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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. The White Room (LD)

      by , 08-31-2023 at 10:32 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      The White Room (LD)
      I wake farther into the room, and as I begin turning right I start thinking about wanting to become lucid. What if this is…I’m dreaming! I’m lucid and consider what I want to do. I don’t want to stay in the area, so I immediately decide to try teleporting, deciding on Syrano. I phase into the wall in front of me and everything goes black. I begin visualizing the cliffs of Syrano and they’re fairly vivid. I hold it for a short while with patience, yet nothing materializes. I wonder how long it’ll take. I white screen then pops up with blinking blue buttons. I wonder why it’s displaying. I then appear in front of a wall in a dim room. I’m not sure if it’s the same room. I turn and begin to explore, yet my lucidity slips.
    2. 1. Third Floor Tomes (LD) 2. Dark Woods Wand (LD) 3. Just My Subconsious (LD)

      by , 08-30-2023 at 07:30 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Third Floor Tomes (LD)
      I find myself sitting on a dark couch in a dim room. This feels...dreamlike Nose plug...nose plug
      I'm lucid and begin considering what to do, feeling the excitement. It feels a bit dim, so I shout "Clarity! clarity!" truly wanting the dream to become more vivid and stable. I then shout "stability!" and the dream begins to become both more stable and vivid. I consider meditating, but feel that I've been doing that a lot in lucids lately, and that I'll do something else. I walk up to a nearby counter. I begin narrating to engage working memory and say
      "this is going to last one hour... last an hour".
      I decide to leave the area by teleporting, and possibly finding a dream guide. I think of element manipulation, but don't bother trying to shoot fireballs. I see a dark door in the back and I head toward it to teleport. I head toward the back wall, phase through and enter a bright scene in full daylight. There's a two to three story brick structure roughly 30 meters away, situated on the far side of an asphalt lot. I remind myself I'm in full control, and can simply fly wherever I want with control. I raise up and head toward it. I mentally adjust how I'm moving my dream body - a dance between feeling that I'm moving toward the destination and that the destination is moving toward me. The dream begins to pull me upward, yet I remind myself I'm in control and swoop down. I turn toward building on the opposite side. There are several stories, complete with ornate cream colored balconies. I swoop down and land gracefully on the second story. I enter the building and begin to explore. I notice that there are several rooms on the floor, daylight streaming in the window, creating a yellow/orange hue. The doors are close and it seems to be a dorm type setting. I consider looking for what DCs are inside. I enter the first room and notice some ruffled covers. No one is there, so I enter the second room. I pull the covers back and notice a dark skinned female I don't recognize. I then decide to look for H. I enter the third room which has artwork on the door, seemingly done with various colors of crayon. I enter, pull back the sheets, and see a figure who looks like H. I small alien type creature then comes out and I back away. I say that she looks a bit like my wife. She states;
      "Most people are fooled by that"
      I feel relieved, and decide to explore more. I think of finding a tome to use as a dream item for element manipulation. I ask:
      "Do you know where I can find a tome shop"
      She states that there is a store nearby, similar to Best Buy. I think it's silly decide I don't want to venture that far into the dreamscape. I appreciate how long the dream is lasting and how stable it is. I feel like I can just hang out in these worlds... I then say to the dream:
      "Last an hour"
      I head out, deciding to travel to the third floor, imagining that it's a wizard's quarters - one who has tomes. I make my way to the third floor by floating up a spiral staircase. I think I'm waking up, but slip into a non-lucid.

      2. The Dark Woods Wand (LD)
      I walk to the next room which has white walls and double windows with blinds at the far end. I'm thinking about wanting to get lucid
      Maybe...this is a dream
      I begin to look more intently at the environment, picking up on the dream-life quality of the windows. I'm dreaming!
      I turn around and head toward the room prior, considering what to do. I jog my memory, pulling up several dream goals, but don't have a location I want to teleport to immediately. I decide to enter the farthest room, where I believe more co-workers are. I sense my boss is there and feel it would be very interesting to ask her a question I make my way to the far end of the room, which has many tall brown standing desks strewn around. I don't see her, but sense she's to my sharp left. I turn and see her working feverishly at a standing work station. I walk over and ask her why she works so hard...why she does what she does. She essentially states that it's in her nature, how she's designed. She doesn't break concentration from her tasks as she explains, moving back and forth between various tasks on her desk. I make my way to the fart back right of the room and decide to teleport, phasing into the wall. I feel that I'm spinning rapidly, and feel that I may emerge on a ship caught in a maelstrom. I suddenly end up in Meadow, facing the Dark Woods. I see the pool in the center and the shed beyond, and simply fly past them, deciding to explore the Dark Woods. I see the dark edge of the woods and fly into the woods. Surprisingly, once I penetrate the outer layer, there is plenty of sunlight entering into the Dark Woods. Another body of water, similar to the pool, is directly in front of me. Beyond it, massive piles of what appears to be dirt have thousands of buzzing insects flying above. Two are situated in front of me and I exercise caution, floating beyond. I see a gray colored structure in the back of this area and decide to explore. I decide that this area contains a wizard of sorts who is possession of a wand. I feel that I can use this wand for element manipulation. I enter the building and hear the clinking of what appears to be a knight patrolling the area, on guard duty. I get the sense that it's animated armor. I snap my fingers, becoming invisible. I enter farther into the building, evading the animated armor, and ducking behind the first wall in the center area. I think of drinking hot chocolate, reflecting on scoring points in competition. i imagine a mug on the counter above me, grab a mug and drink a bit. It doesn't taste like much, but I'm not focusing too much on it. I exit the room through back door and make my way into an upper area which contains living quarter. To the right is a small passage which leads upward via very tight stairs I squeeze through the entrance, make a sharp right, and begin squeezing through the right of two small ladders upward. I sense a family above along with a dark wizard of sorts. I wake one of the two boys in the back and he approaches, yet doesn't see me due to invisibility. I continue to squeeze up, constrained by the sides and making noise, as he heads down the other way. I enter the small attic space and see a room to my right containing a baby sleeping. I decide the wand isn't there. I walk into the back right room containing a large bed with two sleeping figure, one of which is the wizard. I had to the far side of the bed, reach under, yet don't materialize anything. I imagine intently a chest is there, containing the wand. I reach underneath, pull out a dark wooden box, flip the lip, and remove the black cushioning layer. I take out the dark, rosewood color wand and begin to turn to phase through the wall to escape the room. I rouse the dark wizard and he grabs my wrist or slap something onto it. I begin to phase through the wall, thinking of the Mountain Temple.
      I believe I'm waking up, but have a false awakening.

      3. My Subconscious (LD)
      I stand up fully in front of the two dream characters I'm speaking to, my awareness beginning to raise. I suddenly realize I'm in a dream. I say something similar to:
      "Later guys I'm going to explore"
      I begin flying upward and head a bit to my right, feeling the excitement and freedom. I turn to my left and see many DCs sitting at square metal tables, which extend out into the street. They appear to be outdoor patrons of a cafe, hanging out and talking. 'm feeling a bit silly and whimsical, and decide to shout out at the group:
      "F*** you guys!", laughing to myself
      Crowd: "What?..what...?"
      The groups are confused, and begins to whisper amongst themselves in hushed tones.
      "Relax guys, you're just my subconscious
      I see a built tan guy at one of the back tables, turning to talk to another DC.
      I consider what to ask the dream/DCs.
      "What is the best thing for me to be doing in my life?"
      I wait a few seconds, yet there's no immediate response.
      I wake up.

