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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. The Village (LD) 2. The Stump (Lucid Dreamlet)

      by , 07-31-2023 at 11:28 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. The Village (LD)
      I'm aware as a scene forms of my dream arms outstretched, holding an opaque large bottle. I realize a dream is forming and at first wonder if I'll be able to successfully transition into a dream. I ignore this thought and immerse myself in the dream, working with it to develop. I begin walking, then running and the scene of a house, then a door develops. I exit through the door at full speed and begin flying, taking in the few of a massive downward slope of a grassy area that extends far into the distance. The rolling hills travel downward to a town at the bottom which is lit up in dim red and yellow lights as the sun begins to emerge. I fly toward the village and shouting with excitement, happy that I'm lucid. I laugh and say out loud that I hope the alarm doesn't go off as I know it's probably about time to get up. As I draw closer to the town, the dream starts pulling me upward at a rapid pace. As I ascend higher, I worry for a slight moment that I might lose the dream. I remind myself, however that it's just a dream and that I'm in control. I imagine my dream body drawing closer to the village, and inversely, the village drawing closer to me. I descend rapidly and land. As I land, I stomp my foot twice as the dream is a bit dim. Two massive shock waves emerge from the stomp, sending quakes through the ground. I begin walking back up the hill quickly and consider where to head to next. The dream begins to dim a bit, and I instinctively begin spinning. A tornado forms around me (1), and I can see the wind gust all around me, carrying leaves within it. After a short moment, I emerge in a scene in the middle of the night with a white house containing a small extension to the right with a small staircase leading to a doorway. I think of dream goals and remember trying to head back to The Village. I decide not to head into the room in front of me as I feel it won't bring me where I'm trying to go. I turn around and see behind me a small gray structure somewhat resembling a mausoleum. I decide this won't be the right place to phase through either. I turn to my left and see a small fence next to the extension of the house, and to the right of it, a large one and a half story gate with a curved top, stopping just before a metal bar. I decide to go into the area and fly through the separated portion. I enter into a dark area which is essentially a rectangular room that seems to have a body of water - possibly a pool - within it. I decide to head to The Village through this area. I continue ahead and phase through the wall. --
      I'm in blackness for a short period of time and begin imagining the scene of The Village along with it's cobblestone streets and buildings on either side. --
      I quickly emerge into an area which resembles a suburb development. It's the middle of the night, and the houses are modern and contain intricate stone paver structures in the fronts of the yards. I notice that it's not exactly The Village from the previous dream, yet still a very interesting area and I hope it'll be persistent. I decide to head to the first area: the chocolate maker. I turn to my right and see a two story house and head toward the front door and enter. As I make my way into the first room, I sense that there's a kitchen toward the back left and that a DC is within. There are two pillars with a small wall separating the area, and I peer around to see if the DC is there, yet no one is present. I turn to my right and see an elderly lady, probably in her early seventies, roughly 5'2" with blonde hair and defined wrinkles. Behind her, I notice that there are some chocolates on top of her cabinets. I ask her if she has any chocolate ready (2). She tells me she didn't realize I was coming tonight, but she could get something ready really quickly. I insinuate that I'm in a rush as I don't want the dream to collapse by stagnating, and begin looking through her fridge. I don't find any, but remind myself that I can just imagine it there. I take a bar of something which seems to be vanilla flavored as well as I square muffin with a top containing waves of chocolate. I say "Thanks Gen" (3) instinctively as I eat the muffin and begin exiting her house. I enter back into the street, continuing to chew, and my mouth is very full. I then begin to think of more areas of The Village I want to explore, and think of The Clockmaker. I realize his house would be just a couple houses down and to the right. I reflect on how eating something may help to engage my senses and ground the dream. Suddenly, many of my sense - mostly sight, hearing, and tactile sense - kick more into awareness and I roll with it as if I'm practicing ADA in the dream. I then see a girl go by me on a blue scooter as I make my way down the street. I suddenly wake up

      (1). I've worked a bit with tornados as element manipulation via visualization practice. I wanted to use it as a means of teleportation and it seems like it kicked in automatically.
      (2). I really like chocolate if you haven't already noticed.
      (3). The name came very instinctively. It's probably because my grandpa used to call my grandma Gen, and I made the association with her being an elderly lady with blonde hair.

