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    1. Notes on Precog Dreams.

      by , 12-10-2013 at 09:43 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      So gab and I were chitchatting about Precog dreams the other day, and while I'm not a big believer of the idea that you can predict the future in dreams or waking life, this was nucking futs:

      So those last two totm lucids I had contained a couple interesting elements. In the one with the animated snowman, I dreamed that it snowed, and the next morning it had snowed in real life. Mind you this is Texas we are talking about. Now, the coincidence could be attributed to me knowing that freezing weather was coming. But I can tell you that for a girl from the south, that dreaming about snow, then waking up and it looking outside the way it did in my dream from a few minutes before, was weeeeeird.

      Ok in the same LD, my mom gave me some purple orchids per the basic totm. So, that same morning in real life after the lucids, Danny and I decided to walk to the store for some groceries (no way were we gonna drive on that ice). So when we got to the store, they just happened to be selling potted orchids. Never saw them before at this particular store mind you. Sure enough, one of the plants had the same, hyper color purple blooms as in my lucid. If I wasn't in enough of a daze from having a lucid about snow that manifested itself into reality the next morning, then those orchids did the trick.

      I think what made this a extra weird for me was the fact that the dreams were LUCID. I've had non lucids before that had some elements that seemed to come true, and I just chalked up to coincidence. But the feeling from having TWO things in a lucid dream happen the next day in real life is just plain weeeeeeeeeird.

      Thanks for reading
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    2. Failed Basic and Advanced (WILD)

      by , 08-09-2013 at 05:21 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I admit I didn't properly complete these 2 tasks, but it was still an interesting adventure. Well, isn't every dream?

      Anyway, I inadvertently woke up and fell back to sleep maybe 5 times between midnight and 5am, which I think helped set me up really well for WILD. Then I either woke up or FAed (I'm beginning to think there's a possibility that I don't really know the difference right before I WILD), and I turned slightly and felt vibrations. I remember thinking at that moment how strange it was that I was getting there this early.. normally they don't hit until well after 7am (with rare exception). So I went with it, and a few cycles passed and I "woke" into a dream. In my bed as usual, checking to make sure I was dreaming, I saw Danny sit up slightly. He asked me a question that was complete gibberish, and that confirmed the dream.

      I got up and left the room. When I went down the hall and into the livingroom, it looked completely different, like that of a small apartment. There were a bunch of scattered papers on the kitchen counter, and I remember thinking at that moment "I know I wrote down the tasks of the month on one of these pieces of paper...." So I began rummaging through them. I couldn't find what I wanted, and I kinda got clear there for a second, questioning the validity of these papers. Then the Hell TOTM struck my brain, and I immediately got down on all fours. I pressed my face through the floor, and that obedient tunnel to hell appeared instantly. A moment of fear swept through me (if you haven't read any of my tunnel to hell dreams before, this is #4.. and if you can imagine for real, a dark, creepy tunnel that goes way down deep, with some fiery orange glow, and sounds from the deep not unlike the Balrog of Moria, then you'll know why I chickened out the first two times and didn't go in). The moment passed quickly, because I've been psyching myself for it in waking life. Alot. No fear, it's a dream, MY dream...

      The past few days, since my last attempt at this task, I decided that I would manifest a rope to get down, because flying/hovering/climbing are not at the top of my lucid skills. Obediently, a sturdy rope appeared in front of me, perfectly in the center of the tunnel. I grabbed it and tugged, it seemed to be fastened at the top somehow, but I didn't look up. My focus was down down down. I grabbed the rope with my arms AND legs like a spider, and began to slide down. I felt a little like I was going down a really creepy well. "The Well from Hell" haha, sounds like a scary B movie. Or a documentary: "Hell's Wells, Have They Dried Up? Story at 11." Ok I'm done