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    3. 1. Lounge Flight (LD) 2. Facing Fears (LD)

      by , 08-29-2023 at 11:13 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Lounge Flight (LD)
      I'm in a second story area which resembles a kitchen area, and many plants are knocked on the floor with green foliage strewn about. I look at several of the clocks on the appliances and notice the time displaying: :: ::.
      That doesn't make senseNose Plug...[I]I'm dreaming!!![/I take in my surroundings and love how chill the area feels - it's a lounge-type of kitchen area with an island in the center and a balcony which overlooks a first floor area below. The kitchen is complete with dark brown granite and appears quite upscale. I consider what to do, realizing there are so many things I can do, and make my way to the edge of the kitchen, feeling that I want to explore simply because I like the area so much. I wonder if the area is a place that I may return to in future dream - if it'll have some persistence. I float upward and begin to glide down to the lower level. I begin to narrate to engage working memory stating something similar to: "Now I'm going to explore". I hear some people speaking and notice two dream characters below: a young boy and his mother. I float closer and decide to interact with the characters. I ask the mom her name and she replies:
      Emily: "Emily"
      I continue to follow the two. The boy appearsts to have low self-esteem and I step in order to assist him. My lucidity begins to fade as I explain in his innate ability to do whatever he sets his mind to.

      2. Facing Fears (LD)
      I'm standing at a counter in a house, playing a game on my laptop. I suddenly realize I'm dreaming. I experience a burst of bliss and peace.I love being in...this place I reflect, feeling a love for the 'lucid feel' and just being in the environment. I make my way around the counter, consider what I want to do. I become inspired to practice meditation, and begin to head to the center of the room. I sit down and begin to practice zazen. I take in the view through my half-open eyes of blinds situated against the far wall. I feel that my awareness may fade a bit, so I move my dream body a few feet to the right and continue. I feel I once again may lose the dream after a moment of zazen, so I stand up. The dream begins to dim. I begin engaging my tactile sense to stabilize, and shout "visuals!" as the imagery darkens. I move to a nearby couch and begin rubbing in vigorously, feeling all of the texture. The dream begins to stabilize and visuals return. I head to the stairway and notice the darkness above. I gain an ominous sense, and feel that something nightmarish may be looming above. I almost turn away, but think back to dream yoga and facing nightmares. I imagine that I can conjure light - illuminating the dream literally and dispelling evil and the dream scene brightens slightly as I make my way up the stairs, as fear begins to diminish; I reflect on how it's just a dream. I begin to hear voice chattering in hushed tones. I see a room to my left but it seems vacant. I pass to the back room and enter. I make my way inside and see that in the back is a large bed/couch with an awning which covers partially up above. It appears to be a child's room and is quite beautiful; a lot of care has been put into the decoration. At the far end of the room, the entire wall is simply glass, with a view that overlooks a large city. Buildings glow in the night, a beautiful scene to take in. I feel a sense of wonder and peace overlooking the scene, admiring the pinkish hues of the city (1). I begin to wake up.

      I feel that this dream represents my fear of having kids. While there is some sense of overwhelm, I feel that the dream is telling me that the reality is going to surprise me in many way; it will bring more joy that I expect, and far less fear. This was a beautiful and revelatory dream.
    4. Meadow Doors (LD)

      by , 08-28-2023 at 11:02 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      Meadow Doors (LD)
      I’m aware as the dream begins to form. The general image of double doors begins to appear, gradually becoming more vivid. I feel that it may be safe to begin moving my dream body and enter into the scene.
      I find myself in the front of the main house in Meadow, facing the main door, happy to be lucid. I decide to fly outside and start the adventure! I float through the doors and fly up a bit. I decide I’d rather go somewhere else since I’ve been in Meadow quite a bit latel I turn to my right and simply phase through the brick wall next to the front doors. I appears quickly in front of a white, sliding closet double doors. The dream begins to fade and I wake up.

      The last two hours of sleep were quite light. I had a couple situations where a dream was beginning to form, yet I wasn’t able to enter as I would begin to wake up.
    5. 1. Swamp Temple Pillars (LD) 2. Room of Storms (LD) 3. Zazen - RoS (LD) 4. MBR (LD) 5. IW (LD)

      by , 08-27-2023 at 07:43 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Swamp Temple Pillars (LD)
      I'm upstairs in Meadow and I'm thinking about dream journaling. I pull open my laptop and a game is loaded. I see a puzzle with two symbols which are situated within a circular stone tablet with two concentric circles (1). The puzzle seems strange to me, and I click two stones. I decide to nose plug. [I]Did I just breathe?....[I] nose plug I'm dreaming!!!. I'm very excited at the realization and head toward the window, carrying the laptop with me. The screen changes, and the silver laptop begins to play upbeat lofi music. I fly through the second story glass windows and take in the view of the backyard area of the main house in Meadow. It is extremely vibrant and vivid and I'm overwhelmed by the sights. I can see the pool in the center of the yard with brilliant blue water as well as the pool behind. I drift to the left, cranking up the music, feeling a surge of happiness. I fly toward the broken fence and notice an additional small body of water with plants around it. ...that's new...hmm I float toward the front of the house and consider where I want to go. Maybe I can teleport and go visit Glenna...no this area is great and I don't want to lose the dream...maybe I can head to visit Joraggu I turn and begin heading toward the dragon's lair, but I know it's a bit of a distance. Suddenly, the dream destabilizes and goes to a void. This is a perfect time to visit Glenna...let me visualize the temple, either in the mountain or in a forest...I'll go with a forest. I begin visualizing trees, holding onto the image. Suddenly I find myself on a large circular stone slab which is situated in the middle of a swamp. The area feels so ...desolate...remote. I look around and see many gray, large stone pillars with massive diameters. Carvings are etched into the stone, and the site feels like a ritualistic area. There's s stone building towards the back. I glance to the right and see small, colorful plastic seats which appear to be for children, yet the area is abandoned. I continue to gaze around, considering where to go. I wake up.

      2. Room of Storms (LD)
      I feel as though my body is falling asleep and I see a young boy near me. I ask him to aid me as I slip into lucidity. I relax and feel I have the opportunity to slide my dream body off the bed. I encourage the sliding, stand up, and find myself lucid within a small bedroom. I make my way out of the gray room and enter a slightly larger section of the apartment-style area. There appear to be several appliances including microwaves in the kitchen/main room area. I leave the apartment and find myself in a hallway which extends quite far to the right. I reach the end of the hallway and see that there's a large room beyond, with a vaulted ceiling, situated beyond a wide pane of glass. I phase through the pane and enter the room which has many plants plants in reddish hues flanking either side of the room. There's a long bench in the center of the room facing the wall. I sit on the bench and consider meditating. I sit, then shift slightly to the left as I consider if it will destabilize the dream. I hear a storm outside with the peaceful drum of heavy rain and light thunder. I begin zazen. I maintain for a short bit, then come out of it. I wake up.

      *I wake up and consider recording the dream. I decide I'd rather relax and go for another lucid.

