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    Pizza 03/26/2014

    by , 03-27-2014 at 12:43 AM (170 Views)
    I was in a kitchen, but a really small and narrow one... or at least just a part of the kitchen. There were pizza boxes with a circular dough sitting on top of foil in each box. They were sitting in a metal drawer to my right. A bowl of pig fat and a bottle of tomato paste appeared. They were the ingredients for tomato sauce. I opened a box and spread cheese on it, and placed it in the oven. I grabbed a second box and begin to put cheese on it. I then remembered that I forgot to put tomato sauce on the first one! I checked the oven and the pizza looked alright... I then squeezed the tomato paste in to the bowl of pig fat. The tomato paste was pink and clumpy. I mixed it but it was too thick. I squeezed in more tomato paste but it was still the same.

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    non-lucid , dream fragment