      2. The Stump (Lucid Dreamlet)
      I'm aware as I notice a stump in my field of vision. I notice it as the beginnings of a dream scene and want to stay with it as the dream develops. Suddenly, a tree appears behind it along with some grass. I then see a fence in the distance and some dark ground in the periphery. I consider moving my dream body, yet feel tentative as I don't want to disturb my waking body. I think I'm waking up, yet it ends up slipping into a non-lucid dream.

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    2. Crow Form (LD)

      by , 07-28-2023 at 11:49 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I realize that I missed the last false awakening and lost a chance a lucidity in the process. I want to get lucid, so I decide to go for a nose-plug. I do so and realize I can breathe slightly. My mind generates a few thoughts as to why this might be occurring, but I decide to do it again and raise my awareness more. I notice my breathing and I'm lucid! I stand up and begin walking away from the couch but the dream is blurry and dark. I continue to walk, wrapping around the couch, and visuals of the kitchen area of Serrano come in, yet are tilted roughly 45 degrees. I'm determined to have a good lucid, so I shout "Increase now! Clarity now!" several times with intensity. The soon comes into fairly vivid detail thought the process and I can see all the colors come to life in the kitchen area. I turn to my right and head toward the back of the room where sliding glass doors are (IRL). I don't notice glass per-se, so I simply transition to an outdoor area which somewhat resembles a Nordic town. I'm in a large alley type area with a dark cobble stone transit area. There are two story structures on either side of the street with gabled roofs. I stroll down the area and take in the view of the builing on either side of me which have a red a creme theme. I see people strolling in my directions, some arm in arm in pairs. I consider teleporting to a forest area as I make my way down the path and begin noticing a few trees in the near distance. A few are too narrow, so I keep walking. I see one with a much thicker trunk toward the back left area of the walkway, so I approach it and easily phase through. --
      I end up in a void area for a short period of time and visualize a forest scene with a bridge, buildings, waterway, and forest beyond I rapidly make my way through the void--
      and end up in an area with many buildings around me. The buildings however are gray concrete and the area appears to be somewhat of a campus. I wonder why it's not the forest area I imagined. I continue forward and to my left and the area descends into what appears to be a concrete parking garage. I young boy is standing at the bottom of the area, looking intently at his phone, yet he turns to his left toward me as I approach. I don't engage with him and simply walk past toward the left. The area opens further into the campus and I walk down a hallway. Light music begins to play in my head as I'm very content to be exploring while lucid. I get the thought to stabilize the dream, improving duration, by finding something to drink. I wonder how long I can keep the dream going as it feels stable and I'm happy about my lucids getting longer. I think of a hot cocoa and imagine one to my left as I make my way around a corner, approaching a locker area. There's nothing there, but I see several DCs, male and female, engaged with their lockers. I past the first row and make my way down the second. Midway, I pass a dark skinned female DC and approach the following, asking if she has any cocoa. She tells me she has a chocolate flavored drink and offers it. It's a juice box container, but I take it and continue walking, yet don't notice much of a flavor. I turn to my right and see a partially eaten large blueberry muffin wrapped in saran-wrap (yes I needed to google how to spell saran wrap) in a cubby next to the lockers. I consider asking a DC if I can have some, but don't care enough and continue walking toward the end of the lockers. I make a right, then a slight left and consider trying to teleport once again to a forest area. I see a light brown sheet rock wall to my right and consider phasing though. --
      I do so easily and end up in a void. I visualize a forest, yet nothing happens right away. I then consider another dream goal: transforming into crow form. I soon as I imagine it, my dream body instantly morphs, compressing to the midpoint. I sense that I have wings expanding form my core and that my face narrows. I feel appendages - a cross between hands a talons of sorts - raising toward my core. I feel extra sensation in this area (1). My dream body remains very large and I feel the sense of my body raising and lowering as my wings beat. I begin to see a sun as well as desert sand.--
      I suddenly find myself in a large yard. The Meadow! I wonder what I'm doing here and why the original visualization didn't bring me to a forest. I look into the distance and see three massive Budddha statues that aren't usually there. One is closer to me while two are far in the distance, near the fence and structure at the border of the Dark Woods. The scene look so cool that I don't care that I'm not in a forest. I turn and make my way toward the front of the main house. Toward my right I see the neighbords house and want to explore. I notice a shrine theme with dark rosewood comprising the architecture. There a shiva statue to my right with a light green hue and I slow down to take in the visuals and vividness of the dream. It's a bit blurry but still looks cool. I approach the front of the house and notice the ornate rosewood, Chinese looking architecture. I suddenly think of Woue and phasing there. I consider where to phase through as I can either go through the front door or to the shrine looking area to my left. I decide not to go to the shrine as it reminds me of a garage. I phase through the front door and end up in a dimly lit building which gives the impression that it's the base to a clan of some sort. I decide to look for the leader. I turn to my right, ascending a small set of steps to a half-level. To my right a bedroom sits beyond with undone sheets. I enter then turn left to another room. There's a master bedroom with another large bed with undone sheets. I feel that the leader is nearby. I enter a room in the back left which appears to be a bathroom. I get the sense I'm getting closer to the leader. I get the feeling of water engulfing my dream body and that the leader is right next to me. I attempt to phase once again, but quickly return to waking.