      Anyway, I started sliding down the rope, which should have burned my hands, so I'm glad I didn't have that as a distraction in this dream. I focused hard to see a bottom to the tunnel, because that's where I failed last time (it ended up being an endless tunnel and I woke up before finding the bottom). Two times I had to focus and say, "I'm approaching the bottom, I'm approaching the bottom," and my feet finally found the ground. In retrospect, I don't remember any heat at all. I had a lucky, pain free trip to Hell. Almost immediately, a figure approached me. (My memory is a little foggy from this point on, so I'll do my best. I think my memory tends to be a bit better when I'm super focused, like descending the tunnel, since I was so set on tackling that. So when I got to a point I hadn't got to before, I stopped trying to control everything, and just let the story take over. But as a reflex, I may be dropping too much focus as well, and forgetting stuff. Gotta work on that in the future.)

      Alright, so a figure approached me, and he seemed to be made up of half smoke, and half something corporeal. But he seemed to phase in and out of it. I think I asked if he was the devil, but I don't remember an answer. I remember him getting super close to me though. He was handsome, when he wasn't a billowy cloud of smoke. And I remembered Dianeva's idea to ask him the meaning of life! (Sadly, the beer never popped into my head, aside from which, even if I had succeeded in this basic task, that's a pretty long as fucking way of getting to it, to then fail at the advanced!) So I asked him "What is the meaning of life, oh Dark Lord?" (kidding, I didn't say the dark lord part ) I know he had an answer, I just KNOW it, but I don't remember. All I remember is he swooped me up in wings of smoke, and the next thing I remember, I was standing on earth.

      Oreo face? I think so!!

      Apparently I'm not even good enough for hell, and the devil himself kicked me right out. Wow. So the last thing I remember is seeing 2 DCs that I have a hunch that i recognized.
      I'm pretty much nonlucid at this point I think. I hug them both tightly, then wake up.

      Alright Devil, you wanna play like that? Maybe next time I conjure some magic Devil snare and tie your ass up. I'll pour beer down your gullet if I have to for these wings!
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    3. Lucid Goal Success & Failure (and basic TOTM)

      by , 06-26-2013 at 05:46 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      So I'd been thinking lately, and LinkZelda and I discussed this last night, that it would be cool to change genders in a lucid dream. And not the thing I usually do where I grow boy parts and just stick it in whatever walks by me first. I wanted to actually turn into a guy, and ask a nice girl out on a date, maybe make out a little bit. The point was to have the experience, and not be a mindless dickhead out for sex, like I usually am in my gender bender lucids.

      Anyway, so after working 6 days in a row, and thinking about this goal alot, I finally have 3 mornings in a row that I can sleep in. So last night I looked at pictures of pretty women, not overly PlayBoy-ish, just.. nice ones. And I settled on one and kept her in my mind.

      Then this morning I tried for WILD. Woke up at 5am, then 7am, had a non lucid about zombies and grizzly bears (may post later), then kids woke me up a bunch of times. I was getting frustrated, but I kept my goals, and lucidity right at the top. I got up at about 9am, went pee and had some water, then lay back down. That did the trick, and pretty soon I drifted off, then rolled over and felt the vibrations.

      I saw a bedroom form as my eyelids became transparent. Not my room at all. I slowly got out of the bed as usual and the sheets were stuck around my ankles a little. They vanished as soon as I walked towards the 4 doors in the room, looking for the one that led out. The first door had a dead bolt on it, so I turned it and opened the door, expecting it to be the way out, but it was a closet. I tried the next door and it led to a hallway.

      I walked down the hall which opened into a livingroom, and there were a group of people sitting and watching TV. I looked for the lady that I wanted, but she wasn't there. A few older people were on the couch, and a really pretty young lady on the chair. Before I could think if I would ask her out instead, everyone in the room said "Hey Lisa." Crap, I'm still female! I asked them if any hot chicks came around looking for me, and they said no, without looking away from the TV. I went to the front door of the house and opened it, hoping to see a beauty on the other side. No one. So I decided to settle on the lady in the chair. I went to the large mirror behind the folks on the couch, and my reflection was basically me, with a long ponytail. So I looked at my reflection in the eyes and said "I am a really hot guy, named Michael." My hair cut short, and a ball cap appeared on my head. Despite some red-neckish looking clothes, I looked pretty good. Dark hair, blue eyes and chiseled facial features. Like what I ordinarily go for myself haha.

