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    Memorable Dreams

    1. ToTMs! Turkey-Hunting and Backward-Spelling

      by , 11-12-2012 at 08:52 AM (Magic Box)

      Advanced ToTM
      Basic ToTM

      I am in a mall with some friends. I'm sitting on a bench, looking at some food stalls. My mind is kinda blank, and suddenly I wonder how I got there. I become lucid and plug my nose to be sure. I get up, start sprinting, and I phase through everything. I figure out that sooner or later I'll end up outdoors. I stop mid-stride because I see a classmate of mine arguing with her boyfriend. Then ZAP!*

      I am in a mall with some friends. I'm sitting on a bench, looking at some food stalls. My mind is kinda blank, and I have the feeling this has happened before. I realize I just had this dream a moment ago, and that I even became lucid. Once again, I become very aware of the dream. I try to think of the tasks I wanted to do, and I remember the tasks of the month. I can't find any writing materials, so I walk up to one of the food stalls. It has a small fridge with a clear door, and some drinks inside. It must be very chilly in there because the glass was very foggy with small ice crystals on the surface. I point my finger over the glass, thinking about the word NOVEMBER. I start writing it backwards, creating letters by clearing the crystal fog: R-E-M... Wait what. Why did I write REM? Lol. I try again, successfully this time. R-E-B-M-E-V-O-N. Surprisingly, the letters don't change or morph. I double-check my work two more times, until I am satisfied that I spelt it right.*

      I walk away from the stall and think about my next task hunting a turkey. But before I could do anything...ZAP!

      I am in a mall with some friends. I am sitting on a bench, looking at some food stalls. I immediately become lucid a third time, thinking how weird it is that the dreams seem to be restarted from the same point over and over again. At this point my awareness is quite good, having been lucid just moments ago. I still have my turkey task in mind, so I close my eyes and imagine seeing my preferred weapon beside me when I open them. I reopen my eyes and sure enough, there it is. A 17th century crossbow gun. It looks even cooler in person! It looks brand new, wooden, with little golden details in swirly patterns. I grab it, and at first I fidget with it because I am unsure about how to hold it, plus it was heavier than I expected. I eventually figure it out, and for some reason I forget about the weight. I approach the same food stall I approached for the spelling task. I grab the fridge handle, close my eyes and pull it open. At once, a turkey came out of it, clucking as it trots away. Then another one comes out, and another, and another. Finally, after about 5 turkeys have gone away, I start to run after them with my crossbow. I have my eye on one of the turkeys, which has just turned a corner. I sprint after it, slipping slightly on the floor every few meters or so. I don't even notice all the people in the mall gazing at me.*

      The turkey stops by one of the ATM's in the far corner, a few feet from a dude withdrawing money from the machine. I am about 75 meters from it. I aim my crossbow at the turkey, and I fire away. There is a distinct snapping sound as the arrow shoots into the air. I realize I'm a really bad shot, because I didn't hit the turkey. Oh sh*t I just hit the dude. He limps down to the floor without a sound. Without a second thought, I aim the crossbow at the turkey again, with a new arrow magically in place. I fire, and imagine the arrow hitting the turkey. And it does. The arrow pierces the turkey's throat, and it falls to the floor, dead and bloodied. I run up to the turkey (who cares about the dude? ) and I grab it by the leg. Then some bystander who watched the whole thing yelled "WHAT ABOUT THAT POOR MAN YOU SHOT!?" I turn to the bystander, take a step back, and throw the dead turkey at him. He runs away, and I start walking away too, thinking about the awesomeness of what I just did.

      I walk to one of the food stalls, looking for something to drink. There is nothing particularly on my mind, so this must be why I start to lose lucidity and eventually drift into a short nonlucid about my family before I finally wake up.
    2. Zombie (Lucid #92)

      by , 10-25-2012 at 11:18 PM (Magic Box)
      [I'm just gonna tell you about the lucid with the TOTM. The lucid before that consisted of le sexy time so. Yea.]

      I start to notice myself waking up for real. The dream starts to fade and I start hearing ambient noises from the outside world. With my eyes closed, I move my real arm a bit, for comfort, without thinking too much about it. I focus on the the dream and slipping back into it. The ambient noises start to fade and I am once again inside the dream scene fully lucid.