      1. I was sleeping on the couch and it turns out that both of my hands were compressed between my knees when I slept, creating a decent amount of pressure.
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    3. 1. Turtle Ruin Islands (LD) 2. The Mansion Walls (LD)

      by , 07-20-2023 at 10:31 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Turtle Ruin Islands (LD)
      I aware as hypnogogic images on a screen appear. I'm looking at a square screen with a figure of a dark skinned man in a yellow outfit dancing around. I want to hold this scene until I feel the dream is stable enough to transition into. I remain aware and begin to feel that I can move my dream body. I stand up in the area to my right, take a step and feel that I'm ready to begin exploring. I make my way to the foot of the bed and there's a circular mirror in which I see my reflection, in my periphery - as I'm still looking at the screen - and see a portion of my body as well as the device I'm holding. I look my my body is compressed toward the midpoint and I have a slight short mohawk. It looks a bit strange, so I turn to my right, toward two windows, and decide to phase through and begin exploring. I realize I'm in The Meadow. I fly down to the concrete area below and turn to my left, considering where I want to explore. I see pale rocks which are stacked up in a triangular fashion, in perfect balance (1). There's a small plant next to the formation as well. I make my way past this area, around the edge of the house and through the gates. It seems that the entire landscape of the meadow changed, however. Instead of the typical M Street with the large house and 'treehouse' area beyond, the entire area is simply a wooded landscape in broad daylight, with leaves on the trees being quite sparse. I decide to try one of my dream goals: element manipulation - specifically conjuring a tornado. I wave my right arm, yet nothing happens. I wave both in a circular motion, yet nothing happens once again to my surprise. I then decide to try to throw a fireball, and nothing happens. I conclude with a trying to try lightening, and this doesn't work either (2). I continue a bit down the wooded slope and decide to try to head to the persistent realm I incubated: The Forest (3). I see a large tree with a very thick trunk and phase through easily.
      --In the black void, I imagine music playing, and a soft fantasy melody begins playing. I imagine an area with greenery in my visual field.
      I suddenly appear in an area with a concrete floor with building surrounding me which are roughly two stories high. One of the building has a Bowser marking on it. I have the though: what the f***? I don't know why I would have popped up in such a random scene after imagining the forest area. I decide to explore anyway and begin flying upward. As I ascend, I see that there are actually many floating structure beyond the area I'm in. All of these structures are in the middle of a massive body of water, possibly an ocean. I fly further upward and continue forward, viewing a large floating black inflatable structure filled with more Bowser symbols (4). I fly to the edge of this area and turn right, trying to find a cooler area to explore. To my right, I see two large islands, in shapes that somewaht resemble dagger blades. The islands are covered with dense, dark green foliage as well as the bones of some massive turtle creatures. The area essentially resembles ruins. I think that this would be an awesome place to have a persistent realm in, although it's not quite the forest I imagined. I curve around in flight and begin heading toward the back end of the second island. As I get closer, I soon end up in a false awakening in which I'm drying to DEILD using head vibrations.