      Anyway, feeling quite confident, I went up to the girl in the chair. She looked alot like this one actress, I'll see if I can find her pic and post it. I just took her hands in mine and said, "Hey, do you want to be my girlfriend?" She beamed and said "Ok!" First mistake: I didn't even ask her name. I led her into the hallway, and I suppose fearing for dream time, I just pushed her against the wall with my body. I took her face in my hands, and planted a kiss right on her lips. Then I used tongue. The whole time I kept my eyes open, just in case of accidental loss of lucidity (gotta work on that schema). The moment was so vivid. I kept feeling the skin on her neck and face, her hair, and all up and down her arms and body. A couple times I stopped to kiss her neck, and all along her jawline, loving all the chirpy little sounds that it elicited from her. [I gotta stop right here just to say this to the men in the audience: Bravo for every time you were ever in this situation and resisted the urge to just nail the girl. Because in the similar situation, I FAILED.] Her skin was so soft and satiny, and it would get flushed and burning hot to the touch wherever I kissed it, especially her neck. That neck, mmmmmmm mmm mmm! I ran my hand down the front of her shirt, stopping momentarily to cup a breast. I truly felt like I was going to explode on myself right then. I was really aroused, and my goals all went right out the window. Didn't ask her name, ask her out on a date, have ANY conversations of any kind. I just started ripping her clothes off right there in the hall. One goal. Solo. Uno. Everything else in the world was just gone. And I was punished for it. Right when I was about to give my first thrust,
      I woke up.


      I guess I can say that I'm happy that I got the opportunity that i wanted. I just need to play my cards better next time, and not be so greedy. I ended up DEILDing back into that same bedroom, but I woke up halfway down the hall

      Edit: Oh it looks like I inadvertently completed the basic mirror task. 3 cheers for lucid mirrors!!

      Edit again: The girl on the left is the one I wanted, the one on the right is the one I got (but with shorter hair and tanner skin). I can't complain.

      Updated 06-26-2013 at 06:31 PM by 905

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    4. A Basic TOTM and an Advanced One

      by , 03-11-2013 at 08:31 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I really prepared myself for these 2 tasks, because I knew I could get them both in one dream. So I wrote myself a little note and left it in the kitchen under the bottle of olive oil. And since I knew that 99% of my WILDs start out in my bedroom, I simply had to get up, go to the kitchen, find the note, then start breaking stuff. I made myself remember this every night and at every WBTB. That note has been sitting there for a few days now, but I finally had success!

      I had my usual WBTB. And this was difficult: I had cycles of WILD vibrations on and off for hours, but I was experiencing what can be best described as SP (yeah, I'm looking at you, you know who you are). The good news is that it was easy to break out of, but breaking out of it woke me up each time.

      So I decided to try to help myself out: when ever I felt the vibrations, I'd try to get up, or open my eyes, or roll out of bed, but there were too many pillows or blankets or I was too far from the edge of the bed to make it easy. So each time I woke up out of the SP, I'd lose a pillow off my head, then remove all the blankets, then inch closer to the edge of the bed, loose another pillow. Finally, I was pillowless, blanketless, and literally had my legs half hanging off the bed, hoping I could just roll or slide out of bed onto the floor on the next wave of vibrations.