      3. Zazen In The Room Of Storms (LD)
      I sense that a dream is forming, relax, and begin to encourage my dream body to slide and stand up. I'm lucid. That was so easy!! I find myself in the same room as the previous dream, excited at how easy it was to become lucid. The dream is a bit blurry, so I begin to shout: "Clarity now!!...stabilize!" several times. The dream becomes far more clear and stable. I engage my sense, especially tactile, intensely and I become far more grounded still. I make my way to the exit of the room once again, and pull my hand in front of me, focusing intently on the hand as a means to stabilize farther. I feel the door knob with great focus as I turn it and open the door. I'm once again in the long hallway, and head right. This time, however, a couple of rooms are open. Of particular interest is a room in the back left which appears to be where a person of importance in the area resides, a teacher of sorts. The room has a deep brown decor and appears to have a chair reserved for office work. I make my way past this door and find myself in front of the wide pane of glass before the room of storms. I consider practicing some advanced skills...how about element manipulation? I attempt conjuring some fire and lightening, yet there aren't' visuals (2). I then think about phasing fully, reflecting on competitions. I phase partially into the wall on the left, then nearly fully. I return to being partially immersed and sense some white and black objects inside the wall which resemble computer chips of sorts. I then phase through the glass and head down onto the bench in the room of storms. I sit down, and suddenly think of a passage from a dream yoga book I'm reading. The thought: Destroy the dream and leave nothing but the truth! comes into my head. The dream begins to rumble slightly, as if a quake is starting beneath me. I feel a sense of nerves as though I might lose the dream and ignore the thought, returning to the scene. I notice a nice mantle in front of me with some decoration including a black Meihana tiki mug. I begin practicing zazen. I go for a moment, stop for a brief moment concerned about destabilization, and return to practice for a moment. I then decide to try to find Glenna. I peer into the room beyond and see what appears to the a room for teaching spiritual aspirants. A meditation cushion is in the center, with a larger cushion to the left - presumably for the teacher - as well as a tetsubin next to it. A large fireplace is situated on the far wall, and the ceiling is vaulted within a massive three story room. I float down towards the meditation cushion, sit down, and notice a tall person approaching. I ask for Glenna. They tell me to wait one moment as they ask a person in a nearby office to the left if she's available. I stand up and walk toward a wall to the left and notice a poster which a character points me toward. There's a staircase that winds to the right then upward and to the left which is made of dark wood to my left. I gaze back at the advertisement which is on a regular piece of white paper. I believe it's Glenna... the middle name is Liux and last name Lucida. It appears to be somewhat of an advertisement for lucid dreams within the dreamworld with sparce, yet corny cosmic decoration. I'm amazed by the face. It looks somewhat like my aunt when she was younger. I consider the advertisement and wonder if I'll be able to meet with Glenna. I wake up.
      *LDs 4 & 5 are actually the first two of the night

      4. Many Blue Rooms (LD)
      I'm speaking to a DC about assisting me in attain lucidity as I go to sleep in the dream. I lay down and see a scene forming in front of me. I begin becoming aware of the dream state and I'm lucid. I find myself within a fairly large square one story room with rooms of all blue. It seems to be a reception area of sorts for a building which displays some type of art form which is unclear. I approach the entryway and see several individuals who appear to be working in the area, receiving visitors. I make my way from the lobby, feeling as though I have a limited time to explore before the dream fades (3). I enter another room, and I get the sense that an important dream character may be nearby. I continue to explore neighboring rooms, which are increasingly smaller as I make my way to the left. The third rooms is quite small and contains a white chair. I head to the left and wake up.

      5. Invisibility Walk (LD
      I continue to follow the group of co-workers that appears to be walking toward a nearby room via large double doors. I suddenly become lucid during the walk down the hallway. I feel it would be interesting to practice invisibility, so I snap my fingers, and the group appears to not even know I'm there. I suddenly want to aid another dream character in becoming invisible and exploring with me. I call to them several times, but they seem oblivious to my verbals, as if the invisibility snap muted me as well. I continue to follow along with the group during my attempts at gaining attention for just a short moment, but feel it's a waste of time so I turn around and begin to explore the area a bit more. The dream destabilizes.

      (1) The dream was following a false awakening after LD#4 (out of order). The tablet seems to be a re-creation of a puzzle from Quern.
      (2) I don't believe I focused enough.
      (3) I'm not sure why I was worried about the dream collapsing soon - possibly it was due to my level of lucidity being lower.

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    6. 1. Ancient Dragon's Lair (LD) 2. Djinn's Lightning (LD)

      by , 08-26-2023 at 09:11 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Ancient Dragon's Lair (LD)
      I'm in the center of the first floor of the main house in Meadow. H makes a funny comment regarding the person winning an award on TV and the character repeats what she says almost verbatim. That's strange.., Nose plug did...i just breathe a bit?...let me make sure... nose plugwait a secondnose plugthis is a dream!! I'm amazed as the whole scene feels so real. H is standing in front of me with a large smile, emanating appreciative joy. I approach, take her hand, and walk with her to the front of the house. We make our way into the living room and I feel that it's special that she'd in one of my lucids. I hug and kiss her, yet the dream begins to feel unstable; the visuals start to go dark. I explain to her that I want to stay, yet I'm risking the dream collapsing. I know I need to move on. I make my way to the front of the house, shout "Clarity Now!" and the dream come back into focus. H follow me to the front of the house as I phase through the front door and float up toward the street in front of the house. I decide to engage narration to stabilize and prolong the dream . I state something very similar to:
      "Now I'm heading down the road and the dream is going to last a long time", I see a group of young kids, probably teenagers, playing some kind of game in the night. I float a bit above them, seeing if I'll catch their attention, coaxing them to engage with me - they don't and simply keep playing. I float farther down the street and find another group of young males playing. I try to get their attention as well, yet they seem to just ignore me. I see a third group ahead as I head down farther and decide to just let the idea of engaging them go; no need to instigate something with them for entertainment. I continue toward the end of the street and decide to head to a section of The Meadow which I've never explored: the street to the left. I reflect that the area with the Gargoyle Mansion and Greek Temple is situated behind the street, yet I'm curious what's actually on that street in the dreamworld. I make my way down the curving road to the left. As I wind to the right, I notice a green mist hanging over the street. I head down the street and the mist sits heavy over the area - toward the top it seems a miasma of sorts, seeming dangerous if I approach to close. As I look at the street I'm heading down, I notice small plants growing from the path, void of leaves and containing several shoots of light gray wood. I try to multiply them as I make my way down. My first attempt doesn't work. I walk a bit farther and try to multiply another plants in a group, yet the attempt doesn't work once again. I look up and notice massive green creatures, which appear to be petrified, are situated in intervals down the street, roughly 30 meters apart. They seem ancient in nature, appearing like green dragons, yet somewhat resembling dinosaurs. I continue floating down, amazed at the creatures and noticing how their size increases as I travel farther. I consider floating into the woods to my left toward the Greek Temple, but figure I'll keep exploring where I am. I'm curious what's above the top layer of the miasma and fly up above. Once I break the surface, expecting find sky, I find a very hot, humid, dense air which feels essentially inhospitable. It's seems totally barren. I decide to re-enter the area below. I continue down the road and spot in the distance a small blue portal. I decide this would be a great place to phase through to find Glenna. I keep making my way toward it and soon see the head of an enormous gold dragon who appears to be quite ancient. I approach even close and see that he's situated within a wooden temple of sorts, seemingly to have usurped the ruler of the temple. He's speaking in a deep ominous voice and I can sense that he may be hostile. As I get closer, I snap my finger, turning invisible. The massive dragon turns his head toward me, and I see his large eyes glance right past me; he doesn't notice I'm there at first glance. I move forward and to the right, entering small chambers constructed of posts of dark brown wood. I see a shrine room situated in the back with a portal. I decide I can float into this area and phase through to Glenna. As I begin making my way toward it, I draw the dragon's attention. I gain an instinctual understanding that his name is Joraggu. He swings his head toward me abruptly, seemingly gaining awareness of my presence, with rage.
      He shouts in a deep menacing voice:
      referring to my attempts to evade him via invisibility. He raises his massive right claw and smashes through all of the beams of wood constructing the small elevated rooms in which I'm situated. I evade the blow by gliding toward the shrine room with the portal.
      I wake up.