      2. The Mansion Walls (LD)
      I'm lucid outside of a large building resembling a mansion with two stories. It appears to be situated on an elevated piece of land with a cliff roughly 30 meters ahead of me. It appears to be just before sunrise, and the scene has a slight amount of sunlight in it. There is a young boy, roughly five years of age in front of me. He has blonde hair and reminds me of my nephew. I have the instinctual drive to teach him some dream yoga skills while where in the scene together. I walk up to him and tell him I'm going to teach him some dream yoga. I turn toward the mansion, and tell him, "First, we're going to practice phasing". I explain that you simply have to fully expect that you can walk right through it, and you simply shouldn't think about it. I phase right through the wall and end up in the first room within the mansion, which is dimly lit, containing antique furniture. The boy follows me. I continue into the second room which has a large glass door to the right which seems to lead downward. I explain to the boy that we're going to practice phasing single body parts. I raise my hand and slowly stick in through the glass, moving in slowly downward. I continue into the next room by phasing through the wall to my left. I end up in an office area with brown furniture along with a lamp and a desk in the center. I explain to the boy that we're going to practice transforming objects next. I decide the chair is too big and head toward a shelf in the back of the room. On a dark, mettalic, rounded tray sits roughly eight to ten silver Hotei Buddha figurines facing the wall. I decide to try to transform these. At this moment, the dream fades and I'm in a black void. I imagine my hands grabbing ropes which support a wooden bridge. I imagine that this bridge is in the treetops of The Forest. As the imagery extends, my lucidity drops and I slip into a non-lucid in which my body slowly descends via a rope.
      (1) The rock formation seems to be a re-creation of images from the book 'Yumi and the Nightmare Painter' that I just started, it which Yumi stacks rocks as a part of her rituals.
      (2) Possibly I need to try the tornado outside of this realm.
      (3) No official name yet - I plan on learning it once I get there.
      (4). The imagery was probably influenced by a podcast I listened to the day before in which a lady was talking about Mario chasing her in a NLD

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    4. 1. The Dream Journal (LD) 2. The Rooftop (LD)