      This psychoticness finally paid off, and I was able to stand up out of bed after a big wave of vibrations. It didn't last long and I woke up. But then I did it again, and very wobbly got out of bed. I looked immediately at the night stand (which occasionally has an empty or nearly empty wine glass). I remembered that there wasn't one last night irl, but I hoped there would be one there if I LDed and sure enough, there was my favorite stemless white wine glass. I picked it up and chucked it at the wall, and it shattered. Though with not much noise.

      I went to the bedroom door, and it was locked, so I had to unlock it before I could open it. Duh, I know, but still funny that I actually had to do that. I was blind in my left eye, still a little wobbly, and feeling like I might lose the dream. So I just shouted "more lucidity and clarity" and told myself that I don't have eyeballs or eyelids right now. All my vision is a huge panoramic movie screen. My vision got to a functional 80% I'd say.

      I continued to the kitchen, and literally ran like a school girl to the little piece of paper under the olive oil. I was so happy that it was there! In real life, I had written:

      Hey Ophelia, you
      still dreaming?

      - Ophelia *
      Now the paper just had a few polka dots, and 3 fluffy cows that looked like they were playing leap frog. I'm gonna draw it for the draw your dreams thread later, it was pretty funny. Anyway, I laughed out loud in the dream at that, then went to the pantry for more wine glasses. I pulled them out one by one and threw them. Some would break and a couple just bounced.

      Then I went for the eggs in the fridge. They were right were I normally keep them. I took them out and chucked them at the wall, at the cat, and at a random DC who walked by. My cat didn't like it, and I actually apologized to her haha (real life Sofie thanked me this morning with a nice, wet hair ball). Anyway, I'm kicking myself now because if I had thought of it, I coulda asked that DC if he wanted a wish granted. Oh well.

      I chucked a few more wine glasses
      , then finally woke up. I feel like I could have done more, but sometimes I think I just get bored in a lucid dream when I accomplish the goals I had made myself remember, instead of trying to remember more goals. I'll need to make myself remember a couple auxiliary goals just in case I nail the main ones
    5. Whoops!

      by , 02-19-2013 at 05:56 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I was about to transition into a WILD, but someone wanted to get a little frisky with me
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    6. Work uuugh..

      by , 02-19-2013 at 05:51 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      Too much work, too little sleep, no recall.

      The truth is, I'd remember some stuff right when I woke up, but I had to get ready for work so I forgot.
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    7. My Boss is My DG, Cupid's Stupid, and The Train Story. (DILD)

      by , 02-11-2013 at 08:51 PM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      The trouble with waking up after a DILD, then going back to sleep for hours without journaling, is that when it's time to sit down and write this all down, I've forgotten alot. I even forgot the details on how I got lucid, so annoying. But I'll put down what I can recall.

      My usual 7am ish WBTB. Took me a while to get back to sleep. I kept drifting off and waking up from dreamless sleep for what felt like an hour or more. I do remember some HI with me walking down a hall and stopping to talk with a woman. I think a dream formed around that scene, because I remember feeling like I was actually in that hallway, instead of just kinda thinking about it while in that HI state. I opened my mouth to speak, then I thought to myself "Hey, I was just trying to fall asleep not moments ago, I'm dreaming!" So I instantly thought of the cupid task.

      I'm not sure how much time or events went by before I bumped into the DC version of the bakery assistant manager, Brian. I've always gotten along really well with him in real life. When I saw him in the dream, he said he was going to help me achieve the TOTM. (Interesting side note: While in this dream, I believed that in real life, Brian and I had had a conversation about using him as a DG in my next LD, as long as I don't do anything sexual with him. I believe this idea came from me reading a member's journal where a DC version of his mom helped him not wake up during the clock task. Anyway, this conversation with Brian had actually occurred in a nonlucid I had prior to this DILD, but I didn't realize this fully until I had woken up. Weird ja?!)

      So DC Brian offers me his arm so that I can accompany him while we accomplish this task. I said, "Man, I'm so glad that you're here! I want you to be my DG from now on. I can't wait to tell your real life counterpart that his idea worked!" And DC Brian nodded and said "Yeah, that'll be cool!" DC Brian is the best DC ever! No biting, and he didn't explode even though he fully understood that he's just a DC.