      2. Djinn's Lightning (LD)
      I continue to walk up the ramp to a lounge area which seems as though it's run by Native Americans. I get a feeling that the area seems...dreamlike. My awareness increases a bit and my memory begins to stir. I say intuitively:
      "I'm lucid in this place"
      My awareness raises drastically over the next two seconds or so, and I'm lucid. I begin to make my way farther into the lodge and their are many people milling about, seemingly tourists. The area is adorned heavily with dark wood and the ceiling are vaulted, creating a lobby area which is several stories tall. I head toward the lobby area, considering leaving the building and into the light. The appear to be small shops situated in small rooms on either side of the main walkway - gift shops of sorts. The dream however appears very fragmented. It appears as thought it's running at four frames per second or so. I shout "Stabilize!" and the dream imagery shows more continuity, coming into focus. I turn to my right and decide to pursue some dream goals, possibly transformation and conjuration. I first set my mind to transforming into Djinn form. My body begins to enlarge dramatically and my shoulder expand to the size of boulders. I primal roar emanates from me as my body expands, echoing into the distance. I drift father into the scene and decide to dilate time. I image pulling an hour glass out in front of me, yet the image is faint as I move my arm up. I decide to try to find want simply via expectations by exploring into the adjacent rooms. I don't find one in the vacant, dark, small room to my left. I enter into a small shop to my right and find a very faint one on the table on the left side. I raise it up and imagine the sand slowing, willing the dream time to slow down. I float farther down the hall and conjure purple lighting. It's moderately vivid, so I try to create dense sparks of blue lightning in front of my palms, and see the blue lightning for with intensity. I make my way in toward a crowd and created streaks of purple lightning once again, the crowd evading.
      I wake up.

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    7. 1. Syrano Lounge (LD) 2. The Cliffs of Syrano (LD) 3. Blur (LD)

      by , 08-23-2023 at 11:19 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Syrano Lounge (LD)
      I’m aware I’m dreaming in the middle of the first floor main room in the main house in Syrano. I see the glass doors toward the back and consider exploring farther into that area. For a moment I consider teleporting somewhere else, but I decide this will be a good place to explore more. I wonder if I’ll re-encounter the swamp area, or if I can imagine The Village to be connected beyond. I phase through the glass and end directly in another large first floor area connected to the main room. It appears to be a large lounge area of sorts with a kitchen toward the back right. I see black and grayish couches to my left formed in a partial square configuration in a living room type setup with a central focal point. I continue toward the kitchen area and think that grabbing a hot cocoa would be a good idea. I look on the counter tops, and set my expectations to find it after not spotting it right away. I find a pink mug with a small amount of dark liquid, yet it’s a bit bland – like decaf coffee that’s been sitting. I imagine a hot cocoa dispenser, stick it under, and have a full mug. I have a bit, but the flavor isn’t too strong. I walk around the lounge a bit more, heading toward the left. The dream begins to fade a slight bit, so I shout “Clarity Now!” I slowly wake up.
      *Back to bed – decide to try to re-enter dream rather than record.

      2. The Cliffs of Syrano (LD)
      I feel that I’m waking up on the couch in Syrano and look at my hand. I realize that I have ….six or seven finger…I’m dreaming! I get up from the couch and begin to head toward the back area of the main house. I want to explore beyond the sliding glass and phase through. I end up in the same area as the previous dream: the lounge area. The couch to my left, however, looks a bit different. Rather than the black and gray hues, the couches are a sand color and appear a bit fluffier. There is a door open beyond them as well which appears to be leading to a conference room type area, with a large dark wooden table in the center and black business style chairs all around. I don’t want to head in that area, yet want to continue heading in the direction of the kitchen area and beyond. I make my way past the central island and sink areas in the kitchen, which are upscale, and continue toward a door in the back of the house. I make my way through and end up within a nature scene on a dirt pathway leading downhill. There’s a sharp slope to my left and a large cliff beyond with structure on the top. I’m excited that the dream may last a while, and I begin to narrate. I state something similar to “This dream will last a long time”. I continue to make my way downward and look beyond to a massive cliff with dense, dark green foliage covering the entire cliff face with accents of red leaves within. As the scene is revealed, a short, musical crescendo is created, in a revelatory fashion. The experience feels mystical. I want to explore the cliff area a bit more to see if I can find a dream sanctuary type area in a cave in the cliff face. As I approach, the dream feels a bit unstable, and I feel I risk losing it. I quickly descend and the dream begins to darken. I shout, “Visuals! Visuals!” and the nature scene snaps back into focus. I turn to my right and see a long tree line nearby, with woodland continuing beyond. I’m curious to see if I can find The Mountain Temple within, and make my way into the woods. I meander down a small slope into the woods, feelings excited to explore and happy with how long the lucid is feeling. I look to my left, yet don’t see the temple. I begin to approach a wide river and begin floating across toward the opposite shore. It’s quite wide – about fifty meters or so – and several large paleolithic looking gray fish are partially exposed above the surface. They appear dangerous, and I try to float above them, however the dream feels as though it’s tugging me toward the water. My feet skim into the water a bit, and I feel the sensation of wetness, yet I make it safely to the other shore. I find myself on a dirt path extending parallel to the river. I turn to my right to continue exploring that area. After walking about thirty meters, I see a long single story brick structure and decide to explore inside. I make my way inside and it’s essentially vacant and feels like a storage type area. I make my way through a door toward the back right, and notice a rectangular metal structure to my left which seems to be generating power. It’s glowing both green and red around the edges and has a light on it. Once I exit through the side door, I see a pink VW van parked in a parking spot and get the thought that it seems like a vehicle used by people doing drugs. That’s probably a strange experience doing drugs in a dream…. I turn to my left and see a sketchy, tall guy in a black shirt with a white logo and begin talking to him about dreams.
      “Who would do drugs when you can just lucid dream? It’s like you’re a timewalker.... or a dreamwalker I should say.”
      He looks at me with amusement and interest.
      “I’m going to go look for my dream guide, Glenna…want to come”
      He seems interested and begins to follow me. I make my way into an upper level through a entryway in the ceiling above where we are. The path is obstructed by massive curving cylindrical pieces of white concrete. I feel pressed against the entryway by them.
      “Now I’m going to use super strength”
      I begin smashing the pieces of concrete with my fists, blowing chunks off into the space beyond the entanglement. I continue to smash, but and make progress, but it seems as though a slight bit more encroaches. I begin to wake up.

      3. Blur (LD)
      I’m aware I’m dreaming in the main house in Syrano, and the room is very dim. I walk a bit farther into the room, but the dream fades. I end up in a non-lucid. (1)

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    8. 1. Stable Numbers (LD) 2. Wall In Syrano (LD) 3. Meditation In Syrano (LD)

      by , 08-22-2023 at 10:51 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Stable Numbers (LD)
      I’m gazing into a mirror in the front of the main house in Serrano.
      “This is a dream…this is a dream”
      I look at my reflection and notice how smooth the skin is. I also notice that the front of my hair is down a bit rather than up. My face looks a bit ethereal…almost like…
      wait…this really is a dream! I turn away from the mirror and head into the center section of the house which is very dim. I begin shouting “Clarity now!” with intensity. The dream becomes a bit more stable and vivid, yet it’s not super clear as of yet. I phase through the sliding glass and want to head farther into where I imagine The Village to be. I end up on the lenai and make my way a bit farther, yet there’s thick blackness ahead and what appears to be a swamp. I don’t want to destabilize the dream in the blackness, so I turn to my right and fly a bit higher to where there appear to be buildings. As I rise up, I gain a view beyond where a tall brick wall is situated. There’s a two to three story building which appears to have a gym on the top level; I see a couple rows of black treadmills set up. There’s another a brick structure to the left of this gym structure, and the main structure continues a bit to the right. I fly into the top story where the gym is and a head a bit farther inside. There’s a screen on in what appears to be a sports bar area. It seems like a football game is on and one of the coaches is getting interviewed. The screen appears to say something similar to “Bronx”, and the scores 4 and 4 on the bottom of the screen. The person interviewed is speaking about his battle with, and “overcoming of, some type of illness. I look away from the screen and back out of curiosity to see if the text or numbers will respond. Interestingly enough, they remain in the same spot, displaying the same thing. The person in the interview continues to speak as I look back and forth. I’m a bit puzzled and intrigued, but decide to explore farther. I head to the far wall of the sports bar area and jump through the window down to the street below. I then decide to simply phase into the asphalt ground. I phase in and the dream goes dark for a moment. I wake up.

