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    Welcome to my dreams!


    by , 04-05-2014 at 09:20 AM (488 Views)
    1. [Non-Lucid] [False Awakening]
    Before I fell asleep I thought to myself I'm going to go look at my phone, I fall asleep before I get the chance, then in a dream I pick up my phone and use it...I wake up so confused then proceed to actually use my phone.

    2. [Non-Lucid]
    I'm laying in my bed and I open my eyes, theirs a guy in my room doing something, wasn't scared of him as he seemed friendly...for some reason I'm laying on bags of sweets like Haribo or something.

    3. [Non-Lucid]
    I was in like a sewer system or something with other people and we may be looking for a way out...there are overhead signs telling us what's where, we find a gate with stairs going up behind it, i go open it and some guy opens fire with a machine gun, I quickly get out of the way intact.

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    non-lucid , false awakening


    1. Mismagius's Avatar
      Haha, there's a guy in your house but it's okay because he seems friendly
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