      I walk outside my house, thinking about my goals. I remember the TOTM. Immediately, I hear the sound of sirens from a distance. I look, and I see that people are running around in a craze. I notice that there are some people walking really slowly, dragging their feet. ZOMBIES! Their faces look disfigured, and utterly horrifying. Saliva is dripping from their mouths, and their skin has a certain pallor to it with small holes secreting pus.

      I have second thoughts about my plan. Even though I know it's a dream, I don't think I can do it. I realize I can't change the dream scene, so I run toward my house, hoping to teleport through a door. As I am running, somebody grabs me by my left arm and pulls me, making me fall to the ground. It's one of the zombies. I push him away, which is easy because he doesn't seem to have much strength. He grabs my right leg and bites me above my ankle. I could feel the squishiness as his teeth make contact with my skin. I cry out in pain it feels like he just tore off a chunk of my leg. I realize he actually did. There is a gaping hole, and to make things worse, the zombie spits into it! WTF. I kick him in the face, and run to the door, limping.

      I get inside and I totally forget about teleporting through the door, so I just end up in my living room instead. By the time I look back, the door is gone (along with the other doors) and there are no windows anywhere too. The floor turns into soil. The furniture is still there though. I look at my ankle, but the bite mark is gone. I walk to one corner, where there is a full-length mirror. I look at myself. My eyes are starting to look green, my eyelids feel so droopy, and my jaws feel slack. My skin is turning pale and rough, and it's very itchy too. It's that type of itch where even if you scratch it, it feels like it's never the right spot, and it never goes away. It isn't painful, but it feels uncomfortable.

      I head to the couch to sit down. I feel sleepy now. I tell myself I'm not gonna sleep because I need to stay lucid. Okay... Maybe I'll just lean back a bit to get comfortable...This cushion is so soft... Mmmmm...

      I wake up in my room. For real.
    3. B*tchfight with Samara from The Ring (Lucid #89 and 90)

      by , 10-21-2012 at 01:55 PM (Magic Box)
      Lucid Non-lucid Awake

      We are going somewhere. I suspect we are going on vacation because I am carrying a big and heavy bag. I am also wearing a shirt that has a beach drawing on it. I reach the front door and start wearing my black school shoes. Wait... School shoes? Why would I be wearing school shoes to a family vacation? I go lucid. Yes! It's a dream! Finally, a lucid! I start to get giddy and excited. The dream starts becoming blurry, and starts to go black. I can feel my physical body waking up, which is evident in the slight tingling sensation all over.

      I hear a pop, and I know I am awake for real. I stay still, but my legs feel so uncomfortable, so I fold my right leg like I always do. I also shift to my right a bit -- all the while visualizing the dream I just exited.

      I start getting imagery of the previous dream, right where I left off, at the front door. It gets more vivid every second, until I am just sort of...there. I look down and see my dream hands and body, and yes, I am wearing my school shoes. I remember immediately a task I am supposed to do, which was assigned by another member in a little game we made. The task is to slide down a waterfall in any way I want.

      I close my eyes (the most efficient means of changing the dream scene for me) and imagine being at a riverbank which leads to a waterfall. I open my eyes and voila! I am at the riverbank. I can hear the loud rushing of water from the river, which is connected to a waterfall somewhere to the right. The sound is quite deafening too. I remember feeling a bit uneasy at sliding down a waterfall. I am a good waterbender in the dream world, but I am still afraid of heights, somewhat.

      Man up, biotch!, I literally think to myself.

      I take off my shoes and jump in the river. Instantly, I feel myself being pulled towards the waterfall, and the current is so strong that I have second thoughts about finishing the task. I am doing this. I am doing this, I think to myself as I go over the edge. I have a rush of adrenaline as I start falling down. I feel pumped and proud of myself. I realize the waterfall was very high up, and the base was so far down that the trees near it look like tiny specks. My head starts hurting from the water above me which is hitting it. The waterbender in me probably took over, because I suddenly start twirling around, creating a small whirlpool as I am cascading down the waterfall. It feels amazing.