      2. Wall In Syrano (LD)
      I’m lucid in the back of the main house in Serrano. I’m staring toward through the back sliding glass doors and the dream is very dim. I consider heading out briefly, but don’t want to head back into the swamp area. I instead turn to my right and simply phase into the wall to teleport. My vision goes black for a short moment and I wake up.
      *I decide to try to enter a lucid once again rather than record LD right away

      3. Meditation In Syrano (LD)
      I look up from the couch in the main house in Serrano, from a supine position, in order to check the time. I see two digital clocks ahead of me, one situated on a small square wooden table and one beyond. I look at the first one and it reads some time after 6:00. I look at the second at it reads some time after 4:00…wait…that doesn’t make sense…I’m dreaming! I stand up fully from the couch and walk into the central area of Serrano. I consider where I want to go and don’t want to head back to the back portion of the house. I decide instead to head for one of the window on the wall to the right. I head toward the window and phase out. I quickly make a drop into an area below which looks somewhat like a wooden porch. There’s a small square floor directly below me with various colorful items in the corners as well as another small square room, exposed to the outside beyond with couches on either side and a mat in the center which appears to be for meditation. I turn around to view the window that I came from and see various small adornments on the wooden section of the wall which appears to be made of metal – souvenirs of sorts. There are rooms in an alternate section of the house in the area to the left of the area with the mat as well as a section of the porch exposed to the outside to the left. I decide this would be an interesting place to meditate and sit down on the gray cushion in the center. Once in zazen posture, I think about teleporting somewhere else, but realize I’m getting distracted. I return my concentration to the present moment. I hold my awareness for a moment but feel as though I risk losing the dream. I stand up to begin engaging the dream and begin walking toward the porch area. I feel the dream slipping a bit, so I engage my tactile sense which extends the dream a short bit, but I wake up.

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    9. 1. The Mountain Temple - Meeting Glenna (LD)

      by , 08-20-2023 at 11:49 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I fly toward the pillar on the opposite side of the room and my awareness begins to rise along with my control. I fly toward the lower level, and realize I can just teleport out of this area. I become lucid. I'll just phase through this wall - no problem. I walk into the black outcropping set against the wall with confidence and phase inside. My vision goes black and I set my mind to simply visualizing a scene calmly and with confidence that it will form. I begin imagining a snowy village scene. Within just a few seconds, I appear on dirt ground facing a three story brick structure with serval doors in the face of the wall along with pieces of metal jutting out of portions of the wall. At first it reminds me of previous lucid and I'm not a fan of the scene on the first impression oh man...this place again... I then turn around and the scene is a bit different than I expect. There are small piles of snow scattered throughout the woodland floor and trees on either side of a dirt path leading to a pond beyond. This is awesome! I walk a bit further and turn to my right, seeing a concrete structure extend far down to my right. I get excited as I realize it's the dreamscape of Dai'bo. Awesome! Let me see if I can enter through where my room was! I make my way down the side of the building, and as I progress, I notice intricate carvings of angelic figures carved out of metal and placed in the sections where window sections are left via gaps in the brick. The angelic metal carvings a circular and seem to have a progression from more common angels on the left most rooms to higher ranking angels toward the far left - possibly archangels. I'm interested in speaking with a teach and walk into the temple via an opening on the far left of the building. As I enter, the dream becomes even more vivid. I turn to my right and see a long corridor leading a glowing section in the back containing a small sanctuary of sorts. Throughout the corridor, mini alcoves are set against the side walls of the temple, with thin walls dividing each alcove. Large gray buddha statues a place down the corridor, and a large buddha statue is placed at the farthest end inside the sanctuary, with its back facing me. I walk into the small sanctuary room on the end and find an elderly woman with blonde hair, slightly hunched back, and glasses with three layers of lenses, somewhat resembling the splayed wings of an insect. She appears very wise in her elderly years. She is working intently at a small stand which is a cross between an alter and a podium in the back left corner which is made of wood. The small sanctuary room is a beautiful dim orange glow to it with a slight tinge of red and yellow. The scene is hyper vivid and my awareness is very sharp. I take a seat and marvel at how stable the dream is although I'm not quite doing anything to stabilize it. I face the sage and begin to speak.
      "What's your name?"
      Glenna: "Glenna"
      The woman continues to work intently, sorting through paperwork. She seems to have anticipating me and was preparing some records.
      "Can you teach me?" I say in a very respectful and polite manner. I'm feeling very happy to be present in the temple. I'm feeling amazed at how long and stable this portion of the lucid feels.
      Glenna: "Yes"
      "Do you have any experience with...dreams" I say with a bit of hesitation as well as hope.
      She stops in her work, look down slightly and states in a serious, yet humble tone:
      Glenna: "More than most"
      "Can you teach me everything you know?"
      "I'll teach you everything. First, do your workout and then we'll begin" she says as she makes her way from the podium and begins walking down the corridor of the temple
      "I' can do my workout when I wake up" I say as I follow her down the corridor.
      Glenna: "Okay"
      We continue to walk down the corridor to the front of the temple and I feel the dream starting to slip. I engage my tactile sense and the dream persists a bit longer as I walk alongside Glenna.
      I wake up.

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    10. 1. Snowy Streets (LD) 2. Mirror Study (LD) 3. Monastery Stairs (LD)

      by , 08-19-2023 at 08:18 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Snowy Streets (LD)
      I'm aware, and I can't tell if I'm waking. Images begin appearing in front of me and I recognize that it's a couple of bowls. I realize a dream is forming and I have a chance to enter the scene. I begin moving my dream body forward and find myself in a dimly lit, large room. The visuals aren't very pronounced, and I'm feeling a bit tired in the dream interestingly. I want to ramp up the clarity so I begin shouting "Clarity now!" intensely a couple of times. I feel the dream may destabilize, but I maintain my awareness and stay lucid. The verbals help somewhat. I take in the scene of the large room which resembles the main room in Serrano. I leave the main room, and a flash of darkness comes followed by me appearing on the balcony area in the main house in The Meadow. I think back to how this is just like many lucids before, and I get excited to glide off the balcony and through the 2nd story window. I glide through and take in the wintery scene of snow covering the entire street. I glid down into the area and decide that I should start working on some dream goals and don't' want to get distracted. The tired feeling persists. I move to the right and consider Djinn transformation. I imagine it, yet full transformation doesn't occur (1). I head a bit farther to the right and see a dim green light emanating from one of the corners of a building. I think this would be a cool place to explore and head in the area. The dream begins to become a bit foggy and I hold my awareness. I suddenly teleport to another area in which I'm standing in the middle of a road within a development with large three story houses. I think back to The Village, and wonder if I can find some familiar DCs in the house up ahead. I think about my dream guide briefly but don't pursue the goal. I make my way into the main entrance and suddenly think of invisibility. I will myself to become invisible and float past the DCs - a young boy, a middle-aged woman, and an elderly woman - undetected. I decide to search the cabinets high on the far wall for something to eat (2). I search the first, then move progressively to the right, finding various bags which are half full and seem to contain items like goldfish and cereal. In a high cabinet to the far right I find a bag of what appears to be Cocoa Pebbles and I take it. The DCs don't react and seem oblivious to the fact that I'm in the home. I continue to glide toward the back area of the house. I ascend a small set of stairs and catch a view through the back windows. I see a deep, yet somewhat narrow chasm behind the house and a massive structure made of dark brown brick with dark glass window beyond. I find this to be an interesting area to explore, and drift through the window in the direction of the structure. I float down toward the ground level, then I wake up.

