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    Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles

    So, this is my new journal. (Ask me about a link to my old journal, from 2005 - 2010) Not much to say, that my original intro didn't say. I began lucid dreaming as a response to vivid nightmares, as a kid. Over the years, I learned how to wake myself up, when I knew I was having a nightmare, which later developed into a curious resolve to stay within the dreams, instead of trying to escape. Now I practice lucid dreaming and dream control regularly (or as regularly as my undisciplined ass can stick with it). Most of my lucid dreams are still spontaneous, but I have my fair share of successes with induction methods, when I apply myself. Lucid dreaming has become a beloved hobby of mine, both for adventure and because of my deep-seated interest in consciousness, psychology, and the human mind, in general. It also just happens to be a hell of a lot of fun.

    So...that's about it. I guess all that's left on the agenda is the ol' disclaimer:

    In short; by reading my dream journal, you are hereby in agreement to forfeit the right to use any
    information or situations, herein, against me...for any reason...under any circumstances...

    (After all, they are just dreams.)


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