      I reach the bottom, and splash into a large pool of water, dissipating the little whirlpool I built. As I float to the surface, I look back at the huge waterfall. Suddenly, a girl with long hair covering her face floats up in front of me. I am a bit shocked. I know her as Samara from the movie The Ring. Oddly though, I don't feel any fear at all -- more of annoyance because she is invading my awesome dream. In a split second, she reaches out and grabs my hair, and tries to drown me. I go down a few inches into the water, but I know it's a dream, so I breathe easily. While I am underwater, I push my hands out and waterbend Samara far away from me. She vanishes, only to reappear once I resurface. She tries to drown me again, but I am getting furious that I reach out to her and grab a handful of her hair. I shake her head side to side and then I push her down into the water. Once she's underwater, she squirms beneath my grip, but I don't let go. This is kinda fun, actually. I start climbing on top of her with chunks of her hair still in my hands, and her underwater.

      I wake up abruptly. My mom is shaking me, telling me I have to get ready for our appointment.

      But yes, that was the most awesome b*tchfight ever.
      Spoiler for the b*tch who lost the fight (:
      lucid , memorable
    4. TOTM: Pumpkinhead (Lucid #84)

      by , 10-06-2012 at 07:21 AM (Magic Box)
      I am in my room with my sister. I'm not sure what we're talking about, but suddenly I notice a huge hole in the wall that leads to the street outside my house. My sister stands up, goes there, and jumps out into the street. I think this is strange and get lucid. I get up and go after my sister. I see her in the distance, with a neighbor grilling some barbeque. My sister looks at me and says, "This is so weird. Is this a dream?" I tell her yes. I told her that in this dream, we can control everything. I put my hand on the grill, and it feels warm, but doesn't hurt. I then proceed to remove the grill and grab the coals with my bare hands, all the while convincing myself it won't hurt. It doesn't. "See?", I tell my sister.

      I suddenly remember the task of the month, which is to replace my head with a pumpkin. I also remember trying it the previous night, and failing. I part ways with my sister, who seems to be delighted after finding out it's a dream. I walk along the street, imagining pumpkins popping up everywhere. They do. But most of them are already carved, so I grab one, close my eyes briefly, and imagine it turning into an uncarved pumpkin. Success! I grab a small cutter (which I conveniently find on the ground) and proceed to carve the pumpkin. I cut out big eyes, and an even bigger smile. Now comes the exciting part: removing my head. I had some ideas on how to do it, but never really tried yet.

      I reach around the back of my neck and grab a small, metallic protrusion. I pull it, dragging it across my neck until it circles and goes all the way around. I can hear the ZZZZZZZZZZP.

      Yep, I just unzipped my head.

      I close my eyes push my head off. It goes off easily. I feel around me and grab the pumpkin. I then put it on, push it down (I hear a squish), and I open my eyes. My vision is really....huge. Like everything is in panoramic view. My facial muscles feel strange too. I figure it must be because of the huge smile I carved. My face is stuck that way, and I can't even blink. I feel my head and it feels weird, because I have no hair. Lol. just a slight protrusion at the top of my head, which must be the pumpkin stem. I poke the eyeholes, and it feels legit, like I really poked my eyes. I put my hand in my huge mouth, and there's nothing inside. Feels weird too.

      I turn around, planning to walk and explore, but I see my head on the ground. It looks really strange. It has its eyes closed tightly, as if it is anticipating something. I kick it. And it rolls away.

      I start walking down the street, and eventually fly a few meters up until I lose lucidity and wake up.
    5. I captured a soul! Lucid #81

      by , 10-04-2012 at 06:59 AM (Magic Box)

      I turn off my alarm and fall back asleep.

      I am in a classroom with my highschool friends. I instantly become lucid. I stand up, and for some reason I feel the need to ask my seatmate, "This is a dream, right? Right? Awwyea!"

      I stand up and try to think about my goals. The only thing I can remember is to capture a soul. I turn around and look at my friend Art. I hold out my right hand and do a squeezing motion. Art looks like he's about to gag. He opens his mouth slightly, and out comes... his soul.

      At least that's what I think.

      Art still has his mouth open, and he is sitting there, staring blankly into space.

      His soul is small, about the size of a volleyball. It kinda looks like a jellyfish. It has lumps on top, and some figures hanging at the bottom. It is similar to water. It is transparent, but interestingly has a bluish glow to it.