      2. Mirror Study (LD)
      I find myself in a bathroom and my awareness gradually raises. I think back to my previous non-lucid and feel that I should have gotten lucid from the game icons not making sense. Oh, this must be a dream. This is probably a bad idea that I'm peeing! I stop peeing, and make my way to the mirror and I'm lucid. I decide to study what my reflection looks like in the mirror. I look intently, and am surprised at how accurate it is reflected in the dream. I look down for a moment and back up. The image remains somewhat similar, however the area above one of my eyes appears a bit swollen. I make a mental note of appearance of dream reflections. I leave the bathroom and enter into the main room which appears to be the main room in Serrano. The scene is very dark and hazy and I see a large cabinet against the far wall. I begin shouting "Clarity now!" to ramp up vividness. I want it to be more solid, yet it feels a bit unstable. I feel as though I'm starting to wake up, and come awake.

      3. Monastery Stairs (LD)
      I find myself outside of a Buddhist monastery I've done retreat at. I head forward and I start walking up the wooden stairs and realize I'm dreaming. I wonder if the dream characters from a previous scene on the hillside by the monastery will join me. I enter the main room which is situated in the location of the dining hall. The area is divided down the middle by a wall which extends partway down the room. I think about looking for some interesting items as I enter. There are several other DCs to the right, yet I don't go invisible. I wonder if the DCs from the previous scene are coming, and walk back outside for a moment. They aren't coming, so I make my way back inside. I walk a bit farther into the room and notice many cabinets. It appears to be a place where they store supplies for cooking the meals. I search a cabinet, then think that a chocolate bar would be great. I simply imagine it to be in the cabinet above, and find two thin bars, which appear to be Ghiradelli, right next to some Seran wrap. I take two and begin walking to my right. I take a bite of one and it tastes good! I wake up.

      4. In A Room (Lucid Dreamlet)
      *Prior to Monastery Stairs LD. I find myself aware that a room is appearing in front of me and that I have a chance to phase into it. I begin moving my dream body forward a bit. I slip into a non-lucid. In the non-lucid, I'm attempting to recall the period of lucidity.

      (1) My focus wasn't intense enough
      (2) I was in the middle of a somewhat long fast in waking life and was getting hungry!

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    11. Mass Telekenesis (LD)

      by , 08-17-2023 at 11:35 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom area in Syrano.
      Man… no lucid tonight…and I finally slept well. Let me ramp up self-awareness…I should nose-plug too since I just got up…
      I’m dreaming! I feel a burst of excitement and make my way back into the room. Everything is very dark, and I get a faint glimpse of blinds. I head toward them in the haze, yet as I try to phase through them, it’s as if they simply move a bit further and I’m unable to move my dream body quickly. I want the dream to become clearer, so I demand it by shouting “Clarity Now!” a couple times. The dreams becomes a bit clearer and I phase through the glass area easily. I end up in what appears to be the first floor of a large house, in a room with an open concept with many plants all around There are many light cream colored couches throughout the central area, and the room extends to what appears to be a dining area to the right. I make my way farther into the room and enter the next section. The dream feels quite stable and is quite vivid at this point. I begin considering what to do and want to explore a bit more. I make my way into another area of the house farther ahead. The area is essentially an extension of the house, filled with many pieces of furniture and area to sit. At the edge of the room appears to be a small kitchen area with an area to cook, resembling a fire pit, in the middle. I see wooden cabinets up above the counter tops, and consider going for some chocolate bars. I decide this is a distraction, and turn around realizing I should pursue some dream goals. I head to the right and think of element manipulation. I try fire, wind, then ice, yet visuals don’t quite appear. I head a bit further into the dreamscape, which feels like a scaled down metropolis in the night. I approach the edge of a ledge, and see a bird take flight up and to my right, over the massive gap toward the concrete ledge on the far side. I consider shapeshifting into a bird expect myself to shapeshift. I feel myself shrink a bit and rise up into the air. I look to the ground to my far left and see a shadow which still appears to be humanoid, however. I think it looks silly, so I decide to transform into Djinn form. I instantly see my shadow transform into a massive form with enormous arms and shoulders, long thin beard traveling down to mid-chest. The lower portion of my body transitions into what appears to be wisps of smoke, as if a genie coming out of a lamp. I feel a surge of power run through me. I float a bit farther into the scene in this form and consider channeling lightning. The first time doesn’t yield visualize, and the second is simply very faint wisps. I move forward more and simply transition back to humanoid form by ignoring Djinn form. I make my way forward and to the left, thinking about telekinesis. I see a pile of sticks on the ground and I’m able to move it easily. I then do another pile even higher with ease. I'm happy with how awesome it feels. I then see several large bikes of different colors and try to move them with telekinesis. I’m unable to at first, but remind myself verbally, “E, everything in this dream is just your mind… everything here is your mind…you can do whatever you want”. I’m then able to move the bikes easily into the air. I walk a bit further into the community and see large houses, roughly four stories tall. I stick my hand out for telekinesis and move one of the four story structures easily into the air. I continue walking, rotating the massive structure quickly and with ease, pulling it slightly to the right through the dream sky. I simply let it go and transition to another area of the small metropolis. I enter an outdoor hangout spot which appears to be a conglomeration of house furniture and cabinets. Several young DCs are hanging out and I begin to search for some chocolate bars. I search a few cabinets, yet only find household items like aluminum foil. I find this strange as I expected that expectations alone would yield chocolate bars. I ask one of the girls for a chocolate bar, and she informs me that there are two bars next to a coffee machine. I look in the area and find two bars which resembles the brown packaged bars from the Hu company. I take a bar and begin walking. I turn to a couple nearby DCs and start talking about how my body is sleeping, and what it’s like to be in the waking world. I explain that there are many things that need to be taken care of in the waking world, and this place is more relaxed. I ask about how their experience in the dreamworld is. I look up toward the top windows of one of the houses in front of me and see a few DCs hanging out. I want to start a conversation, but think it would be cool to find H in the dream. I ask them if they know where she is, and they inform me that she’s a bit behind me in one of the nearby houses. I decide not to go in this area however as I feel it would take too long.I then think about how long the lucid is, and how simply it is just to stay in the dreamworld; it feels effortless. I think about teleporting somewhere else, but don't want to lose the scene. I find myself in a gym and see a few guys working out. I think it would be fun to TK one of them, and I begin lifting him up. I then try to TK myself over to a pullup bar, but it feels awkward. I fly to it instead, then turn around. There’s a guy at a bench press who sits up, explaining to me how he is trying to get into training. I ask him his name and he says something similar to ‘Jecimo’. He begins talking about his trainer, and I mention to him that nobody can read his mind, but I can help him with his training. I begin to talk to him about his training, and give him some advice with a lot of enthusiasm and speed. I get drawn into the dream with engagement in the topic and my lucidity begins dropping a bit. I wake up.