      Anyway, we're still wandering around halls in some building, and he tells me to turn right into a classroom. There was a hot guy in there. Brian asked me, "Do you want him?" I said "Hell yeaaaaah! I just need to find cupid to shoot the arrow." Then he said "Turn around and look behind you," (a la CanisLucidus style, I thought to myself). There was a doofy looking kid sitting on his mother's lap in a chair. No wings though, and no bow and arrow. Pfffft. "Oh well," he said. He gave me his arm again, and we wandered off to have more adventures. I didn't mind the task failure so much, because now I had a dream buddy. Never had one before, I always went at everything alone without any help.

      We ended up in the basement of the building, and a thought occurred to me: "Hey Brian, sometimes a wolf named Shadow visits my LDs, I'll see if I can call him." I called the name, and 3 different dogs appeared before the fluffy, yellow-eyed Shadow appeared. Me and Brian pet him for a while I think. Then I thought I'd show off even more and show him that I can fly. "Hey Brian, wanna see me fly? Brian?" I couldn't see him anymore, but he still answered me. "I'm outside." So I went out the door, and there were other people there, but no Brian. I kept calling him, and he'd say "I'm right over here." Some of the people would even point to where he was, but I just couldn't see him anymore. Oh well, so I flew a bit for the other people. One of them said, "I'm only impressed when you guys fly up into the clouds, like Superman." But I don't like going that high up, too scary haha. Then I saw some snow and played in it a while, and covered myself up in it, before
      I finally woke up.

      I do remember thinking a few times in that dream, "Wow, I've been lucid for a while." It was a really clear and vivid LD too overall. Not bad for a DILD. I'm still having a hell of a time conjuring characters. Animals I can do, but people? Hrmmm.. something to work on.

      I'll post the train story later, I've been typing for like an hour and I got other stuff to do.
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    8. Accountability

      by , 02-11-2013 at 01:53 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      I've decided to (finally) ((again)) make the effort to post in here daily. No matter if lucid or not, if I remember any dreams or not. Especially now that I'm going to be working more (aka sleeping less), my recall is going to need the extra boost of me journaling any and everything in here.

      Soooo, *cracks knuckles*.. all I remember from this morning was some HI as I was snoozing between alarms. I was thinking about that movie Underworld, where Lucien gets shot with that silver nitrate bullet. I remember thinking, that will all that technology, they should have been able to create some kind of compound that could have been injected into his veins, that would bind with the silver nitrate, thereby saving his life. As I was trying to remember from my chemistry days in college, if -ate was the suffix for acid, and thinking that you'd have to inject an alkali to bind with the acid, and that meant a salt would be one of the products, would the salt create a hypertonic solution in his blood, whereby causing the red blood cells to shrivel, killing him anyway. Then something COMPLETELY unrelated and senseless took over in my mind, but I forgot what it was. It was the beginnings of some HI but my alarm tore me out of it.

      More tomorrow
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    9. Giant Gonads

      by , 04-07-2012 at 02:53 AM (Ophelia's Book O' Fun II)
      Some more Katie fragments, and some mom fragments.

      Side Notes: I didn't sleep well last night, so my recall is spotty at best. I think the reason I'm dreamign about Katie so much lately is because I'm constantly paranoid about her throwing me under the bus. She does that, especially if she gets in trouble for something. The first, and only thing she knows how to do when she gets yelled at, is to reach into her mind for the first person she can blow the whistle on, regardless if what she says is true or not. Rather than own up to her own mistakes, she tries to dilute the guilt by incriminating others. WHAT A SWELL GAL!!!

      The dreams about my mother lately are all arguments. We almost never bicker about crap, and the dream arguments usually lead to lucidity. I'm guessing this is my subconscious being desperate to get lucid again.