      While I am holding the soul mid-air, I look around the room for something to put it in. I see some jars and bottles at the back of the room, so I walk over there, dragging the soul with me. I grab one clean-looking glass jar the size of a pitcher and I make the soul move into it. When the soul is halfway in the jar, I smell it. It smells old and musty. It reminds me about that time I opened up an ancient box in the attic, where it makes me crinkle my nose with all the dust particles poofing out. The soul has some kind of dust emanating from it too, though I can't see it.

      Spoiler for a poorly drawn soul:

      I stick my tongue out and lick the soul. It tastes bland and a bit warm. It is very compact too, even though I taste it, it remains intact and none of it is transferred onto my tongue.

      I decide to put the soul all the way into the jar, after which I grab the lid and seal it. It's just floating in there, glowing slightly, and it isn't even touching the sides of the jar.*

      I put the jar down, and decide to try out the task of the month, which is to carve a pumpkin and replace my head with it using any means necessary. I walk out the door, which has been open all along. Outside, it is a garden my home economics garden in high school. Strangely, there are pumpkins all over the place, and some cobwebs too, like it is set up for halloween. I walk over to each pumpkin, but they're all small and mushy and moldy. I try to conjure up a decent pumpkin but nothing happens. I decide to keep looking around the garden, but I lose lucidity some time in between.

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    6. Lucid #80: Back to the Past

      by , 09-30-2012 at 05:18 AM (Magic Box)
      We were walking up a road with a small circular park in the middle, that thing where the cars could revolve around. I thought it seemed familiar, but something was off. Then I realized everything looked old, and the people were wearing traditional clothes. I realized it was a dream and went lucid. It must have been in the 1900's, because there weren't any buildings -- just wooden houses and kalesas. However, instead of changing the dream scene or using powers or anything, I decided to just...explore. It didn't even cross my mind. At that moment, I just thought that it wasn't everyday that I got to dream of my country's past. If I manipulated the dream, who knows when I get that chance again?

      So for the rest of the dream, which probably lasted about 10 minutes, I just walked around and watched the dream characters. Some men were farming in the distance, with some carabaos. Some women were out in their porches, weaving blankets with a huge wooden tool. Some kids were running around.

      Spoiler for kalesa:

      Spoiler for carabao:

      Spoiler for weaving thing:

      Spoiler for traditional clothes:

      Some of them even saw me, took off their straw hats, and bowed courteously. I bowed back.

      I woke up a few minutes after that. But that was such a beautiful experience. I travelled back in time and got to explore! I doubt any of my friends have done that. Suckers.
      lucid , memorable
    7. Creepy Soldier Dream

      by , 09-17-2012 at 02:06 PM (Magic Box)
      I think I was a soldier. We were on the rooftop of a small building, helping some sort of refugees cross to the next building via ziplining. It was quite far to the next building, about 100 meters or so. The refugees were all in dark cloaks that covered most of their bodies, with only their faces visible. A few of them were already on the other side, and I was hooking up another refugee to the zipline harness. I pushed him, and he went zooming into the air. Halfway through, the harness got stuck, and he remained dangling 2 storeys in the air. He started to panic, but then a small military jeep with no roof drove under him and stopped. There were 5 soldiers on it, and they were yelling for him to just jump, and that they would catch him.

      The refugee looked relieved, got a knife from somewhere in his cloak, and proceeded to cut himself loose. Within a few seconds, he fell down. Luckily, the soldiers on the jeep caught him just as they said.

      I looked down at them. The refugee was smiling, hugging the soldiers, thanking them for saving his life. He sat down in the front area of the jeep. Then, one of the soldiers who was standing behind the refugee looked up at me, smiled creepily, and took a knife from his belt. He then removed the refugee's hood, revealing his head and neck. He grabbed the refugee's hair, and in a slow and deliberate motion, the soldier dragged the knife across the refugee's neck.

      I saw the blood oozing from the refugee's neck. The soldier released his grip on the man's head, after which the man dropped forward on the jeep's floor.

      It was horrible.

      My perspective suddenly shifted, and I became one of the soldiers on the jeep – the driver, I think. The mutilated body of the refugee was to my right. For some reason, I went over him, swiped my thumb across the pool of blood on the floor, and drew a cross on the man's forehead.

      I went back to the driver's seat and drove away.

      I mean wtf is up with this dream. Why would I even... 0______0

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    8. Lucid #76: Advanced ToTM

      by , 09-16-2012 at 02:13 PM (Magic Box)
      My house was on fire.

