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    Into the Clouds

    by , 05-20-2023 at 09:57 PM (38 Views)
    I'm in the front of the house in M street and get a sense that something is a bit off - that it's not quite waking reality. I begin to jump a few times and eventually lift off and become lucid. I fly toward the front of the house and head outside and take in the snowy scene. I fly up a bit higher and notice three younger males walking to the right, toward the neighbor's house. I turn around toward the house and head to the second story. I see a figure of my mom's face peer through a window. I avoid it and fly to the right of the house. I sense that my brother is inside the room in front of me, yet continue to fly around the corner. I make my way to the side of the house and descend. The ground then carves out to reveal the entire side of the house with the basement section revealed. I dip down into this area, yet ascend once again, raiding to the second story. I see a charicature version of my dream self in this area. I see the figure through the large window against revealing the bedroom which takes up the majority of the side wall. The 'dream me' appears to be sleeping yet with eyes mostly open. He/Me then points to an area behind me, then points again emphatically with eyes going wider. I ask if I should head in that direction and it appears to be affirmed by the figure's gesture. I turn and fly in that direction, assuming the dream goal of my dream sanctuary may be found in that direction. I notice that there is foliage, mostly just bushes which are all very light in color - almost white. I head fly in this direction and the dream begins to lose a bit of its stability. As the dream becomes whiter, it appears almost as though I'm flying through clouds. Figuring that the dream may fade, I imagine that I'm flying through clouds to the sanctuary and make close to swimming movements with my arms. Gradually I come back to waking reality.
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