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    1. Orange Glow In Syrano (LD) 2. Snowy Fields (LD)

    by , 10-29-2023 at 03:11 PM (103 Views)
    1. Orange Glow In Syrano (LD)
    I'm aware as I'm looking at the coffee table in Syrano, sitting up partially on the couch. I cautiously begin to move and quickly discover I'm able to move my dream body freely. I stand up fully and move slowly toward the other end of the room. I feel a bit of excitement stir up as I know I'm about to enter a full WILD, yet quickly bring my awareness back to the present. I grab a game controller to engage tactile sense and begin clicking a series of buttons as I walk. I continue toward the kitchen area and place the game controller on the edge of the counter where I usually record dreams. I look toward the corner and notice a microwave in the back right as well as to the right. I consider looking at the time, hesitate as I feel that it will distract me, yet finally look to see a time of 3 something. I decide to grab some chocolate before the adventure. I go into the usual cabinet and quickly discover a bar at the top right. It doesn't feel complete. I quickly imagine there will be more to the left and quickly find a black Ghiradelli bar and another small one. I take the first, then place the second in gray bag on the counter with the small one beside it. I head toward the sliding glass door with blinds, ready to explore the area beyond. I take a bite of the bar and it's great! It tastes like chocolate in waking life. I phase through the blinds and glass and end up in a beautiful area with orange glow spilling out of the homes lining either side of a small canal which extends narrowly through the middle of the town. There are people in front of each structure, each of which has a massive glass wall in the front of the home. The shape of each home slighly resembles the shape of the components of the Sydney Opera House. I consider exploring, but feel that I want to go back to grab the rest of the bars. I wonder if the dream will destabilize, but want to test it. I phase back in, head to the counter, and find the gray bag right where I left it. I put the bar in my back left pocket, then phase back through the sliding glass door. I suddenly end up in an area with gray wall in which a walkway leads to an area beyond with a massive public pool to the right. There are several kids in the pool and a steel ladder leading down. I see a co-worker to my right and say hi. I continue walking down the path next to the massive pool and wonder if the dream will change to something similar to the previous scene; I'm not really interested in the current one. As I walk farther, I notice small, narrow restaurants to my left, similar to what you'd find in an airport. There restaurants are fairly full, with many families at the tables. Each has a slightly different theme. I reach the second then third restaurant and look intently at a couple of the DCs, marveling at the details in one of the faces. I continue farther and notice a sign on the far wall resembling a fish and it appears to the the emblem for an elementary school. There are kids eating at tables to the left in the final area of this floor and I imagine that it's essentially the cafe area of an elementary school. I see a massive ladder leading to the floor below to my right and begin to descend. I quickly find myself in an expansive room with massive glass window, roughly three stories tall, providing a view to the outside. It's a forested area with massive, lush trees and a small dirt walkway next to the building. I turn to my right and see light tile floor extending to the end of the massive room and an elderly lady working slightly to the right at a desk - seemingly a receptionist of some sort. I turn to the right even more and see another seating area. It appears to be some type of cafe, like one you would see on a school campus. There are several groups of older students scattered throughout the long tables leading far down into the room to my right. I feel that I'm beginning to wake up. My vision goes into a brilliant white. I want to hold onto the dream so I imagine rubbing a seam on the front of a shirt that I'm wearing and continue to wait in awareness of the white light. I stay in this state for quite a while and eventually return to waking.

    2. Snowy Fields (LD)
    I'm driving down a road which is running between two massive fields of what appears to be a snow covered hay field. I look at the dashboard and see my hands, and say "I'm dreaming" as I do so. I was just lying down on the couch...I'm dreaming! The car continues to travel down the road as if it's on cruise control. I decide to climb into the passenger seat and grab some chocolate from the glove compartment to start of the adventure! I climb into the seat, search the compartment, and quickly find a plastic bag with a bar inside. I feel that I should begin driving the car a bit more with the wheel and begin to climb to the center. I turn to the right and see that we're passing a Japanese style structure, and I feel that it's a monastery. I begin to wonder if it's a section of Uburu Migu. I see that the road is beginning to end and there's a small building directly in front of the road and a playground slightly to the right of the building. I lean over, hit the bakes with my hand, turn the car to the right, and shift the car into park next to the building. I begin to explore to the left of the building. I turn and notice a multi-level parking garage built of steel beams. There are several levels of cars parked inside. I begin to shout "Clarity! Clarity! Stabilize! Stabilize!" at the dream and it responds slightly. I head toward the back of the monastery and head toward the back door to look inside. I open the door and see a massive dream character in a black robe facing a wall. I figure he's some sort of monk. I turn back around as the character seems a bit intense. There's a friendly character in front of me and Han appears next to me as well. The tall thin man who appears to be a monk walks with us to the building across from the monastery with a smile and takes his hoes off. I take mine off as well, which appear to be tan loafers which are in good condition. I mention to Han that I like them. I then make a comment about his shoes and begin to use telekinesis to fling them back to the monastery with a grin. I only see black flickers moving to the monastery. I wonder why it didn't work, try again, yet don't have success. I begin to approach the doorway of the building in front of me with Han and get ready to descend a staircase. I begin to wake up.

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