      I was panicking, and waterbending any water I could find into the flames to put them out. I was thinking of just firebending the flames, but for some reason my dream self knew I sucked at firebending. I was in the kitchen when I suddenly got lucid. Everything went HD instantly, which was really awesome to witness. I stood there, amazed at the realistic graphics of the dream. I walked outside, leaving my house in flames, and not caring a bit. I didn't think about stabilizing, because the last few times I tried to stabilize, it ended up making the dream hazy, I have no idea why. This time everything went smoothly. It must've been because I didn't think the dream would fall apart, so my mind found no reason to do so. If that makes sense.

      I was out in the middle of the street. It was nighttime and there were no cars around. I closed my eyes and imagined a huge pool of water appearing in the road. When I opened my eyes, there it was. It looked like a huge pond with blue-black water. For a moment I thought, "Am I really doing this?" For the past few lucids, I've been planning to do it, but I always chickened out at the last minute. I was afraid it would be too scary and shock me awake, or make me lose lucidity.

      Oh, fvck it.

      I jumped in. I was underwater, a few feet from the surface. It was very dark, but I could see that there were dolphins around me. They looked so cute, just a bit larger than me. There were about 5 or 6 of them, swimming playfully. Then I remembered my last unfinished personal monthly goal, which was to turn into a mermaid (thanks NoDaniel for the idea ). I was initially planning to turn into a mermaid while doing the advanced ToTM, so I'd hit two birds with one stone. Plus, it'd be easier to travel underwater and there won't be any breathing problems.

      I closed my eyes and imagined turning into a mermaid. I tried moving my legs but it felt like they were glued together. They felt very light too. I looked down at myself and saw that I had a shimmery silver fin, which was about twice as long as my normal legs. It was really cool. I decided to swim down, thinking that the deeper I go, the further into the past I'd end up in. (Perfect logic seems legit ) After about 20 meters or so, I started seeing huge aquatic thingies moving past me. They moved really fast so I couldn't see what they were. I shifted upright, and stayed still. Then this ginormous crocodile-looking creature moved beside me. It was quite different though; it didn't have reptile scales, but a fish-type skin. I could see there were about 3-4 of them in the distance. There were also a lot of squid-looking creatures that were as big as me, floating around. There were seaweeds too -- I had to push some of them away from me.

      I decided to swim back up to the surface.
      I must've lost lucidity sometime in between, because I don't remember ever reaching the top.

      P.S. So I was looking up pics of the cretaceous period animals and found this, and I remember seeing it about 2 weeks ago. Good job brain, for remembering

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    9. Lucid #73: Let It Snow

      by , 09-07-2012 at 01:47 PM (Magic Box)
      Non-lucid Lucid

      I am at a friend's house and it's raining really hard. The floor starts flooding, and I am looking for something to stand on so I don't get wet, as this particular house doesn't have a second floor. Seeing all the water, I spontaneously wonder how I got there.

      I become lucid, and I do a noseplug. Sure that it is a dream, I phase through a wall, using it to teleport to another dream scene -- in this case my house. I get to the other side, and end up in my living room. I go over to the door and decide to do one of my monthly goals which is to let it snow. I open the door, and look outside. It's quite sunny and bright. I stare blankly ahead, focusing on making it snow. I imagine it raining, but with snow falling instead of raindrops. Soon enough, huge dark thunderclouds appear and it starts snowing. I notice that it's very noisy too. I hear a lot of thunder and annoying buzzing sounds. I try yelling out, "QUIET!" and surprisingly, it gets quiet instantly. It starts getting really cold too so I look down at my body and imagine changing to a more appropriate attire. My t-shirt and shorts start morphing into long sleeves, a coat, pants and mittens.

      I go outside and walk in the snow, feeling the little drops melt in my hair.

      Soon, I lose lucidity.
      lucid , memorable
    10. The Face Stealer

      by , 08-21-2012 at 03:15 PM (Magic Box)
      I was walking around my neighborhood at twilight. The sky was starting to get dark, with streaks of orange here and there. For some reason, I decided to turn left down the street toward my friend's house. Suddenly, I saw a huge shadow on the ground, moving really quickly. It turned left just as I was about to. It was pitch black, and very long. Kind of like a giant snake in form. It also made this weird sound like scales being rubbed up on the ground while it moved past me. It all happened very quickly, and then it was gone. I stopped in my tracks. I knew what it was. It was the face stealer.

