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    Not a lot

    by , 09-23-2010 at 12:00 PM (626 Views)
    Nothing last night. swear upon all thing holy if one more person drives past my house with music so loud i can't hear the person next to me, and LEDs so bright i go blind. I'm gonna start setting nail strips outside this damn house. Some people like to sleep at night...

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    side notes


    1. Serenity's Avatar
      That really sucks!! I feel your pain, though I don't even think earplugs would drown that out
    2. OtisMcRainbow's Avatar
      I've tried. I live off a Major highway. I'm one of those freaks you see when driving down the express way and you think "Who in their right mind would wanna live there, I mean their drive way is right off the highway!." thats me >.<