      by , 07-17-2023 at 02:56 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. The Dream Journal (LD) [Summer 2023 TotS: Basic i & ii ; Advanced i]
      I'm in a side room in a dimly lit building at night. It's near the end of the corridor, yet there is still a room on the edge. I make my way into the room by the bed and get the feeling that something is off. I glance at my hands in the dim light and it seems like I have six fingers. I go for a nose-plug, breathe right through, and say "Yes!" as I become lucid. I want to get my adventure started and decide to phase through the window. I glide through the window set against the far wall of the dimly lit room and out into a setting with a stone walkway roughly twenty meters wide with hexagonal stones. There are square black metal tables with tall lantern-style lights coming up from them, and the entire area resembles the outside of a cafe. I want the dream to be more vivid, so I begin shouting "Clarity now!...Increase clarity now!" several times. The dream becomes very vivid and stable and I'm really happy with how well it works. I make my way around the side of the cafe come around the corner and notice many five to six story buildings in the early morning hours. As I make my way between buildings, down a central walkway, several pairs of DCs are approaching my direction. I decide not to fly and simply to walk slowly as I want to take in the surroundings and see if the slow movement will aid with dream stability as I reflect that the onset of flying sometimes destabilizes my lucids. I slowly walk further down alongside a five story building appreciating the stability and begin thinking of dream goals. I think of a persistent realm for a moment, but ignore this as I decide it would be perfect to begin working on the tasks of the season. I consider going for the dream journal record first, but also consider going for an easier goal to start. I turn around, realizing that I need to find an indoor area with written records. I glide down the walkway and notice that the building to my left is filled entirely with white gym equipment. The windows are five foot and rectangular with curved edges. I progress to the next section, and there is even more gym equipment in this area. I rationalize that it would be tough to find written records in this area, and that it's possible that the gym extends to the second level. I make my way even further as the building wraps around to the right via an overhead walkway. I glide up and enter around the second or third story by phasing though the wall. I'm in a dimly lit area of sorts with a dark wooden decor. Stairs lead up to a half-story level. I notice two DCs standing at the top of the stairway - they're younger versions of JP and J. I think this would be a perfect opportunity to go for a basic task of the season. I ask JP "What's going to happen tomorrow" he responds "No" or "Don't know". I ask again and he responds "I don't know". I explain that I really need to know for the Dreamviews task of the season and he responds "JP is gonna kick you out of school - that's what's gonna happen" in a comical way. I find it funny since I'm clearly not in school. I decide to begin working on the next task of the season. I know that I'll need to find an area with written records I make my way further into the room and find a section that resembles an office with many desks positioned throughout. I begin glancing over all of the desks which are strewn with envelopes of various sizes and colors, none of which would suffice for a dream journal. I go to the next desk to my left, still finding nothing, then to a third. On the third desk to my left, I find a small, light orange colored notebook with a square, opaque section on the front, possibly for a a title or for something to be slipped in. I begin flipping though the pages to find a legible section. I read a word after flipping a few pages, and it appears to a a poriton of the word 'iguana' - I decide this won't count. I continue flipping and on roughly the sixth page I find a section beginning with the scribble, that eventually transitions to "Thank you... Tokyo 1954... toy". It appears to be a a dream journal entry about buying a toy in Tokyo in the past and a DC saying thank you for it. I'm happy that I knocked out another task and get excited for the next! I leave the office area and glide down to the lower level while thinking of going for the advanced task of stopping yourself from being born. My mind begins reeling about how the heck to accomplish that. Do I go back in time, find my parents, and stop them from doing it? lol. I decide to simply go for an easier task of building an improvised weapon and wonder how I'll do it. I come around a corner on the bottom level, turning ot the left and notice a large dark blue and purple stuffed alligator, roughly six to seven feet long, face down in a large bin the wall. Next to it is a long black vacuum cleaner shaft. I decide I can build a makeshift weapon out of the vacuum cleaner thinking back to the spear example on Dreamviews. I pull it out, find a black lever on the left side with a white line marking. I decide that flicking the lever will reverse the air flow and do so. The airflow is now strongly reversed outward. I continue down the walkway with the powerful blower and into an area that resembles and under-construction parking garage on the lower level, with a gravel/dirt ground along with many uneven patches. I see a DC in the distance and decide that I can use the blower to launch rocks at high speed. I grab a rock off the ground and shoot it at the DC asking him if this would count as a catapult for the Dreamviews competition. He responds that of course it would count as it's launching projectiles. I satisfied with this, and continue looking for rocks, I find a yellow colored rock and reflect that it looks like a sunstone of sorts. I see two guards/officers approaching in order to see what we're up to and stop us. I decide to mess with them and play dumb as they approach the DC I was interacting with. I simply float up and say "Duuuuuuuh" and they look at me confused. I laugh, then turn around and fly away, without them doing anything. I approach the edge of the campus area and several DCs are walking on a walkway on the outskirts. Their is a large grassy area on the periphery which leads down into a forest area. I wonder if this could be a persistent realm I could return to as it's very beautiful. I turn around and continue to to consider the advanced task and how I'll manage it. I look at the buildings raising roughly eight stories with light tan concrete and wonder where I should enter. I loop around more and notice a second building to the left. I fly closer and notice many rows of manikins in the windows. I contiue to approach the building on the right, flying slowly toward roughly the fifth level. I fly for quite a bit considering what to do upon entry, taking in all of the details of the manikinss' faces and the dream begins fading.

