the guy seated to the left if he knows any dream teachers I could learn from. He begins to ponder, and I take in the incredible vividness of his face. He comes up with an answer, yet I don’t focus very much on following through. I then remember my goal of finding a dragon companion. I imagine one around the corner, yet when I make my way around it, there’s nothing there. I leave this area and try to head to Uburu Migu once again. I walk into a wall, repeat the visualization and phrasing and soon end up in the middle of many fields which extend far in all directions. There is cattle in each field in the middle of the night with a small barnyard structure nearby. There are several large trees, and I can see the faint outline of a far distant galaxy in the night sky. I begin flying, yet want to head out of this area. I head toward a green colored building in the night which is glowing with yellow light. As I fly past, I look into the windows and see several pieces of furntiure as well as decorations which appear to have a Christmas theme. I fly past this one and toward a much larger building in the far distance, slightly to the right. I fly quickly toward the building and phase inside. There are many people sitting around in tall chairs, a large fireplace on the far wall, and dressers behind the people sitting in the tall chairs. I think of phasing into a dresser like Theshire cat mentioned. I find the group very strange and cult-like, and make a comment out loud, finding it amusing at the time. I phase into the far wall to teleport to Uburu Migu once again, and begin moving my arms. I wake up

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