      I had seen it in previous dreams, and this time, it somehow triggered lucidity. As soon as I got lucid, I heard the sound of its scales moving closer, until it just stopped. In the next instant, the shadow creature was in my face. Its head was massive, I could probably put my arms around it if I tried, which I didn't. It wasn't a shadow this time though. I could barely see its body extending infinitely, with dark green and blue scales like that of a reptile. I realized it didn't look like a snake more like a dragon without legs. (okay maybe that's a snake already lol). The strangest thing was that its face seemed to change appearance very rapidly, like alternating between channels. I didn't recognize any of the faces though, but everytime it shifted, its eyes always looked straight at me.

      I had been waiting to confront this monster for quite some time now, as it has haunted me a lot in the past. Luckily, I was lucid enough to know what to do. The face stealer was a made-up version of something I saw on TV. They are different in appearance, but they had the same motive they would steal your face once you showed any emotion.

      So I stayed still and let my face go slack. It was really hard because the creature was so scary and disturbing. Finally, I thought of an idea! But too late, it must've seen the surprise on my face. I suddenly felt my face contracting slowly. It wasn't painful, but I could feel it happening. A few seconds later, it stopped. I saw my face depicted on the face stealer's head. It was smiling eerily at me, with those crazy eyes like it wants to kill me. It was so weird seeing my face like that, and so huge.

      Then I realized I couldn't talk. I tried to scream but nothing happened. I could see though. I put my hands to my face, and there wasn't anything on it. Literally. I poked the area where my eyes should've been, only smooth skin there. I apparently also didn't have a nose, though I could breathe just fine. I didn't have ears, nor a mouth. I had lost my whole face.

      In a strike of perfect luck and timing, an idea popped into my lucid mind. I thought, since this was my dream, surely I could do something! I decided to be the face stealer this time. I closed my eyes (well, not really because I didn't have them, I simply chose not to see). Then I imagined the monster's face (my face) slowly contracting while I absorbed its features. I could hear the monster grunting as this was happening, until finally I only heard silence.

      I opened my eyes, and saw that the monster didn't have my face anymore. No rapid shifting of faces either. It was just...a ginormous lump of coal with a scaly body. It wasn't moving either. I felt my face with my hands, and I could feel my mouth, nose, eyes, and ears back to normal.

      I flew away and never looked down. I went on to complete some goals I've been waiting to do, before I finally lost lucidity and woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    11. Ghost

      by , 07-23-2012 at 02:29 PM (Magic Box)
      I walked out of a door. I apparently just left my classroom. Someone was also with me, I don't know how, but I just knew she was a close friend. I couldn't remember her face though.

      I slammed the classroom door shut behind us. I had the feeling that we were the last ones in the building. We started walking toward the stairs, but suddenly the door I just closed started to open by itself. I remember hearing the slow creaking sound too. "What's happening?", my friend asked. "I don't know, I closed it I swear!!", I replied. Wide-eyed, we looked at each other for a second, then dashed for the stairs. I shoved her aside so I could go down first (move b*tch! lol).

      I'm pretty sure we were on the 4th floor. So I thought "Man, 3 more floors to go!". My friend had caught up with me by that time, so we went down together. We were still panicking because of the ghost opening the door upstairs.

      We reached the first floor finally, and on our way out, I could see some of our other classmates waiting for us in the distance. My friend went ahead and ran to them. I was going to, but I noticed a little boy standing just outside the door. I went to him and told him to get out of there, because there was a ghost. He said it wasn't true, and that ghosts weren't real. I was flailing my arms at him, trying to get him to come with me. He wouldn't listen though, so I just left him and ran to my classmates.

      When I arrived, they asked, "Who were you talking to?".

      I said, "The boy won't listen to me! I told him to get away from there!".

      Then they said the creepiest thing.

      "What boy? There was nobody there. You were talking to yourself."