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    12. 1. Forest Clearing Sanctuary (LD) 2. Wall and Floor Phase (LD)

      by , 08-14-2023 at 10:50 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Forest Clearing Sanctuary (LD)
      I look down the massive slope, which is essentially a clearing within a forest, and reflect on how this would be an awesome place to return to in a dream…wait…I’m dreaming! I take in the sights, and the nature scene is beautiful. The clearing runs roughly one hundred yards down a mountainside and is roughly thirty meters wide. There is a wooden structure toward the bottom, slight to the right, and a lantern set on a table part way down the slope. There’s a DC standing by the table. I float down the slope, considering where to explore. I’m interested in exploring the inside of the structure as in has a sacred, spiritual type feel to it. As I get close, I notice that the side is actually completely open; there are no walls or doors. As I get even closer, the scene goes from being slightly obscure, to rapidly changing to a tunnel of sorts. I find it strange, but keep entering. Once inside, I believe I’m waking up.

      *False Awakening

      2. Wall and Floor Phase (LD)
      I’m in bed and figure I should do a nose plug since I just woke up. I breathe once…twice… I’m dreaming! I stand up and notice a figure next to me, yet notice it’s not H. It seems that it’s B… a type of re-creation from childhood. I get up and move away, feeling like getting out of the area. I phase right through the wall into another room. B is still in this room, yet the visuals are not super clear. I figure I’ll just phase right through the floor. I simply sink right through, but as I start entering the next area, I wake up.

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    13. 1. Void Tendrils (LD) 2. Red Blastwave (LD) 3. The Nightmare Train - DY4 (LD) 4. Lofi Joy (LD)

      by , 08-13-2023 at 01:35 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Void Tendrils (LD)
      I'm walking to the bathroom in Serrano, and feel that I should do a nose plug. I can breathe the first... then second, then third attempt... holy sh**! This is a dream! I fly through the wall and enter the void. I decide to head to a forest area and visualize a forest, but decide against it, getting a feeling it may be a creepy scene for some reason. I then decide to head to The Village and begin to visualize it. Nothing forms however, and I just stay in awareness in the void. After a while, a single tendril comes down from the top of the void. I find it strange and tug at the tendril. The scene begins to feel a bit creepy. I then not notice a few more tendrils come down from the top of the void, and I begin tugging at them, wondering about their nature.
      -- I then slip into a semi-lucid state where I'm a friend of mine trying to learn to LD and not sure if he's aware in a non-REM state - I'm giving advice from 'outside the dream'. I begin to state that maybe he isn't able to lucid dream.
      -- I return to lucidity, however I'm still in the void. The entire experience still has a nightmarish, creepy feel to it. The tendrils are still present, and I wonder if something from the external, waking-life environment may be creating the input of the tendril. I wonder how to handle the void and the strangeness of staying in this space. I figure i can just meditate through, practicing equanimity. I get the thought that lucids must be annoying sometimes for omnis. I decide not to meditate through it, however, and simply decide to wake myself up. I simply close my eyes, curl up my dream body, and hold my breath...and I'm awake thinking about how strange the experience was. (1)

      *Blue Light Glasses (Almost Lucid!)
      Why is mom at my work? Why is she giving me nine blue light glasses? Nose plug...nose plug. Oh! This is a....Wake up

      2. Red Blast wave (LD)
      I'm in a dark room and suddenly realize I'm in a dream. I shout "Clarity Now!" several times, intense demanding clarity. I use verbals, telling myself, "E, this is all a dream!...you have total control!". The dream shudders at the intensity of the verbals, and a red blast wave shoots out from me in all directions, with a loud sound. I go to cast a fireball and see a shift in colors, and slight bits of energy, and the dream shudders again. The dream soon fades.

      3. The Nightmare Train - Dream Yoga Stage IV (LD)
      I'm one some type of large vehicle that appears to be moving along tracks. I suddenly realize I'm dreaming and notice that I'm in the very front compartment of what appears to be a train. The scene is very dim, and I gaze out through the window to my left into the tunnel beyond. I consider leaving the area, but suddenly think of dream yoga stage 4 (2): creating and resolving a nightmare. I turn to the small compartment behind me and begin to imagine and encourage a creepy scene. As I gaze into the dark area and notice the image of a coffin. I get sense that an undead creature is within and may soon escape. I instinctively create a holy healing light and cast it toward the coffin. The nightmare resolves, and the undead threat seems to vanish. I head to the front and through the glass window, into the train tunnel. I head down the tunnel a few steps, then turn toward a small alcove in side of the concrete tunnel. I see my reflection in blue circular convex port-hole in the edge of the tunnel. I phase through the portal and the dream becomes a bit unstable as I enter the next room. I ground myself by engaging tactile sense, scaling up net. The tactile sense seems to ground me into the dream and prevent it from fading. I soon enter dark room, and demand clarity several times. The dream comes into focus and I'm in a house type area. Dream soon fades.

      *False Awakening

      4. Lofi Joy (LD)
      I'm laying in bed, recalling my last lucid (actually fairly accurately) and I decide to nose plug since I just woke up. I can breathe once, then twice...then a thrid... This is a dream! Awesome! I get up, and head into the bathroom area. I want it to be a bit clearer so I start shouting "Clarity Now" and begin thinking about what to do. I consider teleporting, realizing this isn't exactly the coolest place to be in a lucid, so I decide to simply phase through the window to my left. I gives a bit of resistance at first, so I remind myself..."This is a dream!"...I can essentially do whatever I want. The resistance goes away and I I phase through the window and end up in a grassy area outside. I consider the next area to go to, and simply phase through a wall to my left and end up in a dark area in the 1st floor of a fairly large house, still resembling Serrano. I shout "Clarity Now!" a couple times and the dream becomes more clear. I decide to turn into a Djinn, and my body becomes massive - roughly 12 feet tall - with massive arms with a bluish tinge and thick gold bracelets. I have a long, thin, wispy black beard as well. I feel power coursing through me and go to cast lightning. It's very wispy and not very vivid. I put some effort into visualizing it and I see small wisps of lightening head in the direction of the counter. I head into the next room and consider where to head next. I decide to use a tornado to teleport. I sit in a cross-legged meditation posture and wave my arm to conure a tornado. Nothing happens, and I remind myself it's a dream and I have total control. I go twice more, and on the second hear large bursts of wind and see wisps of wind starting to swirl. I close my eyes and begin thinking of a nature scene. Right away, I begin to see a beautiful bright blue sky with some clouds and my vision pans downward to include grass. I suddenly find myself in a super vivid area, and I realize I'm on the bottom of the driveway at the main house in The Meadow. I see the mailbox reversed in front of me. All of the colors are extremely bright and vibrant, and I feel that it's more intense than in real life. I begin flying and look at amazement at my hands and arms at how detailed they are. I start hearing Lofi music and the music is absolutely amazing! I think that I can't wait to share the dream on dreamviews. I fly, listening to the song, wanting to remember it when I wake. I see bright construction vehicles in the street and begin hopping across them, having fun. I'm super happy and excited. I begin thinking of what to practice, and thin of invisibility. I become invisible, yet there is no one nearby to test it for sure. I decide to transform, and turn into a mouse, skittering in front of large blue submarine looking vehicle. I fly farther down the street, reverting to my normal size and think about searching for the chocolate shop in The Village, but decide against it since this is a different area. I look to my right but decide against that road. I head to the building in front of me and it's light brown in color and a bit run down, slightly resembling a barn. The front right door is open and a name close to "Dr. Drawg" is carved into the wood. I ignore this area. I wonder where it The Meadow to explore, and think of the area down and to the right. I see a couple houses and know that the Greek Temple is in the area beyond. I decide against it hand head back to the road to my left. I see the front of a house wide open and peer inside. The area is leading to... The Village! I see the rustic buildings lining each side of a walkway. There seems to be light snow in the scene. I look down and see a snowboard, and decide to try to get on and ride it into town, but it's a bit difficult. I see another high-tech board in front, but that one is tough to jump on as well. I look back up, and see the new scene of a super high tech futuristic city with circular white platforms floating in the air beyond. I don't particularly feel like a high tech area, so I look down, then back up, now edge of cliff with massive, one to two kilometer drop to ground below. I begin descending, sliding down the edge of the massive cliff. I realize I may risk losing stability, so I engage tactile senses while sliding down, and imagine myself approaching the ground more rapidly. I see the area shifts to pockets of houses, like sections of the suburbs. I hit ground the ground fairly quickly, and see many people milling about in the town below. I see a couple large black buses. I think about how long the dream may last, and I'm excited. I use super strength to lift, then decide to get more intense, and pick it up to begin placing it on my shoulders. The dream begins to fade and I wake up.

