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    1. Creepy Soldier Dream

      by , 09-17-2012 at 02:06 PM (Magic Box)
      I think I was a soldier. We were on the rooftop of a small building, helping some sort of refugees cross to the next building via ziplining. It was quite far to the next building, about 100 meters or so. The refugees were all in dark cloaks that covered most of their bodies, with only their faces visible. A few of them were already on the other side, and I was hooking up another refugee to the zipline harness. I pushed him, and he went zooming into the air. Halfway through, the harness got stuck, and he remained dangling 2 storeys in the air. He started to panic, but then a small military jeep with no roof drove under him and stopped. There were 5 soldiers on it, and they were yelling for him to just jump, and that they would catch him.

      The refugee looked relieved, got a knife from somewhere in his cloak, and proceeded to cut himself loose. Within a few seconds, he fell down. Luckily, the soldiers on the jeep caught him just as they said.

      I looked down at them. The refugee was smiling, hugging the soldiers, thanking them for saving his life. He sat down in the front area of the jeep. Then, one of the soldiers who was standing behind the refugee looked up at me, smiled creepily, and took a knife from his belt. He then removed the refugee's hood, revealing his head and neck. He grabbed the refugee's hair, and in a slow and deliberate motion, the soldier dragged the knife across the refugee's neck.

      I saw the blood oozing from the refugee's neck. The soldier released his grip on the man's head, after which the man dropped forward on the jeep's floor.

      It was horrible.

      My perspective suddenly shifted, and I became one of the soldiers on the jeep – the driver, I think. The mutilated body of the refugee was to my right. For some reason, I went over him, swiped my thumb across the pool of blood on the floor, and drew a cross on the man's forehead.

      I went back to the driver's seat and drove away.

      I mean wtf is up with this dream. Why would I even... 0______0

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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable , dream fragment
    2. Ghost

      by , 07-23-2012 at 02:29 PM (Magic Box)
      I walked out of a door. I apparently just left my classroom. Someone was also with me, I don't know how, but I just knew she was a close friend. I couldn't remember her face though.

      I slammed the classroom door shut behind us. I had the feeling that we were the last ones in the building. We started walking toward the stairs, but suddenly the door I just closed started to open by itself. I remember hearing the slow creaking sound too. "What's happening?", my friend asked. "I don't know, I closed it I swear!!", I replied. Wide-eyed, we looked at each other for a second, then dashed for the stairs. I shoved her aside so I could go down first (move b*tch! lol).

      I'm pretty sure we were on the 4th floor. So I thought "Man, 3 more floors to go!". My friend had caught up with me by that time, so we went down together. We were still panicking because of the ghost opening the door upstairs.

      We reached the first floor finally, and on our way out, I could see some of our other classmates waiting for us in the distance. My friend went ahead and ran to them. I was going to, but I noticed a little boy standing just outside the door. I went to him and told him to get out of there, because there was a ghost. He said it wasn't true, and that ghosts weren't real. I was flailing my arms at him, trying to get him to come with me. He wouldn't listen though, so I just left him and ran to my classmates.

      When I arrived, they asked, "Who were you talking to?".

      I said, "The boy won't listen to me! I told him to get away from there!".

      Then they said the creepiest thing.

      "What boy? There was nobody there. You were talking to yourself."

      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    3. Torturous Nightmare

      by , 04-29-2012 at 11:11 AM (Magic Box)
      My body hurts, and I feel a bit suffocated.

      I look down at myself and see thick rusty chains gripping my arms and upper body. I realize that I'm chained to a wall. A brick wall, to be exact. My feet are suspended about 2 feet from the ground. Strangely though, the hanging bit doesn't really hurt, only the tight pressure from the chains. There is a flickering light bulb hanging above me. I cannot see anything farther than 5 feet or so. There's just darkness. I try to squirm, in hopes of loosening the chains that are constricting me. It doesn't budge, so I give up and just go limp.

      A few seconds later, I hear footsteps. Then I see a man coming up to me. It's Dean Winchester from that show "Supernatural". He is wearing boots, jeans and a plaid shirt with a jacket over it. I notice a knife in his left hand -- it's one of those huge carving knives that I see on cooking shows. It looks brand new too. I feel very scared, because I know he's gonna torture me, but I don't utter a word. He is just staring blankly at my face, in a zombie-ish way.

      He comes closer and tugs the chains down. Instantly, they fall to the ground. However, even though I'm free from the chains, I'm still stuck against the wall, hanging and unable to move. It even feels like the chains are still there.

      Dean suddenly grabs my left arm and slices it with the knife. The cut is about 3 inches long, and it looks very deep. It starts bleeding profusely. The bleeding itself doesn't hurt or anything, but the slicing part does. It's like that disturbing feeling you get when you hear the sound of a metallic object being rubbed against glass. Or that spine-tingling feeling you get from nails scratching a chalkboard. The cutting part truly feels painful.

      I close my eyes and start crying. As I'm sobbing silently, Dean slices me again -- this time on my right arm. I jerk at sting of the knife penetrating my skin. I don't dare to open my eyes. SSSSSSK. Another slice on my left arm. SSSSSSSK. On my clavicle. SSSSSSSK SSSSSSK. Two more slices. I can't even remember where he cut me anymore. All I know is that I'm probably gonna bleed to death, and that I'll die hanging on this brick wall.

      I keep closing my eyes, whimpering at every cut he makes. I'm not sure for how long it went on.

      The next thing I know, I wake up in my bed, sweating like I just ran a marathon. But even then, I could still remember how every cut and slice felt -- torturous and agonizing.