      2. The Rooftop (LD)
      *Semi-lucid transitioning to low lucidity at end
      I'm in an area which resembles a dorm-room and it's around lunchtime. I notice that I forgot my lunch and begin searching for a lunch bag. I find a black one, yet there's not much in it, only two small sandwiches and a small bag of pretzels. I decide I can find something to eat and tell myself "This is a dream" and simply fly through the wall. I fly to the balcony on the back of the building and begin thinking of how I should have practiced lucid dreaming more in college as I look at my reflection in the window. My lucidity begins to rise a bit and I get the impression that I'm in a dream. I notice two DCs and decide to phase through the window and begin talking to them. I get off of the green colored balcony, phase through the window, and begin asking the nearest female DC where she is headed. I then wake up.

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    5. The Loft (LD)

      by , 07-16-2023 at 09:06 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I continue to make my way from the back room. I have all of the artifacts on me that I organized as well as some additional hunting gear. I make my way to the main atrium of a large building, with many side rooms leading to areas with animal exhibits, similar to in a zoo. As I reach the center of the atrium, I suddenly realize I'm in a dream. I consider what to do, but first want to explore the area a bit a and make my way outside. I continue to my left, into a side room. I leave the main atrium through an open walkway and enter a long room with several windows on the outermost section of the building. The wall is filled with booth seating, and several families are in the booths. I look to the booth in front of me and to the left and notice a family of three - there appears to be a a father, a young mother and a very young daughter. I decide to leave this area by simply phasing though the wall to the outside. I'm suddenly hovering over a lush area with quite a bit of foliage, a walkway just ahead of me running longitudinally, as well as a very dark brown lodge style building behind an area of brush. The brush is several feet high and has a reddish hue to it. I however in the air and consider what to do. I think back to heading to a persistent realm that I imagined: Azura. I ignore this goal for now as I still have my hunting gear and artifacts from my previous dream and simply want to have fun and roll with my equipment. I imagine that I'm hunting for a large bear and that it'll be in the foliage. I keep the imagination running, yet don't find one at first. I search for a short while longer and see the wisps resembling the outline of a bear. I grab for a bow behind my back and imagine shooting the bear with an arrow. It is not very vivid, yet successful non-the-less. The dream begins fading a bit and I reflect that mindfulness is a key ingredient for lucid length and stability. As the dream fades I resolve to maintain awareness throughout.
      --The imagery reduces to a narrow stone walkway, curving and running slightly uphill. The dream imagery persists for a minute or so, and I consider visualizing to encourage the next scene, but don't begin.--
      A scene materializes immediately and I'm suddenly next to a large housing structure, which appears to have many loft style homes on each floor. I make my way off of the blacktop and onto the concrete walkway. I young man who is tall with blond hair and appears to be a groundskeeper of sorts gets my attention. I have the sudden intuition that his name is Ricky and I wonder if I'll see him again in the dreamworld. He insinuates that I owe some money for being on the property, and without giving it a second thought, I reach into my back pocket for some cash. I grab a wad of what appears to be several thousand dollars bound by a rubber-band and toss it in his direction. I turn my gaze to the roughly ten-story structure and decide to fly toward the third level. As I fly I wonder if I could create a persistent realm out of this area by simply imagining that it's a stable area as I enter. I phase through the window and enter a dimly lit area with booth style seating to the left, with roughly three separate booths. In the middle booth, two dark skinned young individuals are sitting across from each other having a conversation. I reflect that this would be a very cool home-base to return to. I see that the loft opens to an area to the right several feet further down, and I walk into this area. It is a bar-style kitchen area, with a counter running around the perimeter of a central area. The central area has a square stove of sorts with a large pot in the center. I get the impression that the large pot is used for ceremonial tea preparations of some sort and it reminds me of what would be found in a monastery. I make my way around the outside of the counter top and see a metal basket filled with bananas on the back right portion of the counter. I don't want any bananas, but think it would be good to have some energy bars. I imagine that they'll be in the cabinets above this section of the counter. I reach very high up and open the counter to find a couple rows with two different types of bars. I grab one from one of the vertically stacked rows and unwrap it. The wrapper has a slight reddish tinge and the bar is very dark. It turns out to be chocolate flavored. I begin eating it and it has a somewhat muted flavor and my mouth begins feeling very strange, like there's some sort of pressure on the gums and my mouth is very sensitive. I take a few bites and continue to chew. I feel my dream body slowly begin to vibrate and the dream begins to fade. I determine that I'm in waking reality a moment later.
    6. Above The Clouds (LD)