      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    12. 2nd WILD

      by , 07-13-2012 at 11:41 AM (Magic Box)
      Last night there was a party at my house and I slept at around 3 am. Got woken up at around 5, so I decided to attempt a WILD. I was still kinda tired but I was able to stay awake while laying still. About 20 minutes later I started having HI which quickly turned into a dream scene. At first I was just breathing slowly and seeing blankness, then a few moments later, blobs quickly turned into an image (it may have taken a long time but it felt really quick). The image was of a large boat with yellow and green sails, and there was a man pulling some ropes down. It was quite amazing how the colors were so vivid, and I even smelled seawater!

      This time, I didn't even notice any SP at all. I watched the boat scene for a few seconds, and my vantage point was somewhere on the deck (though I still seemed to not be in the dream, like it was just a movie). I remembered Sageous telling me to just "put myself in the scene" and not try to "walk into the dream". I had a hard time figuring out how to do that, so I closed my dream eyes and imagined being in the scene when I opened them. At first I was afraid that if I did that, I might open my real eyes, but I tried anyway (I had no other ideas at the moment). And when I opened them, sure enough, I could move around my own dream body! It was surreal!

      I walked around slowly while rubbing my hands (nothing happened, the scene was really vivid) and then I touched the railing. The ocean looked black, I noticed. I walked toward the man pulling the ropes, but before I could reach him, I was woken up by my friend who wanted me to walk her home.

      Gaaaaa it was really amazing!! Everything felt so real!
      lucid , memorable
    13. I Am A Tumbleweed

      by , 06-23-2012 at 02:52 PM (Magic Box)
      I am sitting on a very high dirt mound. I'm looking at a deserted town below me. The place looks arid and dead.

      Out of nowhere, someone pushes me down. I put my arms out in front of me to break my fall, but they suddenly turn into roots. Yes, roots. They look like dry roots of a plant. They start from my fingertips, quickly creeping up and turning my arms into roots.

      I think, "How..? This is a dream! AWW YES!!". I become lucid. At the same moment, I start rolling down the dirt mound. I imagine myself stopping, but nothing happens. I am still rolling. A few seconds after, I notice that I have completely gone off the dirt mound, but I am still rolling on the ground. I try to fly away, morph, change the dream scene, but nothing works. I remember thinking to myself how crappy my dream control is.

      I'm still rolling on the ground, feeling sick. I try to turn to my left, success! At least I can control the direction I'm rolling towards.

      It isn't long before I start to lose lucidity, what with all the rolling and crappy control.

      And that's it. That was the day I became a tumbleweed.
      dream fragment , lucid , memorable
    14. Catching Apples Like A Boss

      by , 05-29-2012 at 12:51 PM (Magic Box)
      I am riding a bike down the road. It is starting to get dark, and I remember feeling very cold. I'm also starting to get tired from pedalling, so I slow down and eventually stop the bike. I get down, and drag it to the side of the road, where I gently lay it on the ground (there was no bike stand). I sit down on the ground beside it.

      I notice that on the other side of the road is a riverbank, and I can hear the faint sound of running water. For a moment, I think about going over there and maybe try some waterbending, but I feel too lazy to get up. I look down and notice that my right shoe is untied, so I reach over to fix it. When I look back up, the riverbank is gone. Instead, I now see a massive church structure. It has a magnificent black facade, with dozens of colorful stained-glass windows. I also notice that it is now completely dark outside, the only illumination being the light coming from the church's windows.

      I get up. Weird, I think. My bike's gone as well. I shrug it off and start walking towards the church.

      The massive doors are closed, albeit unlocked. They are also quite grimy, mostly from being so old. I easily push them open and step inside.

      Woah, this place is huge!, I notice. The inside of the church looks very old and unkempt. There is an altar at the far end of the hall, and where the pews should be, there's just a massive space. There are also a lot of green and orange leaves on the floor.

      Out of nowhere, I start to smell apples. At first the scent is really faint like the leftover odor of dilute perfume, but a few seconds later, it starts to smell really strong, and my nose starts to itch.

      I look down at my hands and notice that they're very dirty -- probably from pushing the doors which were covered in age-old dust. I clap my hands twice to get the dust off of them. *clapclap*

      THOK! I hear something drop on the floor in front of me. I bend down too see it clearer. It's an apple!

      I look up to the ceiling and see that it is fully covered with branches and leaves, and there are many apples hanging from them. I instantly get the urge to grab some, but they are far too high, there's no way I can reach them. Unless...