      (1) Although it was a strange experience, it was a great learning opportunity. Next time, I'm simply going to meditate through it, maintaining an open awareness.
      (2): Holocek's mapping

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    14. 1. Ground Slam (LD) 2. Invisibility Snap (LD) 3. The Yellow Screen (LD) 4. Screen Phase (LD) 5. TCLD

      by , 08-11-2023 at 10:02 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Ground Slam (LD)
      I’m laying down on my stomach taking a nap and my lucidity starts to rise. I guy wants to cut into my shoulder blade and I feel drowsy so I simply think it doesn’t matter since it’s a dream. He starts to cut in and my back starts to hurt, although one sore area feels relieved. I find the pain very strange, and I'm fully lucid. I feel I need to do something and get defensive. I get up and my dream body transforms into a giant form and power starts to surge through me. The dream is very dim, but I continue slamming him literally into the ground by pounding with my fists. I then follow up by casting a fireball at him when in the hole. I see the fireball get cast through the dim fogginess of the dream. The dream fades.

      2. Invisibility Snap (LD)
      I’m walking next to a group of people, along with one of my friends, outside of a building which resembles a school. I suddenly realize I’m dreaming and decide to simply phase right through the door near me to get into the building. I start thinking about where I want to go. I turn to my right. I enter into a bathroom and realize I need to pee. I realize it’s kind of silly peeing in the dream, but I feel I need to, so why not? I then, by habit, go to wash my hands realizing that washing and drying is silly as well. I see myself in the mirror to my left and begin to think about casting frost or fire. I remember back to imagining a spell tome attached to me. I imagine the tome quickly in my mind’s eye, but don’t actually check to see if it’s in my left hand. I go to cast fire, yet visuals don’t quite appear. I leave the bathroom and think about what else I can practice. I suddenly think of invisibility, and snap my fingers on my right hand, imagining it’ll begin then. I see a couple characters gathered in the hallway and I simply walk past them without them seeing me. I continue to make my way outside simply by phasing through the door. A group of people gathered outside doesn’t see me either. I fly a bit farther, and reach a chain link fence. I begin scaling it, but the top bends as I do so, the group of people behind me watching. I begin making my way over, but the dream begins fading. I engage my senses, feeling and visualizing myself climbing the gate, and the dream persists a bit. The dream eventually fades.

      3. The Yellow Screen (LD)
      I’m lucid as a screen yellow screen with a woman displayed on it. I’m trying to hold onto the dream and begin walking through the dim environment, the screen continuing to follow me as I walk into the dream scene. I appear to be in the hallway of the main house in The Meadow. I begin heading down the stairs and the dream fades.

      4. Screen Phase (LD)
      I’m in a bedroom watching a really funny commercial of a guy showing how people are misinformed with information. He’s going through various rooms in his home. I think it would be cool to simply phase into the scene, and I suddenly realize I’m dreaming. I turn to B behind me, telling him I’m going to phase, but he’s restricting me. I break free and begin to phase into the screen, but wake up.

      5. The Child (LD)
      I’m in a dark area and B tells me that there’s a child in danger, yet no one will be able to help. I go with the plot and pick him up, flying him over to the entrance of the dark building. I leave him for a moment and go outside into the daylight to look for assistance. I hear from the group inside that they’re going to call for a doctor, but feel I’ll be able to do a better job. I fly back in by phasing through the door, grab him, and head back out by phasing through the door with him. The dream begins fading, yet my lucidity rises a bit. I imagine myself on a small island and have slight visuals of myself within the scene. The dream fades.

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    15. 1. Invisible (LD) 2. The Emerald Tree (LD)

      by , 08-10-2023 at 11:27 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Invisible (LD)
      I pass the group of boys in the room which resembles a restaurant. I make my way a bit further into the room, suddenly realize I'm dreaming, and I'm happy about it. There are several booths with people in them spread throughout the room and a wall in front of me which seems to block the passageway which leads out of the building. I think about what I want to do and decide against teleporting; I feel it's best to enjoy the current dream. I decide to simply head around the wall and leave the building. I enter an outdoor area in daylight which somewhat resembles a sidewalk in a city type area. There are tall builds to my left, a fairly busy street to my right, and a wide cream colored concrete pathway leading down the area. I begin thinking about some dream goals, and figure I'll play around with transformation for a bit. I decide to transform into crow form, and suddenly my body shrinks down to roughly twelve inches or so. I decide to look at my dream body to see how accurate the transformation is. I see that I have some human features including shoes and think it looks silly. I begin walking again and suddenly return to human size. I begin to see some shining lights which emanate from the buildings. There's also a small metal structure which resembles a bus stop of sorts. I walk a bit further and notice a female police officer. For some reason, I get the feeling she may be looking for me, so I decide to transform into a mouse and rapidly make the transformation, shrinking down to several inches and feeling my body take the shape of a mouse. I see two large metallic structures to my left, against the side of the large buildings, which are shaped similar to an electric razor and have several convex pods on the end. She seems not to notice me and I skid past her, moving slightly underneath one of the metallic structures. I suddenly remember invisibility from dreamviews competitions and decide to try it. I talk a few steps forward and revert to human form in the process. As I approach the officer, I imagine myself becoming invisible. I hear an interesting, loud decrescendo of a low pitched electronics, and I easily move past her without her noticing. As this happens, the dream begins to fade and I transition to a dream where I spend a solid three to four minutes dream journaling most of the lucid.

      2. The Emerald Tree (LD)
      I suddenly become lucid in the second story of a building which resembles a large house. There are several windows to the outside as well as an opening to the room to my right. I transition into this room and simply fly out of the house. Once outside, I look down and see a group of people in roughly their thirties looking up at me from a table. There are about five of them eating a meal together and they're smiling at me with interest. It appears that they're having a barbeque out on the deck of the house. I want to have fun and play around and say in a playful voice that I'm flying and ask if they know how. I find the interaction really funny, and they ask me how I'm doing it, staring in wonder. I tell them that I just meditate a lot, and I fly forward and to the right, past the group. I descend a slight bit, and in mid-air, and think about what I want to do for a moment. The group says something to the effect that I have a lot of skills and I'm good at what I'm doing. I turn to my right and see a massive tree in the distance. It's roughly twenty to thirty stories tall with a straight vertical tree trunk leading to a massive spherical top filled with green foliage. It seems to be emanating emerald hues, and I find the scene beautiful. I think back to the portion right before I came lucid where H was telling me what things in life are best for me. I find that this would be an interesting thing to ask the dream, so I turn to my right and ask something close to "Dream... what is best for me"? I don't get a response. I try once again, and move fly a bit in the direction of the response. I don't get a response yet again, and I see the group at the table smiling at me with amusement. I look at one of the guys and say to him in a funny playful way, "Don't say anything, guy!" I find the interaction really funny as I think he's going to mess around with me playfully. I think about what I want to do next and fly in the direction of the green foliage in the distance in an expansive area. I continue to think about where I'd like to travel to, then wake up.

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