      by , 07-15-2023 at 02:48 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I'm standing between the main house and the neighbor's house in The Meadow and I'm instantly lucid. I say something close to "Thank God!" as my period of non-lucidity is finally interrupted. I take in the view and the scene is very vivid. The green of the grass is very intense and the sunlight is pouring through the area by the fences. The scene looks very similar to real life. I immediately think of dream goals and what I'd like to do. I think of finding a dream guide as well as creating a persistent realm, possibly Azuria. I begin flying upward and take in the view of the houses. The speed of the flight begins picking up. It continues to go faster and becomes beyond my control at this point. I ascend above the clouds and figure that this could be where I imagine transitioning to a persistent realm. I feel my dream body vibrating and then realize I'm coming back to my waking body.

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    7. Low Flight (LD)

      by , 07-12-2023 at 03:22 AM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I begin flying low in a horizontal position in a dim room with many students. I Realize I’m dreaming. I say “I’m
      dreaming” and I tell all the students that they’re dreaming. I ask if they know how I realized. I explain that I
      was flying so I instantly knew. I begin thinking about my dream goals. I think about creating a persistent
      dream realm as well as the purple crystal to phase through. I reach behind me to pull out the purple crystal
      to phase. A faint wisp of the crystal appears in front of me but it doesn’t appear solidified and vivid enough
      to teleport through. I vocalize that I want to go to a persistent dream realm and think of azura. I decide not
      to try to go through the crystal. I turn to my right and see that the large room extends into the distance. At
      the far end site a black wall unit with a black square TV in the center with an additional device on top. I
      decide to try to phase through theTV. I make my way across the room and toward the TV. I bump into it two
      times, bouncing off. On the third attempt I’m successful and phase through into blackness. I feel that
      sensation of my physical body is vibrating into my awareness and I wake up.
    8. Monastery Gates (LD)

      by , 07-12-2023 at 03:20 AM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I’m in my room in the monastery and something feels a bit off. I plug my nose and can sweat that I can
      breathe. My awareness rises and so look at my hands. I see that I have seven fingers and become lucid. The
      scene is very gray and murky, yet I hold my awareness through it. The dream goes to black void which I
      remain aware in. I soon begin imagining colors, then visualize the gates leading to the monastery. I see the
      visualization of the black and white arch come into my field of views. Soon I find myself on the grass to the
      left of a long brick structure. I shout “increase clarity now!” several times, insisting that it works. The scene
      becomes much more vivid. It appears to be a recreation of the monastery to my right. It is a single story and
      constructed of red brick with a dark roof. I begin floating alongside of the building and want to renter, yet
      don’t want to disturb any DCs. I find a window which would be roughly where my room is and I phase
      through. I find myself in a classroom of sorts with students and circular desks, working on some drawings
      which are in color. I make my way to the center of the room and weave my way between the desks. I notice
      that there are a couple teacher/monitor figures supervising the room. I decide that I could find Roshi and
      ask for a teaching. I begin making my way to the door, yet have a false awakening.
      I plug my nose with my thumbs and can breath very slightly. I rationalize that it’s because they’re not fully
      plugged, yet don’t adjust it.

      *In a talk later in the week, I found out that the Abbot of the Monastery was an artist before becoming a monastic. She shared that she always wanted her life to be an expression of art.
      *Not much total sleep and especially REM for the rest of Sesshin.

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