      I clap my hands twice again. *clapclap*

      THOK! An apple drops and hits me on the head, before falling on the ground. Oww, WTF!, I curse. It hurts a lot. I pick up the apple, and I think about taking it home with me. Eughh this one has a huge dent, probably from the impact when it fell.

      Okay, you can do this, I mumble to myself. I look up and focus on one perfectly plump and red apple directly above me.

      *clapclap*. Immediately, the apple falls. But this time I'm ready, I take a step back and put both my hands in front of me. PLOP. Perfect catch. I put it gently on the floor, while I try to catch more apples.

      I walk around, looking up, trying to decide which apples look best so I can bring them home.

      Ahhh that one's nice! *clapclap*.
      PLOP. Another perfect catch. Pffft, so easy.

      I do this a few more times, inspecting each apple for dents or other imperfections, and throwing out any apples that don't meet my standards.

      *clapclap*. PLOP.
      *clapclap*. PLOP.
      *clapclap*. PLOP.

      Soon enough, I have a bunch of perfectly plump and red apples stacked up on the floor. I look at them in delight and eagerness.

      Okay, just a few more and I'll be on my way.

      *clapclap*... Huh?

      Wait, why isn't it falling?
      *clapclap*... Still not falling...
      Still nothing...

      At this point I'm quite furious. I start clapping like crazy.


      I don't know how exactly, but at some point in my clapping madness, the dream shifts. I'm still clapping though, apparently for some Asian boy band on a stage. But I can't quite remember what happens after this.

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    15. Shikaka! Ace Ventura!

      by , 05-18-2012 at 12:05 PM (Magic Box)
      CONTINUATION TO Mr. Anubis (le click!)

      It is very dark. I don't know where I am. I vaguely remember myself plunging to the ground, but beyond that, I can't seem to recall anything.

      I reach out in front of me. Empty space.
      I wave my arms around, trying to feel anything.
      But there is nothing there.

      I start walking forward, arms extended. After a few seconds of walking blindly, I feel a flat, smooth object. I swipe my hand over it, and realize that it is a wall. I feel a small protrusion a few inches to the right. Ah, a light switch. I flip it.

      A fluorescent bulb lights up the room.

      I am surprised when I see Jim Carrey sitting on a chair in the far end of the room. He is wearing an orange Hawaiian shirt with floral print. His hair is perfectly coiffed upward, with a swirly end, like Jimmy Neutron's.

      I immediately think,"Ohh, it's Ace Ventura!"

      He is sitting cross-legged, just staring at me, with a goofy grin.

      It takes me a few moments to realize that he isn't moving at all. I take baby steps towards him, trying not to make a sound. He looks like a mannequin.

      I am now standing in front of him. I wave my hand in his face. He doesn't blink.

      I start to turn away when...


      He yells this so loudly and so unexpectedly that I am taken aback and I go, "Wh-? Ahh! This is a dream!"

      I go lucid. I rub my hands and the surroundings become really vivid.

      "PSYCH!! You're dreaming! Nananananana batman!"

      I smile when he says this. Nice, my DC knows it's a dream.

      "Can I leave?" I ask.

      "Sure," he says, "Just do me a favor."

      "What?" I say.

      "Can you summon Adam Levine?" he starts, "I need him... for... reasons."

      I laugh.

      "I'll try" I say.

      I close my eyes and imagine Adam Levine materializing in front of me.

      I open one eye to see, but it doesn't seem to be working.

      "Try harder. Owowowowowowo!" Ace says, tapping his palm on his mouth repeatedly, like a Native Indian.

      I close my eyes again, and try to summon Adam Levine once more.

      While my eyes are closed, I start to see blobs of different colors. I also see patterns of lines and curves, forming different shapes I can't yet recognize.

      I am so fascinated by them, that I just stare in awe. I start to forget what I was supposed to do in the first place.

      As I enjoy the sights, I don't notice myself losing lucidity.

      I end up drifting off into a couple on non-lucids, before I finally wake up to my alarm.


      I shall forever spend my life walking the Earth, wondering what Ace Ventura would have done to (with?) Adam Levine if I had successfully summoned him.

      I still remember the non-lucids I had after this, but I have decided not to journal them here... for... reasons.

      Haha. x)

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